Thursday, December 11, 2014

Why so MANY people make fake Citrine?

Citrine is very rare. Imagine searching for your soul mate in the entire world or worse, Citrine takes millions (even billions) of years to form. In addition to this, Citrine requires a constant temperature of 50˚C during growth time. Hence, Citrine is rarely found and can fetch a high selling price.

Citrine is the best crystal to get to enhance mountain star at home/workplace. Because the colour of the crystal is appropriate. Yellow colour represents the earth element which mountains are vastly made up of, Earth (soil). Therefore Citrine is the good replacement for natural mountain in house/workplace fengshui.

Citrine also enhance wealth since Earth is the reservoir of precious matter, like precious gemstones, gold and more.

Citrine at Lotus on Water are excavated from Brazil, parts of the African continent like Madagascar. These authentic Citrine are carved into sculpture of Buddha and celestial animals. Then, together with Master Yun’s personal blessings and advice for the specific placement location, the Lotus Citrine improves your house/workplace fengshui and your wealth.

 My favorite Citrine sculpture at Lotus on Water.
-- Ong Shiyi

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