Monday, November 26, 2018

Riding on Dragons for a Smoother Journey


I got to know Lotus on Water and Mr Kan at just the point in my life when I needed it.

I have always been a go-getter. Whether as a Commando in National Service, or an instructor training Singapore's young sailors, or when I started my career in insurance financial planning, I constantly strived for progress and excellence. I have always believed myself to be capable of greater things.

Yet in 2015, I sensed that something was amiss. Life was alright. But somehow I encountered obstacles at every turn. My career was stagnating. And my energy was getting sapped by difficult relationships.

I knew I needed to do something. Anything. Before things go downhill. I needed a catalyst to bring me to the next level - a fengshui item, I thought. As I researched online, the blog by Lotus on Water attracted my attention. I could relate to the troubles the customers also faced before they had help from Lotus on Water.

Mr Kan answered my online enquiry personally. From our conversation, he could tell that I had the potential to scale much greater heights, but that there were obstacles blocking my path. He guided me on the auspicious items suitable for my elements and my preferences. I wanted a piece of jewellery that would bring Direct Wealth (正财). It should be something aesthetically pleasing that I could wear daily as a professional and as a man in my mid thirties. I also relished the possibility of owning a rare piece of jade.


I finally settled on the Double Dragon Ring 双龙夺珠 customised to my elements and personality. I admired the strength of the two gold dragons and the meanings behind the design.


My wife Patricia also acquired a Jadeite Guanyin 观音在守 which helps magnify good thoughts and reflect away negative energy.


Right after I purchased the ring in Dec 2015, I felt a surge of strength and belief in myself. The winds have changed. Before, I have had to complete my Chartered Financial Consultant professional qualification by 2016, but had been having difficulty passing one of the papers. Then benefactors (贵人) came my way and helped tutor me, and I successfully achieved the qualification by the end of 2016. Following that, I got promoted to be a Director in 2017, and won Top New Director for the same year, which was quite a feat considering the small size of my Director Group relative to many other groups in Great Eastern. Things went much more smoothly and I attained my achievements with greater speed than I would have had if I had relied on personal will and grit alone.

Looking back, there was an unexplainable affinity with Mr Kan and Lotus on Water. Through him, I also got to know the meritable deeds by Lotus on Water and Master Yun. Me and Patricia are both grateful to be able to ride on the strength of fengshui for a smoother journey, while having the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals through Lotus on Water. 

-- Gerard Ng

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