Monday, April 4, 2022

Level Up Your Prosperity with Elegance -- Lotus on Water Exquisite Jadeite

Lotus on Water brings prosperity with elegance to their clients. Many of our clients started with Lotus Auspicious Jadeite and prosperity began from there.

So, can they level up their prosperity and elegance with a higher grade of the Lotus Exquisite Jadeite?


Many Lotus clients had prospered with their Lotus Auspicious Jadeites and were looking to move on to the next level.

And ... can a new client starts with a piece of Lotus Exquisite Jadeite?


He will see a greater abundance of prosperity with elegance much much faster!

Prosperity In Blossoms 发财花开玻璃种 :Glass Quality Exquisite Jadeite

A client levels up his prosperity with elegance by getting 人生独霸鳌头。 The mystical sea creature 鳌 is paired with a seemingly unrelated treasure from the high mountains 人参, and combining to give such a meaningful blessing: at every stage in life, you are a winner.

It is a mandate of Lotus on Water to move from good to GREAT, from good Lotus on Water Auspicious Jadeite to great Lotus Exquisite Jadeite!

Mr Pook showing his Lotus on Water Exquisite Jadeite pendant

When it comes to the highest order of prosperity with elegance, Lotus on Water is proud to present our collection of exquisite jadeites.

Lotus on Water Exquisite Jadeite Gallery houses some of the best jadeites collections in the whole world.

Lotus on Water Auspicious Jadeite are already of the highest quality, natural and only Grade A or even better.

And what do think of our collection of exquisite jadeites?

Look at the stunning and amazing pieces we have here ...

Blessings to the Soul 福至心灵: Imperial Jadeite 帝皇翠

大业游龙红翡冰心: A Dragon's Empire ( red jadeite )

Lotus Exquisite Jadeites Guan Yin Pendants

Every 300 pieces of Lotus Auspicious Jadeites, there is only 1 piece of Exquisite Jadeite. Every piece is meticulously designed by Master Yun. There is only one piece for each design carved from the best quality of the jadeite boulder. You will never see the same second piece of an exquisite jadeite.

Prosperity to the Skies 一旺冲天

There is no need to explain the quality of Lotus Exquisite Jadeites. Just look into the International Gem Society Jade Buying Guide!

Yes! Lotus on Water Exquisite Jadeites are featured in The International Gem society Jade Buying Guide! Lotus on Water has only the best, nothing but the BEST!

This 850kg raw jadeite boulder is the largest in Singapore, and is recorded in the Singapore Book of Records. This is a mark of the excellence of Lotus on Water.

The one and only panda Exquisite jadeite—Lotus Royal Heirloom Dark Jadeite

Master Yun is the founder of fengshui jewellery and Lotus on Water has the best jadeite in the world. The Lotus Exquisite Jadeite Gallery is definitely a place not to be missed.

Jadeite Leaf on The Golden Stalk 金枝玉叶 :Old Cliff Glass Quality Exquisite Jadeite Pendant

虎虎生威: Exquisite Jadeite With Tiger Carving

凤舞九天:A Phoenix on a Glass Quality Metal Element Exquisite Jadeite 

游龙生财: A Dragon on a Glass Quality Metal Element Exquisite Jadeite

风生水起: Blue Glass Quality Exquisite Jadeite (蓝色玻璃水种极品翡翠牌)

Glass Quality Exquisite Jadeite Bangle

Thousand Hand Guanyin Exquisite Jadeite

旺财大到: A Very Clear Earth Element Exquisite Jadeite

So, what are the powers of Lotus exquisite jadeite?

Exquisite Jadeite with Flute and Bat

There are 3 things: the jobless can find a decent career, the employed will find better job opportunities and those at the height of their careers can pursue their lifetime dreams when they wear the Lotus exquisite jadeite. This is indeed amazing!

Every Lotus client should have a piece of the Lotus Exquisite Jadeite. It is a mark of your progress.

By owning a piece of Lotus Exquisite Jadeite, you will have the best version of yourself!

If you are keen to get a piece of Lotus Exquisite Jadeite to level up your prosperity with elegance, call Mr Cola at 8137 8024 to find out more.

Coming up ... testimonials of clients with Lotus Exquisite Jadeites. Stay Tune.


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