Tuesday, February 18, 2014

THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS: And, Prosperity continues after Spring

We had a blast last Saturday.

It was really the grandest of celebrations on 15 February 2014. The weather was fantastic, the troupe marched prosperity into the Lotus galleries along Upper Thomson Road, the refreshments were awesome, and the lion and dragon dance was simply jaw-dropping.

Thank you all who came and gave well wishes. And congratulations to blessed ones who had their precious Lotus collections well blessed in this grandest and most huat of occasions.
And then there are so many good news right after the celebration: miraculous happenings in workplaces, life-turning blessings at home, sudden windfall from 4D etc...

Congratulations to blessed and well-prepared clients on winning the 1st prize 8183 and 3rd prize 2181! It is strange how such miracles happen. But they happen. They happen in Lotus on Water.

Apologies to clients who came all the way to Lotus on Water Street, but didn't manage to get the pineapples. We prepared 80 huat pineapples (旺来!) for 15 February grand celebration, but the turnout was so overwhelming that they were given to out to blessed clients faster than we expected - congratulations to the blessed clients who got the pineapples, and for others who only received the mandarin oranges, rest assured, they are also auspicious.

We have decided to prepare only 88 huat pineapples every celebration. So do come early if you want to have a share of the huatness next time.

This grandest of celebrations sparks the prosperity of our blessed and beloved loyal clients - it is prosperity as usual after spring. See the spectacle here on Facebook.

Once again congratulations to well-prepared and blessed clients who were showered with the windfall of 1st and 3rd prize 4D that very day.

Prosper in Elegance, Lotus on Water.


Saturday, February 15, 2014

To Prosper Continuously After Spring

Yesterday (Friday) was the 15th day of Chinese new year, supposedly the last day of Chinese new year celebration. Today, Saturday, is the 16th day, one day after Chinese new year. Lotus on Water, holds its spring harvesting ceremony today, the 16th day of Chinese new year, Saturday, at 2pm sharp. The implication is to prosper continuously after spring, adding layers of wealth and prosperity from the beginning till the end of the year.

Today, Saturday, at 2pm, you shall witness probably the grandest and most prosperous spring harvesting ceremony. There will be three dragon dancing (to enhance business, money and energy), five lions galloping (bringing wealth from five different paths), 5 Gods of Wealth (summoning prosperity luck from four directions and from heaven).

Not to forget, we have 5 gigantic flags so that our clients will win victoriously five folds and above.

The ceromony is exclusive to our clients. Towards family members and friends of our clients, we embrace with open arms as well.

We want to bring to your attention that it has been reported in news that there were many imposters disguising as monks and nuns to deceive the innocent. We must guard ourselves from the thieves and bandits whom shamelessness has grown too vibrant.

In fact, in our past festive ceremonies, we have many shameless impostors who disguise as our staffs, clients and even Master Yun's friends and relatives. They exchange contacts with our clients and claim to be able to lead them through some "short cuts" to get auspicious items from Lotus on Water, tax free especially gst free.

I would like to announce to everyone that Lotus on Water has never attempted to evade tax through these unscrupulous means. Anyone who try to persuade you likewise is but shameless bandit. Besides cautioning everyone here not to be cheated, I also beseech you to take down contacts and snap features of such people, so that we do our duty to bring liars of such to tasks.

I see you, my treasured clients today, and I wish you, Lotus's faithful and loyal friends, prosperity the whole year round.







有些会员希望能借此盛会祝福自己的家人与朋友,希望能把他们带来。我们的立场是:“老吾老以及人之老,幼吾幼以及人之幼。” 对于我们会员的家人与朋友,同样欢迎。






Sunday, February 9, 2014

This is the power of the Lotus exquisite jadeite

I love Stephen Chow's movies (周星驰). Go watch The God of Cookery 食神. In the final battle, Stephen Chow was forced to cook Char Siew rice. The judge tasted his masterpiece, and exclaimed as such according to my splendid translation: God! This simple Char Siew rice is heavenly! How am I going to eat Char Siew rice anywhere else after this?

Lotus on Water Exquisite Jadeite Gallery is established for VIPs of Lotus on Water. Only clients who have spent over 18,000SGD are considered VIPs.
Recently, I have been spending a lot of time talking to friends and clients about the exquisite collections in Lotus on Water Exquisite Jadeite Gallery. We used to have 268 pieces of proud and wonderful exquisite jadeite - this was during my last blog post some time back, I hope we still have at least 200 pieces of exquisite jadeite left for your selection now. There is nothing in common with our exquisite collections with Stephen Chow's Char Siew rice other than one characteristic: once you lay your eyes on the collections of Lotus on Water Exquisite Jadeite Gallery, you won't even flinch an eyebrow when you see jadeite elsewhere.

Because I dare say Lotus on Water Exquisite Jadeite Gallery houses some of the best jadeite collections in the whole world. Only the natural - by an extremely high standard, only the first-hand, only the best. Nothing but the best, then we can expect the best.

This 850kg raw jadeite boulder is the largest in Singapore, and is recorded in the Singapore Book of Records. That said, I wonder whether other jade stores have anything that can hold a candle to this. This is a mark of the excellence of Lotus on Water.
In the Exquisite Jadeite Gallery, you will not miss the biggest raw jadeite boulder in Singapore - 850kg. This raw boulder is what that remains. The other parts are all sliced, deciphered and carefully carved into the Lotus collections. This is a mark of the Lotus standard. We rather go through the tedious and dangerous process of harvesting the raw jadeite then to risk the future of our clients by dealing with middleman and middleman. Who can assure you that a random piece of jade is not dug out from someone's grave, or worn by someone who had serious illness before? 

Majority of the raw jadeite will be carved as our entry level auspicious jadeite - a same motif that will come in all the colors of the five elements. And when we come across a part that is astonishingly good in quality, intensely awesome in colors, we will turn it into our exquisite collections. Out of every 300 pieces of Lotus auspicious jadeite, there is 1 piece of Lotus exquisite jadeite.

And there are some special collections that will pull this proportion further apart. The imperial jadeite. I quote from a previous post:

It is very rare for jade shops and jewelery shops to sell imperial jade. It is not only expensive, it is also rare and most sought after. Thus the price of imperial jade escalate faster than any other kind of jade. Thus it is often more profitable to keep than to sell them away. It is the highest standard jade can achieve.

Only the Empress Dowager can wear the imperial jadeite, in the past. Most jade stores won't have the privilege of owning a piece, and if they do, that particular one piece will be kept in the private safe, only accessible after you have meandered your way pass the B-grade, C-grade and other jade-wannabes.  

Lotus on Water Exquisite Jadeite Gallery houses imperial jadeite. In December 2013, 5 pieces of marvelous imperial jadeite were sold to blessed clients. One of the blessed client after wearing his newly owned imperial jadeite, has not only prospered, but prospered to such an unimaginable extent that he got the next piece of imperial jadeite just three weeks later. He now owns 2 pieces of imperial jadeite, 3 Heaven and Earth jadeite rings, and 2 powerful Qinan.

This is the power of the Lotus exquisite jadeite.