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THE MANY Awards And Recognitions of Master Yun and Lotus On Water Part 3

Do you still remember the list of awards and recognitions received by Master Yun? Yes! That long list of awards in Part 1 and Part 2 of our blogs, that overwhelmed our clients all over the world.

And now ...... the list of awards and recognitions just go on. Before we lost count again, it is best to put them into records on our blog for Part 3!

Here we have .......

Right after our Part 2, Master Yun was soon appointed the Chief Think Tank Expert on “Calligraphy and Painting Art”, to the China Academy of Management Sciences 中国管理科学研究院,“文化艺术”领域的首席智库专家.

The following month after receiving the above award, Master Yun was appointed the Vice-President for Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Cultural Professional Commitee of China Enterprise Culture Improvement Association 中国企业文化促进会中小企业文化专业委员会. 

Look at the cover page for this Motherland 《祖国》magazine. China President Xi Jinping was featured on the Motherland cover page. Master Yun's fengshui paintings were also featured in the same issue of Motherland magazine. This is a great honour! 

Not to be missed, a very important gift from China. Master Yun was awarded with this special flag, used at Tiananmen Square the one hundred anniversary day of Chinese Communist Party, 1st July 2021.

Look at this fine bone china cup, a treasure that even money cannot buy, was presented to Master Yun by National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

And more gifts ...... from the Imperial Palace The Forbidden City. China's Forbidden City teamed up with China Central Television also presented Master Yun with a large-scale and spectacular Spring Festival gift in 2023.

With such important gifts awarded, it truly shows how much Master Yun is recognised. This is indeed a great honour! 

In the same year, Master Yun was invited by Associate Professor Qu Jingyi, Head of Chinese Department from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTU) to hold a lecture on chinese culture on  7 Oct 2022. 

It was definitely unprecedented! Master Yun was the first fengshui master to speak in an educational institution on The Philosophy of Prosperity in Feng Shui Paintings 风水画中的富裕哲学. It was attended by many students and academicians from NTU. Which fengshui master has ever held a talk in an educational institution? None other than Master Yun!

Master Yun was also awarded CHT International Outstanding Achiever Award 2022-Singapore, an 18-years initiative by Dato Ch'ng Huck Theng (President of CHT Network), by Y.A.M. Tengku Sulaiman Shah Al-Haj Ibni Almarhum Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Al-Haj! It is an award recognising outstanding Penang people and associations.

To our surprise, Master Yun was also awarded the Best Dressed Award during the CHT International Award 2022 ceremony! Master Yun was the only man who has won the award!

Take a look at this thick red album. This is " Set Sail New Journey" 《启航、新征程》which featured 196 Chinese who have inherited and contributed to the traditional chinese arts and culture. Master Yun was among the 196 Chinese and he was featured on the cover page of this special edition! What a great acheivement for Master Yun! 

Check out this big red calendar too. This is 最影响力华人日历. Great people are featured in this 2023 calendar. Master Yun was also featured in this calendar along with famous people like Professor Yang Chen-Ning 杨振宁教授, Nobel Laureate for Physics, Ren Zhengfei 任正非, founder of Huawei, Eileen Gu 谷爱凌, Winter Olympic Medalist and Mo Yan 莫言, Chinese novelist and Nobel Laureate for Literature.

If you have been following the facebook of Lotus on Water, you would know that China CCTV group came all the way from China to Lotus on Water gallery this year. This is the 3rd time China CCTV travelled all the way to Singapore to interview Master Yun.

China CCTV not only interviewed Master Yun and his associates but also the clients and some of our Art Beyond Museum partners in Singapore and Malaysia. And one more very important friend of Master Yun, His Royal Highness Prince Sisowath Tesso! Prince Tesso shared about his precious friendship with Master Yun during the interview.

A few days of interviews and filmings were carried out at Lotus galleries and other locations like Master Yun' s house in Sentosa and Nanyang Technological University. They even went to Master Yun's house in Penang! Look at the photos below and you would see how much effort China CCTV made to carry out these interviews and filming. And this really showed how much Master Yun is recognised!

Asia TV also interviewed Master Yun in Penang. The interviews were carried out at Master Yun's seaview house, which has been converted into an art museum where Master Yun's paintings were exhibited.

When Master Yun went back to pray his ancestors in his hometown, Alor Setar of the State of Kedah Malaysia, he was very warmly welcomed.

The Kedah State Yonghui Hall (Hakkas in Yongding, Fujian and Hakkas in Dapu, Guangdong) 吉打州永大会馆 (福建永定客家人及广东大埔客家人) even awarded Master Yun "The Glory of Hakka"客家之光.

Master Yun continues to receive more awards and recognitions. Master Yun received another amazing award Medallion of the Order of King of Thailand 泰国皇室国王勋章. This is the medallion commemorating the Late Thai King Rama the 9th 60th anniversary on the throne.

King Bhumibol Adulyadej is the most revered Thai King, even surpassing the great King Rama V in regards to love and respect of the Thai people.

The receivers of this medallion are considered to be in great esteem to be presented such an important and significant badge. It is of limited edition and very few would have ownership of it.

Master Yun was also appointed as Special Calligraphy and Painting Consultant of the Embassy of the Republic of Mali in China.

Right after, Master Yun received another award Honorary President of Federation of Art Societies Singapore  新加坡美术总会荣誉会长。

And then, we have a letter from Spain. It was Master Yun's feng shui painting on the stamp. Even a Catholic western country would be open minded to appreciate Master Yun's feng shui art. This is indeed a great honour for Master Yun!

The pandemic had prevented many overseas activities but it did not stop Master Yun from exhibiting his fengshui paintings in even more countries. Master Yun's fengshui paintings were exhibited in Laos, Bali, Madagascar and even Paris!

Master Yun's fengshui paintings in Laos with ABM curators,
Dr Ponsinh and Mr Singkham

Master Yun's fengshui paintings in Bali with ABM curators,
Mr Dennis Benjamin Batz and Mr Made Arya Ginarsa

Master Yun's fengshui paintings in Paris with ABM curator,
Mr Eric Raisina

Master Yun's fengshui paintings in Madagascar with ABM curator,
Mr Eric Raisina

We are still in early 2023 and it is amazing that Master Yun has received so many awards and recognitions. More awards and recognitions are still coming in and we will soon have part 4 of this blog. 

Stay tune ......

-- Amanda

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