Thursday, December 7, 2023

Re-Ascending the Great Wall of China - Master Yun's Opening Speech

Master Yun created two “firsts” on the Great Wall of China. In December 2020, amidst the global pandemic's gloom, Master Yun held a unique art exhibition on this ancient world wonder, marking the first-ever painting exhibition on the Great Wall. Three years later, on 19 October 2023, with autumn in full swing, Master Yun once again met the world on the Simatai section of the Great Wall, this time with a calligraphy art form, marking another “first” – the first calligraphy exhibition in the 3500-year history of the Great Wall.

During the opening ceremony of the fengshui calligraphy exhibition, Master Yun, in his speech, used the profundity of Chinese characters as a starting point to explore the fundamental differences between calligraphy and painting. The pictographic nature of Chinese characters endows calligraphy with a deeper meaning. It is not only a visual art but also a representation of time-based art. Calligraphy works must be created in sequence and appreciated in a certain order, much like an irreversible performance.
In Master Yun's eyes, “the first time” is not just a moment; it represents innovation and creativity, the inheritance and rejuvenation of history. Holding an art exhibition on the Great Wall, an ancient military defence structure, Master Yun advocates for a cultural revival, infusing this “Yellow Dragon” with new vitality and transforming it into a bridge for global artistic and cultural exchange.

At Master Yun's calligraphy exhibition, all 69 works featured the characters for dragon and phoenix, not just for their symbolic meanings in fengshui. In Master Yun's view, the dragon and the phoenix represent extraordinary human spirit – the pursuit of excellence, courage, strength, great benevolence and love. Under his brush, the dragon and phoenix are not just mythical creatures in Chinese culture but symbols of leadership and hope.
It is this spirit of the dragon and phoenix that ensures that no matter how deep the night, no threat or destruction can bring us down. The light of hope and the joy of victory will repeatedly dispel the darkness and usher in the light, guided by the dragon and phoenix.
In Master Yun's blessings, we not only feel an artist's wishes for a beautiful life but also a powerful force – the positive energy of heaven, earth, and humanity, and the inner strength of the dragon and phoenix. With his art and wisdom, Master Yun continues the cultural legend on the Great Wall, a land that has witnessed history.
And when Master Yun concluded his speech with 'À votre santé' (a toast in French), it was undoubtedly a toast to all fellow pursuers of art, culture, and excellence – a toast to victory.
~~ Gibson (Translated)
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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

The Value of Art - Quality

How do the experts at Sotheby's define quality? Is it assessed by intuition or calculated through a formula? The method of appraising art varies with its category. Some artworks are evaluated based on craftsmanship, while others are judged on technical innovation or their ability to withstand the test of time.

Ian Kelleher of Sotheby's Auction House believes that all three points mentioned above are likely key to assessing quality.


He gives an example: The engine produced by Ferrari in 1929 is a spectacular demonstration just from its appearance. A beautiful Alfa Romeo 230 to 290, these cars were manufactured in the mid-1920s and endured races for up to 15 years after production. You wouldn't consider it just a racing car. What you see is a vehicle with about 180 horsepower that can exceed 100 miles per hour, a quality that can last a lifetime, and these cars are rarely resold.


Other experts also expressed their views:


Quality is the inherent merit of a piece of art.


Sometimes quality is just the skill of the artist.


Quality is the technical innovation in the work.


Can you take a closer look? Does it withstand scrutiny?


It's a special piece of art, a unique piece of art, an irreplaceable piece of art.


Quality might be something very simple, like a line, the way a person's back is drawn, or the thick texture on the surface of an oil painting.


A truly timeless work may be due to its evergreen beauty.


To practice fengshui, one must use the best quality, which has been one of Master Yun's principles since the establishment of Lotus on Water.

Julian Dawes, the co-head of Impressionist and Modern Art at Sotheby's New York, says that collectors and experts have seen many masterpieces. When they see different artworks, I mean very special artworks, that's when the true value of the artwork really takes off. But I think for us, and perhaps for collectors, quality is an intuitive feeling, perhaps the most subjective criterion of assessment.


Even facing such subjective criteria, I believe that placing Master Yun's fengshui art before you, you wouldn't question its quality. The golden visual effect, the shimmering brilliant colours, whether day or night, Master Yun's fengshui art always gives a sense of rich and elegant celebration. This 'expensive' quality impression is not an illusion but built up by Master Yun using top-quality materials, genuinely rich and elegant.


From Dongba paper, real gold and silver, products from Chinese pigment master Qiu Qingnian, gamboge gifted by the Cambodian royal family, Laurent-Perrier champagne, to specially made silk, etc., which one isn't a guarantee of quality? Which one isn't of the highest quality level? You already have a clear answer in your mind.


Master Yun says that to practice fengshui, one must use the best quality, which has been one of his principles since he founded Lotus on Water.



~~ Gibson (Translated)


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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

The Value of Art - Medium

Simon Stock, an expert in Impressionist and Modern Art at Sotheby's, says that when they evaluate a piece of art, they must understand the medium used to create it. 

Sotheby's also admits that their experts always check the medium of the artwork before appraising it. Although materials often have an unwritten hierarchy, such as canvases for oil paintings and marble for sculptures, some artists' ideas might be better expressed in other ways, like pastel drawings on paper.


Experts also believe that more and more artists are using creative and innovative media for painting, and the medium is an ever-changing factor. Different mediums are used in different parts of the world at different times. You can paint on canvas, on various metals, on stone, and almost any material.


Yessica Marks, the head of European Prints at Sotheby's, cites that in printmaking, common major techniques include lithography, screen printing, and intaglio, each producing completely different effects. Therefore, it ultimately depends on the effect the artist wants to achieve, such as Marc Chagall using lithography for his fluid brushstrokes.

Master Yun's fengshui art is both diverse and subversive in its choice of medium

Some artists' ideas actually translate better in other media, which is why Jean-Michel Basquiat's works on paper and on canvas are equally outstanding, and this is reflected in the prices of his works.


Julian Dawes, the co-head of Impressionist and Modern Art at Sotheby's New York, says there's a certain connection between sketches and works on paper, which you might think are conceived for oil paintings. For some artists, this is true, but for many, it's not. Edgar Degas is a perfect example, especially when using pastels and charcoal on paper, which is why Degas' works stand out.


He says that Degas' dynamics presented in pastels on paper are often better than those in oil, making them more valuable. People also realise that this is Degas' strength.


When I watched this episode, I felt that if all the examples the experts mentioned were replaced with Master Yun's fengshui art, there would be no sense of inconsistency.


Master Yun's fengshui art is both diverse and subversive in its choice of medium. Whether it's on millennia-enduring Dongba paper or on specially designed silk by French haute couture designer Eric Raisina, Master Yun's layering of champagne splashes, organic pigments, real gold and silver, acrylic paints, etc., is like a grand celebration of art, vividly displaying the spirit of celebration.


Just as Degas' quick sketches are more valuable than his oil paintings due to their unique presence, Master Yun's fengshui art also meets this criterion of value, even surpassing it.


It's not hard to understand why the medium becomes a focus in art appraisal. What surprises will the artist bring through the creativity of the medium? And will this surprise stand the test of time? And this test is not only physical but also metaphysical.


Master Yun's fengshui art creates multidimensional art through the use of rich mediums. Different angles, different times, different places, different people will see different images. This is also the most fascinating aspect of fengshui art.



~~ Gibson (Translated)


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Monday, December 4, 2023

The Value of Art - Subject Matter

Michael Macaulay, the head of Sotheby's Contemporary Art Evening Auction in New York, says that the greatness of contemporary art lies in its ability to challenge, and collectors are willing to “embrace” the “challenges” posed by artists. When I talk to people in life who don't like contemporary art, what they're really saying is that they just don't like the subjects of contemporary art.
When I heard this, I didn't quite understand the scope of contemporary art, but I'm willing to interpret the challenges referred to by Michael Macaulay as a dialogue between the content of the works and the times, which could be narratives, discourses, satire, or even protest. And collectors are happy to pay for these “stances”.
In contrast to this view, the example cited by Long Meixian, the vice-chairman of Sotheby's Chinese Art Department, is more pertinent to our main point of discussion. He says that Chinese people like peaches because they symbolize longevity, or some kind of fruit with many seeds, symbolising many descendants.
Qiu Guoshi, the international head of Sotheby's Chinese Art Department, says nothing beats the design of the dragon. It's a symbol of the emperor, a symbol of power, and it immediately gives off a high-end impression.
Master Yun's fengshui art’s theme is celebrationism.

The video actually mentioned many examples of Western art, which I won't list one by one, but these Western arts almost all have one thing in common: they are very critical. This is what I understand as the “challenge” referred to by Michael Macaulay. Compared to the examples of Chinese art mentioned in the video, the artistic view of the Chinese society seems to lean more towards beauty, even aspiring to a beautiful life.
Master Yun, in his discussion with his students about General History of China, mentioned that a nation's narrative method can affect the entire nation's way of thinking. For example, in the ancient flood event, the Chinese narrative is the very motivational Great Yu Controls the Waters, while the Western narrative often sees it as a punishment from heaven.
Therefore, in dealing with problems, the West tends to look for a “culprit” first, while Asian societies, especially China, focus more on exploring solutions. This contrast is also subtly shown in art, with the West's criticism contrasting strongly with the East's aspiration towards beauty.
Master Yun's fengshui art theme is not just aspiring towards beauty but also celebrating all the good in your life
What, then, is the theme of Master Yun's fengshui art? Many people would immediately answer “fengshui”.
It's not wrong to say fengshui, but personally, I think celebrationism is a more fitting theme for fengshui art. Why do I say this? I've introduced before that the core spirit of Master Yun's fengshui art is celebratory because all the good things in life are worth celebrating. Therefore, the aura exuded by fengshui art is one of anticipation, exhilaration, and joy.
Thus, the theme of Master Yun's fengshui art is not only aspiring towards beauty but also celebrating all the good in your life.
~~ Gibson (Translated)
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Sunday, December 3, 2023

The Value of Art – Fashion

Contemporary art expert Meredith Kirk cites a great painting created by Andy Warhol in 1963, akin to a Chanel suit, as being timeless.

Experts at Sotheby's say that some works transcend their era; some quickly fall out of favour, while others may take a generation to be appreciated. Everyone tries to bet on who will emerge next, but how can you know?


Not long ago, dynamic pictures of sports, like those of dogs, horses, and hunting scenes, were very popular, but they have since cooled off. However, the horse paintings by equestrian artist George Stubbs remain in demand because Stubbs is a great artist.


Fashion is important to experts at Sotheby's, so they follow it closely, as the art market has a place for trends and fashion, as well as for works that stand the test of time.


When we talk about fashion, many people initially think it's only about dressing up or seeking attention, but in art, fashion, as I've understood from my years of interviewing, is easier to comprehend if interpreted as “trend”. However, since trend isn't the entirety of fashion, this episode will be divided into two parts.

Master Yun's fengshui art leads today's fengshui trend. This isn't self-praise but a fact.

The first part is about the trends in fashion, meaning the more variable tendencies of the wind, like the popularity of surrealism in this era. Works in this style command better prices due to their market value, making this type of fashion more understandable.


The second part is about fashion where the artist or artwork is the source of fashion, like Chanel's classic suit, timeless since its design in 1950. This is also a characteristic of Master Yun's fengshui art.


In a world of black and white calligraphy and painting, the colourful fengshui art is a breath of fresh air. As mentioned before, Master Yun's fengshui art has a high degree of recognizability. Its unique presentation reminds one of Master Yun, and its intriguing nature withstands long periods of contemplation, often revealing surprises, thus remaining timeless.


Therefore, I say, Master Yun's fengshui art leads today's fengshui trend, not out of self-praise, but as a matter of fact.


~~ Gibson (Translated)


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Sunday, November 26, 2023
















First Director of the China National Museum Mr. Pan Zhenzhou’s 2023 October Great Wall Fengshui Calligraphy Exhibition Welcome Banquet Speech at Imperial Cuisine Museum

Commander Liu, Mr Xu, Minister Sun, Chairman Huan and Secretary Zhai, distinguished leaders and friends, Master Yun Long Zi, and esteemed guests and friends from around the world.

First, I would like to congratulate Master Yun Long Zi on the upcoming launch of his Great Wall exhibition. I also deeply appreciate the organisers of tonight's dinner for inviting me to attend such a warm and friendly event. I have been here before, but I feel tonight's dinner has the most cultural and artistic atmosphere.

Not only do we have our current guests, but also nobles from the Qing dynasty 300 years ago and, empresses and princesses from the Ming dynasty 600 years ago. Especially our ladies, who have been meticulously dressed and made up by the staff, looking dignified, elegant, and beautiful, perfectly matching the theme of tonight's dinner.

Master Yun Long Zi’s Great Wall fengshui calligraphy exhibition, in my opinion, is both a calligraphy and art exhibition. His work integrates calligraphy and painting, so it is both a calligraphy and art exhibition. Abroad, I've seen many artworks, combining figurative and abstract elements, using Chinese culture and charactersto express the profound spirit of Chinese culture, I have seen such works.

Master Yun is a Chinese artist from Singapore. He grew up in Singapore, but as a Chinese, Chinese culture flows in his veins and his works carry the DNA of Chinese culture. Therefore, in his works, he pursues the theme of Celebrationism. I agree with you that our art and calligraphy should bring positive energy and evoke happy emotions.

I saw several of his works outside, each representing elements of Chinese culture, but always revolving around the concept of home, reflecting a deep, vivid concern for the country and home. I really like your work.

But Master Yun did not grow up in China, he grew up in Singapore. His creations inevitably took on some Western techniques, such as certain painting methods and compositional skills, resulting in a fusion of Eastern and Western cultures. 

I personally feel that he has blended these cultures, resulting in his own unique creations, making his work difficult to imitate or learn, as it's characterised by his unique style and expression. Artists should have this uniqueness. This originality and uniqueness are what make an artist's work valuable.

Today, we gather here to attend Master Yun’s exhibition’s welcome dinner. This exhibition has dual significance. The first is Master Yun’s cultural return to his roots as he carries the DNA of Chinese culture in his blood, the DNA of Chinese culture.

Bringing his works to Beijing and displaying them at the Great Wall is a return to this cultural heritage. As a Chinese culturati, I highly commend this. This is the first significance.

The second significance lies in Master Yun’s calligraphy exhibition. Because he is in Singapore. many overseas Chinese, in addition to their work, they bear the responsibility of spreading Chinese culture and promoting cultural exchange between China and other countries. This cultural exchange between China and other countries is called mutual learning. It contributes to the progress of human civilisation. I think Master Yun’s exhibition, your success in your career and endeavour, demonstrates unique value and significance.

The 33rd anniversary of Sino-Singapore relations just passed, and it’s the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative. The Belt and Road Initiative encompasses not only economic and trade cooperation, but also cultural exchange. In this regard, I believe Master Yun can achieve even greater accomplishments in the future. We will celebrate you when that happens as your philosophy is Celebrationism. 

I heartily wish that tonight's dinner will be joyful and healthy for all our distinguished guests and friends. To our friendship, to the prosperity of our arts, to the progress of our civilisation.

Let's toast to the success of tonight's dinner. Thank you. 

Saturday, November 25, 2023

3 Years in A Row, Master Yun Fengshui Calligraphy Painting Exhibtion in Japan!

Master Yun's fengshui calligraphy paintings was exhibited in Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Master Yun received  three awards from Japan in three consecutive years 2021, 2022 and 2023. Three years in a row, recognized by elites, art connoisseurs and academicians in Japan! How wonderful is this!
In 2021, Master Yun’s 百鹤贺寿 (A Hundred Cranes Celebrating Longevity) was exhibited in Japan, Tokyo. Master Yun received the Honorary Award from Japan.

百鹤贺寿 (A Hundred Cranes Celebrating Longevity)

Honorary Award from Japan in 2021

In 2022, another amazing masterpiece 日月明心 (The Sun and Moon Brightens the Heart) from Master Yun was exhibited in Japan.

Master Yun continued to be awarded for his fengshui calligraphy painting that is getting more and more stunning.

In August 2023, Master yun fengshui calligraphy 凤舞九天 was exhibited. Master Yun won the Special Selection Award 特选奖. It was selected out of tens of thousands to be exhibited, and selected from the thousands exhibited to receive the “Special Selection Award”. 

Master Yun Long Zi’s fengshui calligraphy at Japan’s Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum 

Can you see that Master Yun's fengshui calligraphy paintings is getting more fantastic in each exhibition. Look at the words and the colours of  凤舞九天 fengshui calligraphy painting, and so the special awards goes to him.

Master Yun with 晋鸥老师、吴超老师 

Master Yun received “SPECIAL SELECTION AWARD 特选奖” by Japan’s Sankei International Calligraphy Association. It is an honour to receive the award. 

And famous elities like 晋鸥老师、吴超老师 and many other cultural elites and academics from Japan and China had great admiration for Master Yun fengshui calligraphy. It was even a great honour that we have, from the Japan Chrysanthemum Throne, Her Imperial Highness, The Princess Takamado, who presided over the award giving ceremony.

Master Yun's awarded “Special Selection" Award 特选奖

The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, established in 1926, is Japan's first public art musuem. It is located in Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan and supported by a prefectural government. It features colorful thematic exhibitions, as well as special exhibitions that provide encounters with art masterpieces from both Japan and overseas.

Terohiro takahashi san President of sankei International Calligraphy  Association even read High regards to Master Yun fengshui calligraphy.

Master Jin Ou, President of Japan Chinese Federation of Art Societies, Member of Xiling Seal Art Society commented on Master Yun Long Zi’s fengshui calligraphy.

EVEN The Sino Chinese Business Times reported on master yun fengshui calligraphy and his awards.

Official Letter from Japan

While 2023 has not ended, Master Yun is invited by Japan to hold his art exhibition on 5 December again. It will be supported by Union of Chinese Residing in Japan. It is definitely an even eye-opening fengshui calligraphy!


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Sunday, November 19, 2023

Master Yun Long Zi’s 2023 October Great Wall Fengshui Calligraphy Exhibition Welcome Banquet Address at Imperial Cuisine Museum

You have arrived from thousands of miles away, from different parts of the world, to attend my feng shui calligraphy exhibition. My heart is moved with gratitude. And I shall cherish this moment of great souvenirs with you, for a long long time. 

I shall say Beijing welcomes you.  

I would also like to, on behalf of my friends from 13 different countries, to express our deepest gratitude to the Chinese people, especially the Chinese leaders. 

We love Beijing very much. We love China very much. 

Tonight is a welcome imperial banquet, as well as a calligraphy exhibition. In this Imperial Cuisine Museum, I have exhibited 21 pieces of feng shui calligraphy. 

All these 21 calligraphy exhibited pieces has a common trait. Every piece has a word “family”. 

The way we Chinese coin our words is very interesting. With people who have blood relation with us, we call them “own-family”. With people without blood relation, we call them the “big-family”. 

4000 over years ago, there was a great hero born in China. His name was “Da Yu”. His greatest merit was to manage the “Yellow River”.

We people from the Southeast Asia know there is a “Mekong River”. The Mekong River came from China. But inside China, this river is called “Lan Cang”, and when the river flows out of China, it is called “Mekong”.

The Mekong River passes through the province of Qing Hai, and the province of Yunnan in China, and flows out to Myamar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, six countries altogether before it arrives the sea.

Mekong River is but 4350 miles while the Yellow River is 5465 miles, much longer than the Mekong. We can imagine, to manage the Yellow River, it would involve much more people and races than Mekong. This is an extraordinary task. That’s why “Da Yu” was a great hero.

To treat the Yellow River requires not only capability but also virtue. The history recorded the incident that Da Yu passed by his own house for three times but never entered. What does it mean? It means he never sacrifice the “big-family” for the benefit of his “own-family”. And when necessary, he would sacrifice the benefit of his “own-family” for the “big-family”.

From four thousand years ago, this virtue of “treating the world as one’s huge family” has been implanted into the cultural DNA of the Chinese descendants”.

This evening, at Beijing, we call here the feet of the emperor. We bring you the imperial cuisine. We ask of you to wear the palace costume. And we invite you to take photos with my feng shui calligraphy. And most importantly, to wish you bring to your families, the force of the emperors, the blessings of prosperity, good health and universal love.














Master Yun Long Zi’s 2023 October Great Wall Fengshui Calligraphy Exhibition Welcome Banquet Address To Prestigious Guests

Mr. Pan Zhenzhou,

Former Deputy Minister of Culture, First Director of the National Museum

Mr. Huo Jianguo,

Former Dean of the International Trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce

Mr. Huan Yushan,

Former Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce

Mr. Zhai Huisheng,

Former Party Group Secretary of the All-China Journalists Association

Mr Li Jinyou,

Former Deputy Editor-in-Chief of People's Daily, Former Deputy Director of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission

General Liu Jingsong,

Former Commander of the Shenyang Military Region

General Sun Zhiqiang,

Former Deputy Minister of the People's Liberation Army General Logistics Department

General Xu Genchu,

Deputy Dean of the Military Science Academy

Mr. Teng Daoyang,

Chairman of the Committee of the Same Roots and Dreams Mid-Autumn Friendship Meeting

Your Royal Highness, Prince Tesso Sisowath, Prince Chivannariddh, Princess Chansita and family.

And our sponsor, the Messieur Marcel Bertaud, the representative of Laurent Perrier Champagne from France.

A very good evening!

We have with us this evening, friends from more than ten countries. 

May I first acknowledge my Royal friends, the Royal family from The Kingdom of Cambodia.

My friends and sponsors from the Republic of France.

My friends and sponsors from the Republic of Madagascar.

My friends from The Lao People's Democratic Republic.

My friends from the Kingdom of Thailand.

My friends from the Republic of the Philippines.

My friends from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

My friends from the Republic of Serbia.

My relative from the United States of America.

My friends from The Commonwealth of Australia.

My friends from Malaysia.

we have the largest delegation from People Republic of Singapore, consisting of clients from Lotus on Water, Feng Shui art collectors, as well as my friends and family.

My friends from The People’s Republic of China.