Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Even Less than 9 Days to Start of Spring

Tonight 20:08hrs, Master Yun starts blessing the Lotus Annual Wealth Bags. Every single Lotus Wealth Bag is made to order. Have you got your set for a prosperous 2015? Speak to your Lotus advisor today: http://bit.ly/lotusjadeite

It has been 10 days since the contents of the Lotus Annual Wealth Bags are placed under the blessing and witness of the 2nd and 4th Lotus Guan Yin. Time to let them bless you.

9 days to start of spring, 4 February 2015, inclusively. After that, the Wood Goat year begins.

Including today. But today we are only left with a few hours. 8 days left.

We are not open tomorrow 28 January, because it is a Wednesday. 7 days left.

Take away 4 February - it will be too late for you to prepare on the day itself, and the Lotus galleries don't open on Wednesdays. 6 days left.

Less than a week - have you prepared for your 2015 prosperity with your Lotus advisors? You would want to make your appointment with them, quite immediately: http://bit.ly/lotusjadeite

A quick run-through: what to get for 2015?

The set of 2 Lotus Annual Wealth Bags for prosperity to surround you, the Imperial White Inkstone to command the energies to you, and the Double Dragon jadeite ring to grab these riches into your pocket.

Go do it.

-- Kan

Monday, January 26, 2015

Is Lotus on Water Treasures EFFECTIVE?

I hear this question recently. Is Lotus on Water effective? Can you guarantee Lotus on Water is 100% effective?

100%? I will give it 150% or even more from what I have seen/heard from clients including myself. It's step by step towards building more wealth for yourself and your family, are you ready? One of our clients aims to improve his wealth and wish to have less conflicts with his wife and daughter in the household. After a week of wearing our Laughing Buddha jadeite pendant; his boss asked him out of the blue, if he wanted to do the late shift and can earn more money. He agreed since this yields more pay. He didn't expect that by doing late shift, his wife become more understanding (absence makes the heart grow fonder) and conflicts with the daughter became non-existent as he understood her late night studies.

Another question I hear recently is this: What if Lotus on Water is not effective? Then 'take down my signboard' (拆我招牌). But, do you want to be the first one to be outside Lotus on Water to remove the signboard or do you want to first improve your prosperity, joining the rest of our over 30,000 blessed clients?

Contact me today to own your first/next Lotus treasure to effectively improve your prosperity.

Step by step with Lotus Treasures to Improve Your Prosperity

How Lotus treasures turn my dreadful presentation into a successful one?

I was in my previous job as a stock broker, that I was ‘arrowed’ or tasked to do a presentation that is something out of my scope (wordy regulations) to two very important people.
The day came for me to step up to the front of a packed conference room.  As I began I was very relaxed as I know I had did my work homework and my fengshui homework, I continued till the end with confidence and in pace.  And then comes the Q&A.  This is when it becomes a courtroom.
I was probed by the group chairman, who owned the firm and is a billionaire, as well as the HR director, who was known as unforgivingly direct.  I answered them appropriately.  And as they looked for uncovered areas, I expectedly stumbled.  I gave my best shot and they, to everyone’s surprise, became my benefactors by talking lovingly and caringly like a grandfather and grand-auntie to their grand-son.  They saw that I had done my best but wanted to make it better.  I was touched and felt very relieved when I managed to set the successful momentum for the rest of the presenters to follow.  In my 4 years at the company, never was this ever accomplished.  Not with any other staff of presentation.  I can say I was the first.

I thought to myself, my exquisite jadeite pendant did work to pull the Chairman and HR Director in my favour and my duanxi plum blossom inkstone did reduce the potential for arguments, turning them into benefactors instead.

How did I manage to be so successful?  I over-prep by consulting materials outside my company to gain new insights, and I diligently grind my duanxi inkstone in 6 repetitions as prescribed, while visualizing the desired outcome of a smooth and successful presentation. Holding on to my exquisite jadeite pendant which is a dragon-head ruyi, I recalled the emperor used jadeite and ruyi meant everything should go in my way.
I now had a win for myself, my department and my firm.  You too, can score a winning goal for yourself at Lotus on Water by getting a Lotus Ruyi Dragon exquisite pendant like mine, and a duanxi inkstone to grind away all the worries.

My Lotus Ruyi Dragon that won over a victory (left) &
Lotus Dragon Ruyi that is still available at Lotus on Water  Exquisite Gallery (right)

My Lotus Duanxi Plum Blossom inkstone that reduce all arguments to a minimal (left) &
Duanxi Keng Zai inkstone still available at Lotus on Water Gallery
 --- Leonard

Sunday, January 25, 2015






Have you Harvested what you Sow?

When a farmer cultivates the field for plantation, there are more to its process than what meets the eye. The germination needs just the right amount of water, the field needs to shoo away the rats and crows. And even at times you had made full preparations and taken all precautions, unforeseeable circumstances can make all your effort go to waste. Farmers depends very much on their harvest for their livelihood, but after so much work, harvest is still not a guarantee.

Ok don't quote me, because honestly I know almost next to zero about what farmers do. :P

But I do know a thing or two about life, and how it can let you down despite how talented you are, or how much pain and sweat you've put in for that something that you really want.

Because I've been through, I've been it so many times I've lost counts. I've never thought of myself as  stupid or talentless, but the increasing number of failures in my life made my start to doubt myself. In the end, I stopped trying altogether. Not being blessed with the knowledge of the power of fengshui, I've been circling around the same spot for so long I've wasted so much of my time and opportunities.

But I was blessed, because somehow after hanging out along Upper Thomson for almost 10 years, I finally spotted the stretch of glamourous looking shops that have turned my life around. 

For those of you out there who understands the woes I've been talking about, have you tasted your fruit of labour? Have your hard work and prayers rewarded you with the best you've always been wishing for? Don't you just wish you that one thing you've been working so hard for your entire life is finally happening for you? Right in front of you?

To those out there who are reading this- don't be me. I didn't have to chance to wonder and ponder behind that screen of yours, thinking whether should I come down… or should I not come down. I wasn't blessed to know about it earlier than I would like but I walked in the minute I know about this place. It wasn't a 180 degree change, but it's continuously improving.

How about you? When would you like to harvest what you had sow?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

And there is ONE thing that makes the Lotus Annual Wealth Bags extraordinarily prosperous this year. Read on.

16 January 2015, last Friday, Master Yun started preparing the concoction of the Lotus Annual Wealth Bags. Master Yun has insisted on making the Lotus Annual Wealth Bags by himself since day one. Since many years back.

Only Master Yun knows the exact proportion of the different essences. I will spare you with the details, because you can watch it here, take a look: http://bit.ly/1yA3f2e

You will notice: Every . Single . Detail . Matters

Like on what kind of Duanxi Clear Waters Inkstone must the Annual Wealth Bags be made on to ensure the sufficient balance of yin or yang Qi required; like what kind of spoon we are using to stir to sandalwood or agarwood essences with the Lotus vermilion; like how many layers of gold (real gold) to be added so that you have another treasure of the earths with you...in short, you and I both know that this is a way too tedious process that tests the capacity and integrity of the maker of the Lotus Annual Wealth Bags. Just not simply something that random imitators can comprehend, let alone to imitate.

And there is one thing that makes the Lotus Annual Wealth Bags extraordinarily prosperous this year. Read on.

Most of the time, Master Yun does his mixture of the Lotus Annual Wealth Bag in secret. But the superior incense fragrance emitted when he has to leave the mixture in the Duanxi Inkstone would be rather wasteful since it would go into the air.

This year, Master Yun prepared his mixture right in front of the main gallery's Guan Yin - the 2nd and 4th Lotus Guan Yin, and would leave it here for 10 days. 

For these 10 days, the fragrance is like a superior incense offered to Guan Yin. And superior incense is like a messenger sending our prayer to Guan Yin. It's said in the sutra that those who offer the best incense to Buddha will have elegant beauty in their coming life.

So it's really fortunate of us who are here these 10 days to pray in front of her, offering the superior incense fragrance of the Lotus Annual Wealth Bags that Master Yun has prepared.

Bring home this blessing. Bring home your Lotus Annual Wealth Bags.
Get ready for your wealth, get ready for beauty, get ready for elegance.

-- Kan

Monday, January 19, 2015

Lotus Crystal: Solid 'Water' form that can bring you Solid Money

Water is naturally flowing, and of course it turns solid when it freezes into ice.
Ice melts to water at normal room temperature; just like a lot of people, money also melts.
But I will tell you something that looks like water at room temperature and never melts.It is solid and sturdy, and when you place it at the right fengshui place, your money will be solid and sturdy too.

Clear Crystal sculptures - Solid 'Water' that can bring you Solid Money

Clear crystal sculptures is like ice sculptures, both transcluent. But for Crystal sculptures to be as clear as water, they are very rare and therefore commands a premium. Water means money in fengshui. If you looking for your money to be more solid, do let me know soonest, so I can help you choose the right crystal for your purpose.

Both solid water and crystal can be carved into mountains and Buddha sculptures.
But I will tell you it is our crystal mountains and Buddha crystals together with Master Yun's blessing and advice for the exact position helps you to have solid money and relationships.

Contact me today to choose your Solid 'Water' so your money will be solid.


Sunday, January 18, 2015

How is Agarwood compared with Lego?

Did you know Agarwood and Lego bricks started out in the same manner?  They are plastics (molecularly-structured as polymers to be precise) created by Mother Nature.  The beautiful, bright-coloured, durable plastic bricks are created with Lego’s motto "only the best is the best" which coincides with Agarwood being the best of the rest in the incense world because of its ability to bring in powerful benefactors whenever help is needed and enhance your Direct Wealth to a higher level, bringing prosperity to the Agarwood owner.

Have you ever seen a Lego brick that does not shine?  Most Lego bricks even when dirtied still reflect light readily.  It is the same with Agarwood, which originated from a resin produced over the injured spot after a specific type of tree is hurt and infected by fungus.  And this resin will secrete oil over time, creating a shiny surface.  This oil is what made agarwood fragrant and famous for. The smell of the agarwood oil not only is able to travel far, it can also revitalize a person's mind and body.

Lego has mandated exact degree of precision during the manufacturing process or else the brick will not fit firmly and is difficult to take apart.  The carving of Agarwood is a highly-prized job as every cut made will reduce the material left on the sculpture, and with the price of agarwood worth more than gold, the carving must be made with exact measurements in mind as every chip of Agarwood is valued higher than per 1 gram of 24k pure gold.

We all remember the little figurines that Lego created, from pirates to robots to castles.  There is a different theme to appeal to children’s diverse interests.  Similarly with Agarwood pendants at Lotus on Water, we have Guanyin in various forms, Laughing Buddha in various posts and celestial animals like dragons and deers.  All of these created to appeal to the different needs of the clients.

The wonderful Agarwood pendant that brings you prosperity and wealth

--- Leonard

TIP: How to Win on Your 1st Day of the New Year. And by "New Year", I mean 4 February 2015.

A more and more open "secret": 4 February 2015 is the real deal, the real Chinese New Year.

Not 19 February 2015, which is the 1st day of the 1st lunar month - this is according to the lunar calendar (calendar taking reference from orbit of moon around earth), this is important, but still not the real beginning of the Wood Goat year 乙未年. 

4 February 2015 is what we call the Start of Spring 立春. This is according to the solar calendar (calendar taking reference from earth's orbit around sun). And fengshui energies take reference primarily from the solar calendar.

Ever wonder why winter solstice is always on 22 or 21 December every year? Because winter solstice also takes reference from the solar calendar, not the lunar calendar.

Got your set of Lotus Annual Wealth Bags? Recognize the authentic. When you collect, we will tell you the exact minute to place them.

There is an exact hour and minute to the crossing over of the year. It is not the political timing. It is the solar timing. You will know the exact timing to place your annual fengshui collections when you collect your Lotus collections from your Lotus advisors.

Simply put: get prepared for your 2015 prosperity by 4 February 2015. You would want to speak to you Lotus advisors today.

But this is not my main topic here I want to share with you the extraordinary crossing-of-the-year occurrence this year. This year is special. And being special, we are presented with a rare opportunity to propel our prosperity for 2015 Wood Goat year 乙未年.

4 February 2015 is the first day of the Wood Goat year 乙未年 - this, we already know. What about 1 day before, what about 3 February 2015? 

3 February 2015 is 15th of the lunar month. For every 1st and 15th of the lunar month, Lotus on Water unveils the majestic sandalwood masterpiece "Dharma Service on the Holy Mountain 灵山法会" in the Exquisite Jadeite Gallery. Some of you have the fortune to see and breathe this holy centerpiece.

The "Dharma Service on the Holy Mountain 灵山法会". One majestic piece of prosperity and holiness.

3 February 2015 is the last solar day of Wood Horse year 甲午年. The "Dharma Service on the Holy Mountain" is also unveiled on this day. This will be the last unveiling of this holy and prosperous gathering of the Wood Horse year 甲午年. And we are just one day apart to the start of a new year.

Throughout these years, I have always advised: wear your new Lotus collections before 4 February, before the Start of Spring. So that when the new year arrives, you are in the best position to receive the good Qi. You don't lose at the starting point. Start your year right, prosperity in sight.

Even more so for this year. Ponder this: what happens if you wear your new Lotus collection on 3 February 2015, last day of Wood Horse year, in front of the last unveiling of the "Dharma Service on the Holy Mountain", and you continue to wear it over to the first day of the Wood Goat year, 4 February 2015?

When you put on your new Lotus collection in front of the "Dharma Service on the Holy Mountain" on 3 February 2015, you gather the remaining Huat Qi of the Wood Horse year with you, and you bring it over to the first day of the new year on 4 February 2015. It's a rollover, it's an accumulation, it's what we call 接气 - continuation of the Qi. 

Let the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas bless you from the end of this year, to the start of next year.

We don't get this every year. It is not an annual affair that we get to carry over the last Qi of the "Dharma Service on the Holy Mountain" over to a brand new day, a brand new year. When you put on your new Lotus collections on 3 February 2015 at the Exquisite Jadeite Gallery, you are not going to start the Wood Goat year blankly. You are starting it with a bang - a holy one, with the last breath and blessing from the last unveiling of the "Dharma Service on the Holy Mountain". 

You get to prosper from the end of this year, to the start of next year.

This is really one year of starting-your-year-right that you don't want to miss.

I strongly advise all followers of the Lotus to enjoy this privilege. 

-- Kan

Friday, January 16, 2015

White Crystal Guan Yin is 'GOLDEN'

White Crystal Guan Yin  is 'Golden'
With sunlight shining through the skin of her backing, White Crystal Guan Yin is 'Golden', and has features like Gold too. Let us explore below:

She is holding a Ruyi (如意),

not small but huge in our crystal sculptures.

Bringing in power for you,
not small but more powerful in command and control.
Bringing wealth for you,
not small but large, almost as large as Guan Yin's face.

Guan Yin is relaxed, on top of gushing waves of prosperity.

Prosperity in Elegance,
Grace and Grandness for you,

Are you willing to invite her home/to work?


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Take the Hand of the Buddha: Congratulations to Blessed Client Wearing Imperial Jadeite before 4 February 2015

Green is not my favorable color. But there are green Lotus jadeite pieces that make me drool.

A blessed client of mine bought a green Lotus exquisite jadeite last Saturday - an imperial jadeite Buddha's Hand pendant. Simple setting with rose gold, because he wants to wear it before 4 February 2015.

This is one of the to-drool-but-I-can't-wear pieces that makes me tell myself: I shall be reborn with a different bazi and wear this in my next life.

I must congratulate this blessed client for making the right choice - wearing your imperial jadeite before 4 February 2015. You have chosen to start the year right, and I am certain your prosperity is in sight. 

We talked about the powers of imperial jadeite recently, check it out here.

What does a Lotus jadeite Buddha Hand mean? We wear the Heaven and Earth jadeite ring to seal the gaps between our fingers to not let wealth slip past us. The Lotus jadeite Buddha Hand is powerful in the same way. The Buddha Hand captures your fleeting opportunities, and like what it did to the Monkey God, subdued your irritating malefactors.

Nothing is bigger than the Buddha Hand. Nothing escapes from the Buddha Hand.

I have always considered his Lotus exquisite jadeite Buddha Hand a unique piece. Look closely. There are white specks all over it, like the maker sprinkled a layer of sugar to make your prosperity sweeter. And when the sunlight goes through it, you realize the white dots are actually stars. Stars in the universe.

This is the hand that holds the universe.

Opportunities, like the multitude of stars, fall onto your palm.

There will never be a second piece. Every piece of Lotus exquisite jadeite is uniquely yours. Yes, there are other Buddha Hands in the Exquisite Jadeite Gallery, of different colors and quality, but there is only one other imperial jadeite Buddha Hand. 

In fact, this is the one that is even more powerful. This:

Vibrant, even, brilliant, pure - like the starting of times. As if this is the hand that exist before yin and yang, when all was but one.

This is not the hand that holds the universe, but the one that created the universe.

Take the hand of the Buddha today.

-- Kan

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

This Supreme Jadeite Guan Yin is Ready. Are You?

There are approximately 8,000 pieces of Lotus jadeite at one time, of which, about 250 pieces belong to the Lotus exquisite jadeite collections. And of these 250 pieces housed in the Lotus Exquisite Jadeite Gallery, there are 3 pieces of Lotus supreme jadeite Guan Yin pendants. 

Each of these 3 supreme jadeite Guan Yin is valued at above 3 million SGD.

I am going to talk about the yellow piece, the yellow exquisite jadeite Guan Yin today.

The difference between the 250 pieces of Lotus exquisite jadeite and the rest of the 7,750 Lotus auspicious jadeite boils down to 2 words: quality and color. For the exquisite collections, they must be high in quality and brilliant in their respective colors. For the supreme ones, the intensity required is even higher.

Yellow jadeite is often opaque. Every single degree it gets more translucent, the value and the power multiplies. This honey-yellow supreme jadeite Guan Yin is even and vibrant in color, and translucent throughout. The prosperity is thorough and without hindrance.

Similar to my favorite piece, the Dragon Returns to the Sea, many things can be said of this supreme Guan Yin pendant. Prosperity is in the details. But that is one thing that makes a whole lot of difference.

Her hand. Her right hand.  

Guan Yin is stretching out her hand, to you. 

You need to do one thing to receive her blessings. Take her hand.

Many times in life, our opportunities and benefactors are right in front of us. Staring at us in the face. We might be looking at it daily. Like the stretch of Lotus galleries along Upper Thomson Road, you might have seen it grow, from 1 gallery to 4. All these are challenging us, do we dare to take the leap of faith, to be better than what we are today, to step out of our comfort zone?

This supreme jadeite Guan Yin is ready. Are you?

-- Kan

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

LESS THAN 24 DAYS TO NEW YEAR and Upgrading Your Annual Wealth Bags

We are losing count of the days in this countdown - we are less than 24 days to the start of the Wood Goat year 乙未年! 

Days pass at the blink of the eye, especially in Lotus on Water. The hot favorite since we started counting down to next year, in the last 4 days, are the Double Dragon jadeite ring, Lotus agarwood (surprising! I guess we all need that bit of miraculous healing powers), and the Lotus Annual Wealth Bags (as usual!).

What you need to have to Huat best for 2015: The Double Dragon jadeite ring, the Annual Wealth Bag, and the Imperial White Inkstone.

You all know the powers of the Lotus Annual Wealth Bags - concentration of rare agarwood or sandalwood essence - read more here. Now, beware of cheap counterfeits, the Lotus Annual Wealth Bags are made by Master Yun Long himself, in tedious manners - every step matters, watch the process here.

Last year, 2014, the Annual Wealth Bags mysterious content in the Exquisite Jadeite Gallery.
Last year, we prepared the precious content of the Annual Wealth Bags in the Lotus Exquisite Jadeite Gallery, offering them for blessings in front of the 4th Lotus Guan Yin - the victorious sandalwood Thousand Hands Guan Yin. This year, the 4th Lotus Guan Yin is in the main gallery. This Friday 16 January 2015, we offer the Annual Wealth Bags material in the main gallery. Have you ordered your Annual Wealth Bags? Speak to your Lotus advisors today: http://bit.ly/lotusjadeite

Now, here's a good tip - clients who followed through with the Lotus Annual Wealth Bags for years ask: What is a more powerful choice than the Annual Wealth Bags?

A more powerful, more persistent option would be to have a Lotus agarwood Guan Yin sculpture in the place of the Direct Wealth Bag, and the Lotus sandalwood Guan Yin sculpture in the place of the Indirect Wealth Bag.

There is very little Lotus sandalwood Guan Yin left. There is even less Lotus agarwood sculptures.

The Lotus Guan Yin sculptures are more powerful and long-lasting. Other than giving you the wealth power you so deserve, your Lotus Guan Yin sculptures also bless you with benefactors and protection.

It's a prosperous and long term option. And a limited one. While we can make upon order the Annual Wealth Bags, the Lotus agarwood and sandalwood sculptures are limited and nearly impossible to replenish in time to come. What we see might just be what we will be left with.

Of course, after you place the Lotus sculptures, you can still have the Annual Wealth Bags, and offer them to Guan Yin, as a concentrated and perpetual incense.

Make it in time for 4 February 2015, the start of spring for the Wood Goat year 乙未年. Speak to your Lotus advisors today: http://bit.ly/lotusjadeite

-- Kan

Monday, January 12, 2015

CONGRATULATIONS to Blessed Clients - the Gathering of the Lotus Imperial Jadeite

Thursday 8 Jan 2015 was significant. Two of Lotus's blessed clients put on their Lotus imperial jadeite pendants. This is an achievement, a milestone, and a new beginning for these two Lotus clients. Congratulations once again!

One of the Lotus imperial jadeite worn on 8 Jan 2015. Remember this? This is one of the four imperial jadeite dragons of the Lotus.

We cheered to our clients progress and victory in the Lotus Exquisite Jadeite Gallery with bubbling champagne. Together with Shiyi and Meilin - both of them also use the wood element, and both of them are also wearing their imperial jadeite, a total of 4 blessed Lotus imperial jadeite were present that night. 

It was really a gathering of the most powerful treasures of the wood element. Prosperity overflowing!

The prosperity is overflowing.

For those of you who can use the wood element (determined by Master Yun Long Zi himself), that means you can wear green Lotus jadeite collections. The highest order of the green jadeite, is the imperial jadeite. Quoting from a past article on what is imperial jadeite:

First, it must be green.

Then, it must be evenly green.

However, as evenness in colour is actually quite impossible to achieve if it is not artificially coloured, the term "even" can be understood as "full". It must be fully green.
Third, it must be transparent. We call it glass quality.

Forth, it must be strong in color.

Fifth, it must be bright in color.

Imperial jadeite is extremely rare. Some others who sell jade have never even lay their hands on a single piece. Know more about imperial jadeite HERE

The highest value Lotus imperial jadeite in the Lotus Exquisite Jadeite Gallery.

With the intensity of the green, the power of the wood element is immense. With the high order of translucency of the the imperial jadeite, its fengshui power is fast and without hindrance. It really takes a great deal of good karma to be able to put on a piece of Lotus imperial jadeite. Know more about the power of the imperial jadeite HERE, while you are at it, know about the power of Lotus exquisite jadeite HERE.

Congratulations to our blessed clients once again - you have put on your Lotus imperial jadeite before the start of the new year, before 4 February 2015. You have chosen to start your year right, I have utter faith in your prosperity for the coming Wood Goat year 乙未年. 

I wish you all the prosperity!

-- Kan

Sunday, January 11, 2015



How is my Sandals related to Sandalwood?

Did you know the history of sandals is older than sandalwood?  Yes, the earliest sandals discovered is 10,000 years ago compared with the earliest known use of sandalwood which is 4,000 years.  Both are equally important.  You and I wear sandals, but we also used sandalwood in our daily lives too.  Such as offering incense, putting on perfume and occasionally applying medicine.

Sandalwood makes us smell nice because it has a natural fragrant oil.  Sandals makes my feet smell nice by preventing my legs from becoming 'Made In Hong Kong' or Athlete's foot.  I wear mine at home to keep my feet warm when the chilly weather makes the floor tiles too cold.

Come to think of the Lifting action, the sandalwood is harvested by uprooting the entire tree fully so that its roots can also be used, just as when we have finished taking our step, we lift our feet fully.

And sandalwood is usually offered while wearing sandals. This is seen on Hindu and Japanese priests, as well as in ancient Egypt and Rome, worn at religious festivities and events.

The Best in Business is Old Mountain sandalwood that has at least 100 years of history backing, similarly to my Birkenstock sandals which has more than 200 years of heritage.  Both costs much more than the ordinary sandals and sandalwood because the Old Mountain sandalwood is known to deliver the best in Windfall luck and Birkenstocks are known to have an extremely comfortable sole contour.

Old Mountain sandalwood Guanyin stepping on a sandal-like leaf

-- Leonard

Have you seen that Fengshui Gallery along Upper Thomson Road?

If I had asked myself that question from one year ago, this is probably what I was gonna get--

The Fengshui place along Upper Thomson Road? That place that sells jade at an extravagant price?? That place's cater for the rich, not for people like me, obviously. 10 grand is a price too steep for me to take that risk.

And if my boyfriend didn't insist on getting one because of our situation, I wouldn't have converted into a believer. But looking back from where I am now, not just there were no sense of regret, in fact, I am so glad I started prospering with my first jadeite.

I know many of you have seen this place from the outside, yet not all had stepped into this place to find out what this is all about, let alone those who took the first step (and tons of courage) to even purchase just the auspicious jadeite.

Not all of us are born rich, not all of us have 10 grand with us when we first started (yes, there are reasonable installments), but what we took was a leap of faith with Master Yun on a path to better life. Of course, your life may not get worse without a lotus item, but with one, it's almost always better comparing what it used to be.

So, the question now is, when will you be stepping into that fengshui gallery along Upper Thomson Road? No, we won't bite even if you decide not to buy. But if you did, years later, if you had the chance to meet your past self from right at that cross junction, you be like me, grateful and thanking yourself for making that decision years ago.

-- Jasmine

How to get MORE 'A's in your exams and Your Life

One of ways is to improve your Wen Chang (Literati) Star, the most auspicious star other than the wealth stars in your house / work place with a white Crystal mountain.

The shape of the mountain is to be straight, tall, with a slight base, like a 'A'. This is to bring in the 'A's in your life, be it outstanding in studies/career.

There are bridges carved on the mountain. Bridges to building better relationships, attracting more helpful people to help you to achieve the 'A's together.

There are houses on the mountain. Just like there are people staying on the mountain, making the mountain alive and effective for its purpose.

These kinds of white crystal mountains are called Tai Bai Gold and Silver Mountain 太白金银山 in Lotus on Water.

Almost Transparent Tai Bai Gold and Silver Mountain
You can also choose White Crystal Buddha Sculpture to improve your Wen Chang (Literati) Star in your house/workplace. This choice can allow you to better attract and enlist more benefactors' help.

White Crystal Guan Yin with Fortune Child

Master Yun personally blessings for each individual Crystal.

Which one are you choosing today? 

-- Shiyi

BEHOLD: The Dragon Returns to the Sea 龙归大海

Many of you have seen this piece of Lotus exquisite jadeite, in person or just the photo, and I am sure we can all agree that this is the purest white jadeite ever. And for those who know me, this is my favorite piece. This has always been my favorite piece. I am sure this is also your dream piece, for many of you. 

This is the "Dragon Returns to the Sea 龙归大海".

As like other Lotus exquisite collections, we can discover many secrets of prosperity. Prosperity is in the details. Every one who holds it in his or her hand would notice something unique, something special. Like the Dragon Returns to the Sea is calling out to you, and presents you with a signal. Sometimes, only you can see that particular feature of prosperity.

Some have noticed that the curved depression in the sea signals a yin-yang, the taiji. Some pointed out that this dragon is facing the front, a rare occurrence, like the dragon on . Some even told me they saw numbers in this exquisite piece!

See any numbers?

But I want to talk about the main lead here, the dragon. 

Question: where is the dragon's tail?

You can see the head of the dragon, but where is the tail?

This is the tail. The dragon's tail is at the back of the pendant. 

This is unlike other Lotus exquisite pendants with dragons - the head and tail of the dragon are on the same side and clearly visible. 

This dragon that is returning to the sea and reign as king, is no common dragon. We have a saying, 神龙见首不见尾 - you can only see the head of the holy dragon, but not its tail.

This, my friends, is the holy dragon. 

And take a closer look at the tail. The tail fans out like a blooming summer. Your prosperity is prominent, from the beginning all the way to the end.

We have to recognize that we cannot force this to happen in any random piece of Lotus jadeite. It has to happen with the coincidental and combined efforts of the heavens, earths and the man. The earths has to present this quality of raw jadeite, the heavens has to arrange for it to be discovered by man, and the man to appreciate and accommodate this gift presented to us by heavens and earths.

In short, the Dragon Returns to the Sea is a masterpiece of not just the craftsman, but the heavens, the earths, and the man. When you put on this Dragon Returns to the Sea, you are having the blessings of this holy trio with you.

I know this Dragon Returns to the Sea will go home with someone special.

-- Kan