Monday, January 27, 2020

China CCTV Awards Master Yun: "Achievement in Art Award"


Surely you know by now, Master Yun received MANY awards from China CCTV. One of the awards, is "艺术成就奖 Achievement in Art Award".

What's the achievement that they are looking at?

During the CCTV filming, I remembered they were particularly keen on learning how Master Yun learnt painting since young, how he inherited the tradition, and more importantly, how he innovated and bridged cultures.

ALSO, how he uplifted the standards, using champagne, using real gold and silver. How he opens a new path of Celebrationism art, spreading the philosophy of happiness and prosperity among a sea of rather depressive modern art.

To beloved clients who already own Master Yun's fengshui paintings, CONGRATULATIONS, the value of Master Yun's art is defining up and rising.

To clients who are LOOKING at Master Yun's art, you have seen the growing number and prestige of collectors, you have seen Master Yun's art exhibition traveling around the world, you have seen the recognition given by authorities and experts. It's HIGH TIME to "enter the market".

And there's more to it.

I was reviewing the China CCTV documentary about Master Yun 云龙子大师, going through the subtitles and details (it's going to be broadcasted soon!!), and there's this snippet that really stayed with me, and really connects with Master Yun's "艺术成就奖 Achievement in Art Award".

Surely, it has to do with Master Yun's breakthroughs with his art form/style/techniques/ideas.

I think it ALSO has to do with Master Yun's vision, and ambition.

Just take a look at this preview of the documentary.

Master Yun says:
"For arts, I wish for the day when children and young people of the world, know not only Spain's Picasso, Netherlands's Van Gogh, Italy's Da Vinci; but also know a Chinese artist bearing a Chinese name."

-- Kan, Executive Director

云龙子大师在中央卫视电台的获奖感言 | Master Yun's Award Speech on China CCTV


I am the third generation Chinese immigrant born in the southern sea (Southeast Asia). The second uncle of my grandma, Sir Yang Zhi Xiang was a *Xiu Cai scholar of the late Qing Dynasty. He was sent to Malaysia as a Deputy Consulate and thus he brought the whole family there.

Our family has been practicing feng shui for generations. Grandpa always told me our family feng shui history.

He said that my grandma's Yang ancestral house, is with a lotus pond in front. For every three years, at the ancestral prayer before the provincial examination, if one lotus flower bloomed in the pond, one son of Yang Family will be a Xiu Cai. If there were two lotus flowers blooming, two sons of Yang will be Xiu Cai.

One year, at the ancestral prayer ceremony before the Provincial Examination, the pond was full of blooming lotuses. Everyone said that all the 36 Xiu Cai of the year belongs to the sons of Yang.

The Official who was in charge of the examination was nonchalant. He said, "whether the Xiu Cai belongs to the sons of Yang is decided by me and not by your lotus pond."
So when he was marking the examination paper, he threw into the iron bin all names that bear the surname Yang.

That night, the house caught fire and all the scripts were burned. The examiner was so terrified. His head was supposed to be cut, according to the law of the time. Suddenly he remembered that there were still scripts in the iron bin. He quickly opened the bin and there were just nice, 36 unburned scripts, all belonging to the 36 sons of Yang. They all became Xiu Cai. 

I have been influenced since young, the history of my family. Thus I have been having a great love mixed with immersed reverence, for my Chinese tradition and family heritage.

We have been practicing feng shui for generations outside China. We are thorough and we are serious. Because we need to be answerable to heaven, to ancestors, and to tradition.

The Classic of Divinity has been an important classic of Confucius education, together with the Classic of Poetry, the Classic of Prose, the Classic of Mannerism, the Classic of History. 

Then the trend of the world accuses it to be unscientific. But we still pass down this ancient doctrine seriously, and we spread it to the whole world.

Today, the China of my ancestors, gives to me several prizes and awards, a grandson of China who has left his motherland for three generations. Besides glory for my own self, I am grateful and feel comforted on behalf of my family. May I, on behalf of three generations of my family, express my gratitude to the generous love to this country of my ancestors.

We the overseas Chinese, share with Chinese in China, the same history, the same tradition, and the same root.

We overseas Chinese, have been waiting for the rise of China for generations. Today, we see it becoming a reality.

And even happier is the fact that China is flying and speeding towards a greater glory, prosperity and strength!

May I wish,
Long Live and Borderless Blessings to China
Long Live and Borderless Blessings to Chinese inside and outside of China
Long Live and Borderless Blessings to the Chinese Dream

-- 云龙子大师,《同根同梦2020全球华人春节联欢晚会》领奖舞台上
Master Yun Long Zi, on the awards stage of "Same Roots and Dreams: 2020 Global Chinese Spring Festival Gala"

—————— end ——————

*Xiu Cai was the award when you passed the imperial provincial examination which was conducted once every three years.

Provincial examination was the first level of the imperial examinations. The second level was the capital examination and the last was the Palace examination.

As only 36 Xiu Cai were chosen every three years in every province, which had a population of approximately a million people. It was more stringent than the passing of PhD in any university.

Once a son obtained a Xiu Cai (literally, “excellent talent”), the whole extended family felt glorious. The Xiu Cai was considered as obtaining Gong Ming, a reputation of merit.

A Xiu Cai need not kneel in front of a government official. And many others perks followed.

Many researchers deduced that the imperial examination is the system that kept Chinese Civilization, the only ancient civilization that has survived, intact and alive.