Monday, April 27, 2015

Light Of Faith

‘On’, ‘off’, ’on’, ‘off’. 

I still remember clicking the light switches is one of the most fun thing to play with during my childhood days. Of course get scolded without exception every time. It is also the light that keep my fear away during the dark. Light is like all mighty potion, a cure to fear of darkness.

 When I grew up, I am no longer afraid the dark I use to fear. There is another darkness I am afraid that will swallow me. The darkness of faith within myself. The light of Lotus came into my life when my career hit bottom. The light of Lotus reveal the path that I have to build to be success. I followed the light and I live a brighter life now. 

The dark faith of me never shows up again. Because I know when I need the light, it is just a simple click to switch it on.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Why do I write for Lotus on Water?

This is a question I get a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean, a lot.

When people ask me this question, whom mostly are my friends who are also clients of Lotus on Water, they raised it like it's a forbidden question. They asked it in a tone which is softer than normal, raising one eye brow, and most of the time I can sense the underlying question, "Oh I didn't know you were dumb enough to give free labour?"

Other times they were "Are you even that free?" and "Why are you behaving like this is a religion?" Okay, you get the gist of it. But trust me when I say, I gained more out of this experience than I expected out of it.

So let me clarify myself- No, I am not behaving like a mindless terrorist who thinks I am doing the world a greater good by bombing a whole city, or even making sure every single one of you out there is wearing a piece of jadeite, though I do admit that I wasn't sure what I was going to benefit out of this, or even what to expect, when I first agreed to join the class. (Yes, now you know, there is a class.)

When Master Yun asked if I was interested to join the class, I agreed partly because he is a respectable person (and I'm honored to be invited by him), and partly agreed out of sheer curiousity. I told myself since I had been writing quite a fair bit in my own leisure time, it wouldn't hurt to give it a try.

But the main reason of all, speaking on behalf on the rest of the classmates,  I believe it's because each of the students in the class personally experienced good feedback from the Universe after wearing lotus items, that made us grateful enough to want to contribute back to Lotus on Water.

It's a pity that our society are raised to believe before we put in any effort for anything,  we should be promised to a substantial amount of compensation, justifiably more than what we are going to put in, before we even we contribute.

However, if you turned down most of opportunities to contribute just because you feel like you are on the losing end, you are not going to receive, at all.

For me, I love pening down my thoughts. For some others, they may not. But in the class itself, we didn't just write. We wrote, we presented, we gave each other feedbacks, we made our first video, we made new friends. Sometimes it's not just about physical, monetary gains, it's about the new skills, or polishing up the current ones, that may bring us greater opportunities, maybe even more than money, in the future.

Don't get confuse though. When you received an email asking you to remit money to their overseas bank account in order for you to receive your lucky draw prize of 100 million dollars, don't do it. No, Lotus on Water didn't ask me to, but I've been with them for quite a while now, and it's legitimate, therefore I know I'll be okay for what I signed up for.

Karma works in the most mysterious way- you have to give in order to receive; and if you received it, pass it along by giving it back. But if you keep thinking about how much you are gonna receive before even trying, you are gonna receive a lot less than if you do otherwise.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Faith of the Lotus Seed

Many, I believe, would have heard of the faith of a mustard seed- where if you have the faith of a mustard seed, you can call unto to a mountain to be cast into the sea and it shall be done.
Today, I want to introduce something closer to us, the faith of a Lotus seed.

No worries, nothing religious.

Lotus grows only in muddy waters. It can neither grow in the sea nor in the air but only muddy waters.
A lotus seed is first planted into the muddy waters- dark, wet, smelly. Seems hopeless, seems aimless, seems lifeless.

This might sound very familiar. Maybe some of us are just like the lotus seed now, in muddy waters - in a situations that seems so hopeless, seem so lifeless, seems like a space and time without light.

The lotus seed then continues to thrive in the darkness. It sits there working it's way into germination, working it's growth. Instead of dreading and complaining about its environment, it learns to adapt. It absorbs it's nutrients from the muddy waters to support it's growth.
Then as it continues it's path of striving and adapting, it suddenly reaches the top of the muddy pool!! Finally, some light, some hope.

Now, the lotus seed knows there is hope! There is light! It picks up its growth, it tells itself I have reached the light!
Then comes a moment of silence. It has now 2 paths to choose from. One to stay comfortable at where it is, two to endure more pain to push further out of the muddy waters....

I will grow!! The seed makes its final decision! It then continue what it used to do, absorbing its nutrients and experience from the muddy waters to grow. It pushes and pushes, on and on.

And suddenly, it blooms!! It blooms beautifully as a lotus flower, emitting fragrances that appease even the heavens, it sits above the dark devoid as a symbol of hope and victory!!

Today you and I might just be like this little lotus seed, stuck in the mud, stuck in a situation that seems hopeless and lifeless.

But have faith! Have the faith of a Lotus seed!
Even when it all seems hopeless, we continue to press on! Making use of the  situation we are in to grow till we see the light and we bloom like a lotus flower.

Lotus on Water emphasises this too much. It has never been promised that once you have a Lotus treasure you will bloom immediately, but it has been promised that you will bloom faster than others without. We will still go through what we have to go through, because without it, we might not be strong enough to sustain the victory or we might end up falling even harder.

So what is the faith of a lotus seed?
It is to continue to thrive even when it all seems hopeless
What is the Lotus faith?
It is you will definitely bloom brighter and stronger like Lotus on Water.

So, don't walk this journey alone, let's do it together, together with your Lotus treasure.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

My Lotus Crystal Guan Yin - the Quarrels and the Prosperity

I wanted to make this decision but I want to give it a chance. Hence, I ask my Lotus advisor for the cure and he said you can consider a Crystal mountain but it's either you will quarrel even more or just forget about the whole issue. I thought why not go ahead, since there's a 50% chance of getting it solve.

But I was not interested with the Crystal mountain options that my Lotus advisor gave even though they are well within my budget. There's always something that I wasn't pleased, like the shape, carving, size and so on. Then he asked me if I wanted to choose one from the Buddha/Guan Yin Crystal sculptures. A very clear picture of what I  want, formed in my head and I asked: Is there a Guan Yin whom is in sitting position. To my surprise, there is one which is slightly above my budget. I fell so much in love with the clarity, the rainbows and smiling Guan Yin carving that I placed the payment immediately.

Master Yun gave two installation dates, one is the stronger one, for which I will have to take on and handle this stronger effects if I choose this. I thought why not go ahead, have the courage to take it on.

In the immediate days and weeks after the installation, quarrels with my husband intensified. We quarrel about little things, like placement of things, he got sick with gastric problems, and went to A & E. We even quarrel in the Lotus gallery. I started to question my decision, what my purpose of installing a Lotus on Water crystal is? I remembered on the day of installation, my Lotus advisor also mentioned that crystal mountain helps to improve career progress, wealth accumulation and I may move to a bigger house. And so, I started to dream what kind of career improvements my husband and I can have.

He have better bonus, better reviews, better and more customers. I had more overseas business trips, better reviews and more job opportunities. I gain happiness and insights about life. I joke more with my husband, did more sharing, building better relationship. Then, one of the Lotus client and friend of mine asked me why did you get the Lotus Guan Yin as the crystal mountain? I started to think very hard and couldn't recall exactly why. Oh, so I really forgot about the whole issue like what my Lotus advisor said? I then remember something about quarrels, oh, I decided at that time why not go ahead, get the Lotus cure and put off the divorce.

When she asked, it gives me the idea to share my answer here, my experiences, the anxiety before the happiness, the dark storms before the sunny rainbow, the turbulence waves before the calm sparkling sea. My husband still continue to receive better reviews, better bonus, better and more customers. I am in an engineering job that I desire, learning and gaining surprising recognition. I am sure my Lotus Crystal Guan Yin will continue its supreme power to better relationships, health and career. Are you ready for your Lotus Crystal Prosperity?

The bright rainbow after the dark thunderstorm like happiness after the anxiety

How I use my Lotus treasure effectively

First, find out the reason why do you want to get this Lotus treasure.  Is it for Salary increase, Promotion, Business expansion, Family harmony?  You will need to be very exact and precise on your reason so that we can move on to the next stage in implementing the solution more effectively.  Generally, these activities will be categorised into the various sections of Wealth Direct & Indirect, Health, Benefactors, Human Relationships.

Second, find out the exact meaning of your Lotus treasure.  e.g. Ammonite, Leaves of Consecutive Blossom.  Initially, when you purchased the Lotus treasure, you could remember the fresh experience of how beautiful the piece of jade looks.  As time passes, we could have forgotten the exact meaning of its carving and colour.  It is best to re-visit and remember as many angles of approach as you want to know why your Lotus treasure is created in this manner.
Third, find out how the meaning of your Lotus treasure is applied to the reason of getting this Lotus treasure.  Yes, this is the crucial bit that sticks both points together and you have to dig deep into your heart in deep contemplation to find out how it all works for you and you only.  How does your decision to purchase your Lotus treasure, holding in your hand, could attend to the reason of why you got your Lotus treasure initially.  We are in various stages of this and I agree it could sometimes be quite hard to conceive, but you will need to try to work out this bridge.  And when you find out the link or Application method, you will smile and have found the method to make your Lotus treasure work for you more effectively.

Lastly, visualize the full benefits i.e. Medicine Buddha’s main purpose is for the blessing of good health, but sometimes, the extra benefits may include some indirect wealth, according to my mother-in-law, a Lotus client.  When combined with daily visualization with concentrated effort, twice daily, the results will present itself and you will be amazed and relieved that you have made the right choice.

Look out for my next article, where I apply this method using my Lotus treasure, Leaves of Consecutive Blossom, to transform into tangible benefits.
Can you recall what is the meaning behind your Lotus treasure?

Can you recall why did you step into Lotus on Water for?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Unique for your Desired Wealth and Wishes

Everyone is special and different. That's why Lotus prescribe solution unique to each individual.

I applied for a position last month, and went for the interview. Half an hour into the interview, I was asked to wait for the team's manager. Another half hour later, I was introduced to the just commissioned project in the factory floor. After another half hour discussion, I was offered the position which I desired, with the conditions I desired. Just few days ago, I found out that interviews for new hire typically requires 2 times and the Director doesn't offer a position in the first interview. This is something special.

I just joined an engineering firm over a week ago, still learning the systems it provides. Two days ago, I went to a industry seminar as instructed by the Director. During the tea break, I said hello to one idle person and clinched a deal with an educational institution. This is something different.

I don't know which specific Lotus treasure contribute to these happenings, it can be my first Lotus pendant, it can be my exquisite jadeite pendant or it can be all my Lotus treasures including my house Lotus treasures. For you to find out, your next step is to wear Lotus on Water treasure.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

It All Began With The First Stroke - How I Started, Kan

I love new year periods, like now [I started writing this since couple of months back, the 2015 new year period, but was seriously way too hectic to complete this...]. This is the time when clients who have followed the Lotus for 8 years, 10 years, come back to the Lotus and prosper themselves for the coming year. It's comforting to recount their progress over the years. They are a testament to the promise of the Lotus. 

In these times, I would recount the years that I myself started. How did I arrive here today, to advice, to consult, to be a representative, and in fact - a part of the Lotus? It has been 18 years.

Today, I am speaking to you directly through our talkshows and short clips. With me here, Herng Wei, my client and friend.

Many would have heard me saying that I started like how the primly attired tea stewards of the Lotus galleries are doing now - learning how to brew tea, in the Lotus way. 

Then I recalled, preparing tea was actually the second lesson. The first lesson was Chinese calligraphy. 

When I was 8 or 9 years old, Master Yun started teaching me to write simple stokes with the Chinese calligraphy brush. In those times when the Western way and culture were dominant, it was perceived as "uncool" to be associated with such "Cheena" activities. But this discrimination has never impeded Master Yun from teaching the ways of our ancestors. Throughout all these years, I finally come to know Master Yun as a person who doesn't really care what others think, even less of what others unreasonably feel, but zealously focused on doing what he knows is right. And his reason is simple, as like how truths often are: this is our culture, if we don't do it, who will?

Every stroke, with strength. Eventually, they laid the foundations of the Lotus. And of course, the Double Dragon jadeite ring

And if you have touched calligraphy before, you would know that the very beginning is day after day of mundane writing of strokes, vertical, horizontal strokes. After the first "boring" lesson, a few dropped out. A few more sessions later, more disappeared from Master Yun's calligraphy class. Master Yun never wavered. He never short-cut the rigorous training required. He also never pandered to the suggestions that wanted him to adjust according to the wishes of the masses. He explained simply: well, not every one can breathe and live my standards. It's not the culture that needs to change. It is not the students' fault either.

What was born out of those black strokes on white rice paper were to last me a lifetime. The belief that you can control the soft brush, through the disciplined persistence to do it day after day, and the commitment to endure our culture.

This was way before I started touching jadeite, way before I started learning about the stars. Way before the first Lotus gallery was founded, I was grinding ink on inkstones while learning to decipher their quality, and stroke by stroke, laying today's foundations. This was when I was in primary school.

And when I was ready, Master Yun went on to guide me in literature, philosophy, taiji, jadeite, fengshui, crystals, agarwood...

...that took 18 years. And I think I am far from done. 

-- Kan Ying Loong, Executive Director

Sunday, April 5, 2015

It's not politics. It's human.

The passing on of Mr Lee Kuan Yew has brought me grief last week and I expressed my emotion through writings and put some of them on my blog.

A close friend of mine came to caution me that my writings seem to have obvious political view and inclination. And that a Feng Shui Master blog should not be tainted with politics.

Well. Thank you for the reminder.

But...if I give honor to Mother Theresa, it does not mean I am a Catholic. If I like Gandhi, it does not mean I practice Hindu faith. If I think Washington and Lincoln are praiseworthy, it does not mean I am ready to be an American.

If a person's contribution is beyond the benefit of his political party and his own political ambition, but has achieved gains on the national level; then it is no longer about politics but patriotism.

If a person's contribution has surpassed national level, and has reached the rest of the world as well, then it's not just patriotism. It's about being human.

Mr Lee Kuan Yew's contribution is beyond his party, and even beyond his country. His good counsel and timely warning, which come from his guts to speak against the tide, has brought peace to many people in the world.

He has brought good earnings to many people in neighboring countries, the Malaysians, Indonesians, Chinese, Indians, Koreans, Japanese, Europeans, Americans, and many others. For the higher wages, or for the lower tax. If it's still too abstract to be understood, for more food and not less, that we can bring home, onto our table. 

Many of us, may not understand the sophistication of politics. We may not understand the taste and thrill of saying anything we like without having to be accountable for them. We have not developed the hobby of chewing gums and smoking out of the yellow box. We have got no urge to spit on the ground or to litter on it.

But we look at what we are having and enjoying today, and we know it is this person who has contributed to this possibility. Not just more and better food on the table, not just fatter bank accounts, but also cleaner water, stench-less air, fearless streets at nights.  And so we give thanks to him. It's not just cool or not cool, left or right. It is just human.

I may not understand why the rich gets richer while the poor gets poorer, as much as I don't understand how the slim gets slimmer and the fat gets fatter. But I know that the poor are fed, there is no beggars on the streets. And the rich are safe, I barely have heard of robbery.

My grandma comes to visit me from her hometown, and my aunt comes from New York. Both of them are amazed that I always keep my doors unlock and I can walk on the streets at late night.

I know things don't just happen. Someone must do something, someone must pay the price and foot the bill. And we know he did, and he paid the price.

His criticism of the Vietnamese invading Cambodia has brought awareness that brutality of invasion is not appreciated.

His acting in between the Americans and Chinese and Taiwanese Chinese has stopped the missiles from flying over our sky.

His friendship with Deng Xiao Ping has helped bring about the vibrant economy in China that has in turn brought about active commerce in the whole world. And again more food on the table. No one should thank a person who has brought more food on the table?

He has helped improved the livelihood of many people in this world. Same colour and different colours.

Do I have to go on?

It is at this level I paid tribute to him. And any man that has contributed to more man and in greater manner may voice his objection.

I may not know how to theorized his politics.

But I know, maybe in over commonsensical manner that is rather uncommon.

That he is a great man. 

-- Master Yun Long Zi

Thursday, April 2, 2015