Sunday, May 31, 2015

2 Lessons Learnt after wearing Lotus Treasures

After I wear Lotus Treasures, I learn that every morning & evening meditation with Lotus Treasures is important. Meditate about the goals/plans that you want to achieve. For the Lotus treasures especially the Lotus jadeite, will store these powerful thoughts and broadcast to the universe.

Why do meditation with the goals & plans? If you have no goals/plans, opportunities means nothing to you. Because they become opportunities only when you recognise them as ideas that you can implement to help you move towards your goals.

When opportunities come knocking, recognize & embrace them if they will help you move towards your goals. Just like when I was presented the chance to start my first Lotus jadeite to better career progress. 

From no career to moving up the departments in the shipyard company in 2 years. To the shining career in Lotus on Water, which I admit that I could not catch up to the high standards and volume of work demands. As you know, Lotus on Water is about the best standards. To a water treatment company, back to engineering, familiar grounds. Which in the first month, I had achieved several project milestones, like install and commission a water treatment system, secure a large scale water treatment project and so on.

I am very thankful for the realisation of my goals and plans through the daily meditation with Lotus treasures.

And yes, I have move up the levels of Lotus Treasures as well. From auspicious jadeite to exquisite jadeite. From no Lotus ring to Dragon Claws of Wealth Jadeite Ring.

My Leaves of Consecutive Blossom to Imperial Jadeite

To experience this exhilarating prosperity, wear Lotus Treasures to find out for yourself.


Friday, May 29, 2015

Looking through the lenses of Faith

It has been an adventurous 9 years since the Lotus on Water gallery started at Thomson. Seeing many people move from one level of prosperity to the next.

But it all started because one person decided to look through his lens of faith  to step out of his comfort zone of being a teacher to become a master of all times to help more people.

Then it took customers from all over the world to look through their lenses of faith to believe and follow the advises given to them to see results which lead to more people knowing about Lotus on Water.

Then it took another young scholar to look through his lens of faith to break his bond so as to further the  work of he who started it.

Then it took more customers to look through their lenses of faith to believe and continue upgrading that the gallery is where it is today.

It is of utmost importance to look through the lens of faith and so it is time YOU look through your lens of faith and step into this adventurous journey together.

Its not gonna be easy, but its sure gonna be worthwhile!

See you soon!

Thursday, May 28, 2015


“A great general is worthy of an army of a thousand men,” I heard this quote during one of the Lotus on Water gatherings.

This reminded me of the time when I was still addicted to LAN games. All of us started the game with limited resources, but we believed we can maximize the capacity. With different strategies and techniques, we built army and we fought.

Of course, I did not win every battle, but even if so, what I gained the most was when after every game, we discussed about the strategies and techniques we used.

In reality, we are the general of our own lives. We have a goal in mind we want to achieve; we work within the limited resource we have on hand to maximize the reward we receive. Lotus treasure can help you multiply gains with the amount of limited resource you have.

Many people started out with Lotus on Water with limiting beliefs. It is just like the games we used to play- we started out with limited resource, but from there we built. With strategies and techniques applied, we gain resources, people, land, and army from nothing.  

Once you started with Lotus on Water, I am sure that your desire will spark with all kind of strategy to equip yourself with Lotus treasure to expand your capabilities, luck, determination, and faith to excel in  every challenges.

What are the strategy and technique you apply to achieve the aim of your life?

Monday, May 25, 2015

Saving grace with a Lotus song

There will be days when we are down and depressed for whatever reason.  Whether is it work or something we heard or even a change in lighting can trigger off bad emotions.  I had mine when I was walking on my way back from work one day and it was simply too easy to be spinning in the wrong direction.

First, I was hungry.  I normally have something to eat at 5pm but was too engrossed with work and forgotten to eat.  So my glucose level was at an all time low.  This is like the body going into survival mode where everything is a spark to be angry and everything seems irritating.

Second, I had little sleep.  Because of the need to create a second source of wealth, I am engaging in picking up specialized knowledge at night, after my work in the day.  I was on 4 hours of sleep that night and after a well-meaning client spent a large portion of my efforts in the day, leaving my head throbbing to the lack of sleep and slightly groggy.

I believe these 2 points are good enough for most people to turn sunshine into dark thunderstorms in an instant and they will regret their consequences later on.

Back to the event, I was on a phone with my wife whom I had to speak regarding some matter which we usually be staying away from.  As we touch on the topic, I noticed my mood turned bad and I was about to say something nasty and contemptuous.  A song suddenly started playing into my mind.  “Lucky baby, you are such a lucky baby”.

Oh, I remember that I was fortunate to be wearing the Lotus treasures and be associated with Lotus on Water to tell people about how good fengshui can have good effects on people's’ lives.  I became grateful and humble in the midst of my recall and gradually change my mood for the better.

Yes, “Lucky baby” is a song at Lotus on Water written in a familiar tune that I grew up with.  My mother loves it a lot.  Playing the familiar tune countless times when I was young.
This time, Lotus on Water had many songs written in familiar tunes that were catchy and will, in time to come, play its role in your life to betterment.

-- Leonard

Prospering in Elegance

Usually a client, after paying for his pendant, will undergo some discomfort in his life.  Sometimes, the discomfort grows.  Sometimes, it goes away.  What we take back from this experience are training.  Training for something bigger than ourselves.  Bigger than what we are consciously aware of ourselves.
Ever wonder why people that are consistently wealthy stayed at the top year after year?  They have developed the capacity to command such an income and retain it as wealth.  To increase your capacity, it could take many decades.  I have seen clients that are earning millions a year and asked myself what did they do to get where they are.  What I can see is that their current output is worth a lot, given that everyone is on the same unit of time.
The 2nd question that I asked is: how did they create such high-value output?  I figured out that they have accumulated tremendous capacity to produce such output over a period of time.  Time measured by the same clock that ticks for everyone.  An example would be a neuro-surgeon, or CEO of a thriving storage company.  They have climbed to that position through extraordinary efforts placed into the same area of focus decades after decades.
But, I took notice of something else.  I saw the evidence of age and/or certain character traits that can be improved in them.  They have gained prosperity but may have neglected elegance.
In the Arts, Elegance is dignified and poise behavior or appearance.  In the Science/Maths, Elegance also meant for unusually simple yet highly effective design or process/formula.  Let’s compare an automatic wristwatch with a grandfather clock.
Dainty minute & hour hands paired with well-spaced Roman numberings all contained in a circle no bigger than your wrist.
Large mechanical metal parts contained in a tall wood casing

You can see the difference in Elegance from the Art perspective where the hands are sweeping smoothly on an automatic watch face compared with the sudden jerk forward of the minute hand on a grandfather clock with a loud thud.  The automatic watch face, too, has to be designed to functionally tell the time and look pleasing even after viewing it a thousand times.  If you have an inch of dislike, you will not stand to read time from your wrist.
And from the Science/Maths perspective where the Elegance in design of the wristwatch’s movements says plentiful compared to the movement design of the grandfather clock.  An automatic watch is able to tell the time while having its movements (its engine that drives the hands) compacted into a small space and light enough to be worn on the wrist. 
Every micrometer of space must be thought through many thousands of times and must be compared with the overall watch design/purpose.  While you cannot possibly wear a grandfather clock on your wrist to tell the time.  Its movements are much larger, clunkier and in some ways simpler compared to the wristwatch’s.

Rigorous design culminates into Elegance

The same for Lotus exquisite jadeite collection.  Only 1 unique piece in the world.  Rigorously designed for maximum efficacy.

 In the end, everyone will more or less own an elegantly -looking and -design wristwatch but not all will own a grandfather clock, not to mention wear one.  Elegance played a great part in your Lotus treasures, from the design, materials, personalized advice to your very own attitude after wearing it.
I asked myself if I could achieve the same level of prosperity with elegance.  Quicker and better, highly efficient and effective.  But instead of trudging through harsh weather conditions, I chose to proper elegantly with my Lotus treasures, and my trusty wristwatch.

-- Leonard

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Blessings through blessing others

From the beginning of last year, every quarter I will do donations to old folks home. Donating food items because I believe it is an extremely great blessing to be able to feed others who are in need. It is also a method of accumulating merits.

一命,二运,三风水。 Most people forget the rest 四积功德。 It is extremely important to do so because without the necessary merits in our karmic lives we would not be able to receive blessings in our lives.

And as I reflect, I realised it was after I started doing these donations for about a year then I managed to step into the Lotus on water gallery.

Prior to coming in, I've heard of the Lotus on Water through friends, through colleagues who have worked with them before and have succeeded but yet I've never had the thought of coming in.

After engaging someone else in my fengshui and was unsuccessful (paying a hefty price) that I decided to read further on the Lotus Facebook page. I read through the various articles and contemplated awhile more.

Then I decided to do it. Becoming a member of Lotus on Water and things changed in a short time.

I count it my blessing to have been able to come to Lotus on water because many and I mean many have yet to find their blessings to come into this realm of more blessings.

So if you are still thinking, I urge you to step out. Because your blessings to receive more blessings are knocking just waiting for you to open your heart to receive them.

 If time and tide wait for no man, then no man should let time and tide go without their blessings with Lotus on Water.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

9th Anniversary Special: Of Celebration and Instructions for Blessings

I have to say: it wasn't just 9 simple years.

For the past 9 years, Lotus on Water has been whipping itself to do better every year, guarding the core of our traditions and revolutionizing to be the avant-garde of times. We insisted on quality, and in fact, went more hardcore into our "stubbornness" as years went by. We spent a great deal of time battling and exiling mediocrity - a constant temptation, and proving market/mortal myths wrong - that you can help faithful followers, and have an honorable and thriving endeavor at the same time. You can have the best of both worlds.

This 28 June 2015, we celebrate the best of both worlds. We celebrate the Lotus founding gallery's 9th anniversary.

The number "9" is significant in fengshui. It represents 太阳 tai yang, the grandest yang, the sun, the eldest. You can be certain that this upcoming celebration will be a blast. I am not going to reveal too much now, but a heads-up (and I guess you would definitely have guessed it): the Lotus Pineapple Dragon is back.

AND, Master Yun will be blessing newly purchased Lotus collections and reblessing your existing personal collections on 28 June celebration.

If you were present during the 8 March event, you would be familiar: using the specially concocted Lotus vermilion, Master Yun first touches the newly purchased Lotus collections. They will be arranged to be on the first row of the blessing altar, receiving the first bursts of Huat Qi. 

Then, Master Yun reblesses your existing personal collections using the premium wolf hair calligraphy pen.

Do make your appointment with us in advance, at least days in advance of 28 June, to deposit your existing collections. The closer we get to 28 June, the less space we have on the blessing altar. 

Let your collections settle for a night. Come back for your collections from 29 June onwards.

This is also your opportunity to go for your Ring or Lotus exquisite jadeite you have been waiting for. Have it blessed on the 9th anniversary celebration. Let your new Lotus Ring and exquisite jadeite gather the grandest yang energy, let them be the first to receive blessings on this wondrous occasion. 

Prosper like the sun.

During the 7th anniversary celebration, a blessed regular had his new Double Dragon jadeite ring blessed. From July onwards, his benefactors came to aid, and his business was booming in deals of millions all the way to the end of the year.

And on the 8th anniversary last year, a blessed client had his Lotus exquisite jadeite blessed. Before the end of 2014, he moved to a new career, commanding higher respect, 1.5 times his old pay. 

Don't miss your chance to huat like the sun. Time to take charge of your fortune, have your best of both worlds.

-- Kan

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Does this really Work?

Whenever I told someone the fengshui that I’m doing with Lotus on Water, and how much their items cost, they would stare at me with unusually large eyes and commented- are you sure it really works? Because I don’t see you living an exceptional life.

Which indeed, I am still a normal Singaporean who goes to work every week day and draws a monthly salary. I’ve been wearing my Lotus items for almost 2 years now, and I am nowhere close to Mark Zuckerberg nor Richard Branson’s achievements, and both of them aren’t even wearing any Lotus items.

So I usually just give a polite smile and not respond to their argument, because the answer is more extensive than what they are going to expect.

But let’s face it- with the amount of money we have to fork out even for an auspicious jadeite, at one point or another we would expect wearing a Lotus item means we can turn into an overnight millionaire. But it doesn’t work that way- it’s just like one of the clients who went to MBS every weekend after acquiring his Lotus ring and when he did not make any money, he ranted that Lotus on Water fengshui doesn’t work.

Because we often forget it’s actually a combination of attitude, luck, hard work, mind set and fengshui.

Neither Mark Zuckerberg nor Richard Branson were overnight millionaires. We may feel their level of success is unattainable for us, but the truth is, we cannot deny the amount of effort they put in that contributed to today’s success.

So before we expect Lotus items to instantaneously generate prosperity into our lives (like how instant noodles are instantly ready after just adding hot water), just because we paid a price for it that is unusually larger than average, let’s take a moment to ponder about up until now, how much effort and hard work you had put in for that something that you absolutely want.

Fengshui apart, without inputting any effort, it’s almost an absolute we would gain nothing. If we are constantly justifying is every output worthy for the amount of return, our achievements in life is almost certainly not going to amount to anything substantial.

So before you wonder if will Lotus on Water fengshui works, why not first reflect on yourself if you are making enough effort to realize your goals.

However, if you are striving for that one particular goal in life, and you are prepared to give it your all, give the best that you can, then don’t gamble your chance just because you are reluctant to part with the money. Without the correct fengshui, it’s risking the hard work you are putting in. We only get one life, and we only live this long. So if you have decided to strive for it, do it the best way that you possibly can.


Saturday, May 16, 2015

云龙子大师:我的2种客人 | Master Yun Long Zi: My 2 Types of Clients




我心里有个感觉,所以把第一种客户编为 D 的客户,D 后面有个号码。D 是“档案dang an”的简称。

第二种客户我把他们编为 J 的客户,J 后面也有个编号。J 是“翡翠 jadeite”的简称。


接着我发现 D 的客户群增长得比 J 的快了很多。D 的客户到了5千多个,J的客户才2千多3千。这表示我对八字与风水的预测的准确性,更能吸引客户群。

可是奇怪的是每个月的收入,J 的客户买得最多最贵,买了重复再买的机率也非常非常高。

我问我们的顾问,为什么 J 的客户买了之后在极短的时间內继续再买?原来他们当中有许多一买了之后就有奇迹发生。他们的收入比 D 的客户有突破性的增长,回来买的价格自然很高,一买再买的频率也高出许多。

J 客户的总人数虽然只有 D 客户的总人数的一半,可是 J 客户每个月带给我们的收入却比 D 客户每个月带给我们的收入有三倍以上。

出于好奇心,我先调查 D 客户为什么会比 J 客户的进步会慢这么多(所以才会比 J 客户少些回来重买)。

原来一部分的 D 客户听了我对他们的八字与风水分析之后,对他们自己的人生什么都没做。

另一部分的 D 客户听了之后整天只专注他们八字风水里头消极与不好的部份。结果忧心重重,却一样什么都不做。

再一部分的 D 客户听了之后觉得自己很旺了,很满足了,也什么都不用做了。

D 客户里头只有一小部份的人听了之后,买些东西来帮助自己的。这一小部分的 D 客户与 J 客户一样旺。

可是由于这种客户只有 D 客户里头的一小部分,把整体的 D 客户与 J 客户比较时,D 收入的比例便比 J 客户相差极远。

接着我便让顾问抽样问好些个 J 的客户这个问题:“为什么你买翡翠之时没想过先让大师给你看八字与风水?”


难怪 J 的客户整体上都比 D 的客户旺得多,旺得快。


所以调查结果出来之后,我们便尽量减少 D 的客户,并在几年前,我正式宣布退休之后停止接受 D 的客户。




——云龙子大师,7 May 2015

Many years ago, I inherited the mantle from my grandfather and began fengshui consultations and analysing client’s bazi (birth data).

At the beginning, many people were skeptical as I was young and carried out my business at home. But my business took a turn and attracted large crowds when it turned out that my predictions were very accurate.

I could not advertise my services as I was carrying out my business at home and I had to rely on giving out my name card instead. But my reputation grew by the word of mouth and my clients increased from the tens to the hundreds, with some of them coming from Hong Kong, China and Europe.

Today, many enemies talk behind my back, saying that I relied on advertising to get many of my clients. They do not know that I already had a huge client base long ago, and there were even overseas clients waiting to consult me. This was during the days when I could not advertise as I was carrying out my business at home.

Later on, I got a big angbao from the boss of Mercendes-Benz Netherlands. Coincidentally, the garage opposite my home happened to be in bad business, and they wanted to sell the shop to me. I looked at the fengshui of the shop and I knew that I have the ability to turn the foul and rotten into the rare and prosperous, hence I took over it.

After being in this line for a period of time, I realised I have two types of clients. The first consults me on fengshui, bazi and purchase jade pendants from me. The second type buys the jade pendants without consulting me on their bazi.

I had a special feeling about this and hence I labelled the first type of clients as D clients, giving them a unique number behind D to differentiate them. D in this case represents dang an (档案).

Similarly, I labelled the second type of clients as J clients, and adding a numeric sequence behind the alphabet J. J in this case, stood for jadeite.

Every month, I used the survey methods of university essays to analyse the differences between these two groups of clients.

Then I discovered that D clients’ base grew a lot faster than that of J’s. When D clients’ base grew to 5000, J’s was only 2-3000. This implied that my accuracy in analysing bazi and fengshui were attractive to my clients.

But when I looked at the monthly sales, I realised something strange -- J clients bought more treasures than D clients and they tend to be more expensive ones too. In addition to that, the probability of repeat purchases by J clients was much higher than that of D’s.

I asked our consultants why J clients repeated their purchase within such a short period of time? Then I found out that many miraculous things have happened to them after purchasing our treasures. Many of them had an exponential increase in their income and they naturally returned to purchase more and also pricier treasures.

Although J clients’ base was half of that of D’s, the monthly sales they brought in was at least triple that of D’s.

Out of curiosity, I surveyed why D clients were growing at a much slower pace as compared to J clients (hence they returned lesser for re-buys).

I found out that there were a few types of D clients. The first type did nothing to their lives after listening to my analysis of their bazi and fengshui.

The second type focused on the negative and bad aspects of my analysis of their bazi and fengshui. In turn, they were worried all the time and did nothing about it.

The third type did nothing after hearing my analysis as they felt they were in luck and was satisfied with it.

There was a fourth type and there was only a small group of them, who after listening to my analysis, bought the treasures that were going to be beneficial to them. This small group of D clients then became as prosperous as J clients.

But there were only a handful of such D clients, hence compared to J clients; they formed only a small proportion of my clients.

Later on, I got my consultants to ask some J clients this question, “Why did it not cross your mind to let the Master Yun analyse your bazi and fengshui before purchasing the treasures?”

Their response was very interesting, “I think it’s best not to do so, as I will be very upset and hold no hopes in life if Master Yun told me that my ming (life) is bad. On the other hand, if Master Yun told me that my ming is already very good, then I would wonder if I can do anything more to make it better?”

Therefore it is of no surprise that J clients generally prosper more and faster than D clients.

They did not waste their energy on things that did not exist in their life. Instead, they focused their energy on things they want, and they try their best to achieve them with the aid of Lotus treasures.

So after looking at the survey results, we reduced our D clients. A few years later, I announced my retirement and stopped accepting D clients.

Of course, there were people talking behind my back again, accusing me of being only interested in making money. I cannot say that they are wrong, I can only say that they are superficial as they failed to see the logical analysis behind my actions.

On top of that, they failed to consider that if our clients did not prosper time and again after buying and wearing Lotus treasures, would they keep coming back to get our treasures?

We have many of such clients and they are definitely not so stupid to keep giving us money if our treasures were not helpful to them right?

-- Master Yun Long Zi, 7 May 2015

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


During a casual dinner chat with my oversea colleague years ago, he told me that our relationship was built from trust throughout the time we been working together. I smiled and thanked him. I didn’t fully understand what he really meant. We have difference primary language, we communicated in broken English, and we rarely talk about our personal life and opinions during work.

After getting my first Lotus treasure, I had come to realize that all my life I had always have a negative mindset, and I started to put in more effort to practice meditation. 

The more frustrated I am when I mediate, the longer hours I practice, until I attained a better peace of mind during my practice. I gain more conscious of my thoughts and become more aware.

That scene flashed back into my mind. I realized that he trusted me because I put in hard work and persistence when I was completing my assignment at that time. He trusted me when I was still doubting my capability.

But instead of getting confirmation from external for me to trust my own ability, I should trust my own capability first. With Lotus treasure, it gives me the clarity of the mind for me to realize what I have all along, instead of continuing to deny my own ability and effort.

Just like Master Yun, he trust all his clients are capable to overcome all their obstacles make it through life, to their goals, the dreams they desire.

But the question is, how much do you trust yourself?

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Burning The Universe Within

Recently as I was sitting in the Buddha sculpture gallery of the Lotus, I was utterly mesmerized.
I was mesmerized by what seem like an image of the universe in the very torso of the crystal Thousand Hands Guan Yin.

I recalled watching an anime by the name of Saint Seiya. Where chosen saints of Athena fight against evil through burning their cosmos within them and the highest level of the saints are gold saints who attain the highest level of cosmos wisdom where they attain their 7th sense.

What does it have to do with you and I?

The saints begin as normal civilians in the various countries. After undergoing intense training and immense pressure, they will compete against other members to attain their sainthood- a cloth, an armor representing a certain zodiac or star in the universe.

Then they will begin their journey as Saints. In their journey, they will be faced with many choices, temptations and even deceptions to swing towards evil and forget their purpose of upholding good. And naturally, like in any superhero cartoon, the good saints will have to fight the evil ones.
When the saints collide, the one that is able to burn his or her cosmos brighter will conquer and prevail as the victor.

What does this have to do with you and I?

Just like the civilians in the story, Lotus clients are just like them, just like anyone. Because ,many who have yet to be or dare not be think that Lotus clients are like super human or are super rich or worse still super crazy. But like the ones who decide to embark on the journey towards sainthood, we too decide to take leaps of faith to acquire things that the faint hearted will never do.

However, if you take time to sit most of the clients down to understand their story, you will know that the difficult training started before they got their lotus treasure. Some even to the brink of wanting to end their lives but was given hope and things took a turn.

Purchasing a lotus treasure is like attaining your cloth, your armor, your hope. With it, it brings you better energy, better huatness, better many things. But likewise you will also be faced with temptations and deceptions i.e. arrogance, ungratefulness, thoughts of deceit etc.

Then, we have to fight.


By burning your cosmos within, in other words, moving the universe within you - Activating your faith in your bigger dreams, maintaining your humility by being thankful and positive in all situations.
Then work hard, no one will see how bright you shine if you are hidden at home.

And with this combination, even if you don't fly into the sky, you will still be above the rest.

So let's be like the Saints!

Wearing our cloth- wearing our Lotus treasures
Burning our cosmos- moving the universe with you through meditating on positive goals and values
Fighting hard- working hard
Keeping the purpose of upholding good- making the world a better place with our success

And with this I leave you to move you universe within.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Un-believable make Great with Lotus Treasures

Will you like to achieve 30 years worth of pursue in a month's time? I am very grateful to have this chance to seal the deal. This dream deal that the company has been pursuing for 30 years, tried three times and more over the decades.

The director say it is not possible before me as the feedback was; unless you can change the minister's mind. I was shocked and in awe as I held my Lotus Imperial Jadeite pendant close to my heart, reminded me of this dragon pillar design's meaning. Lotus Imperial Jadeite dragon pillar pendant brings the wearer imperial benefactors and prosperity.

Power, Beauty and Prosperity
During the meeting, the key decision maker (对手) was a harsh one, skeptical at the presentation, giving remarks throughout. I emphasize on the key points during my supervisor presentation. 

The moment our presentation is over. I took off my Lotus sandalwood beads which is for literati and clarity of the mind and turn them outwards, in the direction of the key decision maker (对手). In my mind I fervently wished for acceptance, understanding and agreement to our proposal. Meanwhile, he started to put us down again. Surprisingly, just as I finished a round with my Lotus sandalwood beads, he started to be more agreeable, saying that we can directly go to the site, test and install. Even the senior engineer next to him register shock on his face. 

I feel that I am standing on top of giants' shoulders for they have accumulated so much experience over the 30 years. And with my Lotus treasures, I was given a chance to be part of the deal which is a milestone in Singapore history, also to be part of the efforts to improve the world's water standard.

I sincerely thank and appreciate the journey thus far with my Lotus Treasures, and looking forward to greater better contributions with the best fengshui energy from Lotus on Water. 

Don't you love that you can save the time to greater heights? With Lotus on Water treasures, you can achieve the unbelievable good with greatness and courage.


Michelin 3-star challenges, as do Lotus on Water..

Many of us will straightaway put the lovely juicy slab of sashimi into our mouths without hesitation.  But, will you eat raw deer meat?  Venison Tartare is minced deer meat mixed with spices, ketchup and shallots presented with a raw egg yolk in the center.
Introduced by Marco Pierre White, the youngest chef to be awarded 3 Michelin stars, to get British people to support local industries by cooking up an exclusive Great British Feast for only 200 specially-invited tasters.  In his midst to find the perfect Appetizer to the feast with solely English-sourced ingredients, he chanced upon game meat, namely Venison.  It was a wild card that he had no confidence, which he had thrown together with 2 other choices in his initial round of survey.
Every diner was repulsive of having to swallow deer meat with raw egg yolk.  But, Marco mentioned “whoever has the opportunity to come into that dinner, should sit down, and they should have a go and they should taste a little bit of everything, even if it’s not to their liking.  Get your spoon, get your knife, get your fork and dig in.”  Diners had reservations about the Venison Tartare but eventually sportingly put the spoon into their mouths.  To Marco’s surprise, diners loved it and one even mentioned “Divine, divine”.  No one expected the raw deer meat, prepared well, taste so lovely.
It is the same with Lotus on Water.  Clients are attracted by testimonials and Brand Promise that all jadeites are effective for its purpose.  Marco was a Michelin 3-star chef and only 200 tasters out of 10,000 applicants were chosen.
You were the exclusive chosen ones when you stepped into the dinner or the Lotus Gallery.  And now you should have faith in the treasures you owned that they can deliver on their intended purpose and improve your lives, “even if it’s not to their liking” on the journey to fulfillment.
One must cultivate the attitude to be Open, and the Belief to be persistent in the spirit of Fine Cooking or in our case of Good Fengshui, that are necessary ingredients to be on the path to Success. 
At the end of the road, when they look back, then they realized it’s ‘divine, divine, simply divine’.
The controversial yet smashing Venison Tartare

Heaven and Earth Double Dragon jadeite ring with royal yellow jadeite cabochon
 - Leonard

Sunday, May 10, 2015

What’s your Plan for a better tomorrow?

So, you’ve heard about the lady who downsized from a bungalow to an HDB because her husband’s business had failed. She then wore her first pendant that cost her $3,000, the laughing Buddha, which cost her a fortune at that time. Holding on to faith and her pendant, they eventually moved back to a bungalow, an even bigger one.

So you’ve heard the story about our fellow friend as well. Our fellow friend who took months to pay off his first pendant, Zhong Kui, because his business had failed too, and he was in debt. Now, he leads a comfortable lifestyle with more than enough in his pocket for more Lotus items.

Lotus on Water Facebook page has over 900,000 likes and almost over 100 likes for each posts. Our blog readers has a substantial number of viewerships as well. Other than the existing clients, I believe many of you out there are curious about what’s going on at Lotus on Water, and most of all, desire to prosper along with us as well.

But from time to time, we are still receiving comments like this—

Must be expensive..

very nice... but no money to buy.. how?

Magnificent ring, would like to own one someday, but I'm broke.  wanna strike lottery to buy, but no luck. How to start? Can I get anything for $50??

Who don't want to prosper? The price to pay is expensive
I want to have a better life for my family. But the problem is I do not even have enough money for my family and yet hw to afford the jade which states can change my life to be better?

Typing out a negative comment and leaving a mark on the internet takes more effort than commenting verbally. If you really think that you will never be able to afford any Lotus items and prospering with Lotus on Water will never be an option for you (you can always choose to prosper on your own or somewhere else), I believe scrolling up your mouse to the “x” button located on the upper right corner and never visit us again, is gonna take a lot less effort.

But instead, you left a negative, depressing comment. It’s the same when I watch my favourite music video or an interesting clip on Youtube, and when I scroll down, in between some appreciative remarks, there will always be that few who decided spread their dispiriting vibe just because they don’t see eye to eye with what’s going on.

Or maybe, just maybe, you are waiting for someone from Lotus on Water to enlighten you, or to give you an inspirational speech, or to change your mentality around to tell you, you can prosper too.

So if you had repeatedly come back to check out our sites, why not do yourself a little favour and put this little mystery of your own to an end, and walk right in. I believe you are capable of screaming for help if you are forced to do anything against your own will (which I highly doubt it will happen).

And rest assure that Lotus on Water do not judge superficially. We don’t look at what watches you are wearing, nor what bags you are carrying. Because what you wear do not determine your status; and what state you are in now, is not definite for the rest of your life.

No one can force you to buy anything if you said no, so the least you could do for yourself is to walk right in* and make a conclusive decision. Don’t be that person- that person who visit our sites again and again, but never finds out what’s really behind those closed doors.

*By walk right in, I mean making an appointment. :)

What Price is Right?

Recalling the work site conversation between 2 guys in the team before the accident happen to the technican, it goes like this:

"I know you haven't had breakfast, you should eat some food. The other replied, no its ok, I can just borrow energy from the mountain that we are going to work on and borrow some time as well and laughed."

I felt chilly as I recalled Master Yun's story on forgetting to bring his vermillion and had to sacrifice his blood "I had to cut my finger to let blood drip into the red vermillion and splash it onto the ground and asked the deity of earth here to send over to the deity of the mountain there, to pay the price of stealing the cosmic karma effect to give to the temple and believers of that area." followed by weeks of recovery. In Newton's Law, energy cannot be destroyed or created, its to be exchanged. In the movie Interstellar, they left the robot behind in exchange for moving forward in their flight plan. I didn't know whether he meant his words or its just a passing remark. But, I am afraid the price he might have to pay if he really intend to borrow energy from the mountain with reference to Master Yun's experience. The price of blood maybe in his hands or maybe I just overthink too much?

Moments after reaching the work site, one of the 2 guys said to me, you should take a photo now, document the laborious work being carried out now. I felt a sense of dread, unwilling to click the camera button, an unwelcoming feeling and pressed the button. Then I hear a scream followed by a man running towards me with a bleeding finger and he was rushed to the hospital. The rest of us continue the site work to completion over the several days. So who paid the price? What price is right? The person who wanted the exchange of energy did not have blood in his hands for another gave away in the accident. I know that Master Yun uses the best vermillion for the best reasons, "red vermillion that Lotus on Water uses to do the ceremonious blessing is a symbol of the innocence and precious price paid on behalf of the receiver and administrator of the good feng shui energy". I know the price I had paid for my Lotus treasures, prosper me and my family, attracted great and helpful benefactors and keep me from serious harm. Over the few days at the work site, there are additional local engineers to expedite the work with meals catered, this was not provided previously. Even the accommodation arrangement made prior to the work site is also special, never before in company history.

If you ask me which price I want to pay for good feng shui energy, I will choose the price tag of Lotus treasures rather than steal and get blood on my hands. Given you a choice, which one will you choose?

Price of Blood or Blessing Vermilion of Lotus on Water with Lotus Treasures?


Friday, May 8, 2015

Guan Yin and Her Thousand Hands

Guan Yin's Thousand Hands manifestation has many origin stories. If you take the Buddhist world view of the Great Trichiliocosm (三千大千世界), or interpreting it as multiple parallel universes, all these different legends of how Guan Yin came to have thousands hands might be valid, just happening on difference planes or worlds, at different times. 

One of these origin stories begins with Guan Yin making a promise: I shall alleviate all who are living, if I were to have the thought of retreating, my form shall be broken into a thousand pieces (我当度尽一切众生,若我退心,当令我身裂为千片).

And Guan Yin went on with the mission.

But despite the toil, the mission seemed endless. In a moment of weakness, Guan Yin thought about returning to nirvana without completing the mission. Though this was only a passing thought, and no one heard this of what we would now term as lament or complaint, it was still a sign of Guan Yin breaking the promise. As such, Guan Yin felt intense pain as Guan Yin started to break into thousands of pieces.

Buddha appeared. With Buddha's powers, Guan Yin was restored, and given this new form - Thousands Hands Guan Yin. Or the Thousand Hands Thousand Eyes Guan Yin, with eleven heads. And Guan Yin felt rejuvenated, more powerful than before.

Buddha said: Your mission is not one that can be completed in a short time, and you must never go back on your words.

And the rest we know, with the most powerful form, the assistance of thousands hands, Guan Yin continued the endeavor to bring all living to the shores of nirvana.

I retell this origin story the most. Some of you might have heard me narrating this in person. I think it tells us many good lessons. Of which, one valuable trait that is most precious and sadly getting rarer in our times: credibility. 

The promises we make to others, the promises we make to ourselves. Actually not even promises, just words. Meaning what we actually say. Keep to them. Fulfilling them.

There is a price to pay for being credible. There is also a price to pay for being flippant with our words. It's up to us to choose.

-- Kan