Sunday, June 28, 2015

THANK YOU: You Made 9th Anniversary Possible

For the first time, the lions celebrated with champagne fountaining from their mouths.

The Lotus founding gallery's 9th anniversary celebration just ended, but it seemed like the excitement just begun.

Great great thanks to our Lotus followers, the faith guardians --

Thank you Leonard and Shiyi for the detailed planning and organizing of the gallery tours. You dedicated time and effort to run through the program again and again. 

Thank you Pook and Jasmine for inspiring other faith guardians to write persistently about this celebration, and the intricate details of the Lotus.

My personal gratitude also goes out to the other volunteer guides, Zhao Hong, Mu Lan. Because of your passion and commitment, you gave many the chance to be closer to the Lotus. 

Thank you Aloysius, for taking up the mantle of emcee. Your enthusiasm brought the Lotus experience to life.


Thank you Wei Yang 威扬 Athletic Association for the spectacular and most festive performance. Thank you Jenny and Teng Ensemble for the first ever public delivery of The Sound of Lotus Prosperity. It was angelic. And behind-the-scenes benefactors who made this prosperous collaboration possible.

And of course, blessed and faithful Lotus clients, thank YOU. Thank you for your enduring faith and support. Your choice, again and again, has blossomed the Lotus - you have made the Lotus 9th anniversary celebration possible. This is your celebration.

Today, we celebrated the achievements you have accomplished thus far. We are also celebrating the prosperity coming your way after today's most huatastic event.

And yes, we have just begun.

-- Kan Ying Loong, Executive Director

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Things That Stood By

As we move on to be greater every day, there is something remain unchanged at Lotus On Water throughout the years.

The chandelier that lights up bright, shining through the whole gallery.

The carpet from one of Master Yun's client who runs a successful business.

The Feng Shui remedy for emperor is also the Feng Shui remedy that you can acquire.

The first hand and highest grade of jadeite bring to you from the source with certification from gemologist.

And of course the spirit of Lotus.

Lotus flower is well known as growth in the mud, bloom unaffected by the environment.

Is only the seed of faith we plant, we succeed and bloom like Lotus.

Come to celebrate and enjoy one of the 'HU~~A~~TEST' event in town this Sunday at Lotus On Water.

Prosperous Peonies - Queen Victoria and Master Yun

Queen Victoria loves to drink tea.  She especially love her porcelain tea sets with Peonies and Butterflies.  Perhaps, it could be her lasting desire for a strong and prosperous England that even the 花王 (king of flowers - Peony) is together with 福叠 (piles of fortune - Butterflies) which are painted with gold all over the teapots and cups she drank from.

Queen Victoria's Favourite!

Only since retiring, Master Yun is then able to put the brush into the inkwell and drew out beautiful art pieces featuring Peonies and Peaches, as well as Peonies and Rocks.  Both types of paintings portrayed prosperous meanings, bringing you the luscious feeling of richness and abundance in life. Moreover, these paintings do have fengshui purposes when combined with other Lotus treasures, like the crystal sculptures.

Despite looking like a chinese painting, the manner of painting differs greatly from a classical one.  One would notice the gold paints in place of black paints for leaves. Where will you see gold leaves on a chinese-style painting? 
At Lotus on Water.

At first look at the peonies, I feel its like an impressionist painting. Until I saw the chinese poem then I realized I am in the midst of a chinese painting.  Because of the peonies huge size, Master Yun used various reds to bring out the vividness of the flowers.  The 3D effect is so much so I feel like plucking the beautiful peony.

The peonies are accompanied by the Lotus Prosperity song that hangs from the branches like grapes of harvests.  With the bloom of the peonies, we also get the fruits of the Lotus Prosperity song. This is a wonderful combination.

Abundance and Prosperous Painting by Master Yun

A rich painting you can dream with, sing with and prosper with. Do you want to own one?


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

9 things to lookout on your Lotus Gallery Tour this Sunday!

1.  Wish fulfilling Guanyin  How this statue grants Master Yun his wishes and grants yours too!
2.  See the 9-shaped Ammonite jadeite   This Ammonite jadeite helped many clients to better themselves.  Coincidentally, it’s carved in a shape of 9.  Come see for yourself this powerful, yet commemorative jadeite piece.
3.  Get to take part in lighting a Lotus on Water’s 五路进财香 incense  Gather at an Auspicious corner of the Sandalwood & Agarwood gallery for a hands-on practice on the correct way to light the 五路进财香, lovingly assisted by our tour guides.
4.  Try your hand at the Lotus Ring on the Giant Jade Boulder  We all know authentic Jadeite has a force within them.  Now, we have an actual Lotus on Water jadeite ring for you to place on the record-making Raw Jade Boulder and see what happens.
5.  Learn and Sing Lotus Song  The Lotus on Water Prosperity song will be taught from the Prosperous Peony paintings that were drawn by Master Yun.  Lyrics Cards provided.  Simply be present to soak in the sound of prosperity!
6.  Walk into the Exquisite Gallery usually only reserved for VVIPs  Not opened to the general public or normal members, the Exquisite Gallery housed the best Jadeite collections in Lotus on Water.  Take this chance to step in with your guides and admire these exclusive jadeite collections.
7.  Learn about the imperial history of Lotus on Water Fengshui  We bring you back in time when the Imperial family used Fengshui on matters big and small, with the assistance of Master Yun’s grand-ancestors.
8.  How will Agarwood complete the Personal Fengshui set?  Most people do not realize that there is a second part to this equation of Personal Fengshui.  Come and learn more in our Sandalwood & Agarwood gallery.
9.  OK Buddha?  It is a crystal sculpture of Lord Shakyamuni Buddha with a special hand sign (mudra) that grants Okay to everything.  Located at the Sculpture Gallery, see this Crystal Buddha sculpture that Okays everything.
We have a dedicated team of volunteer guides to lead and explain to all who join the tour.  These enthusiastic bunch of guides will do their utmost best to leave you with a lasting Lotus experience.  For those who own Lotus treasures, join us to refresh and learn more about your Lotus treasures.  For those who yet to own one, join us too!  Listen to stories and be entertained with activities.  Yes, there will be quizzes and prizes to go along.  So Grab your slots early for your spot.  See you all at 4pm.
See you all at Lotus on Water 9th Anniversary celebration !!
-- Leonard

Let Your Huat Qi Flow: Painting, Incense, Lotus Crystals, And Your Personal Collections

Let's take a look at what we have here:

The Lotus crystal Guan Yin. Behind her, Master Yun's art of fengshui - the painting of prosperous peonies with the Lotus song.

Why do we have to place them together? I mean, other than the outright beauty of it. 

Similar to the very long scroll - the Diamond Sutra calligraphy (watch the video) - written by Master Yun as well, the Lotus crystal Guan Yin shall magnify the blessings and well-wishes emitted constantly by Master Yun's painting.

Plus, when you light the Five Paths of Wealth Incense in front of the Lotus crystal Guan Yin, you are making your prayers known. The whiff of Lotus Incense carries your sincere wishes, intertwines with the blessings from Master Yun's art of fengshui, and the energy is expanded by the Lotus crystal Guan Yin. The Huat Qi flows. 

I get this question always: I have placed the Lotus crystal Guan Yin, or the crystal mountain, how can I enhance this key fengshui spot further?

This is how you do it. Have Master Yun's paintings hanging in the same spot - they are the distillation of Master Yun's meditation. Light the Five Paths of Wealth Incense.

A second common question: do I need to wear my Lotus jadeite at home?

It would be good to wear it constantly. But my habit is this, and this is what you can do too:

This is a good way to recharge the Qi of your Lotus collections. Hang or place them at the spot where the Huat Qi flows.

So what do we have here? A Lotus crystal sculpture, Master Yun's painting, the Lotus Incense, and your personal Lotus collections.

This is the 4 kinds of Lotus prosperity. Remember? Prosperity that can be seen, can be touched, can be breathed in.

The Lotus prosperity is not about a single piece of jadeite or incense. They come together. They perform together. The Lotus prosperity is nothing less than a choice of a prosperous lifestyle, at every possible turn.

But wait - that's just 3 kinds of prosperity, what about prosperity with elegance that can be drank? What about the Lotus Fortune Tea?

Come to the gallery for the Fortune Tea. Or better still, get some Fortune Tea yourself, brew a good pot, and sip the good tea as you enjoy the view of your prosperity, as the Huat Qi flows to you.

-- Kan Ying Loong, Executive Director

Monday, June 22, 2015

Realisation of Lotus Dream Seed - the Exquisite Jadeite Gallery

Have you seen the three raw jadeite boulders at the front of the Lotus 2nd gallery on Lotus on Water Street? They are like the parents to the many exquisite jadeite treasures in Lotus on Water Exquisite Gallery.

If you wonder why brands have house brands, typically it means a more affordable range. However in Lotus on Water, we believe in our blessed clients potential. For they have prosper and continue to wear the next higher Lotus collection to bring them to their next higher level of prosperity. That is what the Exquisite gallery stands for.

When clients have owned $18k of Lotus treasures, maybe a Double Dragon Ring or an Auspicious Jadeite pendant or both. They belong to the VIP group which gains them access to Lotus Exquisite Gallery founded in 2008. This allows you to choose from possibly the world's best jadeite collection for you to prosper many times more, after wearing it, of course with Master Yun's blessing.

Because the quality of the exquisite jadeite is higher than that of the auspicious jadeite in terms of clarity, molecular density and size and many other factors. Each exquisite jadeite pendant is one of its kind design, bringing you one of its kind wealth and benefits. 

This Lotus Exquisite Gallery is the representation of the Lotus faith power as well as the growth and strength of Lotus blessed clients. And yes this Lotus Dream Seed blooms into this amazing Lotus gallery which houses the best jadeite possibly in the whole world. I am sure you can step into this Lotus Exquisite Gallery, choose and wear your favourite Exquisite Jadeite treasure. And obtain your best prosperity wish possibly in the whole world. 

When and How do you want your Lotus Dream Seed to bloom?

The Grand Harvest


Sunday, June 21, 2015

9 Things to Know Before Visiting Lotus on Water

Wanting to walk in but unsure what to expect or what to prepare? I've made a list of things to take note so that you can ensure your first visit is smooth and pleasant.
1. Make an appointment.

You wouldn't want to walk in and being asked to wait, or to come back again, because nobody's available to attend to you.
2. Take off your shoes before entering.

The gallery has soft and comfortable carpet, please take off your shoes to keep them clean.
3. This magnificent peacock lamp isn't for sale.

I know, right? This was what attracted me to step into the gallery in the first place. Look around though, you will find even more magnificent stuffs.
4. This is Master Yun.

He is the 6th generation fengshui master of his family and every item that you bought (or will buy) is personally blessed by him.
5. You don't get to choose the color.

Because the fengshui treasures are here to aid your well-being, or any other aspect of your life for that matter, color of your jadeite is specifically chosen for you to ensure improvement of your overall luck.
6. You choose your wood piece by its smell.

Instead of how appealing it is in your eyes, it has to smell even more appealing to you.
7. The tea served is high-grade wild puer tea.

Enjoy and savor every bit of it. If you really love it, they do sell them as well.
8. Prepare your credit cards.

Not all of all are able to pay with cold, hard cash on the spot, so it's good that you do some planning and even make good use of the installment plans if needed.
9. Speak to this guy.

He has been around here for almost as long as since the opening of this gallery, and he can answer and advise you on any queries.
Any burning questions to ask? Call 6456-1156 and prepare all your queries before rushing down. After all, it's gonna be all worth it!
For all other fellow friends who happen to be reading these even though you know Lotus on Water inside out, see you on the 28th Jun for its 9th anniversary celebration!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Master Yun Replies: Why Are The Leaves Gold?

I am pleased that the thing that struck you first was the gold lines. And that you said it distracted the flowers.

On the contrary, I think the flower should not be distracting.

Well I think that photography can better reflect the beauty of the flowers. It is not worthwhile for an artist to toil and sweat to create something that photography can easily create.

If an artist is worthy, he should create something that camera finds it difficult to create.

So the flower should not distract viewers from seeing what only the artist and not the camera can create. 

In the real world, leaves has no gold lining. Yes and no. Yes, sunshine that activates photosynthesis in the leaves is gold. But no, the gold does not show on leaves like this.

But that's is also true for the black ink. Nothing in nature shows the black ink lines like all or most of our Chinese paintings do.

So you see. Art is never a direct reflection of the nature. Art is a filter formed by us - our senses, perceptions, emotions, cognition, memories, beliefs and culture.

The black ink is not found in nature. It is found in us. It is the collective memory of the Chinese people. We call it with a simple term, culture. Culture, the collective memory, connects the Chinese.

But art is not just about Chinese. It is about human. there anything that is a collective memory of all human beings?

Here. I use gold.

Gold is special to human beings.

Human beings in different continents, never connected with each other, all valued gold as a precious metal. Strangely.

When currencies were using the gold standard, instead of US dollars, or by governments' fancy and will, we enjoyed greater sensibility and stability with money.

Oh yes, gold represents money. And money is wonderful.

No human being is complete. We have too much of something and too little of others. Some have lots of chickens and eggs, and need  a bit of vegetable. Some have loads of vegetables and need some meat, may or may not be chicken. And thus people with different needs come together to complete each other. But the completion of others and self is never easy.

So, so...what is the fairest and easiest and most convenient mediator and measurement? Money.

When a person has too much chicken and need some vegetable. He might find a person who has too much vegetable but don't need any chicken. They cannot complete each other. They both need to find another person with too much of something they lack in and too in need of something they have in surplus. The search can be difficult.
Simple alternative? Money. 

The one with too much chicken just sell away the chicken to anyone who needs it with money and purchase something he needs.
Money is an invention of human beings that is most remarkable in helping us complete self and others. It helps us communicate with each other to create a win-win situation most easily.

It is the most common, effective, beneficial  agent. It is also our collective memory.

So it is a human culture. 

Art is suppose to reflect human culture.

Let photography reflect nature. Let art reflect culture.

-- Master Yun Long Zi, 6 June 2015

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword: The Power Of Master Yun's Paintings (1)

I last mentioned: Master Yun's paintings and calligraphy works are distillations of his meditation.

Everyone has a different way of meditation. Some achieve it through sitting in the lotus posture, some through running. Master Yun gets into his mode when he is painting and writing calligraphy.

I want to go into something slightly technical here. Most people write calligraphy with their wrist resting on the table. Some rest their elbow. Master Yun, regardless of the size of the word he is writing, or whether he is painting peonies or the golden details on the leaves, he uses the "elbow-hanging style 悬肘 xuan zhou". Perhaps from the discipline of practicing Taiji 太极 (Master Yun was the gold medal awardee of international Taiji competitions when he was much younger), despite "hanging the elbow" is no easy attainment, it actually allows his Qi to flow into his strokes, the petals, the painting.

So here's the key question: what kind of Qi are you bringing back, when you display Master Yun's art of fengshui at home, and office?

Then let's take a look at what has Master Yun painted. Simply put, Master Yun's Qi finds its way into the forms and colors of the painting. His meditation sets his imagination running, and his imagination imprints itself onto the rice paper. A man whose heart is laden with petty affairs would never produce glorious works, at most cheap and empty imitations. While a man who has greatness in his blood creates nothing but art of prosperity.

Master Yun paints bright, full-blossomed peonies. The peony is the king of flowers, the flower of riches, prosperity and power. Some grow on the mountains, wishing for your prosperity to have a solid foundation. Some are with succulent peaches, with prosperity, there is harvest and good health. Which blessings would you receive?

Look at the leaves. Leaves represent your career, your empire. And they are not ordinary leaves. Master Yun paints leaves with golden veins. This is the first instance ever in art history that leaves in Chinese painting are brought alive with gold streaks, shining.

And the inscription by the side:


This is the Chinese lyrics to the song of Lotus on Water. Loosely translated into English:

Prosperous Lotus on Water Song
Prosperous Lotus on Water
Elegant Lotus on Water
Brings your dreams to reality
Brings elegance to prosperity
Flow to you
Flow to me
Lotus on Water
Flow to you
Flow to me

Unlike common Chinese paintings, Master Yun has chosen to write this prayer of good wishes legibly, not some cursive bygone poem. His blessings are for the people of this age and the future. I will be talking more about how to use this art of fengshui, and the Prosperous Lotus on Water Song, in the next article.

These paintings embody Master Yun's great wishes and blessings of prosperity and power. And since the rice paper used is of the highest grade that can last for a thousand years, so would Master Yun's blessings be for you and generations to come.

-- Kan Ying Loong, Executive Director

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Come Together

With knowledge and skills accumulated through generations, Lotus On Water redefine the perception of Feng Shui we commonly know.

By the awaken latent energy of jadeite together with your personal life chart, to expand your potential to the fullest and to your dream.    
There are numerous miracle stories from Lotus On Water clients. Clients that had been move on from poverty to prosperity, from crucial to substantial business.
This year Lotus On Water gallery celebrate its 9th anniversary. Come and celebrate with us, understand how you can prosper with us.

Invitation For 9th Anniversary

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

9th Anniversary Special 4: 5 Specials For 9th Anniversary

9th anniversary of the founding gallery means a lot to Lotus on Water. And here's what to look out for, let's call them, Specials for 9th Anniversary:

1. Five Paths of Wealth Incense | 五路进财香

Back this anniversary June. Every single piece handmade on 24 selected auspicious days of an entire year, from 5 different countries. Light to bring in the good energy. Be the "Man of Nine-Five 九五之尊" - be the emperor.

2. Lotus Jadeite Ammonite | 翡翠玉彩螺

The Lotus jadeite ammonite has been with the Lotus since the 1st year of the founding gallery. An excellent starting collection that has prospered clients for the past 9 years. Accumulating the good energy for a long time to come, like the number "9".

3. Master Yun's Painting of Prosperity and Elegance | 云大师的画作:吉祥富贵图

Now this is a real special. Master Yun's blessings and paintings distilled into an art of fengshui. And even more special for Lotus VIPs, find out here.

4. Lotus Exquisite Jadeite: The Dragon Returns to the Sea | 旺财极品翡翠:龙归大海

Yes, maybe not for you because of the element. But doesn't stop you from admiring it. One of the clearest exquisite jadeite ever, and has being with the founding gallery since the beginning. Look closely, can you see any particular number?

5. Lotus Qinan Agarwood | 旺财沉香珍品:奇楠

"9" is the number of the highest yang. The sun. Agarwood is the yang to the jadeite. And the highest yang energy is none other than the Lotus Qinan. Only privileged VIP members are entitled to view this collection.

Own your piece of the Lotus 9th anniversary. Share the Lotus prosperity.

-- Kan Ying Loong, Executive Director

Monday, June 15, 2015


If you happen to read this article, congratulation! I can say deep down in you, you want something in your life.

How many times had you taken charge in your life for chances to come to you with faith or let the chances come to you by fate?

I had been the one who let chances come to me by fate. My emotion goes up and down by what causes me by fate.

It is also fate that brings me to Lotus On Water.

From there on  I learn and I take charge for chances to come to me by faith, because I know I deserve the best and the best will come to me.

Lotus On Water gallery is been here for 9th years, take charge of yourself by welcome great things to come to you.