Friday, June 22, 2018

12 RECOMMENDED Lotus Collections on Lotus on Water 12th Anniversary!

It's Lotus on Water 12th Anniversary! Have you collected all the 12 RECOMMENDED Lotus Collections? Here's the TWELVE that you really must have:

1. Heaven and Earth Jadeite Ring

Created by Master Yun Long Zi even before the start of the first Lotus gallery, the Lotus Heaven and Earth jadeite ring grew together with Lotus on Water, and has prospered countless blessed clients all these years.

Till today, the Lotus Heaven and Earth jadeite ring continues to be a TOP favorite. Till today, there are already 3 generations of Lotus Rings. Till today, even the royalties have collected the Lotus Rings.

2. Master Yun's Fengshui Paintings

Master Yun has been painting since young. And since 2017, Master Yun's paintings evolved into fengshui masterpieces of Celebrationism, using the most precious minerals (gold, silver, vermilion), capturing motifs and energies of prosperity and elegance.

Every single piece, unique, irreplaceable. No second copy can be made exactly the same.

Master Yun's fengshui paintings are also collected by members of the royal family.

3. Lotus on Water Exquisite Jadeite Pendant

Before Lotus on Water, majority of Singapore's market was selling "B", "C", tampered jade. Lotus on Water insisted and persisted on offering authentic "A" grade jadeite. And we go beyond that. Better than "A", making sure there is no inner cracks, the right amount of polishing, and so on.

And the best representation of the standards of Lotus jadeite -- the Louts exquisite jadeite.

Our Lotus auspicious jadeite is wonderful. Our Lotus exquisite jadeite is definitely way more powerful.

4. Your Second Heaven and Earth Jadeite Ring

Master Yun created the Lotus Heaven and Earth jadeite ring. It is created according to the heavens and earths. Wearing it on different fingers brings you different prosperity. That's why wearing a second -- or even a third one, is so important.

5. Lotus on Water Crystal Mountain

Time to do up the fengshui of your house and office. When you have the crystal mountain in place, you enhance your health luck, benefactors and relationship lucks, and stability and harmony. Not just for yourself, but for the whole household.

6. Lotus on Water Agarwood

You have your Lotus jadeite. That's wonderful. Compliment your Lotus jadeite with your Lotus agarwood. The YANG to the YIN. Prospering you in direct wealth, benefactors, good health and converting obstacles into opportunities.

7. Lotus on Water Sandalwood

You have your Lotus jadeite. And maybe you have your Lotus agarwood too. That's wonderful. What's next? Have yourself your Lotus sandalwood. The next level to your YIN-YANG upgrade. Prospering you in indirect wealth, literati and inspirations.

8. Lotus on Water Imperial White Inkstone

In the past, ONLY emperors can use Imperial White Inkstone御用白端. For power, for status, for benefactors, and most important of all, for victory.

9. Master Yun's Fengshui Paintings on Chinese Fans

You have seen Master Yun's fengshui paintings. Now, here's a NEW creation that you can hold in your hands. Fanning away the obstacles, and fanning in opportunities and good business.

10. Five Path of Wealth Incense

Though not a major Lotus collection compared to Double Dragon rings or exquisite jadeite, still a great booster to have and use daily. Light them daily, at specific spots in your house, and invite the very good energy to you.

11. Your Second Lotus Crystal Mountain

You know about your first crystal mountain. To be really secured about the fengshui of your house, have your second crystal mountain in place.

You might even want to choose one that is carved of mystical beings, or as a Buddha sculpture.

12. And, a Lotus Collection for your loved ones

The 12th Lotus collection that we are recommending here is less about you wearing it yourself. It's about your loved ones.

You have done amazing for yourself. We appreciate your progress and prosperity, and we are proud of you. And now it's time to spread the joy and happiness. It's time to bring your loved ones on board the Lotus, and let them have the chance to start with their first Lotus jadeite.

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Prosperity with Elegance, Lotus on Water.

Owen, Assistant to Advisor  #Prosperity with Elegance

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Blessed Crystal Prosperity Mountain

Today, I’m introducing this Tai Bai Gold and Silver Mountain Crystal Mountain—Prosperity Mountain 太白金银山福山. This is Lotus on Water’s entry-level crystal mountain, if you are looking for an entry-level crystal mountain to do up your house’s fengshui, this is definitely something amazing to begin with. 

Tai Bai Gold and Silver Mountain Prosperity Mountain—Prosperity Mountain
Left hillside.
The bottom of the mountain is as white as a snow-capped mountain. 
Right hillside.
A two-storey pavilion, for you to move up one level after another!
A humungous golden larch 金钱松that serves as the backing to your wealth, to help you prosper further!
The waterfall emerges from the Prosperity Mountain to bring you wealth beyond your imagination. 
This Lotus on Water’s entry-level crystal mountain Tai Bai Gold and Silver Mountain Crystal Mountain—Prosperity Mountain is priced at $26,868. Just choose this and we will tell you where’s the best place to have it in your home or office!

-- Owen, Assistant to Advisor

Monday, June 18, 2018

Goodbye 108 Troubles and Hello 108 Possibilities!

When using the Lotus 108 beads during meditation, do you pull the beads inwards or push it outwards?

There is this saying in Buddhism: “this is a suffering world, if I do not enter hell, who will” and many Buddhist monks choose to pull their beads inwards to signify that they are willing to accept all suffering, reflecting their compassion and mercifulness. 

However, when you have the Lotus 108 agarwood beads, you should count your beads in another direction, every bead pushed outwards broadcasts your wishes to the universe and through meditation, these wishes come true. 

When pushing our dreams outwards, we should picture them coming true. 

I do not want to be retrenched; I do not want to be in debt; I do not want to get into an accident. 

Often, when you don’t want things to happen, all the more they will take place.

Therefore, we should picture what we want.

I am promoted; I am getting wealthier; I am getting healthier. 

Of course, it is often easier said than done. 

108 Daojia Yellow Beads – 6mm

When you own the Lotus 108 agarwood beads blessed by Master Yun, you get to broadcast your wishes to the universe. In addition, this beads of extremeyang, has Master Yun’s essence from meditate, which will maximise the effects of your meditation.

-- Owen, Assistant to Advisor

Sunday, June 17, 2018

108 and the Wonders of the Universe!

Most of Lotus on Water’s clients would have our Lotus 108 agarwood beads. I shall not elaborate on the wearer’s road to prosperity, but if you are interested, drop by Lotus on Water and I will share with you the details. Today, I would be writing about the roles 108 play in our life. 

In this vast universe, the figure 108 plays a unique and important role, it is a figure that encompasses the universe. 

The sun which gives us light, oxygen, food etc. is a great existence, if you multiply its diameter by 108, it would be the distance between the sun and the position where you are now standing or sitting on Earth.

And multiply the Earth’s diameter by 108, you will get the Sun’s diameter. 

The moon gives our Earth four seasons, accelerates the formation of the atmosphere, which in turn accelerates the birth of life. Those of you reading this article really have to thank the moon for your existence. 

The diameter of 108 moons would be the distance between Earth and moon. 

Can you imagine? All the magical numbers formed by 108. 

The Earth, the moon and the sun, I believe without any of them, many things will cease to exist. Is this a coincidence or is this the law of nature?

Isaac Newton is known as the greatest inventor because he found the law of our universe—the law of gravitation and the three laws of motion—and taught us how to understand the universe. Can this figure 108 be another key to understanding our universe?

Should we explore the rule of 108 which brought us numerous benefits?

Lotus on Water’s 108 agarwood beads is 100% natural and are carved from wood that has been growing on our Earth for hundreds of years, some as long as 700 and 800 years. 108 is a figure that represents extremeyang, which is the best figure to bring you positive qi

Let’s recap the four major uses of agarwood:
To prosper your direct wealth
To attract benefactors
To boost your health
To absorb obstacles and convert them into opportunities

With these in mind, if you own the 108 agarwood beads, which is extremely rare, you would be able to maximise your inert energy and potential, allowing you to attain harmony amongst the trinity: heaven, earth and human. 

Lotus on Water currently has four 108 agarwood beads.

108 Daojia Yellow Agarwood Beads, 6mm, two pieces. 

108 Daojia Yellow Agarwood Beads, 10mm, one piece. 

108 Daojia Purple Agarwood Beads, 10mm, one piece. 

I hope these precious 108 agarwood beads can be appreciated and cherished by amazing owners and to bring happiness into their life. 

-- Owen, Assistant to Advisor