Friday, February 20, 2015

How Clear is the Picture Your Wishes?

I love the sharpness and vibrant colour that laser printer produces. While bubble ink jet printer can give a picture, its matte, and defined.

While auspicious jadeite is like bubble ink jet printer, picture is defined, requires more time to print out. Exquisite jadeite is like laser printer, clearer pictures give better definition, to have your wishes fufilled faster.

Did you remember to press focus when you take a photo? If not, it's generally focused, like an auspicious jadeite pendant. If yes, it's more focused and clear, like an exquisite jadeite.

Start with an auspicious jadeite pendant or an exquisite jadeite pendant today? 

 His First Lotus Jadeite: Exquisite Jadeite Pendant
for Better Faster Start
-- Shiyi

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Is wearing Red Lucky for you on CNY?

It is common folklore that Red is auspicious, but is it really bringing you Luck?

Red represents Fire in Fengshui, and it is common to see fires lit up in snowy winter all over China during Chinese New Year (CNY).  Be it for cooking steamboats or keeping the house warm, fire is a necessity for survival.  But does it also translate to fengshui necessity for bringing you Luck during CNY?

No, colours suitable for bringing you Luck is actually determined by your birth day and time (birth chart).  To correctly interpret your birth chart, one must consult a professional fengshui advisor.  (Click here to learn more)  Once your rightful colors are determined, stick to it and receive the rewards for your efforts.  Fengshui is easy with the help of the right people.  It is there to help you reach your goal quicker, more efficiently, provided you engaged the correct advisor.

Come to Lotus on Water, where your fengshui wants can be heard by our Advisors and translated into suitable colors you can actually use to receive rewards.

财神 God of Wealth wears Red, does it mean you should too?
With the correct colour, you can attract Luck and Prosperity, even after CNY.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sailing It Through

Life is just like sailing. Sometimes you meet with a strong wind that helps you to go a distance further, and sometimes you meet with the strong sun and peaceful tides, that's when you might wanna lay back and take a break. And of course there will be times that the rough tides and waves will come, putting your persistence, willpower, courage and faith to the test.

I came all the way from a small town in Malaysia to Singapore to study and earn a living, building my career along the way. I am lucky that I went to the collage that I desired, ace-ing my grades with flying colors. I got a job, met nice people, got promoted, and earned enough for me to lead a comfortable life style.

I come into realization that I needed a change when the industry I was working in was slowing made redundant. So, I decided I needed a new job. But instead of staying in my current job while looking out for a new one, I decided to resign first before securing one, because I believed I can definitely get a new, better job fast with my capability.

Unexpectedly, for almost a year, I did the same thing everyday-- looking through job postings, sending resume. I had lost faith in myself. I woke up hope everyday, but ended up going to bed with despair every night.

I still remember that night when my loved one and I walk passed Lotus On Water Gallery after dinner. The glamorous light attracted our attention. We noted down the gallery's name, went home and looked it up. We realized the price tag on each piece of jadeite was totally out of our budget. However, as desperately needed a change to our situation, we got myself my first piece of jadeite.

Not long after, my life changed drastically. Money started flowing in and not long after, I was earning the same as what I used to during the good times. And not just that, but I was able to reflect on myself deeper level, face my fears and even overcome my fears.

I found the courage within me, I found the faith within me, I found myself.

Now, I am working in a totally different industry,  in a new environment, with new people, and new challenges. I had Lotus On Water jadeite sailing me through the rough wave before, and I believe the it's gonna continue sailing me through any upcoming challenges in life, creating new history.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Is Free fengshui advice Good for You?

Will you eat a sweet offered to you by a stranger you do not know?  But most of you will readily listen to fengshui advice dished out by the newspapers/magazines, on the internet, or even someone that claims he does fengshui for a living.
We do not know even if the advice is a fake or half-truth but we accepted it anyway.  Let me tell you what happens after that.  First, you are consciously altering your habits, changing the actions and thinking, with the assumption that the free fengshui advice can help better your life.  Next, most probably you will end up worse than before you listened to that free fengshui advice.  What happens is that you are living on a wobbly fengshui foundation that had made an impact in your life and the results that came back is disappointing.  Suddenly, you realized free fengshui did more harm than good. 

Little did you wonder, should you look for the stranger that you accepted the free sweet from?
A co-worker told me that she prefer to be ignorant as doing fengshui is tedious.  I told her that not doing fengshui is better than doing bad fengshui and ending up worst off.  Even if you have cross-check with other fengshui sources and think that it is good for you, can you implement the free fengshui advice properly to harness its potential, or will you step on fengshui landmine?
Come to Lotus on Water, founded by sixth-generation Fengshui Master Yunlongzi 云龙子大师 where fengshui is done on 2 levels.  Personal fengshui and house/workplace fengshui.  Lotus Advisors will listen to what you want to achieve and recommend the fengshui solution accordingly.  Yes, you have to pay, but for real beneficial fengshui advice that is used by many thousands with brilliant results.

Would you buy a house knowing that you can sleep in it safely, or accept a free house that may cost your life?

Personal fengshui blessing by Master Yunlongzi 云龙子大师, sixth-generation Fengshui Master.
Many have founded prosperity with Lotus on Water Fengshui.
-- Leonard

Friday, February 13, 2015

I was on my knees to this Solid Symbol of the Lotus

Once in a while, I come upon Lotus collections that bring (even) me to my knees.

Don't get me wrong: all Lotus collections are expensive and powerful, but some are just more expensive and beyond-words-powerful.

This is the category of Lotus collections that are worthy of an exclusive showcase, and worthy of your time to read about them.

Like this collection:

I don't have a name for this. But here's what this is: a full even citrine, double dragon guarding the flawless orb that creates your future.

By the Lotus standards, this citrine's quality should be reserved to carve into Buddha or Guan Yin, because they demand the highest clarity. 

Instead, we carved this into the solid symbol of the Lotus: Double Dragon.

Just like our prized favorite Double Dragon jadeite ring, these two citrine dragons are guarding the orb, burning away your obstacles and enemies, creating your dream future. 

And note this: one of the dragons is looking right at you. 

A front-facing dragon. In the past, only the emperor can bear this majestic symbol. Today, maybe you?

There are more secrets at the back and the base of this piece. Once you see these secrets, you will know why this citrine double dragon has the drop-jaw powers. 

These, only for the very blessed who shall own this to find out. 

-- Kan

Thursday, February 5, 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! Have You Done These 3 Important Things?

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! The Wood Goat year has started, I prayed that you have spent your first day fabulously. Because you must!

I had a rejuvenating last day of the horse year. I spent most of my day speaking and listening to wonderful clients who came to wear their new Lotus collections infront of the "Dharma Service on the Holy Mountain". Simply wonderful. You energized me with your good news of buying a new place, being top in the company, and the first time to be on the President's Table. Congratulations to you, you are harvesting what you sowed.


Now that we are more settled down, time to run through the checklist: 

Are you grinding the Lotus vermilion on your Imperial White Inkstone? 

Are you breathing in the fragrance of the Lotus Annual Wealth Bags? 

Are you meditating with your Double Dragon jadeite ring?

If you missed out doing any of these before the start of spring, stop reading this. Just put down everything. Call us now - 6456 1156. Make your appointment with your Lotus advisors and get them done. Every single day missed, every single opportunity slipped. 

Let me give you a date: before 1st day of lunar new year. That is before 19 February 2015.

We are 16 days to the start of the lunar new year.  

You still have a chance to start the year right.

-- Kan

Monday, February 2, 2015

Do you want to PROSPER and get your heart's wishes fulfilled FASTER?

My first Lotus Jadeite Pendant

I started with Lotus on Water (Lotus) in Oct 2012 with my Lotus Jadeite Pendant. Before that, I was waiting for a job recommended by my friend. There's been no news, no updates for 2 months.Within a week of wearing my Lotus Jadeite Pendant, this job was approved and my career took off. Do you want to start like me, wear a Lotus Jadeite Pendant or Heaven and Earth Jadeite Ring or both?

The couple set that Inspires my Heaven and Earth Jadeite Ring (photo post on 9 Feb 2013 at Lotus Facebook)

Today, the couple which inspire my first Heaven and Earth ring is here.  She is here to collect her 'Superwoman' Agarwood Beads bracelet. Envious of her life improvements and her beautiful set of couple ring, I wanted both myself and my husband to wear the Heaven and Earth rings as well.  I began to include this in my meditation with my Lotus jadeite and within 3 months my husband and I got our Heaven and Earth Rings.  I felt very thankful and grateful for the chance to participate in the design of her 108 agarwood beads whom inspired our couple Heaven and Earth rings.  I am also very glad that she is prospering and got her wishes fulfilled much earlier than expected.

Her 'Superwoman' Agarwood Beads Bracelet
Do you want to prosper and get your heart's wishes fulfilled faster?  Start your Lotus on Water prospering journey today.


How Genuine Is That You Are Wearing?

Have you ever experience having problem with pirated computer software during the mid of an important task like business meeting or presentation? If yes, you don’t need me to remind you how devastating the situation was. 

By using a pirated software, is like you are betting your luck on it. It might work, it might fail. You wouldn’t know how it goes. It goes the same for our personal luck with the Feng Shui item we use. 

Although we don’t really know the physic how our luck goes with Feng Shui item, maybe Einstein can figure out the formula, but for sure what we can do is to make sure we are on the right side by using the genuine items. Pirated item not only defeats purpose, sometime it also causes trouble. 

Like a piece of shine and translucent jadeite, it supposed to bring protection to the wearer. Do you know that a piece of chemically processed jadeite retained the harmful chemical that enhance its translucency? That chemical will pass down to the wearer, and slowly degrade his health. 

This is why genuine Feng Shui item is so important to us. Many people will said why get expensive Feng Shui item from Lotus On Water when there are so many cheaper, yet look a like items elsewhere. 

Yes, it is expensive, it is indeed 100% made of genuine, natural material and specifically chosen for your need. If you decided to enhance your life with Feng Shui, do it genuinely from the start and only the best will come to you. Don’t just simply get something and hope for something good will come to you. 

     So, what will you choose to get?

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Would you bear to risk it upon them?

This geek in the picture is the frequent guest of Lotus on Water videos, and also my boyfriend.

And this is Oprah, you should be able to recognize her as the richest African-American woman who gives positive and inspirational speeches.

Now, where’s the link, you asked? Years ago, my friend introduced me The Secret, the book that explains the Law of Attraction, and how to use it to your advantage. Basically, it’s saying to use positive thinking to attract the things you want into your life. And one of the biggest spiritual teacher during that time (maybe also now), was Oprah. We frequently watched her shows, and how she encourages people to pluck up their courage to pursue their dreams.

So this geek of mine is a talented engineer (still am), he was a high flyer in his dying industry. He wasn’t doing exactly what he wanted to do, and since this industry is going down, there is absolutely no point in carrying on. So I did what I did- I asked him to quit, which turned out to be a major disaster.

He was jobless for more than a year. No matter how much we meditate and visualize, things weren’t turning around and his bank was slowly depleting. A year may fly for some people, but during that time, every single day of my life was drowned in guilt that felt too long than it should.

Long story short, we found Lotus on Water and our jadeite and months later, he’s working as a design engineer, and the rest is history.

I may speak too much of the negativity, too little of the success, but that’s because my motive isn’t to convince the successful people to tweak their loose ends, I’m trying to tell those people who feel they are down and out and that nothing’s gonna help- I feel you, and you know what? Things can change for the better.

As for the positive current situation, what more do I need to say? A genuine, happy smile like this from your loved one warms the heart a million times more than the satisfaction you can actually get from your own accomplishments.

For us, solely maintaining a positive mindset did not bring me to a better place, it was Lotus on Water’s fengshui together with positive mindset that did the work. Yes, I admit a lot of people out there did not use Lotus on Water items but have also claimed their success, but when someone you love are stuck in the rut and is too afraid to purse their dreams, you know deep down in your heart if he chooses to give up what he has right now to go for it, there is always a certain percentage of possibility that he might eventually end up failing and never to be able to stand back up on his feet again.

Do you want to take that chance? Or you do you want to spend some money to get that little something that might aid him in his success, and pushing it to its peak? Because for me, there is nothing in the world that is worth more than seeing him happy, knowing that his life is better.

I’m sure almost everyone has someone they love- family, parents, children, and partners. In fact, that’s why we are still around, for everyone and everything we love. You may bear to risk your own life, but can you bear to risk the life for someone you hold dearly to heart, to see them suffer just because you can’t bear to part with the money?

Think about it.

Is your Home arranged for Prosperity?

Every year, I will consult my Fengshui advisor for advice on home arrangements.  We will ask what are the best arrangements and check against our lifestyle flow.  What is a lifestyle flow?  Simply put, it is actually your daily routine.

What do you normally do at which location in the house?  e.g. Having breakfast at your dining table.  Looking into the mirror to prep yourself before going out at the dressing table.  Are you aware where these furniture are located in your house and how is your daily routine involving them?

Winston Churchill once addressed the English Architectural Association in 1924: “There is no doubt whatever about the influence of architecture and structure upon human character and action. We make our buildings and afterwards they make us. They regulate the course of our lives.

We cannot control how roads are laid, buildings are built.  But, we can control how you move in your house, where your work desk is placed and what you can put to enhance prosperity.  (e.g. Annual Wealth Bags)  

Architects must involve thinking about how designing environments in which people live and work will eventually influence their human behaviour.  And so do you, if you want to pursue prosperity, please have your house fengshui-arranged by Lotus Advisors so that what you do in each specific location will ensure your actions bring you the maximum prosperity, luck and opportunity.

Lotus on Water advisors will advise the optimal house fengshui but in the end, it will still come down to you, who will have the final say to put it into action and live with it for the rest of the year.

To prosper, we need faith and courage.  I made a decision two years ago to make most of my furniture modular or at least self-contained, so that I can shift them around when the prosperous energies moved, to maximize the prosperity I can receive.

I am not asking you to be as extreme as I am, but give yourself that chance and step forward for your future prosperous self and family to start arranging your house to receive abundance, happiness and prosperity.

A well-planned house is ready to invite prosperity simply by arranging furniture according to Lotus Advisors.
-- Leonard