Monday, May 30, 2016

Her Passion for Insurance and Lotus Treasures

A step at a time, a vow of action in every step;
moving moments of life, giving completeness of joy.
A step at a time, a vow of action in every step;
the mission of the Dharma protector marches on.

一步一脚印 一步一愿行
感动生命的时刻 付出圆满喜乐
一步一脚印 一步一愿行

This song produced by Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia for a fund raising event came to my mind out of the blue. This is a nice and meaningful Buddhist hymn, but don’t be mistaken, I’m not selling this song by the Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia, instead, I would like to write about how this song is related to Lotus on Water.

Many people have this thought: Life is short, so why don’t we lead a successful life? A successful life is a decision on your part – you choose to succeed and that is why you chose Lotus Treasures.

That is the story of this client of ours, she has so much confidence and great passion for insurance. The warmth fuzzy feeling that she emits reminded me of Harlem Yu’s Passionate Desert (哈林的《热情的沙漠》 :我的热情,好像一把火,燃烧了整个沙漠). She started her Lotus journey in September 2015 with her first Double Dragon jadeite ring! I’m sure many of you are familiar with her amazing encounter with Lotus, so what I am trying to bring across is that she has as much passion for Lotus on Water as she has for insurance – she has a passion for both insurance and Lotus treasures.    

Yes, you have made a wise choice for yourself and we cannot deny that.

But have you heard of this saying “vegetarian in practice but not at heart” (口素心不素 or斋口唔斋心 in Cantonese)? I believe many Buddhists would understand this, and indeed, this is what most people are like – practicing vegetarianism but spiritually not wanting to do so.

So why then do I compare “A step at a time, a vow of action in every step” with “Vegetarian in practice but not at heart”? And how is this related to Lotus on Water?

“A step at a time, a vow of action in every step”: Every step taken is a mark of respect and faith in the Dharma.
“Vegetarian in practice but not at heart”: Practicing vegetarianism but craving for meat in every thought.

If you have the attitude of “A step at a time, a vow of action in every step” like our lady client, the power of your Lotus treasures will increase exponentially along with the increase of your faith.  

-- Joo Yee, Assistant to Advisor

Sunday, May 29, 2016

10th Anniversary: Prospering to the Next Level

10 represents completeness, 10 represents a decade. How many decades do we have in our lives? Well, Lotus on Water is celebrating her first decade this year! Lately, I have clients asking me how can they level up their huatness?

Let’s put it this way, fengshui is the combination of personal fengshui and home fengshui, it is an energy field that can be felt but not seen. The larger this energy field, the easier it gets to capture the good luck within. This is where Lotus treasures come into play – enhancing the energy field.

So how do you know which level of yin-yang you belong to? And how can you expand your energy field? Allow me to answer these questions.

At Lotus on Water Exquisite Jadeite Gallery: Begin your Lotus journey with a Lotus jadeite pendant or ring! As the Lotus saying goes: whatever you have on your mind, will always appear on your palms. If you have a Lotus pendant, then upgrade to a Lotus ring. If you have a Lotus ring, then upgrade to a Lotus pendant. Be like our client who bought his first Double Dragon jadeite ring in January, and just in March, he put on his first Lotus pendant to balance the yin yang.

What if I already have both the Lotus ring and Lotus pendant? In that case, would you like to prosper with your family?

At Lotus on Water Sandalwood and Agarwood Gallery: Agarwood pendants and beads are good for clients looking to prosper further. In September 2015, he started out like many of our clients with his Lotus jadeite pendant before upgrading to his Lotus jadeite ring. In March this year, he took a step further and put on his first Agarwood pendant to complete his cycle of yin and yang. As the saying goes: You can’t get indirect wealth in the absence of direct wealth. So for sandalwood pendants and beads, they are more suitable for clients who already own Lotus agarwood items.

What if I want to do my home fengshui? Well, then crystal mountains are your thing. Lotus on Water offers crystal mountains in the form of mountains, mythical creatures, deities and Buddha images. Let’s not forget we have this uniquely designed Lotus Crystal Pineapple Dragon Booster that serves to charge your Heaven and Earth Jadeite Ring.

Let me borrow a saying of Mr Kan:
The MORE you WEAR, the MORE you PROSPER,
The MORE you PROSPER, the MORE you WEAR.

HUAT ah!

-- Joo Yee, Assistant to Advisor


Saturday, May 28, 2016

10th Anniversary: Miracles Can Seem So Ordinary

My name is Joo Yee, you might have heard my voice over the phone, read my articles, or seen the videos Samuel Ling and I made.

I believe everyone has a copy of the newsletter we mailed over, and you should know that Lotus on Water is celebrating her first decade of prosperity! I might have only been here for a short six months, but whatever I have experienced thus far has been nothing but refreshing. Please allow me to describe these as “miracles”.

We have a male client, who got his first Double Dragon jadeite ring from me last December, and within a few months, he progressed from being unemployed to being the MD of a firm. This coming June, he is even going to Germany for an attachment.

Before this, it never occurred to me that “miracles” can seem so ordinary. Again, we have a female client, who was unemployed for half a year and just after wearing her Lotus treasure, she received a call for interview that changed her life.

I guess this is the norm, and that is why Lotus on Water is able to celebrate her 10th anniversary. I sincerely invite you to attend Lotus on Water’s 10th anniversary celebration. On the day of celebration, Master Yun will be reblessing your existing Lotus collections to enhance their energy.

Your newly purchased Lotus collections will be on the first row, right in front of the Fourth Guanyin and the King of Dragons crystal, receiving the first blast of huat qi while being blessed by Master Yun.

Lately, I have clients asking me how can they level up their huatness? How can they make the best use of such good huat qi? Well, many of our clients are already well prepared for the upcoming 10th anniversary celebration, but if you are not, here are some tips:

For those who wants a Lotus ring, get your first Double Dragon jadeite ring now. For those who wants to work on your home fengshui, consult your Lotus advisor now on which crystal mountain you should get. Maybe a Lotus Crystal Pineapple Dragon Booster? 

Remember: The earlier it’s worn, the faster you prosper. Huat ah!

-- Joo Yee, Assistant to Advisor