Sunday, August 25, 2019

[Seven Criteria] For Choosing Your Lotus Crystal Mountain

I have been asked by our clients many times—amongst the great selection of crystal mountains at Lotus on Water, which suits their house best? Or in simpler terms, which should they get?

Thus, I’m writing this article to share the seven criteria for selecting a Lotus crystal mountain that works for you.

1. Type of carving — usually, better quality crystals are reserved for mystical beings (tier 2) and buddha or deity sculptures (tier 3); and different carvings bring different powers after Master Yun's blessings.

2. Type of crystal — most crystals are clear quartz but citrine is the most powerful of all.

3. Level of clarity — yes, the clearer the crystal, the faster its powers. 

4. Presence of “skin of earth” — if it does, congratulations! This crystal has a stronger connection to the powers of the earth.

5. Presence of inclusions — crystals with stronger attraction powers are able to attract denser minerals and act as a host for them.

6. Size of crystal — of course size matters, the bigger it is, the greater its powers. 

7. Presence of the “rainbow effect” — this is caused by the refraction of light by the crystals, and it is a symbol of good luck.

Now that you know how to choose your Lotus crystal mountain, where should you place it and how does it improve your house’s fengshui?

For that, you have to speak to us. Make an appointment with us and bring down your house’s floorplan, we will make sure to advise you the best way to huat your home. 

— Cola, Assistant Advisor

Monday, August 19, 2019

[七大标准] 教你如何选上云龙旺财水晶山

有太多的客人询问我,云龙子旺财馆的水晶山众多,到底哪一座水晶山最适合他们的家里 ? 或者说,到底该摆哪一座水晶山呢?


一、雕刻 - 通常,更高品质的水晶会拿来雕神兽 ( 第二等级) 和神/佛像雕刻 ( 第三等级) ;在云大师的开光后,不同雕刻的水晶也会带来不同的能量。

二、水晶的类型 - 大部分的水晶都是白水晶;然而黄水晶的能量是最强大的。

三、水晶的透明度 - 没错! 当水晶越通透,能量也就越快地传送到你的身边。

四、是否拥有 “ 石皮 ” - 如果有,那就先恭喜你!这样也代表了这座水晶与地球的能量有着更卓越的联系。

五、是否拥有 “ 矿物质 ” - 越有吸引力的水晶,才能够将更好的,更密集的矿物质给吸收,并且将它们成为一部分。

六、尺寸 - 当然,尺寸很重要。水晶越大,能量也就更大。

七、带有彩虹的效果 - 由水晶山带有折射光线,也象征着好运。



-- Cola 助理顾问