Tuesday, November 27, 2018

LAST MONTH of 2018, Here's Imparting 3 Steps To HUAT

2018 is coming to a end...have you achieved your resolutions for this year??

One more month till the end of 2018, and here are 3 STEPS to HUAT for the last and very important month:

1. Wear your Lotus jadeite pendant daily.


When every single day matters, you need all the boost you can get. Extra energy from the universe, better attract it with your personal Lotus jadeite pendant. Even better, your Lotus jadeite Ring.  Here's how to get started: https://bit.ly/2Qlfvoj


2. Charge your Lotus jadeite on your Lotus crystal mountain.

Look, if you charge your phone every other moment, don't even dare to roll your eyes when I tell you to charge your Lotus jadeite. Your phone is of course very important. So is your Lotus jadeite. Your Lotus jadeite makes a difference to your future and fortune. 


No Lotus crystal mountain at home? Better get one.

Can't make it in time? Make sure you find the chance to charge it at the gallery as much as possible.


3. Meditate. Keep up your meditation.

So what do you do with your charged Lotus jadeite? You better meditate with it. You can call it "visualization", "meditation", "communication", whatever, just do it. Wear your Lotus jadeite, and especially during the moments when you wake up, and about to fall asleep, imagine what you want. Literally see what you want, see the moment when you have achieved it. And feel the bliss.

The issue with meditation, is the discipline. You got to keep doing it. You got to make it into a habit. You do it for a week, and you expect the sky? Very optimistic, but not very metaphysically logical. Take it like going to gym, going on a diet. You just got to keep to it. Until it is part of you.

-- Kan Ying Loong, Executive Director

Let The Gold Shine: A Case For Citrine Mountain

By now, I think we all know that:
1. Crystal mountains are important for the fengshui of the house/office (read more here: https://bit.ly/2KBOKqy)
2. Each space (house/office) can have 2 crystal mountains (read more here: https://bit.ly/2KyKMif)
3. Citrine is the better choice for crystal mountains, in terms of types of crystals carved from


When it comes to choosing a mountain for your house/office, for both present and future mountain spots, citrine is the top choice. It is most powerful in bringing out the mountain energy, for stronger benefactors, relationships and health. 


And real citrine is very, very rare. Most that you see in the market, are heated/tampered/fake. Which means the internal structure is broken. There is no power left. 


Fortunate thing about working (and shopping!) in Lotus on Water is that, you get to see quite some authentic and super high quality earthly treasures, despite their rarity.


As you might already know, we reserved the best crystals to carve Buddha/Deity sculptures. So one can say, when you have a Lotus Buddha/Deity sculpture that is carved from citrine crystal, you are really having the best kind of crystal mountain for your house/office.

Let the golden reflections shine in your home.

-- Kan Ying Loong, Executive Director

Monday, November 26, 2018

Riding on Dragons for a Smoother Journey


I got to know Lotus on Water and Mr Kan at just the point in my life when I needed it.

I have always been a go-getter. Whether as a Commando in National Service, or an instructor training Singapore's young sailors, or when I started my career in insurance financial planning, I constantly strived for progress and excellence. I have always believed myself to be capable of greater things.

Yet in 2015, I sensed that something was amiss. Life was alright. But somehow I encountered obstacles at every turn. My career was stagnating. And my energy was getting sapped by difficult relationships.

I knew I needed to do something. Anything. Before things go downhill. I needed a catalyst to bring me to the next level - a fengshui item, I thought. As I researched online, the blog by Lotus on Water attracted my attention. I could relate to the troubles the customers also faced before they had help from Lotus on Water.

Mr Kan answered my online enquiry personally. From our conversation, he could tell that I had the potential to scale much greater heights, but that there were obstacles blocking my path. He guided me on the auspicious items suitable for my elements and my preferences. I wanted a piece of jewellery that would bring Direct Wealth (正财). It should be something aesthetically pleasing that I could wear daily as a professional and as a man in my mid thirties. I also relished the possibility of owning a rare piece of jade.


I finally settled on the Double Dragon Ring 双龙夺珠 customised to my elements and personality. I admired the strength of the two gold dragons and the meanings behind the design.


My wife Patricia also acquired a Jadeite Guanyin 观音在守 which helps magnify good thoughts and reflect away negative energy.


Right after I purchased the ring in Dec 2015, I felt a surge of strength and belief in myself. The winds have changed. Before, I have had to complete my Chartered Financial Consultant professional qualification by 2016, but had been having difficulty passing one of the papers. Then benefactors (贵人) came my way and helped tutor me, and I successfully achieved the qualification by the end of 2016. Following that, I got promoted to be a Director in 2017, and won Top New Director for the same year, which was quite a feat considering the small size of my Director Group relative to many other groups in Great Eastern. Things went much more smoothly and I attained my achievements with greater speed than I would have had if I had relied on personal will and grit alone.

Looking back, there was an unexplainable affinity with Mr Kan and Lotus on Water. Through him, I also got to know the meritable deeds by Lotus on Water and Master Yun. Me and Patricia are both grateful to be able to ride on the strength of fengshui for a smoother journey, while having the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals through Lotus on Water. 

-- Gerard Ng

Thursday, November 22, 2018










发展处高级主任,Liza Boffen-Yordanov女士。
发展处专员,Nicholas Kao先生。
发展处助理主任,Susannze Lee-Chia女士。
发展处副主任,Danny Teo先生。
发展处副主任,Stanley Lee先生。







新加坡教师美术协会创办人及该会会长和副会长,Tang Tak Seng女士以及Tay Hock Leong先生。

校长,黄玮彬女士、Lawrence Chong先生、Yam Wai Kuen先生。


也感谢我们的媒体朋友Robb ReportArtituteRosette Media,以及著名摄影师Billy Mok





Thursday, November 8, 2018

Master Yun's Speech, On The Opening Ceremony of The Crown of Prosperity and Elegance (29 October 2018)

If you ask me: why are cities like Seoul, Hong Kong and Singapore, the most vibrant and prosperous cities in the world? 

I believe there are two reasons. 

The first reason: we are believers in feng shui. Openly or almost openly. 

The second reason: we are people who embrace spirituality and materialism at the same time. 

We are the people who rush into the business districts to make money, And we are the people who squeeze ourselves into the houses and temples of worships.

We do not give up spirituality for materialism; and we do not sacrifice materialism for spirituality. We hold them both dearly, tightly and gratefully. 

I am a firm believer that all blessings, material or spiritual, come from Heaven. Many call heaven by other names, and that’s alright. 

But frankly, I have never seen heaven appearing right in front of me, giving me blessings. 

Heaven always bring blessings to us through material and physical instruments; and most of the time, instruments of human beings. 

Almost all people would love to receive blessings from heaven; but only very few are willing to be the instruments for the blessings of heaven to flow through them to others. 

I am a very lucky man. 

And that is because My life is surrounded by instruments who are willing to allow the blessings of heaven to flow through them, to me. 

For instance: 
The Crown of Apsara artists who move graciously in the glow of gold. 

For instance: 
The Royalties and nobilities who are willing to touch and bless the commoners. 

For instance: 
The academicians and educators who are willing to search for truth and share their convictions and inspiration. 

For instance: 
The friends who sincerely wish that you are the best that you can be. 

And for instance: 
My feng shui paintings that glow in darkness and light up your soul. 

I am very very lucky. And I think you are too. We all are. 

Because here is the gathering of the instruments of blessings, now is the time where the blessings of heaven can flow to us and through us. 

Please enjoy, this evening, the crown of prosperity and elegance. 

-- Master Yun, "The Crown of Prosperity and Elegance" at Chijmes Hall, 29 Oct 2018

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Master Yun: Address To Prestigious Guests, On The Opening Night (29 October 2018)

(My address to the prestigious guests, on the opening night of "The Crown of Prosperity and Elegance -- The Feng Shui Art of Master Yun Long Zi", 29 October 2018)

First of all I would like to express my fondest welcome to our Guests of Honor, Her Royal Highness Princess Norodom Buppha Devi and His Royal Highness Prince Tesso Sisowath of Cambodia for gracing our Grand opening of my Seventh art exhibition “The Crown of Prosperity and Elegance”.

I was a little smart Alect when I was fixing the date of the exhibition. I thought if I can fix my art exhibition on my birthday eve and my birthday, then we don’t need two celebrations and it will be easier for everyone.
But I did not realized that the day after tomorrow is the birthday of the late King Sihanouk.

Princess Buppha Devi and Prince Tesso did not say anything but just agreed to my request to come. Her Royal Highness has also brought along the Royal family: Prince chivanarith, Prince Veakcheravuddh, Princess chansita and Princess Reaksmey to Grace my exhibition. And her Royal Highness has to rush back for the palace rituals and ceremony tomorrow.

I am truly humbled by the great love, thoughtfulness and affections shown to me by the Royal family of Cambodia. 

And of course, I am in lost of words for the gifts that Princess Buppha Devi is so graciously and generously giving to me tonight. 

There is the presence of a great number of academic friends here whom I would like to express my gratitude and welcome: 

From Nanyang Technological University: 

Prof Yow Cheun Hoe -- Head Division of Chinese. NTU
Ms Liza Boffen-Yordanov -- Executive Director, Development Office, NTU
Mr Nicholas Kao -- Development Officer, NTU
Mrs Susannze Lee-Chia -- Associate Director, Development Office, NTU
Mr Danny Teo -- Deputy Director, Development Office, NTU
Mr Stanley Lee –- Deputy Director, Development Office, NTU

From Singapore University of social sciences,
Professor Luo Fu Teng, Head of Chinese Studies.

From Hong Kong University
Associate Professor Goh Hock Huan.

From National Institute of Education, Dr Luo Qingming.

President of The Chinese Teachers Literary Recital Society, Dr Tan Li Xiang.

Former Ministry of Education Officer : Dr Wang Zhi Wei

Veteran of the media industry, Mr 王连三。

Former art inspector and founder, President and Vice President Singapore art teachers sociey : Mrs Tang Tak Seng and Mr Tay Hock Leong.

School Principals: 
Mrs Tan Wie Pin, Mr Lawrence Chong, Mr Yam Wai Kuen.

A great thanks of course to Laurent Perrier, the sponsor of all the champagne we are drinking this evening. Thanks you for the friendship and sponsorship. And for being responsible for the creation of the first paintings in the world that’s done with champagne splashing! The two pieces that’s on the stage.

Thank you also, the media who are here this evening : Robb Report, Artitute and Rosette Media (3 pax) and the famous photographer artist Billy Mok.

Of course a great appreciation to my friends, clients, and followers. Some of you have flown in from Australia, Philippine, Malaysia and Cambodia to join me in this event.

Many of my clients have volunteered their services to us these few days. It’s really amazing that my clients are actually more excited and enthusiastic with the art exhibition than the artist myself.

Thank you so much for your Ernest love and affections.

-- Master Yun Long Zi