Monday, June 14, 2021


WHAT IF I told you, there are TOP REFERRER OF THE MONTH prizes?
And there is.

Starting from this June, the TOP referrer of the month wins a private collection from Master Yun — handmade, aged, purple clay teapot 紫砂茶壶, AND a Celebrationism tea.

Every month, different design.
The 2nd and 3rd top referrer of the month get a Celebrationism tea.

Not to be confused with the gift of 4-lines, the Celebrationism tea that commemorates Master Yun’s first 2017 fengshui art exhibition and the birth of “Celebrationism”.

This Celebrationism tea commemorates Master Yun’s mega 3m by 2m “Celestial Stars 天罡图” painting. Master Yun’s painting is featured on the cover of the tea. You are seeing this for the first time.
May the ones who expand the #lotusfamily, enjoy rich blessings of culture, with celestial stars looking upon you.
I witnessed how Master Yun collected these prized 紫砂茶壶.

2008 was a huge year for China. The Olympic Games were taking place in Beijing. And Master Yun decided to make a trip over, to see how the capital would be revitalized from the Olympic flames.

At that time, I was still studying in Peking University 北京大学. I met up with Master Yun in his Beijing trip.

Side note, Master Yun was staying in The Beijing Hotel 北京饭店, one of the most historical and prestigious hotel in Beijing. And he had to pay about S$10,000 per night during the Olympic season.

Expecting that the whole world would gather at Beijing for the Olympic month, artists and artisans from all over China brought their best and most exquisite works of art to Beijing, in the hopes that tourists would snap them all up.
(The teapot for this month was made in 丁亥年, which is 2007)

But the frenzy and chaos of the Olympics were not conducive for foreigners, especially those who don’t share a common cultural background, to appreciate such refine things.

Too many never-seen before (and never-will-be-seen again) art pieces were left to fade. Including handcrafted, pure purple clay 紫砂 teapots.

Master Yun understood what these teapots meant. He also felt the pain that these valuable collectibles went unappreciated.

And in that season, Master Yun probably became the biggest buyer of all the 紫砂茶壶, to the maximum of how much one can carry back to Singapore.

Master Yun has kept these 紫砂茶壶 since. Never had he really contemplated on how to put them to use. He did it to support the Chinese culture, he did it because he loves the pieces too.

And now, Master Yun is sharing his love with you. 
-- Kan, Executive Director
["TOP", means highest value referred]

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