Thursday, October 17, 2019

Master Yun Speaks: Launch of Compilation of Theses Awarded Lotus on Water Gold Medal and Book Prizes

I shall not be too assuming to discuss profound doctrines in front of learned people here today. So I share with you some small stories.

When I was studying in the university, my female classmates often rushed out of the classrooms to cry. It was because they could not understand the full content of discussion between the lecturer and I.

And when I sat for my exams, all my male classmates did one thing, they wore checkered shirts like I did. They thought that was my secret lucky charm to do so well in my Chinese papers. No. It was just because I loved checkered clothes the most at that time.


A professor asked me to help my classmates, especially the juniors in their studies. I said: “Why do you ask me to do something so unpopular?”

The professor said: “Think about it. When you graduate, no one will ask you for your marks. They will only ask you which university you graduated from. If your juniors are outstanding, so will the brand of your certificate, which you have spent so many years to receive.” Thus I spent much time creating study groups in my university life.

Fortune takes a meandering path, I did not continue my career in the academic world. However, I have seen NTU rise in ranking from position 71st in the world in year 2006, to position 11th in the world, and 1st in Asia, this year.

This is the result of the hard work of the teachers and students. As an NTU alumni, I too share the glory. Thank you for sharing with me the glory which I have not worked for.

Albeit, I have never forgotten the words of my professor. I always hope I can do something for the NTU Chinese studies students.


In my opinion, in ancient China, the speed of knowledge spreading was slow, so emphasis of examinations was on the retention of knowledge.

In the modern world, the speed of information sharing is exceedingly swift. There is an overwhelming amount of information everywhere. So the emphasis of tests should be on the discernment of information. Something which we call “critical thinking skill“.

And I think that the best way to develop critical thinking skill is through thesis writing and not examinations. Thus, Lotus on Water Book prizes and Gold Medal Award are to be given to students who have written the best thesis papers, and NOT to students who have scored highest in their examinations.

And...we hope that freshmen will learn from the good models in thesis writing right from the beginning, instead of hurrying through in their last years. This is the reason to why we publish the compilation of the thesis papers that have won the awards, and we launch it today. Hopefully, the thesis papers of our graduate students would improve one year after another.

Whether it is academic studies, enterprises, or living daily lives, “critical thinking skill” is vitally important. The world is filled with too much naysaying that's selfishly emotional.

For example, a popular saying in the social media: “You are not earning enough because you are working for others. When you get back home, you are too tired to do any financial planning for yourself.” If this statement were true, housewives should be the richest people in the world.

Another negative and harmful saying: “Just make enough for yourself, do not be too greedy in your life.” If everybody thinks likewise, who is going to pay enough taxes to build the nation?

These selfish and negative words should never be on the lips of NTU graduates, if not it just reflects the smallness and triviality of our minds and our hearts. And we should not waste away the time and efforts that our teachers, our educational institutions and our nation have invested on us.

I have shared the words of my professor to you, in order to remind you and myself that we as individuals can bring values to the  team, and the team can bring values to our individual lives.

The team includes not just our own families, but also our schools, companies, enterprises, nations and the world.

If you win the awards of Lotus on Water Book prizes and Gold Medals, please never say “enough”! Please win greater, grander, prettier awards for yourself and for your team.

If you do not win the Lotus on Water Book prizes and Gold Awards, please never say “it’s alright”. Please win greater, grander and prettier awards for yourself and your team.

-- Master Yun, 11 oct 2019, Chinese Heritage Centre

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Master Yun Selected As "Chinese Pioneer" By China CCTV -- Featuring Mr Pook


Master Yun has been selected as "Chinese Pioneer" by China CCTV. Early September, CCTV came to Singapore to film Master Yun, his friends, his business partners, his clients.]

恭喜 Mr Pook 受中国央视采访,关于云大师成为“华人楷模”。
Congratulation to Mr Pook for getting interviewed by China CCTV, about Master Yun being a “Chinese Pioneer”.

Mr Pook是在2013年来到我们的云龙子旺财馆。
Mr Pook first came to our Lotus on Water gallery back in 2013.

Looking back at Lotus on Water Facebook page, I found these pictures.

Mr Pook 在和 Mr Kan 做脱口秀节目。
Mr Pook used to shoot talk shows with Mr Kan.

这是Mr Pook 分享他的个人经验的影片,他也推荐给新客人从双龙夺珠开始。
Mr Pook shared his experience and recommends new client to start with Double Dragon ring.

Because the Double Dragon ring is very powerful.

Mr Pook戴上他的双叶三连升的翡翠牌过后,就戴上他的双龙夺珠翡翠戒指。
Mr Pook wore his Double Dragon ring shortly after starting with his Bamboo jadeite pendant.

Because he knew about the Power of Double Dragon ring, he want to prosper faster.

So he choose to wear his Double Dragon ring.

感谢 Mr Pook多年来的支持与协助。
Thank you Mr Pook for your support and help in these few years.

现在 Mr Pook 是我们 Follower Group 的 chairman。
Now Mr Pook is the chairman of the Follower Group.

Mr Pook 都很用心的去帮助云龙子旺财馆的庆典。
Mr Pook puts in his time and effort to help out during Lotus on Water event.

这是Mr Pook 戴上的极品翡翠牌的照片。因为他想旺的更快,所以选择这块极品翡翠。
This is a picture of Mr Pook collecting and wearing his Exquisite jadeite pendant. Because he want to be even more prosperous, so he choose this Exquisite jadeite pendant.

For every three hundred Auspicious jadeite carved, only one Exquisite jadeite will be carved. Each Exquisite jadeite is very Unique.

Exquisite Jadeite comes from the center of the raw jadeite boulder it has very Strong energy and can help you prosper more faster.

想拥有一块极品翡翠牌,然后像Mr Pook一样旺吗?那我们就在馆里见。
Want to have your own Exquisite jadeite pendant, and be prosperous like Mr Pook? Let’s meet in the gallery.

-- Alex, Assistant to Advisor

Looking into previous years, blessed clients who started in the CHONG YANG month and how have they Prospered so far

We look back into previous years, blessed clients who started in the CHONG YANG month, and how have they prospered 
so far.

She chose her first Lotus jadeite just one year ago, during the Chong Yang month of 2018.

In just a year, not only has her career progressed -- her department also achieved record-breaking revenue, she was even offered a new position by another company, promising her DOUBLE of what she gets paid now.

Own your new Lotus collection this CHONG YANG month.

-- Cola, Assistant to Advisor

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Dancing with Prosperity and Elegance: Master Yun’s Art Exhibition in Barcelona’s La Pedrera-Casa Milà

Master Yun and his paintings 

On the 27th and 28th of September, renowned Southeast Asian fengshui master and artist, Master Yun Long Zi, held his fengshui art exhibition at Barcelona’s La Pedrera-Casa Milà. Close to 200 representatives from various governments, consular corps and business circles, attended the opening ceremony on the 27th. With them were His Royal Highness Prince Tesso Sisowath of Cambodia and His Excellency Dr Julio Jeldres, Counsellor to the Cabinet of His Majesty the King of Cambodia. 

Fengshui painting by Master Yun
Fengshui painting by Master Yun
Master Yun interacting with guests at the art exhibition 

Master Yun Long Zi is the sixth generation fengshui master in his family, renowned in Southeast Asia. Inheriting the wisdom and knowledge from his predecessors, Master Yun founded Lotus on Water Feng Shui Gallery in 2006. Lotus on Water offers authentic and elegant fengshui jewellery, collected even by royalties, transforming and prospering lives of its passionate and large following.

High Royal Highness Prince Tesso Sisowath of Cambodia addressing the audience
Master Yun delivering his welcome speech

High Royal Highness Prince Tesso Sisowath delivered the opening speech at the launch of Master Yun’s Dancing with Prosperity and Elegance art exhibition. After that, Master Yun took to the stage to welcome all guests and to express his appreciations. Sharing his family’s history with fengshui, he said: “I’m the sixth generation fengshui master of my family and my ancestral home is in Dapu of Guangdong while my maternal grandfather was a Hakka living in Fujian… Our family’s fengshui philosophy focuses on hope, we believe that it is human nature to be hopeful be it during adversity or good times. This is a valuable human trait and this is something my family’s fengshui philosophy focuses on.”

Master Yun's painting under the light

Having practised art since young, Master Yun is also a painter. His fengshui paintings are inspiring creations of celebration, using real gold and silver, a true hallmark of prosperity and elegance. Currently, Master Yun’s fengshui paintings are printed on the packaging of Laurent-Perrier’s La Cuvée, and on the label of Grand Siècle. Master Yun also invented the method of using champagne in his fengshui paintings, the first and only one in the history of art. For his contribution to Champagne, Master Yun was inducted into “Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne” in 2018.

Collectors of Master Yun’s fengshui paintings include His Majesty King Norodom Sihamoni, Her Majesty the Queen Mother Norodom Monineath, Her Royal Highness Princess Norodom Buppha Devi, His Royal Highness Prince Sisowath Tesso, His Royal Highness Prince Sisowath Veakchirauuddh, of Cambodia. Ms Alexandra Pereyre de Nonancourt, owner of Laurent-Perrier champagne, and Mr Manuel Rabaté, director of Louvre museum, are also collectors of Master Yun's fengshui paintings.

Speaking of his paintings, Master Yun shared: “Europe’s most famous artists are Picasso and Van Gogh, very strong-willed individuals, which is a trait I share and something I try to bring across in my artworks… I practise fengshui that’s been passed down generations in my family and there’s this saying that life is art and art is life, hence, I think art should reflect one’s life philosophy. Feng shui is part of my family’s belief and philosophy, so it has naturally made its way into my art. 

Close to a hundred of Master Yun’s paintings were on display, including "Spring Spreading like Blooming Wings", "Great Tidings", "Wishes like Wild Celebrations" and "The Immense Attraction". Peacock is the subject of most of these works and Master Yun used special paint that allowed these works to flow under ultraviolet light. Besides creating an aura of wealth, strength and happiness, it symbolises that there is always light in the darkness” and that “there is always sunshine after the storm”. 

Painting coming alive under ultraviolet light
Artwork under ultraviolet light

Master Yun said that: “My works revolve around peacocks because their characteristics are similar to my fengshui philosophy, and they are cross-cultural and cross-regional. Peacock is a positive figure in most people’s eye and my painting appears as a peacock in the day but the peacock’s feathers turn into planets under UV light. This is an expression of my fengshui philosophy—with a strong mind, you will be like a planet which attracts all the positive energy around you, for you to lead a life of pride and glory. 

Guests viewing Master Yun’s paintings
Guests viewing Master Yun’s paintings
Apsara dance performance at the opening ceremony

The opening ceremony on the 27th was well-received by the guests. At the ceremony, the Cambodian dance troupe presented an Apsara dance. Ambassador Julio Jeldres, Counsellor to the Cabinet of His Majesty the King of Cambodia, even complimented Master Yun as the master who made the West fall in love with the East. Prince Tesso Sisowath was also full of praises for Master Yun during his opening address. After the exhibition in Barcelona, Master Yun’s paintings will travel to Singapore and other countries as part of its world tour. 

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