Tuesday, December 30, 2014

You Are the Master of Your Destiny - Have You Collected Your Lotus Diary?

I hope many of you have collected your Christmas present from Master Yun - The Lotus Diary. 

The Lotus Diary is a planner. We start from writing down what we want for 2015, then we break it down into the months, the weeks, and every single day. Sounds simple. And it is. And it is often the simplest of things as such that rises us beyond. Like persevering in the founding principles of the Lotus, offering our faithful clients the most valuable and powerful collections; like believing that there are others who aspire to have nothing but the best in the world.

The Lotus Diary is in line with the Lotus way of life. We wear our Lotus collections, we do up the fengshui of our house and office solid good with the placement of powerful treasures, because we believe that we are the masters of our own destiny. We don't believe that our lives are fixed. There is no such thing as 天注定 (determined by heavens). We take active action to influence, improve and control our fate.

The same is with The Lotus Diary. We take charge of our daily lives. We leave nothing to chance. We take faith in prospering with the best, and in the best manner possible, and denounce the scraps that eat up our luck and our time. And then, every day shall be lined with gold, just like the pages of The Lotus Diary.

We are starting 2015 in 2 days. Open up your Lotus Diary, flip to the annual plan page, and write down what you want to achieve for 2015. When you are writing, wearing your Lotus collections, this is also a form of meditation.

The Lotus Diary is a gift to all Lotus VIPs. You can also purchase it for 68SGD.

-- Kan

Sunday, December 28, 2014


The Swiss Army Knife is a foldable knife that contains other tools, such as a can opener and screwdriver, that can be switched out when needed.  It is issued to many militaries worldwide and used by many travellers or at home.
The Swiss Army Knife once saved a pilot's life who managed to slash a locked seatbelt and escape before the crash-landed plane exploded.  It became handy for us when my father once used the Swiss Army Knife to cut fish bait at Bedok jetty which reminded me of Lotus Thousand Hands Guanyin's Sword.
When I needed to tighten a loose screw on my bed frame, I turned to my Swiss Army Knife for a Philips screwdriver that is somewhat similar to the Spear that Lotus Thousand Hand Guanyin held.
And when camping, the magnifying glass on the Swiss Army Knife seem to highlight that Lotus Thousand Hand Guanyin does hold a Sun because campers harness the sun rays with the help of the magnifying glass to start a fire without a lighter.
From what I see, the Swiss Army Knife has specially selected tools compiled into 1 body, similar to the many items held by the same Lotus Thousand Hand Guanyin figure.
The multi-tool Swiss Army Knife
Lotus Thousand Hands Guanyin Crystal with her many hands and items
-- Leonard

World LARGEST Sandalwood Buddha Sculpture as compared to our LOTUS Crystal Buddha Sculpture

Emperor Yong Zheng in the Qing Dynasty ordered a 2 & 1/2 storey high Maitreya Buddha sculpture to be carved out of a single sandalwood tree. Heavens provided for this large sandalwood tree, his wealth allowed him to afford the material, and the trading route made the travel of material possible. Also, the carving masters have acquired this skill to realize the Buddha sculpture.  In combination, these factors gave him a rare opportunity to create an everlasting art to showcase his reign and promote Buddhism culture.

I feel it's similar to our Lotus Crystal Buddha Sculptures. Heavens provided for this Crystals, and to be discovered when developing places like Madagascar are building railroads, tunneling through hills and quarries. Lotus's wealth allowed us to afford the material. The expansion of trade made the travel through sea possible. Also, our carving masters have acquired this skill to realize the Buddha sculpture. In combination, these factors gave us a rare opportunity to create an everlasting art to showcase such exquisite art pieces and promote Buddhist culture.

You also have this rare opportunity to invite Lotus Crystal Buddha Sculpture to showcase your beliefs and promote Buddhism culture. Not only that, Lotus Crystal Buddha Sculpture prosper your wealth, relationship and career when its blessed by Master Yun and placed at the position in your house/workplace as advised by Master Yun.

Large Lotus Laughing Buddha Crystal

-- Shiyi

Thursday, December 25, 2014

THANK YOU for coming, and MOVING FORWARD for 2015

THANK YOU - thank you all who came for the winter solstice mass blessing celebration on Monday 22 December 2014. I was very happy to see all of you - new and old friends - coming together at the Lotus gallery again to celebrate your harvest for the year. 

It has always been my greatest comfort to see your progress over these years. Friends who have followed the Lotus for 8 years, 10 years, 12 years - I remember how you started. Now, you are with 3 Heaven and Earth jadeite rings, prospering like you would never dared to imagine. I congratulate you. And I am happy for your progress.

It was a spectacular night - the Lotus Pineapple Dragon was amazing, and for the first time, Master Yun blessed and reblessed your Lotus collections during the celebration itself. Many of you were fortunate to observe the blessing ceremony. Since the dawn of the Lotus, all Lotus collections are blessed by Master Yun only, using the specially prepared Lotus vermilion. I believe we have all gathered the good blessings that day.

It took me 3 days after the Monday celebration to write this, because since 22 December 2014 onwards, the Lotus is going full force to prosper you for 2015. The prosperity in Lotus on Water continues. The Annual Wealth Bags, the Tea Hulu, they are back. I will be releasing more details about them soon - once I catch my breath these few nights. As like previous years, meet up with your advisors to find out what you need to get to prosper for 2015. Just a quick note: there are again shameless imitators copying the Lotus creations, cheaply. There is only one Lotus on Water. All Annual Wealth Bags are made by Master Yun himself, hands-on.

Recognize the authentic. Followers of the Lotus deserve first-hand fortune, not cheap copies of "luck".
And this hectic season will go on till the end of the Chinese New Year period. Our appointments are already back-to-back now, and with Shiyi and Meilin, I hope we can prosper more faithful followers, more efficiency. So the next time we have the chance to meet at a grand celebration like 22 December 2014, would definitely be after this Chinese New Year period. Stay tuned. 

But for now, moving forward, lets prosper you for 2015 first - contact your advisors for your earliest appointment.

-- Kan

Monday, December 22, 2014

Today, Your Prosperity in 2015 Begins


Today is the day. For those of you who are coming for tonight's winter solstice mass blessing celebration, I congratulate you first - for before anyone else in the whole world has the chance to receive the lion and dragon dance huatness, we are the first, and you shall be the first to receive it.

The next time the Lotus be doing this grand event, will be after Chinese New Year. From today onwards, the Lotus will be entirely engaged in prospering our blessed clients for 2015 - the upgrade of personal luck, the placement of annual fengshui collections, these all begin today.

"Winter solstice is grander than new year 冬大过年", because in autumn we harvest, and in winter we enjoy the fruits of our labor. In order for a much more prosperous winter next year, we start sowing the seeds of prosperity from this winter solstice onwards. From today onwards.

And for the first time tonight, the Lotus Pineapple Dragon roars and soars. Only for our privileged clients, your Lotus collections shall be blessed with the Huat qi gathered by the Pineapple Dragon today. And you get to do this every single year. Imagine the huatness accumulated in your Lotus jadeite starting from today.

Today, your prosperity in 2015 begins. See you tonight! 

-- Kan

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Your Prosperity in 2015 Begins Tomorrow

Tomorrow 22 December 2014, we start preparing for next year's fengshui. Next year officially begins 4 February 2015, the start of spring. Tomorrow is winter solstice, "winter solstice is grander than new year 冬大过年", because once we pass 22 December 2014, we should gear all our energy to make 2015 Wood Goat year a more fabulous one!

I will announce the important annual fengshui collections to have in the next few days, progressively. We are all familiar with the Annual Wealth Bags, the Duanxi Clear Waters Inkstone, the Imperial White Inkstone, the Tea Hulu - they are back. 

Placing your Lotus collections on the blessing altar, beside the 2nd and 4th Lotus Guan Yin.
What you need to have for next year depends very much on what you aspire to achieve for 2015 - start visioning now. This is the key question - what do you want to prosper in, or avoid, for 2015? Then we will know which annual fengshui collection you should be getting. Or what extension of personal luck - Lotus agarwood, sandalwood, another Heaven and Earth jadeite ring - you should be getting.

We are marking tomorrow with the first ever winter solstice mass blessing celebration, read more about this wonderful event here. Many of you have already passed us your Lotus collections for more blessings - it's really a joy to see your progress over these years. When you collect your blessed collections from 23 December 2014 onwards, in the appointment with me or my colleagues (Shiyi and Meilin), let's go through what we can do for a wonderful 2015.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow! We start refreshments at 730pm. At 830pm, we start the celebration with the first soar and roar of the Lotus Pineapple Dragon.

Come say HUAT when we meet tomorrow!

-- Kan

Saturday, December 20, 2014

What is this "Five Paths of Wealth Incense" (五路进财香)?

What is this "Five Paths of Wealth Incense" (五路进财香)?

The Five Paths of Wealth Incense is the creation of Lotus on Water. The gold bar of Incense comprises of premium natural sandalwood Incense from 5 different origins: East Timor, Xueli, New Mountain, Tongkar, Old Mountain. 

Different Incense has different fengshui energies. Find out more from our advisors what each can do. With 40 pieces of Incense from each origin, every bar of Five Paths of Wealth Incense has 200 pieces of prosperous Incense. Works good with your personal Lotus jadeite and your Heaven and Earth jadeite ring.

And there's more you need to know about this prosperous Five Paths of Wealth Incense. Let me keep it short:

1. Every single piece of Incense is handmade.

2. The blessed individuals making the Incense must be vegetarians.

3. The Incense are only made on 24 most auspicious dates in the entire year chosen by Master Yun.

4. All made Incense have to absorb nights of moonlight to harness the yin energy.

5. Only available for sale during the Chinese New Year period and June anniversary month.

This season, we have placed 2 golden mountains of Incense under the 2nd and 4th Lotus Guan Yin. They will be blessed during the 22 December 2014 mass blessing celebration. First purchases of this Five Paths of Wealth Incense will be collecting from this blessed lot. ACT FAST to get the most huat.

2 years are available: Year 2012 at 1,268SGD; Year 2013 at 1,138SGD. The more aged the Incense the better the power.

When you collect your Incense, our advisors will plot on your floorplan where to light your Incense for best prosperity for year 2015.

-- Kan

4 Lotus Collections to Get this 22 December 2014

THANK YOU, thank you for all your overwhelming response - we are finishing up the setting of gold to your newly purchased Lotus collections and having them ready in time for this 22 December 2014 mass blessing celebration. 

Know more about this prosperous 22 December 2014.

Here are 4 prosperous Lotus collections you should get on 22 December to bring home the BEST HUAT Qi of this celebration:

1. THE Double Dragon jadeite ring

Do I need to say more? Of course THE Double Dragon jadeite ring. The power of your Double Dragon jadeite ring is from the core of the raw jadeite. Be the heart of prosperity. Know the 22 wonders of the Double Dragon jadeite ring here.

2. Lotus jadeite Ruyi Wanglai pendant (如意旺来)

The Lotus Pineapple Dragon first soar and roar this 22 December 2014! Wear the Lotus jadeite Ruyi Wanglai (如意旺来) pendant for breakthroughs, for victories - win like Master Yun's champion golden koi.

3. Five Paths of Wealth Incense

The Five Paths of Wealth Incense (五路进财香) is back. We are having 2 mountains of Incense (year 2012 and year 2013) below the 2nd and 4th Lotus Guan Yin. They will be blessed by the Lotus Pineapple Dragon this 22 December 2014. First purchases and orders get to collect their Incense from this blessed lot. Members continue to enjoy buy 1 get 1 free. Order with us today.

4. Order your Annual Wealth Bags

We start preparing for next year's annual fengshui from 22 December 2014 onwards. When you collect your blessed Lotus collections with the appointment set with our advisors, we should discuss about your annual fengshui at the same time. And you would want to order your Annual Wealth Bags (for direct wealth, and indirect wealth) from today onwards. As per last year, the Lotus Wealth Bags are made upon order personally by Master Yun. They take time and auspicious days to make. And I want you to have the best blessings.

-- Kan

Thursday, December 18, 2014

CLOSE UP: Master Yun's 5 Heaven and Earth jadeite rings for 22 December 2014

This 22 December 2014, Lotus on Water is having the first ever winter solstice mass blessing celebration. This is also the first time that Master Yun is blessing your newly purchased Lotus collections and re-blessing your existing Lotus collections during the Huat celebration itself (8:38pm - 10:00pm). Master Yun will first be blessing newly purchased collections. For this, Master Yun is wearing 5 Heaven and Earth jadeite rings to boost his powers and gather the best Qi into your Lotus collections. 

Let's start with Master Yun's left hand.

From the left, the Double Dragon jadeite ring with the imperial jadeite cabochon sits on the middle finger, to bless your Lotus collections with the wealth luck fit for the emperor.

On the relationship finger, the 1st generation of the Heaven and Earth jadeite ring - the Meeting of Heaven and Earth, with the dark jadeite cabochon. Together with the clear white jadeite hulu Double Dragon jadeite ring on the last finger, a good yin-yang. One for you to have good relationship luck, the other for your benefactors and away with the irritating malefactors.

And the right hand.

For this important occasion, Master Yun is wearing 2 imperial jadeite Heaven and Earth jadeite rings. The second one is this imperial jadeite hulu on his right hand middle finger. A variation of the Double Dragon jadeite ring, this imperial jadeite hulu is set as the Dragon and Phoenix, for both your power and fame. 

The 5th Heaven and Earth jadeite ring on the relationship finger of Master Yun's right hand. Clear white jadeite cabochon, full and rounded, like a beacon attracting the most prosperous relationships to your Lotus collections.

Are your Lotus collections going to be blessed with the powers of Master Yun's 5 Heaven and Earth jadeite rings this 22 December 2014?

Make it in time for the first winter solstice mass blessing celebration. Get your Lotus jadeite here: http://bit.ly/lotusjadeite

-- Kan

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

As I Promised: What to Do to Get the BEST HUATNESS for 22 December 2014

I promised many of my dear clients that I am going to write on what to do exactly to get the best huatness for 22 December 2014. Here we go:

1. Most importantly: Get your new Lotus collections from now onwards to make it in time for 22 December 2014 evening mass blessing celebration. The newly purchased Lotus collections will be first blessed by Master Yun. The newly purchased Lotus collections will also be placed closest to the two Lotus Guan Yin. And the "first light" that shines on your Lotus collections shall be this winter solstice celebration's 7 rays of "FIRSTs". Why prosper any less?

2. Pass your existing personal Lotus collections from now till before 22 December 2014 7:30pm. You can hand your personal collections to Shiyi and Meilin. Please, as usual, make an appointment with us. We don't want you to wait for hours.

3. We will arrange to have your Lotus collections placed on the blessing platform where the 2nd and 4th Lotus Guan Yin are. Note: only bring your personal collections - your Lotus jadeite pendant, sandalwood, agarwood, the Rings, don't move your fengshui collections especially the crystal mountains in your home or office.

4. The ceremony begins 22 December 2014 8:38pm. The HUAT Qi is driven to the galleries by the lions and dragons, especially the Pineapple Dragon, and shall be focused at the 2nd and 4th Lotus Guan Yin. Ceremony ends approximately at 10:00pm.

5. Master Yun's blessing of newly purchased Lotus collections and re-blessing of existing collections takes place during the celebration, in private.

6. I advise that you collect your Lotus collections on the days after this celebration, from 23 December 2014 onwards. Let the Huat Qi gathered during the celebration settle for the night into your collections. Once again, please make an appointment with us to retrieve your treasures. You would want to start preparing for next year's fengshui during this appointment as well.

7. On 22 December 2014, we also start preparing for next year's annual fengshui - details will be announced closer to the date, only from 22 December onwards can you start purchasing the annual fengshui items necessary. Remember your prosperous wealth bags? They are back.

8. Also, from 22 December 2014 onwards, the Five Paths of Wealth Incense is back.

That's all for now. See you on 22 December 2014!

-- Kan

Monday, December 15, 2014

The 7 "FIRSTs" of the Upcoming 22 December 2014 Mass Blessing Celebration

Let's start with what we already know. We know by now that Lotus on Water is having its FIRST winter solstice mass blessing celebration, this 22 December 2014. But this is not the only "FIRST". The Lotus doesn't have everything, but always the FIRST and best of the things that matter. And so shall the prosperity of the Lotus clients be, the best, the top.

I really see no point in prospering otherwise. 

Anyway, HERE are the FIRSTs of this winter solstice mass blessing celebrations:

1. Yes, this will be the FIRST ever winter solstice mass blessing celebration.

Since the dawn of the first Lotus gallery, we have been doing it only on 2 occasions: Chinese New Year celebration, and Lotus Anniversary celebration in June. On every occasion, we celebrate with lion and dragon dances to attract all the huat Qi to the Lotus gallery. And purchased Lotus collections placed around the unmeasurable and miraculous 2nd Lotus Guan Yin shall be bathed in the most concentrated huat Qi of all.

The roaring lions at Lotus on Water Street the 7th Anniversary celebration in 2013.
We have a saying: 冬大过年 (winter solstice is more important than spring festival). Once winter reaches its peak on 22 December, we start preparing for next year. Hence 22 December is also the day when we start talking about the annual fengshui for next year, and what you can get for your prosperity in 2015. This 22 December, we celebrate this important occasion for the first time with the Lotus mass blessing ceremony.

2. The FIRST night lion and dragon dance celebration at Lotus on Water Street, where it all began.

You might have gathered 8 years of prosperous yang energy into your Lotus collections during the 8 years of day celebrations. This is your first chance to balance it with some huatastic yin energy.

The galleries of Lotus on Water Street. We prefer to meet our clients face-to-face for genuine understanding and advisory.
I heard that there might be lions and dragons shining in neon light for this first night celebration...let's see.

3. The Lotus Pineapple Dragon's FIRST dance and soar.

This is important. Every occasion, the Lotus creates new prosperity for our faithful clients by having different celestial beings invite and channel different huat Qi into their Lotus collections. This 22 December 2014, we have something one of a kind. Lotus on Water creates prosperity again. Lotus on Water creates the Pineapple Dragon specially for this winter solstice. The combination of the earth pineapple and heavenly dragon, read more about it here

The Lotus creates prosperity. We don't imitate.
What energy does the Lotus Pineapple Dragon bring to your Lotus collections? Let's put it in this way. Last June, during Lotus's 7th anniversary celebrations in 2013, a blessed client's Double Dragon jadeite ring was blessed by the specially created Lotus dragon. In his own words, from July 2013 to November 2013, every month, his business prospered at least 3 million SGD. The pineapple is for grand profits, the dragon brings you royal power, strength and victory. You can do the math of prosperity yourself. 

4. The FIRST time your Lotus collection will be blessed under the witness of both the 2nd and 4th Lotus Guan Yin.

Both the 2nd and 4th Lotus Guan Yin will be witnessing the blessing of your Lotus collections.
The 2nd Lotus Guan Yin of unmeasurable and miraculous powers has been the constant patron of purchased Lotus collections. This 22 December 2014, Lotus followers have the privilege of having their Lotus collections bask in the victorious light of the sandalwood 4th Lotus Guan Yin at the same time. Let your Lotus collections be the first to receive blessings from these two Lotus Guan Yin.

5. The FIRST time Master Yun re-blesses your Lotus collections during a mass blessing celebration.

In the past, Master Yun would bless only the newly purchased Lotus collections. This 22 December, Master Yun continues to bless the newly purchased Lotus collections first, and re-blesses the existing collections of our faithful clients under the witness of the two Lotus Guan Yin.

Perhaps a clarification here on what is Master Yun's blessing all about. Only Master Yun blesses the Lotus collections. With 6 generations of power passed down, Master Yun awakens the Lotus jadeite, calls into existence the energies of the heavens and earths for your Lotus jadeite. Not any random red dot would do. Without Master Yun's blessing with the specially prepared Lotus vermilion, it would just be a beautiful, good quality piece of jadeite. Only with Master Yun's Lotus blessing would your Lotus jadeite work.

6. The FIRST time Master Yun is wearing 9 golden koi robe for the blessing. 

Master Yun's blessing robe is of pure silk. Silk is the protector and conductor of fengshui energy. Together with the Lotus Pineapple Dragon, Master Yun's golden koi puts the huat into your Lotus collections. 

7. The FIRST time Master Yun is wearing 5 Heaven and Earth jadeite rings for the blessing.

Find out in the upcoming article which are the 5 Heaven and Earth jadeite rings that Master Yun would be wearing.
As I have always said, Lotus on Water is in the business of luck but we never leave things to chance. Master Yun wears 5 Heaven and Earth jadeite rings this 22 December 2014 on different fingers for this blessing, so that different aspects of prosperity are blessed into your Lotus collections.

Why prosper less? Get your Lotus jadeite in time for this 22 December 2014 mass blessing celebration: http://bit.ly/lotusjadeite

See you on 22 December 2014 - say hi to me when we meet!

-- Kan 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Why Lotus Citrine helps to PROSPER YOUR WEALTH?

Citrine at Lotus on Water are excavated from Brazil and parts of the African continent like Madagascar. 

These authentic Citrine are carved into sculpture of Buddha and celestial animals. 

Then, together with Master Yun’s personal blessings and advice for the specific placement location, the Lotus Citrine improves your house/workplace fengshui and your wealth.

Citrine Bull Dashing to YOUR WEALTH

Friday, December 12, 2014












This 22 December 2014, a Dragon Shall be Born | 这2014年的12月22日,一巨龙将诞生

The Birth of the Pineapple Dragon at Lotus on Water

Every year, Lotus on Water has for two dates whereby we do the re-anointing (re-blessing) of our clients' Lotus collections (your Lotus jadeite, agarwood and sandalwood) with our Lotus red vermillion by our dear Master Yun Long Zi.

One of the occasions is during the Chinese New Year; the exact day will be announced around that time.

The second time is during June when Lotus on Water is having her anniversary celebration.

This year Lotus on Water is having the third time. It will be on the day of winter solstice which is the 22nd of December.
On this day, Master will use special incense and our specially concocted red vermillion to bless the collections at the most auspicious hour. We would also have dragon and lion dances to breathe the different kinds of auspicious Qi that these celestial beings represent.

This year we have a special celestial animal. It is our own creation, registered design by Lotus on Water.

It is a merger of two auspicious creations – the pineapple and the dragon. One is a plant, the other is a celestial being. One is from earth, the other is from Heaven. The pineapple represents grand profit, and dragon represents kingship, royalty, victory, power and strength.

The Lotus Pineapple Dragon in the making.

This is the first time a dragon of this style is made. At the moment, before others try to copy us (again), this Pineapple Dragon will be the one and only one the world has. It is going to have his virgin awakening and first soar on the evening 8:38pm on 22nd December this year. Dinner will be served at 7:30pm.

We sincerely invite you, all clients and friends of Lotus on Water, to participate in witnessing the creation of this most auspicious being.

May he bring you all blessing he represents: grandness, wealth, power, authority and victory.

-- Kan













Thursday, December 11, 2014

Why so MANY people make fake Citrine?

Citrine is very rare. Imagine searching for your soul mate in the entire world or worse, Citrine takes millions (even billions) of years to form. In addition to this, Citrine requires a constant temperature of 50˚C during growth time. Hence, Citrine is rarely found and can fetch a high selling price.

Citrine is the best crystal to get to enhance mountain star at home/workplace. Because the colour of the crystal is appropriate. Yellow colour represents the earth element which mountains are vastly made up of, Earth (soil). Therefore Citrine is the good replacement for natural mountain in house/workplace fengshui.

Citrine also enhance wealth since Earth is the reservoir of precious matter, like precious gemstones, gold and more.

Citrine at Lotus on Water are excavated from Brazil, parts of the African continent like Madagascar. These authentic Citrine are carved into sculpture of Buddha and celestial animals. Then, together with Master Yun’s personal blessings and advice for the specific placement location, the Lotus Citrine improves your house/workplace fengshui and your wealth.

 My favorite Citrine sculpture at Lotus on Water.
-- Ong Shiyi

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

This 22 December 2014: About the Re-anointing of Lotus Vermillion

This is a re-announcement which I don't exactly like to announce, cause it makes me very busy.

Every year, Lotus on Water has for two dates whereby we do the re-anointing (re-blessing) of our clients' Lotus collections (your Lotus jadeite, agarwood and sandalwood) with our Lotus red vermillion by our dear Master Yun Long Zi.

One of the occasions is during the Chinese New Year; the exact day will be announced around that time.

The second time is during June when Lotus on Water is having her anniversary celebration.

We are now having a third session. If it happens, it should be on the day of winter solstice which is the 22nd of December. It is a weekday, so we will have it at the evening time.

It's not just a random red dot. Master Yun, inheriting the powers of 5 generations of predecessors, blesses your Lotus collections personally.
The reason for us to have a third time in a year for Master Yun to re-awaken the powerful and auspicious collections of Lotus on Water's clients is due to the very busy period every Chinese New Year and our anniversary celebration in June. We do not have ample time during those seasons to remind our clients to do so. Besides, some clients who are overseas may not be able to fly back during those time. So we are working on a third session of the year for their Lotus collections to be sent back to our gallery to be re-awaken with the specially concocted Lotus red vermillion.

On this day, Master will use special incense and our specially concocted red vermillion to bless the collections at the most auspicious hour. We would also have dragon and lion dances to breathe the different kinds of auspicious Qi that these celestial beings represent.

In the beginning years of Lotus on Water, we started with one dragon and two lions. Now we have advanced to eight lions, three different kinds of dragons, sometimes we even have Pi Xiu (representing wealth accumulation), Phoenix (representing fame and revitalizing of youthful energy), Qi Lin (representing benefactors, and good children).

We are having something unique this winter solstice 22 December 2014. As usual, Lotus on Water despises cheap imitations and pandering to mediocrity; the Lotus creates prosperity. When I have more news, I shall keep you informed soonest.

-- Kan

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Yes! We are hard selling. In fact we are harsh selling -- Master Yun Long Zi

Yes! We are hard selling. In fact we are harsh selling.

Somebody showed me a sales book. The book says we should not be hard selling. It proposes that we establish relationships and tie up connections with others, and sales will come automatic, and easy. Those who establish good feelings through good relationships will be loyal to us. That's what that book says.

So the natural self reflective question that came to my mind is: are we hard selling?

I must say: Yes! We are hard selling. But I am proud that we are.


Is it that we have no chance to have easy selling, through connection and relationship?

How can it be? A company with our reputation and fame would easily obtain connections that will help us sell soft and easy.

I had a few condominium developers who have approached me, to ask me to give talks and seminars to prospects about how good their units' feng shui are. They promised half a percent to one and a half percent of the sales of houses to me. Wow!! Just imagine half of the blocks sold. Each unit a few million dollars. That's very easy money. Soft selling. Selling without looking and sounding like selling.

But I rejected the offer.

If the developers are paying us, and the prospects come and ask me how good a particular unit is, to whom should we lean our loyalty towards? The one who pay us, or the one who consult us?

I am not good in dealing with such subtlety, such ambiguity.
And I won't.

There was a time when a client asked me to choose a good feng shui unit to place his ancestor's ashes urn. He had a certain columbarium he was interested in. After I have chosen a good place, the sales manager came to my gallery, presenting me a cheque as a token to thank me for bringing clients to them.

I said: No! I did not bring my client to you. In fact my client brought me to you.

The manager smile widely and said: Master Yun. Take this as an Ang Bao that's out of our respect for you. And we would also like to give you an offer. We can gather people of hundreds. We can have you as the guest speaker. The audience may engage your service and you can charge them at your market rate. But if they sign up for our units after the talk, you will have a certain percentage of the sales.

Oh so I understood what the token of Ang Bao was meant for. But I returned the token to him. And I told him we only receive money from one party and that's our clients. To whom we take our money from, to whom we pledge our loyalty of excellent service and valuable products to.

We don't hold a dual citizenship at Lotus on Water.

I don't practice ambiguity, especially ambiguity that will blur our sense of loyalty, blunt our integrity and then our dignity.

Now that I have retired from providing personal feng shui service to clients, I make sure that all staffs of Lotus on Water practice the same kind of straightforwardness. Those who receive any funny money from those other than our clients will be fired in the swiftest speed.

We don't practice selling to someone else's clients, we don't sell our clients to someone else, we only sell to our clients. And we receive money from them. In return, we pledge our loyalty in the value of our services and products.

Our focus got to be clear, we don't get a cut here and a cut there when our clients buy something else from someone else.

And because we don't receive this kind of "passive income" and "other incomes", we have to learn how to sell in the most classical, and traditional way.

We must be able to sell over a breakfast table, a lunch table and a dinner table. We must be able to explain the benefits of our products, the promises of our brand to people who never heard of us, and new products to our regular clients, over a telephone conversation or when we meet them face to face. We must be able to talk to them one to one, or stand up and talk to them in a group. We must invite them to step up in faith to try something so expensive (for many of them, our products are the most expensive things they have ever bought). Some times we have clients who challenge us on why are our products so expensive. We must be able to help them see the reasons. We must be able to narrate the effects that have happened to our clients after they started using our products. We call it testimonies. We must be able to bring clients and prospects attentions to the special features of our products and how they benefit them.

All roses are sweet smelling and have pretty colours. But some roses have sweeter fragrance and have prettier colours, and they are naturally more expensive. Durians are tasty to some people, and some durians are tastier to those with a taste for it. These durians are definitely more expensive. Even nature abandons communism.

So not all products are created equal, especially our products, since they are all natural and not synthetic. All are good, some are better, few are the best. Nature always meant to have differentiation.

When someone choose to buy a good one, we are very happy. But we would also turn their attention to the better ones in case they have missed them. And of course the better ones work better and cost more. Or else it just mean our pricing logic is ridiculous. This process is what some professionals call up selling.

And up selling is good. Good for both the seller and the buyer. The seller gets more commission of course. And the buyer acquires a better taste, or purchased a greater benefit. Nobody up buy just because it's more expensive. They need to know the reason why it is more expensive. Why is it better? In the process, knowledge is shared and taste is acquired.

Besides, up selling is also good for the society. It is both an effect and cause of a progressing society. If the society is prosperous, people will up buy, meaning up selling has been successful. And when enough people up sell, the wheel of the economy will turn faster, causing a more vibrant economy.

Going back to the allegory of eating durian. When you introduce durian eating to a non durian eater, it's selling. When you introduce good durian to a durian eater, it is up selling.

However, all these selling process I mentioned above does not seem to be the "in" thing now. They seem caveman and old fashion. The "in" people even invented a distasteful name for them. It's call "hard selling". Maybe it's a short form of " hard-core selling".

I am for all these "hard selling" or "hard core selling". If you can master all these arts of " hard selling", you don't need to beg clients to buy, and you don't have to compromise your dignity like sleeping with them in order to close a deal.

So all my sales staffs will be trained for the "hard selling". It is one of few ways to ensure that the dignity of our brand will never be compromised even when I leave this world. If my successors can earn their living through these "hard selling", they would never need to resort to any "soft selling" which might compromise our integrity.

Everything comes with a price. If you don't want to pay the price of hard core work, you may have to pay the price of compromised quality and integrity.

So far, from the beginning of my business till now, though I have been consistently rejecting the soft and easy selling, and have been criticized for being proud and arrogant in so doing; I have not seen any one in the same industry who have accepted the soft and easy selling to be doing as well as we are.

I suppose it's Heaven's way of showing that I have chosen a hard but right and righteous path. It is a path of the minority. I may have erred in my arrogance, but I did it to save our faithfulness.

In fact, Lotus on Water not only provide hard selling training to all the staffs but also harsh selling training.

What is harsh selling?

If you have been to different parts of the world, you will notice that Chinese, especially Singapore Chinese, is by nature, one of the most difficult race of people to be trained for sales.

Most of us don't laugh heartily when we are very happy, don't cry bitterly when we are sad, don't curse and swear when we are angry.

Most of us are apologetic when we share a different conviction from yours. We seldom even voice it unless you ask us. When you ask us what we like, most of us say "anything will do". We will seldom be the first to make a suggestion, and we seldom voice an opinion.

For many of us, we don't even smile to our neighbors. We pretend we don't see them when we see them in the public transport. Some of us pretend we are thinking deep when we walk pass neighbors on pedestrian and we move our eyes away.

When others warm up to most of us first, we get a stunt. And we ask ourselves: "What's wrong with him?

We rarely speak. If we do, we speak in monotone. Almost all of us do that.

In short, we are a race of not very emotionally rich and expressive people. Even if we have a dream, we seldom share it. Most of us are not very confident of ourselves. And these are attributes that will hinder our sales job.

To do sales well, you ought to be emotionally connected to people. To be great in sales, you must have high ideals, deep conviction, real and authentic beliefs that you are willing and ready to share.

If you don't possess that conviction, why did you join the company in the first place? Why did you choose this career?

If hard selling means doing all the things that will help to sell a product, harsh selling means putting in all the efforts that remove the hindrances that slow us from doing our sales job well.

For instance, adding music to our monotonous voice, adding physical motion to our inflexible body when we speak, smiling to people and looking into their eyes, asking for a closure believing they are willing to buy and have enough to pay.

It seems easy to many other people. But it is not so for most of us.

Some call it culture. But what good it is to retain a culture if it does not edify us, and others?

And thus some people call it "harsh" because it is going against our nature.

But while I think that being who we are is nature, striving to be who we can be is also nature. And very human to do as well. No beasts can do the latter.

Actually, it's a state of the mind. Changed and transformed, for the better, to ourselves, to our clients, to the world.

And if we Singapore Chinese is not going to subject ourselves in doing it, despite of the harshness. Then we will lose out to other people, other races, other nations; in one of the most lucrative and important career in the world.

God does not speak direct from Heaven. He needs the prophets and the missionaries to evangelize His gospel. Buddha does not bring us the sutras from Nirvana. The monk Tang San Zang need to travel the perilous journey to bring them over and translate them.

The treasures of Lotus on Water also cannot speak. Someone ought to try it first to know the benefit. And those someone must be willing to share the experience, hard and harsh, successfully to another person in order that they can also enjoy their miraculous experience.

And this the job and responsibility of us, the Lotuson.

-- Master Yun Long Zi, 3 December 2014

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

我收藏的四个最珍贵的观音——第四座(PART 5: 审讯)

PART 5: 审讯




























“但那很难打赢……” 简先生回答道。

“当然很难。” 我说:“当我们打赢的时候,你就知道,那不是因为人类的理智而赢,而是因为关系和技巧才赢。我们有更高、更超越人类能力的力量帮助我们打赢。这将让你上一课。当你帮助你的客户打胜仗时,你的信念也打了胜仗。”











































-- 云龙子大师,2014年10月24日