Friday, December 12, 2014

This 22 December 2014, a Dragon Shall be Born | 这2014年的12月22日,一巨龙将诞生

The Birth of the Pineapple Dragon at Lotus on Water

Every year, Lotus on Water has for two dates whereby we do the re-anointing (re-blessing) of our clients' Lotus collections (your Lotus jadeite, agarwood and sandalwood) with our Lotus red vermillion by our dear Master Yun Long Zi.

One of the occasions is during the Chinese New Year; the exact day will be announced around that time.

The second time is during June when Lotus on Water is having her anniversary celebration.

This year Lotus on Water is having the third time. It will be on the day of winter solstice which is the 22nd of December.
On this day, Master will use special incense and our specially concocted red vermillion to bless the collections at the most auspicious hour. We would also have dragon and lion dances to breathe the different kinds of auspicious Qi that these celestial beings represent.

This year we have a special celestial animal. It is our own creation, registered design by Lotus on Water.

It is a merger of two auspicious creations – the pineapple and the dragon. One is a plant, the other is a celestial being. One is from earth, the other is from Heaven. The pineapple represents grand profit, and dragon represents kingship, royalty, victory, power and strength.

The Lotus Pineapple Dragon in the making.

This is the first time a dragon of this style is made. At the moment, before others try to copy us (again), this Pineapple Dragon will be the one and only one the world has. It is going to have his virgin awakening and first soar on the evening 8:38pm on 22nd December this year. Dinner will be served at 7:30pm.

We sincerely invite you, all clients and friends of Lotus on Water, to participate in witnessing the creation of this most auspicious being.

May he bring you all blessing he represents: grandness, wealth, power, authority and victory.

-- Kan













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