Monday, August 6, 2018

Meeting Friends with Fans: Master Yun’s Fengshui Chinese Fan!

Chinese fan culture has a history of over 3000 years and Chinese fans have been a medium of cultural exchange between countries as early as the Tang dynasty. Painting a fan or writing on it, is a way of expressing one’s thoughts and aspirations. When this fan is gifted to someone, the recipient will always be reminded of the other party’s blessings.

Master Yun has another breakthrough recently, painting five fengshui Chinese fans in gorgeous colour dye using the traditional splash ink method. When these fans are placed under the UV light, it unveils another majestic colour unseen under normal light. They release a constant flow of positive energy in both day and night.  

Universe of Prosperity (gold light)
Universe of Prosperity (UV light)

Not only that, Master Yun’s fengshui Chinese fans are never sloppy when it comes to details. Master Yun personally flew to Korea to select folding fans that can withstand 8 to 12 layers of paint, so that these Lotus treasure adhere to Lotus on Water’s principle of giving its clients nothing but the best. 

These fengshui Chinese fans are also Master Yun’s new attempt at not conforming to rules, continuous experimentation, breaking grounds and creating new trends, in order for culture to flourish in an elegant manner. 

Therefore, meditating and painting art of celebrationism on each and every Chinese fan is Master Yun’s way of bringing across a message to the blessed client. Culture must be promoted in a prosperous and elegant manner and one’s life has to be lived prosperously and elegantly so that one will not have any regrets!

Master Yun’s five pieces of fengshui Chinese fans will be launched on the 6thof September at UOB Privilege Reserve Banking Suite. 

Do drop by Lotus on Water before the launch if you want to have a sneak preview. 

-- Owen, Assistant to Advisor

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Lotus on Water’s 108 Sinking Agarwood Beads are Back!!!

For the 12 years since Lotus on Water’s opening in 2006, the gallery had only eight to ten pieces of the Sinking Agarwood beads, it is truly extremely rare. 

In other words, you can have the money, but you might not be able to get it. 

Near Sinking Agarwood beads and 108 Sinking Agarwood beads
Heaven on Earth jadeite ring and 108 Sinking Agarwood beads

What happened afterwards? A few of our really blessed clients got these beads and they have been sold out since 2015!

Why? How rare are Lotus on Water’s 108 Sinking Agarwood beads? How does it prosper your wealth?

Lotus on Water’s 108 Sinking Agarwood beads have three characteristics:

It sinks in water. 
Its resin is extremely dense; hence it sinks in water. 
Every single bead is carved from hard agarwood.

The long-awaited 108 Sinking Agarwood beads are back! If you have been waiting to set your hands on the 108 Sinking Agarwood beads to prosper your wealth, then head down to Lotus on Water to get one that suits you the best now!

108 Sinking Agarwood beads 8mm
108 Sinking Agarwood beads 6mm
108 Sinking Agarwood beads

-- Cola, Assistant to Advisor

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

以扇会友 - 云龙风水画扇!



Universe of Prosperity (Golden light)

Universe of Prosperity (UV light)

还不止这样,云龙风水画扇在选扇子的细节上也绝不马虎,云大师亲自到韩国挑选了能够承受得了8 - 12层色彩的折扇,只为了让其成为一个稀罕,美丽,耐久的云龙之宝,秉持着一贯的原则,带给客户最好的宝物与祝福。





Owen,顾问助理  #Prosperity with Elegance