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Master Yun's Speech at the 6th International Students’ Mandarin Recital Contest

Dr Tan Li Xiang asked me to come on stage to share some words of encouragement with our students from all over the world. But as I was watching everyone's superb performance on stage, I thought to myself: what else is there to encourage? So instead of big ideas, I'm going to share about three trivial things. They are a rice dumpling, a fan, and two fishes. 
Let's start with the rice dumpling. 
Why am I talking about a rice dumpling? That's because regardless of nationality, religious belief or political inclination, Chinese worldwide will enjoy rice dumplings yearly during Dragon Boat Festival, which falls on the fifth lunar month's fifth day. As Chinese, when we speak of rice dumplings, we are reminded of Qu Yuan. 
My university lecturer, Professor Chew Cheng Hai, once spoke about Qu Yuan in class. He said Qu Yuan's patriotism should not be seen through his suicide by drowning. Instead, we should focus on the fact that he used the Chu language to compose poems, allowing the culture of Chu to be recorded for posterity.   
When we speak of Qu Yuan today, we can say he's quite a failure as an official. That's because he can't even protect his country, so he clearly can't be a good official. However, when it comes to Qu Yuan as a person, he's also a failure as life is already short, and he ended it earlier. 
Qu Yuan's success lies in the fact that he elevated the language of his country to the realm of poetry, and because of this, he preserved his country's culture forever. Qu Yuan's patriotism is reflected through his elevation of his country's language to the realm of poetry, and because of this, he preserved his country's culture forever.
Today, four to five thousand years later, when Chinese all over the world are eating rice dumplings on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, I hope that we think of how we can elevate our spoken language to the realm of poetry to preserve Chinese culture for posterity. 
 A fan. 
Why am I talking about a fan? That's because I always have a fan in my hand. When people see a fan in my hand, they ask: "Master, why do you have a fan in your hand? Is the air conditioner not cold enough, or is the fan not cool enough?" I'm going to explain why I always have a fan in my hand. 
I don't use to hold a fan. Four or five years ago, a French and a Korean living in Japan invited me to their Japanese home to evaluate their fengshui. One day, I decided to take the subway into the city to experience the life of the locals. 
It was summer, a hot summer. As soon as I entered the subway, I saw many Japanese men in neat suits. They took out a paper fan from their briefcase and fanned themselves.
My first thought was: "Goodness! Why are these Japanese men such a sissy?"
Then it came to my mind that: "This thought of mine is unwarranted. Why? Because it is the Chinese culture that men use fans. I did not set an example for Japanese men to use fans; instead, I'm laughing at them for being sissies."
From that time on, I'm a regular user of fans. Whenever someone asks me: "Master, why are you using a fan?" I will reply: "This is the most environmentally friendly air cooler in the world."
The most environmentally friendly air coolers and air conditioners invented by Westerners are not more environmentally friendly than this fan. And this fan uses paper, one of the four greatest inventions of the Chinese people. So, if Chinese people worldwide use fans today, the technology of making rice paper in China will not disappear.
Two fishes.
Lastly, I'm going to talk about two fishes. What are these two fish? One is a goldfish, and the other is a carp. Where is the carp native to? It's China. Who bred the goldfish? The Chinese. 
How much is a carp sold for in China? Not a few dollars a pound. How much is a carp sold for in Japan? A few hundred, a few thousand, tens of thousands or even over a million dollars for one carp. How much is a goldfish sold for in China? A few dollars. How much is a goldfish sold for in Japan? A few hundred dollars, or even thousands of dollars.
What is the difference between the goldfish and carp sold in China and the goldfish and carp sold in Japan? The answer is that China sells the life of a goldfish and the flesh of a carp, whereas, in Japan, the culture of goldfish and carp is on sale. 
As Chinese, we should be ashamed that we only treasure the life of goldfish and the flesh of carp but sold the cultures of goldfish and carp to Japan.
Besides these two fishes, we also sold many cultures that initially belonged to China to others. For example, Ming dynasty's ikebana culture and Northern Song dynasty's tea and incense cultures.
I heard that primary school students in China no longer learn calligraphy. Therefore, calligraphy culture will disappear in China over the next few decades, just like carp, goldfish, flower, and incense cultures. With the disappearance of calligraphy culture, the culture of rice paper making, ink making, inkstone making, cinnabar making, seal making will also disappear.
Where will these cultures be found instead? In Japan. Japanese primary school students are required to learn calligraphy. 
So, who sold these cultures? We, the Chinese. When were they sold? Today. That's because we did not invest our time and money to use, cherish, and protect our culture and elevate it to the realm of poetry and art.
The International Students' Mandarin Recital Contest was initiated by Dr Tan Li Xiang and Professor Hao Zhiben. I was young and ignorant then and didn't think highly about the art of reciting. I thought there was nothing remarkable about public speaking. Now that I am a little older and wiser, I know that great patriotism does not happen on the battlefield. Great patriotism is to take care of the most minor thing that belongs to oneself. To use it, maintain it, respect it, cherish it, and bring it to the realm of poetry and art year after year. In this way, there is hope that our culture will forever remain in our hands. 
Congratulations on completing the 6th International Students’ Mandarin Recital Contest. Here's wishing Mandarin recital many good years ahead!
-- Master Yun Long Zi, 14 July 2012
First posted on Facebook, 15 July 2012

Master Yun's Speech at the University of Macau


On 1st November 2019, Master Yun was invited to the University of Macau Choi Kai Yau College's 5th Anniversary Celebration. He also delivered an inspiring speech on that day.


Xinhua Group invited Prince Tesso to attend Choi Kai Yau College's 5th Anniversary Celebration. He asked Master Yun to attend this meaningful academic and cultural exchange at the University of Macau.


There were representatives from Asian countries: Cambodia, Japan, and China. 


Below is an excerpt from Master Yun's speech at the event.


In Asia, art has a beautiful characteristic, and that's spirituality of art. 


Cambodians believe that the traditional Apsara dance of Angkor can move the heavens to bring blessings to the world.


Whilst Japanese art is often regarded as being Zen. Zen is a sect of Buddhism, and it is believed that one can gain enlightenment from the simplest and most ordinary things.


The Chinese believe that the epitome of art is the way of "harmony between man and nature".


As "spirituality" is preserved in Asian art, Asians are exceptionally respectful towards tradition. Art and creativity are processes of improvement and enhancement, not weapons for reform and confrontation.


As "spirituality" is preserved in Asian art, we treat art with sincerity, love, respect, faith, and hope. 


In good times, we celebrate with art. In bad times, we seek refuge in art, enduring cold nights in anticipation of the dawn of festivities.


It seems that now is the time when we Asians should gather in the halls of art and pray with conviction and hope.


We celebrate the moment. We also look forward to better days full of hope, peace, and prosperity.


There were also interesting, inspiring, and engaging dance performances that day. 


Master Yun had been invited to speak in different countries; which will be next? Stay tuned. 


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If you have visited Lotus on water agarwood and sandalwood gallery, you may remember there are always some very unique collections displayed in the conspicuous position. The beads are so valuable and always in demand and if they are collected by blessed clients, you may miss them for quite a while.

如果你来过沉檀馆, 你会留意到显眼的位置上总会摆着特别的宝物。这些珠子不同凡想, 总是供不应求, 如果被有福的客人请走, 你会有很长一段时间见不到它。

When human being was created by heaven and earth, we are blessed by the universe significantly. At the same time, troubles and problems come along no matter how you want to stay away from them. Buddha already taught us the way to stay away from obstacles long long ago.

当人生于天地以来, 我们从宇宙得到很多, 与此同时, 烦恼也跟着一起来, 无论你多想摆脱掉它们。然而佛陀早已在《佛说木患子经》教给我们远离障碍的方法。

When Buddha was on the mountains with 1,250 of his companions.


The king of Po-Liu-Li kingdom suffers, sent an ambassador to seek advice from Buddha for help to bless his people and country. He implored to mercy of Buddha to teach him the way to depart from sufferings.


Buddha told the king: "If you want to be free from obstacles, troubles, prepare a string of 108 beads and bring it along wherever you go. Regardless of whether you are walking or sleeping, be focused and praise the three treasures with one heart and push one bead. Bead by bead, from 10 times, to 20 times, with total focus, until it becomes more than a hundred, thousand times. Even more than tens of thousands of times..." (full article please refer to: How to meditate with 108 beads)

佛告诉国王:“若远离烦恼, 当用木槵子108念珠无论行住坐卧, 随身携带, 常常聚集精神, 称佛陀、达摩、僧伽名, 依次推出木槵子108珠子,若十、若二十、若百、若千,乃至百千万...”

If you noticed some blessed clients wearing 108 on their wrists, a string of 108 can be set into several rounds and tied with a special designed knot, prosperity with elegance, no matter rain or shine.

如果你注意到旺财馆许多客人都喜欢把108戴在手腕上, 一串108可以分成几串, 用旺财馆特别设计的扣固定, 无论何时, 高雅的旺财。

Why Lotus on Water 108 agarwood beads is so special? It is one of the rarest and most powerful forms of agarwood treasure. It takes years to form one string of 108 agarwood a beads, and it also gives the strongest Yang energy. The number “108” is 9 times 12 . The number “9” is highest Yang number. When you wear your Lotus on Water 108 agarwood beads, you are having the most Yang energy for all 12 months of the year.

为什么云龙子的108沉香念珠那么特别? 因为它是沉香里面最难以聚集的, 经过许多年才能凑成一串108。它也会给出至阳的气场, 因为108=9x12, 因为9是至阳的数字, 当你佩戴108, 让你在一年12个月里面都能获得这样的能量。

But as vast and as mysterious the universe might be, there is a sacred number “108” that connects this cosmology. One hundred and eight, “108”, has appeared in the motion of many heavenly bodies. (“And Master Yun Said: I Listen To The Voice Of The Universe”)

但由于宇宙可能是巨大的和神秘的,有一个神圣的数字连接。”108”, 一零八, 不少天体的运行都遵从这个数字。

When you are wearing your Lotus on Water agarwood beads, you can meditate with them by pushing out the beads. Every single beads you pushed out, you are sending your wishes to the universe. And as your agarwood beads get darker, your wealth and benefactors shall also come to you faster and grander.

当戴着沉香108冥想时, 你可以拨动珠子, 当你拨出每一个珠子, 你的愿望直达天庭。当你的珠子颜色变深, 你的正财和贵人会又多又快的来到身边。

How to use it, wear it, meditate with it:

108的用法, 戴法, 冥思的方法:

108 agarwood beads, 3 ways to use it.


1) You wear it, around the wrist or as necklace


2) You hang it, part of your annual or long term fengshui


3) You place it on your mountains, White Inkstones, to enhance them


108 agarwood beads, 3 ways to wear it.


1) Around your wrist, prospering at the rhythm of your pulse


2) Around your upper arm, same level as your heart


3) As a necklace, you can even hang your pendant on it


108 agarwood beads, 3 ways to meditate with it.


1) Left hand, push out one bead at a time, pushing away 108 obstacles, turning in 108 prosperities (Please refer to below for how to meditate while pushing out the beads)

左手,一珠一珠往外推,推走108种障碍,迎进108种富贵 (怎样在推珠子时冥想, 请看下面)

2) Place whole string on left palm, may your heart’s wishes come true


3) Wear it as your necklace while meditating, close to heart


108 agarwood beads, 3 steps to meditating with it while pushing out the beads.


1) Know what you want and summarize it in one line, “I am....”. Make sure it is as if you have already achieved it, “I am healthy, happy and wealthy”, not future tense (“I will be...”), not making a wish (“I wish...”).


2) With every bead you push out, recite that one line, and attempt to visualize. You are sending your message to the universe, and attracting the energies to fulfill your wish.


3) Repeat for the whole set of 108 beads, use the mother-bead (not part of 108) as the marker. Might take only 5 minutes.


There might really be aspects of our lives that are beyond the limits of the human mind. And maybe we should all spend some time to quiet our hearts, and listen to the voices of the heavens.

也许我们的生命真的超出我们思想的限制, 我们应该花更多时间静下心, 聆听上天的声音。

108 agarwood beads, so many ways pulling energies of the universe to you...and ONLY ONE still available.

108沉香念珠,有这么多方法把你和宇宙级能量拉近,何乐不购?仅剩一串。赶快联系Cola 81378024吧!

-- Mu Lan

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Prosperity with Elegance, Lotus on Water.

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-- Doreen Hou

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--- 相信熟悉云龙子旺财馆的客人都知道她是谁。她在新加坡的保险业可说是赫赫有名,是一名非常用功与出色的保险经纪哦!多年前,她先选了一枚吉祥级翡翠来旺自己的人生。多年后,她在各方面都有了明显的进步后,就再次回到馆里选上一枚非常漂亮的极品翡翠牌,希望把她的人生与事业推上更高峰!

---- 当年失业多年可以说是处在人生的低潮无意间经过云龙子旺财馆走了进去再三考虑后, 选了一枚“双叶三莲升”吉祥级翡翠牌,希望把自己的运气给改改。果然,接下来的几年,无论是在事业或家庭都有着不断的改善。当然,成功的路程也少不了他本身努力的拼搏啦!几年前,事业有成的他再次做了个重大的决定,到旺财馆选择了一枚晶莹剔透,价值不菲的极品翡翠牌!

要是那第一枚吉祥级翡翠牌没改善她或他的人生的话,他们会坚持回来选择更昂贵的极品翡翠吗?如简董所说 坚持一种信念。坚持一种超乎自我利益的信念。你若放不下,确实,这个财富不属于你。但若你愿意付出,你就有机会兴旺发.”

前阵子,恰逢观音诞,在馆里看到了一枚像冰一样晶莹,刻有观音的极品翡翠牌,名为“双莲观音”。仔细一看,会看到观音的左手握着一朵莲花,在右手边也有一朵莲花,这也是“双莲”的意思吧!这枚观音翡翠牌刻有几颗非常圆润的物品,是葫芦?是宝瓶?还是露珠?看起来就感觉到什么都是“满满的”!满满的富贵,满满的幸福,满满的正能量!有幸选上这枚翡翠牌的话,戴上就像是观音在给予满满的祝福呢 !

如果您对这枚“满满“的极品翡翠感兴趣的话,请联络Cola @ 8137 8024 吧!

-- Wei Ling

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三大好处! Three Big Benefits!

Three Big Benefits!

Do you want the Three Big Benefits?

Let's take a look at these ......
让我们一起来看看 ......

Our very first Lotus mask was made by Master Yun's tailor.

Our advisor, Mr Cola showing you his beautiful peacock mask, also made by our tailor.

A very elegant piece of smooth silky mask that our clients love very much.

An unique Koi fish design that was given out recently. 

Red Lion design mask during our 16th Lotus Anniversary period.

Blossom Flowers masks to pair with the Japanese Blossom Wine. 

One client has collected so many of our masks and  displayed it on the wall, like an art piece.

Do you want to have such beautiful masks and also to start a collection of it?

You can come to Lotus on Water to get it. 

Unique Lotus Mask
There will be customized masks every single week, and corresponding masks will also be given depending on the season.

Master Yun bought a piece of colourful glass sculpture by Dale Chihuly.

Lotus on Water treats our clients with great importance and sincerity. Master Yun instructed our advisors to place these beautiful masks in a piece of colourful glass sculpture designed by artist Dale Chihuly. 

Below the masks are our Lotus Golden Tea Eggs. The artwork, the mask and the Golden Tea Eggs are placed in front of the most powerful Sandalwood Thousand Hand Guanyin Buddha in our main gallery.

Master Yun bought the beautiful art sculpture from famous artist and filled it with "golden eggs" and beautiful masks. You can collect these beautiful masks and the golden eggs to brew healthy tea!

Wow! These masks not only have the blessings of Master Yun but also absorb so much huat qi and positive energy in the gallery. How can you miss it?

Collect these beautiful masks that even Master Yun also wear.

And ...... collecting beautiful masks is just of one the benefits. What other benefits does Lotus on Water give?

Take Photos With Treasures
Have you seen the biggest raw jadeite in Singapore? There are also modern sofas and antiques from various countries!

This 850kg raw jadeite boulder is the largest in Singapore, and is recorded in the Singapore Book of Records. This is a mark of the excellence of Lotus on Water.

Our clients love to bring their family and friends to take photos with our Lotus treasures and antiques.

Lotus on Water Galleries conferred as “BASE FOR THE PROMOTION OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE CULTURE”. The ONLY ONE in Singapore.

Lotus on Water collected many antiques and treasures. Of course, you should visit the museum in person and take pictures with these antiques and treasures. You are sure to gain a lot!

Different Modules Every Week. 
We have jadeite, agarwood, sandalwood and crystal session, other than understanding your Lotus treasure, but also teach you how to maintain and meditate on your treasures.

Our Tea Making and Appreciation session to teach our clients how to brew and appreciate good teas.

Wine and Painting Appreciation-pairing the right wine with Master Yun's painting.

You get to taste the Best Wine specially selected by sommelier superjudge and superstar, Mr Daisuke Kawai san. 

New clients can also attend our Module A on how to care and mediate on your lotus treasures.

Clients can also attend special talks on agarwood, sandalwood, crystals and jadeites.

Every weekend, many of our clients will gather together to participate in our weekly talks and appreciation sessions. Our existing clients are always there, very kind and willingly to share their experiences and prosperity journey with you.

New friends, look here!

In fact, new friends get even MORE BENEFITS after joining the Lotus on Water. 

Which feng shui gallery is so good with new friends? Only Lotus on Water provides our new clients with such GREAT BENEFITS!


想要得到这些好处,现在就马上联络 Mr Cola 8137 8024 了解详情!
To find out more details on how to get these benefits, you call Mr Cola at 8137 8024 now!

--by Amanda

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