Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Pictures in Calligraphy. Words in Calligraphy: First Dragon. “Potential Dragon, Keep for Future Use.” |书中有画,书中有话:《初九。潜龙待(勿)用。》

I-Ching. The Six Dragons series of the Hexagram Qian.  



I have an inspiration recently to do calligraphy about the Six Dragons from the Confucius Book of Change. (The first Chinese book of Heavenly Oracles)


A Dragon a day.


First Dragon. “Potential Dragon, Keep for Future Use.”


The original classic says: “Potential Dragon (but not in full bloom), do not use”



The problem with modern democracy is that every one think he is right and he has rights. Thus dragons with potential are too few (people don’t learn). You are lucky to be able to find one.



Thus I calligraphy “Potential Dragon. Keep for Future Use.” Keep and see how it goes.


-- Master Yun, 18-September 2020

Sunday, September 27, 2020

 A Mother's Worry Turned Into Blessing

            My son, Keith, has been working for many years in an extremely competitive industry where wages are low as benchmark against other industry. Before the Covid-19, there was already a wave of resignations in Singapore without replacement.  In fact, Keith was the only personnel left in the Singapore Office.

            Worst, in such a difficult time, Keith and his wife started servicing their first housing loan.  

            When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, I was terrified and worried about Keith's livelihood. Before the lock-down, and to my surprise, his wife decided to purchase the Jadeite from Lotus On Water, knowing the price tag!  Naturally, Keith got his own 猪化龙 Jadeite.

            Within 4 months of wearing the Jadeite, Keith's remuneration package has improved with expansion in his portfolio.  The best deal follows when a second freelancing career starts to take root in July and he shared the news with the family on Father's Day.  On top of that, the potential to be one of the founder member of a new thriving business is exhilarating! 

            It's the best Father's Day gift my hubby has ever received.  

            Since then, I treasured the blessings bestowed on my son and his wife each passing day.  I know I don't have to worry anymore.

            My son. I am so proud of you! 

Why Are You Here? - Part I

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"Why are you here?"

I remembered that this was the first question from Mr Kan, Executive Director of Lotus on Water, to me when I first visited them in March. It was a very simple question, yet I was dumbfounded. I wasn't sure if it was due to Mr Kan's eyes or his tonality but it just hit me hard.

To be honest, I had no answer to it then because it came across to me as "What changes would you like to see in your life? What are you not happy or satisfied in your life? What do you really want in your life?". And this little voice inside me had been haunting me with the exact same question for a long time, if a decade or two was long enough to you.

I wasn't unhappy about my life at all. My aged parents were doing fine, so were my siblings. I was always complimented for good reasons, I held a pretty decent job and I stayed with my husband and my 2 dogs. Everything was ok, just fine. I did go through the ups and downs in my life and yes, I could continue to live the same life I had been having - going through the motions of life. 

However, when I dug deeper into my inner thoughts after I got home, I was there for something. I wasn't unhappy about my life BUT deep inside me, I felt I should have achieved more. I wasn't so happy about myself and I was definitely not contented with myself, rather than what the outside world. I was not "balanced" all this while, yet I chose to ignore that little voice in me because I did not know what to do and how to do about my life. Something was missing. Maybe some form of drive? Determination? I did not know.

Amazingly, I found my answer at Lotus. 

I will share with you in the next article.

What about you? Why are you here reading this?

Are you ready to deep dive into yourself to find out and make a change in your life? Disrupt the norm?

You can drop by Lotus on Water to hear what they have to share with you in regards to where you are now and where you may be heading in the next 1 to 2 years. 

Time waits no humans. 

You are not a tree.  Make the move to make the gain.

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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Benefactor with Lotus

I met my benefactor at a company function in mid March 2015.

At that point, I felt lost and down as I have hit bottleneck at work and I shared my problems with her.

She invited me to go to a special place to meet a young gentleman after work. We had a good chat that evening at Lotus on Water Exquisite gallery as my benefactor is a VIP of Lotus on Water.

My husband was skeptical when he first step into the gallery. He went on to do his own homework by going through Facebook posts and all the blogs about Lotus On Water.

Eventually, we bought our jadeites at our second visit to Lotus On Water.

He bought Lotus auspicious first generation Zhong Kui to attract indirect wealth while mine was the constant favorite Lotus auspicious jadeite Ammonite.

2017 was a harvest year for me. First time in my life, I striked four times first prize 4D.

That year, I posted on Facebook my written mediation that I learnt from Master Yun's Facebook together with my Ammonite jadeite.

The post caught my Aunty's attention and asked me about it. More than a dozen of my family members and relatives became client of Lotus on Water after that.

Fast forward to present, we have make a lot of like-minded friends and I have since changed a few portfolio at work.

I am definitely happier than before and am glad and grateful to have met my benefactor who introduced me to Lotus On Water.

Thank you to my benefactor, Ms Angeline Chua for her selflessness sharing and caring.

Thank you to Lotus On Water for the Huatness!
And very happy to be part of Lotus Family.
-- Eileen Sea, 11-September 2020

Friday, September 25, 2020

Thoughts on Painting: "Gooden Bloom from Vermillion Mind" | 画中有思:《丹生万金》

The surrounding golden waves 

is Controlled and created by an inspired mind of vermilion 

An inspired mind is capable of creating mountainous waves of gold 

Title: Gooden Bloom from Vermillion Mind
-- Master Yun, 15-July 2020

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Laughing Buddha

I first came to Lotus on Water in early Jan 2015. I actually wanted the Chaishen but later decided on the laughing buddha. I have always like jade but didn't know how to buy or who to trust so I came to Lotus to have a look since they are the expert.

I remember collecting my Laughing Buddha on a 30 Jan 15. The following Wednesday 4th Feb I strike 1st prize in 4D.


Because it was a "red number", the pay out was lesser. But fortunately enough, the pay out paid for my Laughing Buddha fully!

After that I started to look at rings as I love rings. And I got my double dragon ring in Mar of 2015.


My laughing buddha and ring has protected me from quite a few "unseen" incidents over the years. Had to change my earth ring 3 times so far. And as I slimed down and got healthier , so did my Buddha. LOL......


Laughing Buddha

-- Priscella, 14-September 2020