Sunday, August 30, 2015

Be prosperous like Kung Fu Panda

The western designers for Po, the Kungfu Panda, looked to Chinese culture, in particular the Forbidden Palace, for inspiration and relevance to create this lovely cartoon.

I was with my wife at the DreamWorks Animation exhibition at the ArtScience Museum on a Sunday, and happened to listen to the designer's inspiration on creating Po.

He mentioned Gold is Po's theme where he represents the Dragon Warrior.  It is sifting through many Chinese cultural symbols that they conclude to associate Gold with Dragon.  Gold is a commonly known highly valued asset.  To represent Po and Dragon as the most valued character, Gold is central to emphasize this fact.

Upon looking at my Lotus Double Dragon ring in both yellow and white gold, I felt that I was like Po, who thought we would inherit our father's noodles stall, yet eventually upon receiving our calling, went on to surpass many challenges and emerging as the Dragon Warrior.  It does not end there.

Dragon Warrior's purpose is the noble quest to save the village.  My noble quest is to reach prosperity in the shortest time so that I can help others around me.  With Lotus on Water, the double dragon ring did brought the Dragon Warrior out of me in my career and my life by presenting me with plenty of opportunities for me to excel in. 

Come join us to be part of the prosperous kung fu on the path to be successful Dragon Warriors.

Prosperous Laughing Buddha that looks like Kungfu Panda
-- Leonard

Saturday, August 29, 2015


1. 冥想的候把旺戒指向内转动,把旺气都向自己。

2. 播放吉祥富歌,沉浸在富之声里。运候也可以听听。

3. 坐在水位上,再面方位。

4. 点燃五路进财香,增加你冥想的正能量。

5. 画出你的愿景。你可以先画出你目前在的段,再画出你理想中的目是你心目中的成功事、美家庭等。尽情画出心中的未来。

6. 纸笔写下你今年内、三年内和五年内要完成的十个目标。

7. 让脑海浮你理想中的人生目记住这种达成目标的感觉,再想象自己在现实生活也感受到这种达成目标的感觉。

8. 尽量设下伟大的理想,自己有更宏的目,再好好写下达成这些理想的步

9. 你已达成的目,想想你是如何取得成功,你只需要重复这一份努力便能取得更大的成功。看着甜甜圈,不要看着圈中的孔。(专注于大方向,不要只着眼于小。)





Thursday, August 27, 2015









—— Oo Hewe


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The First Step

I have big dreams.

I want to live in a big house, I want to drive a luxury car, I want to have this and that, etc etc. Just like others, I have things that I yearn for.

After years of working, people around me tell me the hard truth of living, to lower my expectations. So, my dreams kept downsizing until eventually, it faded away.

Fortunately, I am blessed to have come to Lotus On Water during the low period of my life. I took a leap of faith with Lotus On Water by getting myself my first Lotus Treasure.

This is the first step that changed my life from then on. This first step that make me realised that I am capable of achieving even bolder, wildest dreams.

I took my first step forward  by taking charge of myself with my first Lotus Treasure, and it had transformed me into the person I want to be, to achieve dreams beyond my imaginations.

How have you been recently?

How have you been recently?

I had been busy with this, and that, and etc etc.

Have you use this word to describe your real situation? Or, have you just use it as an excuse for everything you want to ignore?

Life can be busy with the mundane routine without any consideration to improve the situation. Or, life can be busy constantly seeking for improvement.

I had been busy after wearing Lotus treasure. Whenever I feel like ignoring, avoiding or running away, holding my Lotus treasure on my hand reminds me that I have to take responsibility of my life, and to never let any excuses to flee away from any circumstances I want to improve.

With Lotus treasure, I had achieve results beyond my expectation in career, wealth, health, relationship, and most importantly, mindset.

Get busy together with Lotus treasure, get results beyond expectation.
My First Lotus Treasure











—— Leonard