Thursday, July 4, 2024

飞奔横扫关圣爷 Upgraded version of the Martial God of Wealth Guan Gong

Period 9 cycle, which is another whole new 20-years cycle. This is the period when the Earth element changes to the Fire element. Earth is stable, Fire is volatile, so we will expect a lot of changes coming to you fast and furious and uncertain!

And you definitely need "someone" exceedingly great with very powerful weapons to help you handle the fast and furious changes in this Period 9. 

What do we have?

Lotus on Water NEW LAUNCH! Your upgraded version of the Martial God of Wealth Guan Gong, for the upgraded era. 

飞奔横扫关圣爷翡翠牌 - suitable for insurance and property agents and clients who wants to increase their sales etc.

The power of this jadeite pendant can be clearly understood from its name飞奔横扫关圣爷. This auspicious jadeite pendant is the latest release from Lotus on Water on its 18th Anniversary event. If you miss the event, come down to our gallery to take a good look.

And why is it called 飞奔横扫关圣爷?

Look at the 武财神关公Martial God of Wealth Guan Gong standing on the sports car. Check out on what he is holding in both hands!

飞奔 means 关公 on sports car, may you reach your dreams even faster. ⁠横扫 is referring to 关公 with machine gun. May you hit way more targets and conquer way more obstacles at an instant

Don't you think you need this 武财神关公 to help you wipe out all your obstacles and bring you lots of wealth in speedy action? 

This jadeite pendant is specially designed by Master Yun, the first to insist and only one to persevere in using authentic and best jadeite as fengshui jewelry and also the first and only to be recognized as the “Founding Father” of fengshui jewelry.

The energy from this jadeite will definitely become even more powerful after being blessed with  Master Yun specially concocted red vermillion. It is definitely an important and powerful item for Period 9!

Reserve the chance to choose the exact piece now!

Call Mr Cola at 81378024 for an appointment. 


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Prosperity with Elegance, Lotus on Water.

Speech by Mr Yamashita Hotei at the 5-8 Dec 2023 Tokyo Fengshui Calligraphy Exhibition


Hello everyone,

I am honored to be here. I am Yamashita Hotei from Osaka. Nice to meet you.

Now, when it comes to Singapore, there is a newspaper called Singapore Calligraphy News by Mr Tan Siah Kwee. I met him at Mr Luo Pengpeng’s exhibition, who’s from Beijing Fine Art Academy’s Department of Arts and Seal Carving. That newspaper is my source of information about Singapore.

Because Im not familiar with Master Yuns style, I actually have no information about Master Yun. So I asked him to send me photos of Master Yuns works. When I saw the works, I was truly shocked.

They incorporate seal script idioms into a variety of colors. I also write seal script, so I can read these seal script characters. These characters float within the paintings, and I was truly amazed by the teachers works.

The characters appear in a mysterious swirl. The teachers expression and what I feel might differ. However, the works feel out of this world, as if they belong to another dimension.

I learnt a new method in the world of seal script expression. Today, not through mobile images, but by actually seeing many works, even though I can read seal script, it’s the first time I’ve seen this form of expression. I was really a bit surprised.

Moreover, this profound world, this worldview, what kind of feeling does it give everyone? In my opinion, I really felt an unprecedented art. I wish the teacher continued success in the future.

These have been my brief, but sincere thoughts and greetings.

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Prosperity with Elegance, Lotus on Water.

Wednesday, June 26, 2024



2006 年第一间云龙子旺财馆


Angeline 将多年奋斗而得到的至高白金奖赠予云大师





这个星期六,6月29日,3:30pm ,邀请您到旺财馆与我们同庆旺财馆18岁 !!!现场有各种活动及奖品待您领取。





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Prosperity with Elegance, Lotus on Water.

Friday, June 21, 2024

2023 云舞东海 云龙子大师东京风水书法展-黄星原先生致辞


Master Yun with Prince Tesso and His Excellency Mr Huang Xing Yuan










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Prosperity with Elegance, Lotus on Water.

Speech by His Excellency Mr Huang Xing Yuan at the 5-8 Dec 2023 Tokyo Fengshui Calligraphy Exhibition

Master Yun with Prince Tesso and His Excellency Mr Huang Xing Yuan

His Royal Highness Prince Tesso, Master Yun Long Zi, Master Jin Ou, dear guests, hello.

Thank you for coming to the Japan-China Friendship Centre gallery today. I am Representative Director at the Japan-China Friendship Centre, Huang Xingyuan.

I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations for the launch of the exhibition today. Sincere congratulations.

As you all know, this year marks the 45th anniversary of the peace treaty between China and Japan. Five years ago, a promise was made to maintain friendly relations forever. This has opened a new chapter, not just for China and Japan, but also for Asia, the Mainland, and the whole world.

We have the privilege of viewing the works of Master Yun, a renowned fengshui master from Singapore. It feels familiar, as if seen somewhere before.

Before assuming duty here, I had twice served as the Chinese ambassador to the United States and Europe. The vivid colours and the dazzling ocean I saw there left a lasting impression on me. Master Yun’s works also combine vivid colours with enduring techniques and are presented in a single painting. I think it's truly wonderful.

I believe these works symbolise hopeful days and a bright future.

Finally, as a commemoration of the 45th anniversary, we should focus on the unity and peace of the world. I hope to further enhance the friendly relations between Japan, China, Singapore, and Cambodia. 

Thank you very much.

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Prosperity with Elegance, Lotus on Water.

Saturday, May 25, 2024

3 April 2024 Master Yun International Symposium cum Art Exhibition “Art Education and Dialogue with the World” at the National People’s Congress Conference Centre in Beijing


Master Yun Long Zi

On 3 April 2024, Master Yun International Symposium cum Art Exhibition, themed “Art Education and Dialogue with the World”, was held at the National People’s Congress Conference Centre in Beijing, China. Leaders from Chinese national ministries and commissions, artists from Singapore, ambassadors to China, and guests gathered to join a cultural and artistic feast.

 Mr Hu Zhenmin

Hu Zhenmin, former Deputy Minister of the Central Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of China, former Secretary and Vice Chairman of the Party Group in the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Executive Vice Chairman of the China Cares for the Next Generation Work Committee, attended the symposium and announced its opening. The symposium was hosted by Song Chengjiao of China Central Television (CCTV).

Mr Teng Daoyang

Mr Teng Daoyang, Chairman of the Entrepreneurs Strategic Working Committee of the Private Science and Technology Promoters Association under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Expert Advisor of the Academic Committee of the International Celebrity Culture Research Society of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Honorary Chairman of the Organising Committee of the International Symposium On Master Yun’s Fengshui Art, delivered a welcome speech. He praised Master Yun Long Zi’s works for their deep traditional heritage and distinct contemporary vibe. He highlighted Master Yun’s artistic achievements and passion for Chinese culture, not only setting an example for artists but also contributing to the promotion of Chinese culture globally. Master Yun is considered a guardian and promoter of traditional Chinese culture.

Chinese Singaporean artist, Master Yun Long Zi, gave a brilliant speech. He’s the founder of the “Celebrationism” art style, the first artist invited to exhibit at the Great Wall of China, Honorary President of the International Art and Culture (Singapore) Federation, founder of Singapore’s Lotus on Water Fengshui Gallery, and Chairman of the International Symposium On Master Yun’s Fengshui Art. He thanked the leaders and guests for their attendance, explaining how his works display the aesthetic taste of Chinese calligraphy and incorporate the effects of light, shadow, and colour from Western paintings. He expressed pride not in the uniqueness of his works but in their inclusivity. 

Mr Kan Ying Loong

Mr Kan Ying Loong, Executive Director of Singapore’s Lotus on Water Fengshui Gallery and Vice Chairman of the International Symposium On Master Yun’s Fengshui Art, delivered a keynote speech on “The Impact of Master Yun’s Art in Promoting Chinese Culture Internationally and Its Deep Influence on the People”. He thanked Master Yun for bringing art into people’s lives, resonating with their daily essentials and shopping, and for re-centering art around humanity, awakening the public’s inner nobility, elegance, beauty, positivity, and greatness, and promoting the spirit of Celebrationism as an inspiration for joy.

 Prince Tesso Sisowath

At the symposium, Prince Tesso Sisowath of the Kingdom of Cambodia, director of the Princess Buppha Devi Dance Academy and a representative of the royal ballet cultural heritage in the Kingdom of Cambodia, gave a keynote speech on “The Cultural Bridge Role Played by Master Yun’s Art Internationally Amongst the Nobility”, and conducted a ceremony to present Master Yun with Cambodia’s intangible cultural heritage of the royal ballet.  

Mr Eric Raisina

Eric Raisina, founder of the Eric Raisina Couture House, a renowned international fashion designer, and the pioneer of Cambodian silk fashion, delivered a keynote speech on “The Bridge Between Master Yun’s Art and Fashion Culture”. 

Dr Qu Zequan

Dr Qu Zequan, General Manager of Singapore Mingding International (Group) and chief lecturer at Singapore Mingding International Education and Training Centre, spoke on “The Symbiosis and Mutual Growth of Philosophy, Character, and Calligraphy and Painting: An Insight into Master Yun’s Artistic Style”. They discussed Master Yun’s art and Chinese culture, aristocratic culture, fashion culture, and the symbiosis of philosophy, character, and calligraphy and painting from various perspectives, delving deeply into Master Yun’s calligraphy and paintings. The collision and integration of Eastern and Western cultures were felt, showcasing the unique charm of multicultural interactions, stories of cultural exchange, open cooperation, and the search for common ground amidst cultural differences.

Senior officials, generals, and experts, as well as foreign ambassadors to China who attended the symposium, shared their views on Master Yun’s artworks from various angles, discussing the works’ reflections on the economy, culture, humanities, landscapes, and ecological civilisation, and the historical and contemporary significance contained within. They praised the symposium as a palace of cultural exchange and art appreciation, stirring resonance and encouragement in the art field both domestically and internationally, from technique to artistic concept. They unanimously agreed that cultural exchange serves as a bond to enhance world peace and friendship. By understanding and appreciating the art of different countries, people can establish deeper connections and friendships.

In recent years, China has prioritised the creative transformation and innovative development of traditional Chinese arts and culture. Against the backdrop of globalisation, cultural exchange and integration have brought us new opportunities. Firstly, it has fostered friendly relations and economic cooperation between countries. Cultural exchange and integration also help break down cultural barriers and prejudices, enhancing mutual understanding and respect among different cultures. Secondly, it has provided a broader stage and more possibilities for cultural innovation and development. The successful organisation of International Symposium On Master Yun’s Fengshui Art has stimulated the creativity and imagination of cultural and artistic creators, injecting new vitality into cultural innovation and development.

2024年4月3日 云龙子艺术国际研讨会"艺术教育与世界" 暨云龙子书画展在中国首都北京•人大会议中心举行


















研讨会还特别邀请了波黑驻华大使H.E. Sinisa Berjan(西尼沙贝尔扬)、布隆迪驻华大使H.E. Telesphore Irambona(伊拉姆博纳)、黑山驻华大使代办Daniela Djurdjic Dedic (耶拉·久尔迪奇·戴迪奇)、赞比亚驻华大使馆公使H.E. LIKOKOTO SILILO(希里落)、中非公使H.E. Bernard Gollondo(贝合纳)、南苏丹驻华大使代办 Josh Maya (乔希玛雅)。