Monday, June 28, 2021

十五周年纪念:华盖纳气 | 15th Anniversary Celebration: The Anointing of the Glorious Shelter Celestial Star "Hua Gai"

15th Anniversary Celebration
The anointing of the Glorious Shelter Celestial Star "Hua Gai".

Hua Gai is the Shelter above the emperor.

It is also a special celestial star.

A person with Hua Gai in their birth chart is talented and creative, outstanding in performance, and remains dignified and elegant throughout his life.


Lu Xun (a famous Chinese writer) has double Hua Gai in his birth chart.


And me too.

So I added the Hua Gai ritual into the reblessing ceremony.

To absorb the double Yang (sun) energy from heavens and waters.

So that the red vermilion that reblesses our clients will be anointed with wisdom and creativity to overcome all obstacles and turn them into blessings, and become outstanding in whatever they do.

——云龙子大师 Master Yun Long Zi

Sunday, June 27, 2021

十五周年纪念:莲鹤方壶 | 15th Anniversary Celebration: The Lotus and Crane Square Bronze Pot


15th Anniversary Celebration

There are many clients who bought my “Crane Series” fengshui calligraphies.

I brought out my Bronze Instrument, “The Lotus and Crane Square Bronze Pot” as the main ritualistic instrument for blessings.

The Bronze Instruments represent authority and wealth. The body of the Bronze Pots is always carved with fearsome mythological beasts.

So are the bodies of the “Lotus and Crane Square Bronze Pots”. However, the special thing is that the covers of the pots are carved with gentle and beautiful lotus petals and cranes.

It seems to represent the angels of longevity and good fortune that heaven has sent to people, and the message that peace is given to earth. So that all illnesses are cured, and all conflicts are resolved.

The “Lotus and Crane Square Bronze Pots” that I used is a complete set of three. One with the Crane facing Heaven, One with the Crane facing Earth, One with the Crane facing Human.

Somehow, we had to do this set of blessings at a location between the sky and water.

Is it destiny? Or is it that the mystical Bronze instruments are still manifesting their endless power?

——云龙子大师 Master Yun Long Zi

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Master Yun Reveals About His Fengshui Calligraphy PART 3

Even if you couldn’t read off Master Yun’s fengshui calligraphy, you have to admit, you see something, you feel something, as if an image is speaking to you... 
To explain, we first go back to the Chinese characters, the words. Many Chinese words, their forms, mimic and take reference from the subject they are representing, a very pictographic system, if you will.
And so, relatively, paintings happen to be more concrete. Master Yun paints a peacock, you see the peacock, and a crane as a crane.
Chinese words, derived from images, they become a more abstract form of painting and visual understanding.
And especially so for Master Yun’s fengshui calligraphy. 
Master Yun deliberately amplifies the visual meaning of the Chinese words. He imbues the pictorial essence of Chinese characters into his calligraphy, so even for those who can’t make out the words, you feel them. 
For instance, you see a “鹤” (crane) with a long stroke extended to the bottom, that’s portraying the strength of the tall standing crane, may the blessed collector be strong even at the ripe of age. 
For instance, many saw a standing person in “立” (to stand up), and that’s exactly what it means.
And when you put all the drama of the words together, feel it, decipher it, meditate upon it, you might just have a whole new understanding of Master Yun’s fengshui calligraphy.
You might just be transcended into another realm.
-- Kan, Executive Director
(as heard from Master Yun)

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Master Yun Reveals About His Fengshui Calligraphy PART 2

You see the words and how the crane 鹤 dances in Master Yin’s fengshui calligraphy. 
Look closer, what else do you see? 
The backdrop of the calligraphy is...multilayered. 
In fact, it’s sophisticated. 
Let’s start with the most obvious. Look, the repeating red circles. They are brushed with pure grade red vermilion — quite the heavy dosage of vermilion on a piece of fengshui calligraphy then! 
The red circles represent the bark of pine trees. It’s “longevity 鹤、寿” on a pine tree. It’s evergreen longevity of good fortune. 
Then you see the flying strokes of gold. That’s the wings and feathers of crane. Roots deep as pine tree does, while soaring in the skies and sharing the glory with the sun. 
Now, turn on the UV light. 
And you see the hidden dragon scales coming to life, awoken. 
There is great power and destiny in you, you just need to...evoke them. 
Master Yun fengshui calligraphy is a meditated and philosophical art, which transcends you to greatness that you might never dared dream before. 
When faced with a dragon, one might be stunned with fear under the grandness of its might, one might feel unworthy, one might feel...”this is not for me.” Just like how we might shun away from audacious aspirations. 
Master Yun’s fengshui calligraphy guides you, from the strength of the pine trees, to the soaring of golden cranes, to the awakening of the dragon. 
As you meditate with Master Yin’s fengshui calligraphy, you are removing emotional and spiritual resistance. 
You are moving step by step to your greatness. 
-- Kan, Executive Director
(as heard from Master Yun)

Monday, June 14, 2021


WHAT IF I told you, there are TOP REFERRER OF THE MONTH prizes?
And there is.

Starting from this June, the TOP referrer of the month wins a private collection from Master Yun — handmade, aged, purple clay teapot 紫砂茶壶, AND a Celebrationism tea.

Every month, different design.
The 2nd and 3rd top referrer of the month get a Celebrationism tea.

Not to be confused with the gift of 4-lines, the Celebrationism tea that commemorates Master Yun’s first 2017 fengshui art exhibition and the birth of “Celebrationism”.

This Celebrationism tea commemorates Master Yun’s mega 3m by 2m “Celestial Stars 天罡图” painting. Master Yun’s painting is featured on the cover of the tea. You are seeing this for the first time.
May the ones who expand the #lotusfamily, enjoy rich blessings of culture, with celestial stars looking upon you.
I witnessed how Master Yun collected these prized 紫砂茶壶.

2008 was a huge year for China. The Olympic Games were taking place in Beijing. And Master Yun decided to make a trip over, to see how the capital would be revitalized from the Olympic flames.

At that time, I was still studying in Peking University 北京大学. I met up with Master Yun in his Beijing trip.

Side note, Master Yun was staying in The Beijing Hotel 北京饭店, one of the most historical and prestigious hotel in Beijing. And he had to pay about S$10,000 per night during the Olympic season.

Expecting that the whole world would gather at Beijing for the Olympic month, artists and artisans from all over China brought their best and most exquisite works of art to Beijing, in the hopes that tourists would snap them all up.
(The teapot for this month was made in 丁亥年, which is 2007)

But the frenzy and chaos of the Olympics were not conducive for foreigners, especially those who don’t share a common cultural background, to appreciate such refine things.

Too many never-seen before (and never-will-be-seen again) art pieces were left to fade. Including handcrafted, pure purple clay 紫砂 teapots.

Master Yun understood what these teapots meant. He also felt the pain that these valuable collectibles went unappreciated.

And in that season, Master Yun probably became the biggest buyer of all the 紫砂茶壶, to the maximum of how much one can carry back to Singapore.

Master Yun has kept these 紫砂茶壶 since. Never had he really contemplated on how to put them to use. He did it to support the Chinese culture, he did it because he loves the pieces too.

And now, Master Yun is sharing his love with you. 
-- Kan, Executive Director
["TOP", means highest value referred]

Master Yun Reveals About His Fengshui Calligraphy PART 1

What’s with the fengshui calligraphy? How does it differ from the fengshui painting?

Let’s start with something simple: one is mainly an image, and the other, words.

A fundamental difference, and that’s how they affect us differently too.

Our brains speak through different languages. The left brain is more for words, logic, analytical processes. The right brain communicates through images, emotions, gives us the feels.

In this sense, fengshui paintings speak more to our right brain, and the fengshui calligraphy, more to our left.

And they work hand in hand. Surely, one can hop forward on one leg, but to move faster, to run, wouldn’t it be better to be on twos?

Different faiths and philosophies across different cultures evoke our spirits differently. Some, with their magnificent paintings, sculpture and majestic architecture, inspire the sublimity in us. Some, with their focus on words, scriptures and geometrical art, send us into a trance of thoughtful meditation.

There are times we need to use more of our feels and emotions, like when you are building relationships, making a deal. And there are times when we need to be analytical and logical, like when you are running a business, expanding the team. With your fengshui painting and fengshui calligraphy, you can interchange the paths of your meditation, complimenting your left and right.

And so, they are the yin and yang of fengshui art: the fengshui painting, and the fengshui calligraphy.
-- Kan, Executive Director
(as heard from Master Yun)


1. 风水书法什么时候可以请购?
2. 风水书法有哪几种款式?
  • 龟年鹤寿
  • 鹤寿
  • 鹤鸣之士
  • 百鹤贺寿
3. 这一次有几幅风水书法供客人请购?

4. 风水书法以什么价格出售?
5. 风水书法会涨价吗?
6. 风水书法什么时候涨价?

7. 风水书法会和风水画一样由云大师开光吗?
8. 我可以每一款题字都请购一幅吗?
9. 云大师的风水画和风水书法有什么差别?
10. 风水书法有荧光效果吗?

Sunday, June 13, 2021

What You Want To Know About Master Yun's Fengshui Calligraphy (So Far!)

What I know about Master Yun's fengshui calligraphy so far, and answering the many FAQs:

1. When are they coming / when can start buying?
--> Soon, very soon. Probably from Tuesday 15th June onwards. So...get ready.

2. What are the different types of fengshui calligraphy there might be?
--> In terms of the wordings, I know there's:
"龟年鹤寿" (till the age of tortoise and the longevity of crane)
"鹤寿" (the longevity of crane)
"鹤鸣之士" (this one is difficult to translate...meaning someone who is very reputable, talented and wise, about to be discovered for office)
"百鹤贺寿" (a hundred cranes celebrating longevity)

3. How many pieces of fengshui calligraphy might there be?
--> Unsure. Estimate 30 pieces +/- might be available for choosing from the galleries. Which means, there would be a few variations for each wording. Of course, Master Yun's art is non-duplicable, as usual, so even if it's the same wordings, the piece is still unique.
4. How much are the fengshui calligraphy pieces going for?
--> Ok, I estimate they would begin from $20+k, probably at $23k/$26k onwards. Compared to their painting counterparts of the same sizes, the calligraphy pieces are at one-third the price. Reason being, other than the difference in material used, Master Yun is also taking it as an initiative to promote art and culture.

5. Are the fengshui calligraphy pieces going to increase in price?
--> Let me emphasize: YES. Remember when we first launched Master Yun's paintings back during 9th anniversary? Something like that. In this season, the calligraphy pieces are starting at $23k/$26k. They will be adjusted to $40-50k, and then to match their painting counterparts at $70-80k.

6. When's the increment going to be?
--> Not sure. But soon after we release them in this anniversary month. So...better grab now.

7. Will the calligraphy pieces be blessed by Master Yun, as like how the paintings do?
--> Yes.

8. Can I get one of each wording?
--> Of course.

9. What's the difference between Master Yun's fengshui painting and the fengshui calligraphy?
--> They are different forms of meditation by Master Yun. They complement and strengthen each other, and the whole fengshui energy of your house and office. In fact, you should have both.

10. Do the fengshui calligraphy pieces have UV effect?
--> Yes. And it's AWESOME.
-- Kan, Executive Director

Sip Fortune, Get Fortune

Fortune Tea
Lotus on Water serves its guests a special tea called Fortune Tea. Fortune Tea is made from big and old trees that are a few decades to a century old, not human-grown ones. This is to ensure the element of time and strength are encompassed within.
You can’t possibly be having ordinary tea at the amazing Lotus on Water, right? So why is this tea made from big and old trees called the Fortune Tea? Just look at the name Fortune Tea, and you will know that you are accumulating fortune while sipping this tea. 
After the process of post-fermentation, and hand-pressed into tea cakes, Fortune Teas are stored alongside agarwood and sandalwood. As the tea cakes absorb the excess moisture from the agarwood and sandalwood, the wealth enhancing energy of the agarwood and sandalwood are infused into the tea cake. That is why it is called the Fortune Tea.
As you sip Lotus’ Fortune Tea, you are drinking the wealth enhancing energy of the agarwood and sandalwood, accumulating all the wealth inside you.

What’s the difference between drinking tea at a tea house and having it at Lotus on Water? One of our clients said that the key is sincerity, which lies in the wealth enhancing energy of the agarwood and sandalwood infused into the tea cake.
If you want a taste of Fortune Tea, head over to Lotus on Water. This authentic tea must be brewed in the most intricate manner, using the best tea leaves, and sipped in a comfortable environment. All of which can be found at Lotus on Water. Providing a space rich in culture, huat energy, and positive energy, for like-minded friends to enjoy Fortune Tea, that’s the Lotus’ hospitality and sincerity.  

-- Amanda, 28 April 2021

Saturday, June 12, 2021

A Summary of “Wei Wei Bring You Huat Long Long” (Episode 6: Annual Fengshui Collection)

In this episode, Wei Wei invited the young and humourous couple: Hogan and Ashley!

Hogan shared that he got to know Lotus on Water through Facebook. He realised that his primary school classmate was a client of Lotus, and through this classmate of his, he got to know Lotus on Water. Within a year, Hogan and Ashley each got a jadeite pendant, and Hogan even put on his Double Dragon jadeite ring! Right after Master Yun’s Great Wall exhibition, this sweet couple brought home one of Master Yun’s fengshui painting!

In this episode, Hogan and Ashley shared how their career improved after putting on their Lotus collections. Hogan also revealed that there was an improvement in their relationship—they squabble less now! As you can tell, Lotus collections do not only help you in the aspects of wealth or career, but it alters your temper as well. As the saying goes, “a harmonious family brings prosperity”!
Hogan mentioned in the episode that in early-2021, he accidentally “activated” the “conflict position” of his home, and was admitted to hospital a week later for food poisoning! This might sound like a joke to everyone, but it is a reflection of the importance of home fengshui.

Besides personal fengshui, Lotus on Water has items that can help with your annual fengshui. For example, the Bronze Coin and Tea Hulu. Both are solid and authentic items. The Bronze Coin is made from pure bronze, whilst the Tea Hulu is made from top-grade pu’er tea leaves. How many of them should you get and where to place them? Speak to our Lotus advisors. Not to forget, all Lotus collections will be personally blessed by Master Yun before you bring them home. 

Hogan and Ashley have a deeper understanding of fengshui after joining the Lotus family. Hogan was someone who did not believe in fengshui, but within a year, his opinion changed, as did his life. I believe both of them will be complete the Lotus 9-Squares very soon!

-- WL

Monday, June 7, 2021

回顾”薇薇带你發久久! [第六集 - 流年风水物]

这一期,薇薇请来一对非常风趣的的年轻夫妻, HoganAshley! 

Hogan 说他是在面书上认识云龙子旺财馆的,后来也发现他的小学同学是旺财馆的客户。就这样经过同学的介绍,真正认识与接触到云龙子旺财馆。在短短的一年内,Hogan 与Ashley 已各拥有了一枚翡翠牌,Hogan更在去年底戴上了一枚双龙夺珠戒指!夫妻俩也赶在云大师的风水画上中国长城参展后,选了幅风水画呢!

在节目里,Hogan与Ashley 分享了在戴上旺财宝物后在事业上的一些改变,当中Hogan更透露了生活上的一个改变--夫妻俩连吵架都少了!可想而知,改变的不止是个人的钱财或事业,也改变了人的脾性。这就是所谓的家和万事兴,和气生财吧!
Hogan在节目上也分享了一段小插曲,在2021年头,他在 “不小心与不知情” 的情况下“启动”了家里的二黑煞位!结果他在一周后因食物中毒而入院了!虽说现在回想起这件事,大伙都把它当笑话看待,但从中我们也领悟到家居风水的重要性。



-- WL