Saturday, September 25, 2021

FAQs on the NEWLY LAUNCHED Silk Fengshui Calligraphies

Some FAQs on the NEWLY LAUNCHED silk fengshui calligraphies:

1. How many different wordings for this series?
--> Just one. Same wordings for all: 日月同光.

2. What does "日月同光" mean?
--> Literally, it means "Shining together with the Sun and Moon". But it means more: the inner strength and character of a person, or that his contribution is extremely great.
Check out Master Yun's explanation over here:

3. So...what's its powers?

--> Looking to HUAT day and night? Get this.
Looking to attract benefactors and clients as grand as the Sun and Moon? Get this.
Looking to your children doing most wonderful? Get this.
Looking to have a most fulfilling career and a most remarkable legacy? Get this.

4. What's the font/script that Master Yun used in this 日月同光 series?
--> It's mainly 小篆 small seal script. This is the font/script that was standardized by 秦始皇 (1st Emperor of China). The one that united the Chinese for thousands of years since.

5. The texture of the artwork looks different, not Dongba paper?
--> You are right. This 日月同光 series is done on Eric Raisina's silk. Which is also a feature that makes it all the more valuable.

6. So, such a grand meaning, and on silk some more, who might this series be suitable for?
--> Remember that when you are doing fengshui, it's less about who you are today. It's more about tomorrow, and the future, who you want to be. You and your loved ones.
One day, you might reach this level of grandness. Your children too. And that starts today.
Also, for art collectors, this is one series you don't want to miss. Calligraphy on silk. You already know how difficult it is to accomplish that.

7. Prices?
--> This silk 日月同光 series, begins from 39,868SGD. So that means:
NOW 现在 —> THEN 然后 (1st Jan 2022)
39,868 —> 89,560
50,868 —> 99,560
53,868 —> 109,560
60,868 —> 122,892
63,868 —> 129,560
83,868 —> 169,560
89,868 —> 179,560

Choose yours today.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

云大师谈“日月系列”:“日月同光”什么意思?| Master Yun on "Sun and Moon series": What Does It Mean?

A lot of people is asking. What does your title means? “Ri Yue Tong Guang”? Shining together with the Sun and Moon?


It means: (The person) is shining brightness together with the Sun and the Moon.
It describes the inner strength and character of a person, or that his contribution is extremely great.

The earliest the phrase “Ri Yue Tong Guang” appeared was in the classic of Huai Nan Zi. The classic that blends Philosophical Taoism, Confucianism and Legalism:

“Those who can travel into the realm of divination, will shine brightly with the Sun and the Moon.”

And I agree.

-- 云龙子大师 Master Yun Long Zi

云大师谈“日月系列”:坤纹 | Master Yun on "Sun and Moon series": Kun Motif


The series of “Sun and Moon”.

Kun Motif.

我用橙黄色代表月,也代表坤,阴。 逆时钟旋转。
I use orangy yellow to represent the moon, which also represents Kun or Yin. The swirl is reversed clockwise (or anti clockwise).

The moon does not give out light of her own. She reflects the light of the Sun.
It seems like the moon is useless, but actually she affects the tides of the water.
When the moon is close to us, the water tides go up and the sea water will flow reverse back up the river. (That’s why my Kun Motif turns anti clockwise )
The reverse flow of the seawater brings minerals and nutrients up the river. Many kinds of fishes and water creatures breed as they swim upstream.

The energy of Kun (moon) brings about harvest and prosperity to human being.

Thus the Kun Motif symbolizes prosperity.
-- 云龙子大师 Master Yun Long Zi

云大师谈“日月系列”:乾纹 | Master Yun on "Sun and Moon series": Qian Motif

Recently I have some inspiration to do a series of fengshui calligraphies.

The series is called “Sun and Moon”, or “Qian and Kun”.

Because I innovated the Qian and Kun motifs.

The Sun is a concrete object, Qian and Yang means the Sun, but are metaphysical concepts.
So I use an abstract artistic motif to symbolize it. And I call it Qian Motif.


My Qian Motif is painted with green ultra Violet paint with Cyan dye from the plants. The motif is turned clockwise.

Qian is Yang, also the Sun.

All the energy of the Earth comes from the Sun. The Sunlight moves along the time (so the motif is clockwise), to arrive the earth, and through photosynthesis (so the motif is green and cyan) and becomes the energy in the plants.
The animals, including human beings, absorb the energy of the plants, and gain energy for the bodies.
Even when the bodies perish, the energy exists, becoming the rich soil, and fossils and fossil fuels…. On earth, transforming in forms with the flow of time.

Thus is the energy of Qian.

I draw out the Qian Motif.

-- 云龙子大师 Master Yun Long Zi

Sunday, September 19, 2021

《看见他,戴你發 !》第 1 集

















为什么戴这个比较好? 为什么戴这个比较?




-- 晖