Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Ever-Lasting Golden Prosperity

"Prosperity Flying Across | 富贵横飞图"

Look closely, it is layer + layer + layer + layer etc... (8 - 18 layers) to complete this elegant peacock fengshui painting.

Why so troublesome to paint one fengshui painting?

Every Lotus Collections must be perfect and real to Lotus clients.

Now, you might ask "This is not a real peacock?"

A live peacock has a lifespan, they are born, growing up, and aging.

There will be a glorious moment, the most dazzling moment that you will see on a live peacock. But, it doesn't last forever.

Master Yun created the very first peacock Lotus Fengshui painting that lasts forever. With mixed media on Dong Ba paper, real 24k gold, real 18k gold, real silver, real bronze, and natural paints that require Master Yun to grind himself, the glorious prosperity of the painting lasts and stays with your forever.

Different types of natural paints, to paint the one & only "Prosperity Flying Across | 富贵横飞图".

"Gold is lasting - it doesn't fade under the sun, lose weight in fire, or rust in water. Fengshui is supposed to help attain beauty, rarity, and durability." - Master Yun
The golden peacock that shines your life with prosperity.

In Chinese, there's a saying: "从头旺到尾" (Prosper from the start till all the way to the end).

From 1 layer prosper till the golden prosperity; From golden peacock head prosper all the way to peacock tails, it is a long-lasting golden prosperity that fly across your life.

Layers of prosperity, getting more and more prosperous.
Stars in the Universe, attracting wonders to your life.

And, this is the "Prosperity Flying Across | 富贵横飞图".

"Prosperity Flying Across | 富贵横飞图"

Owen -- Assistant to Advisor  #Prosperity with Elegance

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Qinan the Size of a Nail, the Size of a Finger!

I’m going to talk about an extremely unique Lotus treasure today. But how unique is it?

Before touching on that, I’m going to share an interesting episode involving Qinan.

It took place before my employment at Lotus on Water. Two foreign “friends” or you can call them “businessmen”, came looking for Master Yun at the Lotus on Water Exquisite Gallery, saying that they have some Qinan for sale.

Qinan is exceptionally precious, many might not even have the opportunity to get a whiff of its fragrance all his life.

What happened was, these two friends took out a piece of Qinan the size of a nail and cautiously they held it in their hands while sniffing it—Qinan is very “soft” and precious—as if this is the last piece of nail-sized Qinan in this world. This reflected the Qinan’s preciousness and the friends’ attitude towards Qinan—how they see it as the supreme treasure of this world.

What happened next is rather interesting.

Master Yun took out a piece of Qinan pendant from the Exquisite Gallery’s safe. Yes, you are right, a pendant!

A Qinan pendant!

Purple Qinan with Golden Threads! 金丝紫气奇楠牌

Real Qinan is tremendously rare, and everyone in this industry knows that even at Lotus on Water, we have limited quantities. In addition, you must fulfil two criteria before you have the chance to put on this supreme agarwood:

1. First of all, you have to be our VIP client. That is to say, you must have a piece of our Exquisite jadeite pendant; or a Heaven and Earth jadeite ring worth more than $18k; or the sandalwood or agarwood beads or pendant. You meet the first criterion if you own any one of the above items.

 2. The second and also most criterion would be fate—your affinity with Master Yun. Master Yun must have a piece of Qinan pendant in possession before our VIP client can get his. Master Yun believes that Qinan gives him immense and limitless energy. In addition, the client must gain Master Yun’s approval before he is willing to let go of his piece of Qinan.

Simply put, even having the entire world’s wealth does not guarantee you a chance to have the Qinan.

Sinking Agarwood Guan Yin (left) Purple Qinan with Golden Threads (right)

Sinking Agarwood Guan Yin is high in resin and it’s so dense that it sinks in water.

When you place a huge log in the water, would it sink or float?

What about a small piece of wood, would it sink or float?

Regardless the size of a sinking agarwood pendant, it will immediately sink when put in water. (I’m talking about Lotus on Water’s sinking agarwood. You can give it a try, using your own piece of sinking agarwood of course.)

With the sinking agarwood pendant being this amazing, is there something better?


The Qinan pendant!

The unique treasure that I’m speaking on today is this Purple Qinan with Golden Threads!

Purple Qinan with Golden Threads!

In actuality, the most powerful Qinan is the White Qinan, but a comparable piece currently available in our gallery is this Purple Qinan with Golden Threads!

Do you know why?

“Golden threads” on the Purple Qinan with Golden Threads!

As the Purple Qinan with Golden Threads’ resin is much thicker and denser than that of the sinking agarwood, forming “golden threads”. This is not possible on just any piece sinking agarwood or Qinan.

Besides the “golden threads” resin, the complete rectangular shape and large size of this Purple Qinan with Golden Threads are very rare. It is going to be an amazing piece of Lotus treasure when set in gold!

The long rectangular Purple Qinan with Golden Threads!

Lastly, let’s talk about the phoenix carved on this Purple Qinan with Golden Threads!

There are three stages of a phoenix’s lifecycle:

1. Rising from the ashes
Once past its peak, a phoenix builds a nest with agarwood and self-immolates. From these ashes, a young phoenix rises.

An elegant phoenix like that carved on the Purple Qinan with Golden Threads!

2. Bowing to the sun
The phoenix flies towards the sun with the agarwood ashes in hand and offering it to the sun. Ancient Egyptian documents record that the rebirthed phoenix brings the agarwood ashes to Heliopolis (Sun City).

3. A hundred birds paying homage to the phoenix
During its peak, the phoenix enjoys the respect of all birds, ushering an era of prosperity and harmony.

And the cycle goes on…

The infallible and mighty Purple Qinan with Golden Threads! 

As you patiently read this far, your affinity with this piece of Purple Qinan with Golden Threads might be closer than you think. Having a piece of Lotus on Water’s supreme treasure is something worth celebrating and being proud of.

Clients who have this Purple Qinan with Golden Threads enjoy bliss and happiness in life and at home.

For those of you with Lotus treasures, this Purple Qinan with Golden Threads is something you cannot miss!

#Prosperity with Elegance

-- Owen, Assistant to Advisor


Tuesday, January 23, 2018












1. 首先,你必须是我们的VIP客户,就是说你必须拥有我们的极品旺财翡翠牌,$18千以上的天地连理玉上玉翡翠戒指,$18千以上的沉香手珠/牌,檀香手珠/牌,那你就符合了第一个简单的条件。

2. 第二样条件,也是最重要的一个条件,那就是缘分,和云大师的缘分。VIP客户若想戴上一块云龙子旺财奇楠牌,云大师就必须先自己拥有一块奇楠牌保留着,因为云大师相信奇楠带给他的力量是无穷的,是必须的。而且,身为VIP客户的你在得到了云大师的认同后,云大师才会愿意把他手上的另一块奇楠牌让给你。














《金丝紫气奇楠牌》上的“金丝结” !






1. 浴火重生:


2. 丹凤朝阳:凤凰带上沉香灰烬,向太阳飞去并供上沉香灰烬。古埃及记载,重生的凤凰会将沉香的灰烬带去赫利奥波利斯(太阳之城)。

3. 百鸟朝凤:凤凰在其巅峰期之中,受到其他鸟类的敬意和尊敬,迎接了一个繁荣和谐的时代。






Owen,顾问助理  #Prosperity with Elegance

Friday, January 5, 2018


走访过了总馆 - 云龙子旺财馆云龙子旺财佛像神像馆云龙子旺财沉香檀香馆云大师随着布拜德威公主,威泽立悟王子,列施美王妃,天娑王子终于来到了第四间馆 - 水上荷极品翡翠馆!


第四间馆 - 水上荷极品翡翠馆!

Owen,顾问助理  #Prosperity with Elegance