Thursday, February 24, 2022

Highlights of Chinese New Year Live Celebration: 尤发大哥 and Wei Wei exploring Master Yun fengshui calligraphies and the white inkstone Master Yun fengshui world

Congratulations to Lotus on Water to another successful Chinese New Year Live Celebration! Amazing prizes were dished out to several lucky viewers, Congrats to them too! Of all the highlights of the event, I would like to bring you to a sharing between 尤发大哥 and Wei Wei as they explore Master Yun's fengshui art with you!

Currently, Lotus on Water has few silk paintings left, 尤发大哥 and Wei Wei has some recommendations, we have the “日月同光”. Master Yun acquires high quality materials to ensure that the collectors of his art would receive the maximum amount of benefits from his fengshui paintings, that's why he would onl buy silk from a close friend who is an fashion designer, Eric Raisina. 

Painting on silk is no easy feat as Master Yun paints on RAW silk as it is rougher than the silk that we usually used for clothing. This shows Master Yun is always thinking about his clients and would want to give the best to them. 

Sharing on the fengshui calligraphies

“日月同光” means that you are shining your brightest together with the Sun and the Moon, describing the inner strength and character of a person. So when you own a "日月同光" art piece, you will have the positive energy as strong as the Sun and Moon combined together, helping you to achieve success day and night and attract benefactors as powerful as the Sun and Moon.

With just a few paintings of this series left, now is the best time to leapt at the opportunity to have the honour to own Master Yun's fengshui paintings. Furthermore, collecting Master Yun fengshui paintings is not just for yourselves, but also for your future generations to also prosper as much as you did.

So do contact Cola at 8137 8024 to find out more about the Sun and Moon series of paintings and see which one is suitable for you and your family!

Wei Wei recommends the inkstone she is holding

尤发大哥 and Wei Wei also talked about the white inkstones as they are very important for house fengshui. "一白遮三丑" , this means the white inkstone would protect you, getting rid of the malefactors while attracting many benefactors into your life. 

Wei Wei loves white inkstones a lot. She meditated with her white inkstone, grinding the red vermillion inkstick (inkstick is FOC when you buy the white of inkstone) on the stone, wishing for all the good people to come and help her in her predicament which did happen! 

White inkstones are very rare as there is only a 1/1000 chance that white inkstones can be unearthed, carved and used for house fengshui purposes.

Wei Wei mentioned that the whiter the white inkstone is, the better. To meditate, we just need to grind the red vermillion inkstick on the white inkstone while saying the positives things that you want it to happen. 

Oh, and do you know that the red vermillion inkstick is the same red vermillion that Master Yun uses to bless your lotus collection? So as you meditate, you are using top notch quality materials. We are very grateful to Master Yun and Lotus on Water taking care of us!

To find out more about white inkstones, do contact Cola at 8137 8024 to find out where can you place your white inkstone and which one is suitable for you!

Stay safe, stay Huat!

~ Yi Jie

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Lotus on Water Celebrates CNY 2022: Limited Edition Beijing Winter Olympic 2022 Official Gifts 《心运灵光门庭凤,经传宏业天上龙》之 北京冬奥会2022纪念品

Did you watch Lotus On Water CNY 2022 celebration Facebook live on Saturday (19th February 2022) evening at the comfort of your home?

I did!

It was an evening full of excitement from Master Yun's Reblessing Ceremony, the launch of The Heavenly Dragon sandalwood pendant (云龙有道斐济檀香), Ashley and Mr Pino’s  Museum in Lotus session, Wei Wei and You Fa’s segment on Master Yun 日月series painting and the 7 lucky draw sessions!

What excites me the most is a chance of a lifetime to win an exclusive Beijing's Winter Olympic official gifts without flying over to Beijing to queue in the cold so as to get hold of the official commemorative gifts.

Master Yun was selected as one of the 100 Outstanding Chinese Representatives worldwide, to give good wishes to Beijing Winter’s Olympic 2022.

As a token of appreciation, Beijing Winter Olympic official sent a total of 7 sets of official commemorative gifts to Master Yun.

As the saying goes 独乐乐不如众乐乐 (which means it is more joyful to share the joy than enjoying it alone), Master Yun decided to give it out as lucky draw gifts for the event!

Master Yun is always so generous and these gifts are really 有钱都买不到!Lotus clients and their friends and relatives are really really very lucky!

A total of 7 sets of official gifts was given out during the 7 lucky draw sessions.

Here's a glimpse of the 7 official gifts.

1) Winter Olympic Pin (with China and Winter Olympic 2022 flags)

2) Winter Olympic Mug

3) Winter Olympic Notes

4) Winter Olympic Backpack

5) Winter Olympic Coins

6) Winter Olympic Stamp Album (includes all hosts' stamps and coins)

7) Winter Olympic Mascot “Bing Dun Dun” (冰墩墩)

7 rounds of lucky draw with 7 gifts each. That will be a total of 49 gifts with 49 winners! Wow! That is really wonderful!

And we have our 49 winners from the lucky draw sessions on last Saturday Facebook live. Congratulations to all the lucky draw winners!

If you have missed the chance for the special lucky draw prizes last Saturday, you can always tune in to Lotus on Water Facebook lives for other lucky draw prizes.

There are attractive prizes to be won at Lotus on Water weekly Facebook lives and their annual Reblessing ceremony three times a year!

The next one will be Lotus on Water Anniversary in June 2022. That will be another super special celebration again! Don’t miss this chance!

And what you can do now is to LIKE Lotus on Water Facebook page to keep a lookout on the details and the attractive prizes!

Scan the QR code or click the link right now! Who knows? You might be the next big winner!

-- Eileen

Museum in Lotus Special: Chinese New Year 2022 Part 3

On 19th February 2022, the 19th day in the Lunar year of the Tiger, Lotus on Water galleries celebrated Chinese New Year. Mr Pino DE Giosa (P), who features in the Museum in Lotus 莲中博物 documentary series, together with Ashley Sim (A), help us appreciate the rare antiques that was used in the re-blessing ceremony. 

Let us spend some time to appreciate these artefacts,  and understand how they add value to the re-blessing ceremony and bring even more huatness to our Lotus on Water galleries.

A: Hello everyone, I am Ashley and together with Mr Pino, we are going to introduce the Hibachi.

P: The Hibachi is a brazier which holds charcoal. In another words, its purpose is to create warmth during the winter.

P: This hand carved Hibachi dates back to the Edo period (江户时代) in Japan, between 1803 to 1867. The beautiful grain of this hollow wood takes centuries to form. The Japanese use a technique called Maki-e (日语:蒔絵まきえ), a lacquer decoration tachnique in which patterns are drawn with lacquer, and then iridescence from shellfish is sprinkled and fixed on the surface of the Hibachi. This a very complex process to master and produce, so this beautiful piece was certainly owned by an extremely wealthy family.

The inside of this Hibachi is made with copper because copper is not a strong conductor of heat, which helps to preserve the external wooden shell. The copper internal is all hand beaten. Notice how its natural colour matches the exterior lacquered wood perfectly.

A: It is amazing how Master Yun uses items with such rich heritage and culture for all his re-blessing ceremonies. The level of thought and consideration into every detail is absolutely unbelievable. For customers of Lotus on Water, the value we get is priceless.

What is also priceless in my mind is this thousand hands sandalwood Guan Yin sculpture.

This specific sculpture belongs to Master Yun’s personal collection. In fengshui, Sandalwood is used to boost indirect wealth, creativity and inspiration. I personally think the level of detail in this sculpture fully justifies the $128,868 price tag, especially when we can keep it for generations to come.

For those of us who want the benefits of sandalwood at a more affordable price point, let me introduce the sandalwood imperial dragon pendant.

This design has been bought my many people during the pre-launch, and I believe stocks of this piece are running low and will not be reproduced. If you have not yet seen this in person, I strongly recommend you to make an appointment with Cola to witness the level of finishing and unique sandalwood scent of these pieces.

With that, we have come to the end of our session. My heartiest appreciation to you, Mr Pino, for joining me in hosting our CNY reblessing event today. I have learn a lot from you.

P: Thank you very much for having me as presenter. You are very kind.

Special thanks to Mr Pino and Ashley Sim for the knowledge and guidance.

Museum in Lotus Special: Chinese New Year 2022 Part 2

On 19th February 2022, the 19th day in the Lunar year of the Tiger, Lotus on Water galleries celebrated Chinese New Year. Mr Pino DE Giosa (P), who features in the Museum in Lotus 莲中博物 documentary series, together with Ashley Sim (A), help us appreciate the rare antiques that was used in the re-blessing ceremony. 

Let us spend some time to appreciate these artefacts,  and understand how they add value to the re-blessing ceremony and bring even more huatness to our Lotus on Water galleries.

A: Hello everyone, and welcome back to our mini Museum in Lotus session! Ashley again here with Mr Pino. We are now going to re-introduce the Pillar of Light that we used during the Winter Solstice re-blessing session last year in December and there is something very exciting I really need to share with you, Mr Pino.


(Pillar of Light with 91 rings in the day)

A: The first prize in today’s 4D draw is 9410, which uncannily also happened the last time we used the Pillar of Light during the winter solstice re-blessing ceremony. 

If you’re wondering about how did this number came about, in mandarin we say that the Pillar of Light has “九十一个位”, meaning that there are 91 vacancies for rings to be re-blessed on the Pillar of Light. The pronounciation of 91 in mandarin is similar to the pronounciation of the numbers 9-4-1.

And the basic shape of the ring is a circle, which numerically resembles the number zero, so the Pillar of Light having 91 vacancies for rings derived today’s 4D first prize winning number 9410!

P: Fantastic!

A: Our heartiest congratulations to all our customers who have bought this winning number. Understanding the immense power of this Pillar of Light, let’s now take a look at it in detail.

P:Thank you very much. First of all, this originates from the south of India, a state which is called Kerala. The reason that this is called the Pillar of Light is because it is a direct translation from its original Indian name. Are you wondering how this is so important to the Indian tradition and culture?

(Pillar of Light lit up in the night)

P: In the Indian culture, worshippers will pour oil in the lamp and light it up using wicks. Just imagine the beautiful sight of this gorgeous structure with all the lights! The underlying meaning is about light winning over darkness, and celebrating knowledge over ignorance.

A: Darkness, yes!

P: But it is not only limited to these dualities. It is also about celebration and happiness. I can very well envision many happy faces both in those days and also today going around appreciating the light and soaking in the good vibes.

It is an absolutely beatiful spectacle. Look at how the lamp is in the day adorned with a bed of fresh rose petals with 91 individually customised Lotus on Water signature Heaven and Earth jadeite rings for the re-blessing ceremony. After which, it is fully lit up and we witness the light literally dancing in the night.

Now, when you wear such a ring that has been designed using the teachings of fengshui and blessed to such a degree, it gives you an extra boost of power. And for those who have the oppportunity to wear two of these rings, its power grows to another level.

A: These are really awesome rings! And these team up with the Pillar of Light that chases away the darkness to bring victory and righteousness. There are even more symbols and unique features at the bottom of the Pillar of Light. For example, the turtle, the naga, and the snake at the bottom and the lion on top! 

We have more and more customers buying these rings, we call them the 双龙夺珠戒指, Double Dragon Heaven and Earth ring, a signature of Lotus on Water that is created by Master Yun. For anyone interested, you may reach out to Cola at 81378024 and fix an appointment with him to understand more about your life destiny, upgrade yourself, upgrade your luck, and upgrade your prosperity.

A: I sincerely hope our audience will have the opportunity to purchase these rings because there are many customers who bought these rings and can testify that they indeed work. Wearing the ring on different fingers evoke different blessings. The middle finger boosts direct wealth and prosperity, and the baby finger attracts benefectors and converts obstacles to opportunities. Since so many people have achieved that, I’m sure you can too if you give yourself the chance! 

Mr Pino, is there anything else that you wish to share about this Pillar of Light?

P: I just want to say one more word and I leave you all in peace.  We must remember that the lion represents power. Therefore the transmission of power is not only through the re-blessing by Master Yun, but also from the Pillar of Light as these ring sit on the beautiful lamp. The lion stands for power, courage, and positive force.

A: In summary, wearing the Lotus on Water signature Double Dragon Heaven and Earth jadeite ring will boost the wearer’s courage, power and positive force. Congratulations again to all our customers who have placed your rings on this gorgeous Pillar of Light!

Special thanks to Mr Pino and Ashley Sim for the knowledge and guidance.

Museum in Lotus Special: Chinese New Year 2022 Part 1

On 19th February 2022, the 19th day in the Lunar year of the Tiger, Lotus on Water galleries celebrated Chinese New Year. Mr Pino DE Giosa (P), who features in the Museum in Lotus 莲中博物 documentary series, together with Ashley Sim (A), help us appreciate the rare antiques that was used in the re-blessing ceremony. 

Let us spend some time to appreciate these artefacts,  and understand how they add value to the re-blessing ceremony and bring even more huatness to our Lotus on Water galleries.


A: Hello everybody, welcome online and welcome to Lotus on Water galleries re-blessing ceremony! I am Ashley and together with me, we have  the antique expert, Mr Pino. Hello Mr Pino!

P: Thank you very much, It is a pleasure to be here with you and for a special occasion as tonight, we really have a unique and original re-blessing ceremony.

AYes! Thanks very much, so how are you feeling Mr Pino? This is our second time hosting such a segment together, right?

P: Very well. And yes, it is the second time we are hosting together. How are you?

AI am feeling awesome because I know the re-blessing ceremony this time round is a new level-up from all our past events.

P: Yes.

A: For every single event, Master Yun and his team curates new ideas and finds new ways to help their customers reach another higher level of prosperity and elegance. The reason we are standing outside today is because we are going to introduce some antiques to our online audience through your expertise and do a close up on the Heart Sutra seals.

P: Fantastic. We are going to start with this beautiful Chinese table from the 19th century, from 1801 to 1889, within the Qing Dynasty (清代). It is a very interesting one. Now as we see the structure is relatively simple. It has a rectangular shape on the front, a gentle curve on the side, and a very fine column at the bottom.

PIts predominantly black and reason why it is black is because it has beautifier lacquer applied, which must be layered at least 14 to 15 times. On top of this, we have an amazingly beautiful scenery. The level of detail make it look almost like a painting. When we look at the sculptures we notice dignitaries and aristocrats. Each one and every one is adorned in beautiful attire and mostly painted in gold. And if we look closely, these are slightly raised. Look at their faces!

P: If you take a look at the mountains, it is even more evident that they have been embossed. Now what else do we see in the dignitaries? Their beautiful attires are mostly in gold, which contrasts very beautifully against the dark coloured lacquer. Also, gold evokes a sense of exuberance.

AProsperity, and wealth!

PYes, now what else do we see? We see very common elements in the paintings of the Chinese during these centuries. Take a look at these beautiful trees.

A: Oh yes, I call these Chinese trees because I do not know what they are specifically called in English, but these are kind of trees we often see in Chinese paintings and calligraphy.

P: Absolutely right, then we see rocks.

A: And the prominent roof tops of palaces.

P:Yes, then we also see the repetition of houses from the other side. Notice how the figures are all standing on land and the background is basically black, which is representation of water. We need to understand what the symbol of water means for the Chinese.


PIt means money!

AWhich I love a lot! Apart from my husband, of course.

PSo again it is all about prosperity, it is all about the good vibes and a wonderful calming scenery.

ARight, so Mr Pino, I assume such a table would belong to a wealthy family.

PExtremely wealthy family.

A: And this is the table that Master Yun will be using later for the re-blessing ceremony. I shall not reveal too much details now, but we will be using stamping some seals.


A: Let me show you something interesting. Would you mind helping me hold the microphone?

(A opens the box of seals)


A: Absolutely! This is one of the five boxes that contain the full collection of Heart Sutra seals. In Buddhism, the Heart Sutra is also known as the heart of the perfection of wisdom sutra. Buddhists believe that chanting this sutra will bring you mindfulness, calmness, and helps to remove obstacles in life. Replacing negativity with a more calm and peaceful mind will in turn attract more prosperity and elegance.

Special thanks to Mr Pino and Ashley Sim for the knowledge and guidance.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

《心运灵光门庭凤, 经传宏业天上龙》NEW RELEASE: 云龙有道斐济檀香 Sandalwood Heavenly Dragon

We all know about DRAGON 龙, the bringer of power 力量 and wealth财富, the beacon of unity. 2022 and beyond are definitely years that you want to unite the energies of power and wealth.

And 2022, this Water Tiger year 壬寅年, when all annual flying stars are back in their own palaces, with the phoenix back in the south (fire) shining bright, and the dragon back in the north (water) showering blessings of prosperity and benefactors, it is simply appropriate to have the dragon with you, evoking the strength of the rightful dragon 真龙 in the north.

And yes! We have the DRAGON for you! Dragon carving on sandalwood!  力量与财富的结合!

Before we take a look at the New Release, let us know more about the details on the sandalwood pendant.

This new release sandalwood dragon, takes reference from Zhou Dynasty 周朝’s dragon carvings on jade and bronze wares 青铜器. Not only was Zhou Dynasty the longest dynasty in China, it was also when one of the most important Classics was written — the Book of Changes 易经, or the 周易. It is the Classic of Prophecy. It is also the embodiment of Chinese wisdom. It is from where fengshui was born.

In fact, Zhou Dynasty was the model for Confucius’s teachings, the school of thought that united China for thousands of years, even till today. Talk about a dragon of power, of command, of mystical magnitude!

And here it is ......


What do we see here?

The dragon is surrounded by waves of clouds, as like no one can see the grand and flying dragon in full. We can only capture parts of its grandness. This dragon is high up in the skies, its blessings reach beyond what we can mortally see and is 深藏不露! This is what we call the Godly Dragon, the 神龙, for us, it’s 神龙见首不见尾.

With this sandalwood dragon on you, when you look upon the clouds, can you see the boundless prosperity that you never dared to imagine? 

Not to forget, these are sold at two fantastic prices at SGD 20,868 and SGD 23,868. 

And again...Lotus on Water sandalwood is forever so popular and in demand! Before its official launch, many pieces were already sold! 

Hurry! Get your sandalwood for this HUATASTIC Water Tiger year ! 

Contact Mr Cola at 8137 8024 right now!

-- Amanda

Friday, February 18, 2022

Lotus on Water Celebrates CNY 2022:《心运灵光门庭凤,经传宏业天上龙》之日月明心 PART 3

We have read the couplet: 心运灵光门庭凤 经传宏业天上龙

And there’s a 横批, which we can understand as the theme: 日月明心, which literally means our hearts are brightened and inspired, day and night.
From the Heart Sutra 心经, Master Yun sees the wisdom to which one can break free from our basic senses, and peer into the essence of matter, and acknowledge the core, the truth, the energy, the Qi, in our hearts.

Just like the movie “Lucy”, as Scarlett Johansson taps into more and more of her brainpower, she sees past what her eyes tell her, deeper layers and wider dimensions are opened up. And then, she becomes an omnipresent “superwoman”. 

Or like the discovery of quantum physics, giving us the lens into atomic and subatomic scale and particles, leading us to realize that what we consider as solid actually isn’t, but atoms vibrating slower. In short, energy. 

Which makes Master Yun’s reblessing this time round, with the one-and-only set of Heart Sutra seals, all the more important. 

May the Heart Sutra seals blessings by Master Yun enter your Lotus collections, and allow you to feel and realize the true prosperity of 2022 without distractions.

It should be of no coincidence that Master Yun has been painting series of 日月 calligraphies. From 日月同光, to 日月重光, and 乾坤日月. Imagine, when your piece of 日月 series fengshui calligraphy is blessed by the vermilion anointed with Heart Seals, day and night as it blesses you and your family, then perhaps it’s your turn to see the wealth and opportunities that others can’t, to be the Superman of prosperity and elegance in 2022.

Much of the 日月 calligraphy series has been sold. Seize your piece to have your heart brightened and inspired, day and night.

-- Amanda
(Edited by Kan and Doreen Hung)