Thursday, June 15, 2017

Master Yun: My Pets

My pets. The one on the left is called Tianyi 天一, it has sky-blue wings on its back, which reminded me of the ancient line that reads: In the first hour of heavens came the water, in the six of lands they gathered (天一生水,地六合之). The one on the right is called Caiju 彩桔, which is colourful with a striking orange belly.

They are a unique breed that even speaks. They are willing to interact with people and have the ability to cheer someone up. I placed them at the entrance of Lotus on Water so that they could play with our customers.

Some time back, a passer-by came by and accused me of “mistreating the animals”. I asked him what must be done, in order not to “mistreat the animals”? He pondered for a second and said we should remove the chains that are holding them back, and let them fly freely in the sky, like what they were supposed to do. Upon hearing that, I laughed and said, “Sure, how about we plant a tracker and bug on them before we set them free? Should they be eaten by beasts in the forests, struck by lightning when they’re flying or die from starvation, you will have to compensate me the amount I paid for them. Otherwise, you shall let me put a photo of you online, and allow me to call you ‘the murderer of my adorable pets’, is that a deal?”

He said no.

Our pets take the forms of an animal, but man raises them. They have been domesticated. By setting them free into the unknown nature, it is no different from putting a man back into the caves. There is no other outcome than death.

Will Tianyi and Caiju be happy flying in the vast sky and soaking in the warmth of the sun? Or will they be happier bringing the vast sky and warmth of sun into the hearts of people? Which is of higher value?

This morning as I looked at my pets, I thought of my colleagues, some of them are extremely outstanding and capable. Some people have asked, “It’s such a great and wonderful world out there, why do you confine yourself to a gallery, instead of exploring the world outside?”

The outside world is mesmerising indeed, but you will have to be mentally prepared for the risks involved and price to pay. The same theory applies: while the sky is vast and the sun is warm, are we at our happiest and maximising our value when we charge towards that, or when we bring that into the hearts of people?

Most people dream of being a pilot when they are young, and even more long to be astronauts. This is because the vast sky lies above our ground, and beyond the skies is the boundless universe.

But think about it, the greatest men that were written into history and the happiest people around us, are they, pilots or astronauts?

Or… are these the people who put endless possibilities in others, bringing the stars of the universe into the dreams of man, igniting the hearts of many, allowing their souls and dreams to fly and soar…?

--Master Yun Long Zi


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Tuesday, June 13, 2017














——Aloysius Siow


Monday, June 12, 2017

The Remarkable Exquisite Jadeite

The Lotus on Water Exquisite Gallery has a dazzling array of jadeites that are carved into dragon, phoenix, Guan Yin etc. But today we are speaking about the one and only panda Exquisite jadeite—Lotus Royal Heirloom Dark Jadeite得国宝水墨翠.

Can you see its uniqueness?

Most people would first notice the panda, but what is the panda doing? It’s eating, nibbling on bamboo to be precise. Remember, bamboo represents your career, and the luscious leaves suggest a prosperous career and endless wealth flowing your way!

This is no normal bamboo; it’s a magical bamboo that guards its owner. Look closely and you will notice that the bamboo bends towards the panda, shading it from the elements! This means that the panda has such strong attraction that even the toughest bamboo gets attracted, bringing you the best opportunities and benefactors that aid your life and career. In summary, it effortlessly prospers your wealth and brings you, benefactors.

The bamboo rises steadily,
prospering your career and bringing you benefactors.

With so much being said, let us move on the protagonist—the panda. How is this panda extraordinary?

See that? Why is this panda black in colour? Shouldn’t pandas be in splashes of black and white? Did it get an upset stomach from all the good food that it turned black?

No! This panda might look black from afar, but it’s actually in a shade of grey. Take a closer look and see how it shines and the amount of wealth amassed in the panda. Like a beacon that illuminates a thousand miles, guiding the God of Wealth and Bodhisattva to you, for them to assist you on your road to prosperity.

Such remarkable ability!

This panda has sharp claws and having it by your side will protect you and your family and friends from malefactors, allowing them to lead a life of peace and prosperity.

A sleeping tiger will be viewed as just a cat,
so how can a panda not have claws to protect it from danger?

Is this unique?

So, what are you waiting for? Pick a good time and head down to see if this Lotus Royal Heirloom Dark Jadeite suits you.

But remember, this is not kept in the zoo but in the Lotus on Water Exquisite Gallery! #Prosperity with Elegance# (Don’t let the driver bring you the wrong way!)

Do not miss this opportunity,
have this treasure and make it your personal heirloom!

-- Ong Yok Seong