Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Faq 5. What is Imperial Jade?

There are in all 4 imperial green jadeite dragons in Lotus on Water. 2 are worn by Master Yun himself. The third imperial dragon was sold to a blessed client last week. This is the 4th and last piece of imperial dragon.

In order to be called the "Imperial Jade", five criteria must be fulfilled.

First, it must be green.

Then, it must be evenly green.

However, as evenness in colour is actually quite impossible to achieve if it is not artificially coloured, the term "even" can be understood as "full". It must be fully green.
Third, it must be transparent. We call it glass quality.

Forth, it must be strong in color.

Fifth, it must be bright in color.

It is very rare for jade shops and jewelery shops to sell imperial jade. It is not only expensive, it is also rare and most sought after. Thus the price of imperial jade escalate faster than any other kind of jade. Thus it is often more profitable to keep than to sell them away. It is the highest standard jade can achieve.

Imperial jade is the kind of jade that the famous empress dowager would wear.

Master Yun Long Zi, the founder of Lotus on Water, would wear 2 pieces of imperial jade pendent underneath his shirt on casual occasion. It signifies yin and yang.

He would wear 3 pieces of imperial jade on formal occasion. The additional one would be a Heaven and Earth, Double Dragon Fiery Jade on his finger. It attracts energy from heaven, earth and human.

On ceremonious occasion, when he needs to perform his duty of bringing blessing to others, he would wear four pieces of imperial jade. It draws power from four different directions.

As the number of clients increases, and the number of auspicious creation for him to bless is multiplying exponentially, he is considering adding another imperial jade to make up to five for the ceremonious occasion. It is pulling energy from four direction and centralizing them in the center like a whirlpool.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Faq 4. Who is empress dowager Ci Xi?

Empress Ci Xi was the most powerful woman in Qing Dynasty. Started out as a concubine, she climbed herself up to be the empress. After the emperor passed away, she became Empress dowager to many subsequent emperors. The reason she could do so is: 1) she lived much longer than the emperors she raised; 2) she was more powerful than the emperors and she could win more support from other officials.

Logically, it is very abnormal because Qing Dynasty was a very conservative dynasty where the position of men is much lifted up while the position of women is much suppressed. The law at that time forbade women to be involved with political decision.

Empress dowager Ci Xi, however, got a lot of support from the officials, especially the most powerful ones. She was higher than the laws and more powerful than emperors.

Guess? Yes! Her favorite gemstone is green jadiete. It is because of her that the transparent, deep green jadeite is called the imperial jade.

Lotus on Water has 4 imperial green jadeite dragons till now. 2 are worn by Master Yun himself. The third imperial dragon was sold to a blessed client last week. This is the 4th and last piece of imperial dragon.

Another thing to mention. Though she lived till very ripe old age, her skin was very smooth and her complexion very fair. It is recorded that there seemed to be an attractive glow on her face.

Jadeite energy is said to be able to penetrate through the skin, goes deep into the body and inner organs, restore them to health and then shine through the skin and complexion.

-- Master Yun Long Zi, 21 November 2013

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Faq 3. What is Mutton Fat Jade? (re: Chapter 1.2)

Scientifically, only two types of stone is jade -- the nephrite and the jadeite. In comparison, nephrite is softer than jadeite and thus, it is called "soft jade" while jadeite is called "hard jade".

Soft jade is the stone of the gentleman, according to the classics -- warm, moisturized, translucent, and shine with luster. The most valuable colour for soft jade is white. The best white jade comes from Xin Jiang. It needs a cultured mind and scholarly eyes to tell which of the white jade is most superior. 

The best kind of white jade, according to classics, is like a piece of white mutton fat. It is milky white, which is warming to the heart, and it's surface has a layer of watery and waxy gloss like a piece of fat.

Reminding them of the emperor Qian Long, the cultured Chinese gentleman loved to carry a piece of white jade and fonder with it all day. 

Mutton Fat white jade is very rare and difficult to find. Most jade shop cannot afford to own one, also because it is only appreciated by the very discerning few.

You can find Mutton Fat White Jade in Lotus on Water Exquisite Jadeite Gallery.

-- Master Yun Long Zi, 20 November 2013

Saturday, December 14, 2013

2. Also, how do we take good care of our agarwood or sandalwood beads or pendants?

There are many "schools" of fengshui nowadays. And I always advise potential clients of Lotus on Water to be discerning, using our knowledge and logic. We can start with this premise: while it can be difficult to comprehensively define "fengshui", one way would be to say that this is the art to balance and have both yin (minus, female, moon...) and yang (plus, male, sun...).

This is why we need to wear both jadeite and scented wood (agarwood and sandalwood), and why jadeite and scented wood - long story, can be a thesis, blog next time on this.

Wear your exquisite jadeite and agarwood together. You have both the yin and yang, both wealth and happiness.

Previously, we talked about how to take care of our jadeite. That's the yin. Now, the yang - how do we take care of our sandalwood and agarwood collections.

Similar to your jadeite, you wear your agarwood and sandalwood constantly. Let it be in contact with your skin, bodily oil, sweat. It will communicate with your energy just like your jadeite. Check out my last post if you have no idea what I am talking about. Just one thing: try not to let your agarwood and sandalwood be in contact with other forms of water, especially running water.

So no wearing your agarwood and sandalwood under the rain (better keep them in your pocket), no to wearing them to showers. 

The power of agarwood and sandalwood has to do with the oil or resin content. You might just wash away layers of power accumulated throughout ages under constant exposure to running water. 

Your sweat and bodily oil, on the other hand, enhances the energy of the agarwood and sandalwood. So just wear it.

A few things happen after you wear your agarwood and sandalwood pendant for a while. It will first turn darker. Similar to jadeite getting clearer and more luminous, the power of agarwood and sandalwood multiplies as they get darker. 

If you have sandalwood from us, you would realize that the scent varies. Sometimes, it is strong. Sometimes, it is weak. We call this breathing. And when it is strong, or you happen to see yours secrete oil like mine, good luck is here.

Friday, November 29, 2013

FAQ 2. How do we know that white is Emperor Qian Long favorable (lucky) element? (re: Chapter 1.2)

Of course the officials would not record the lucky or unlucky elements of the emperor. It must be held with highest confidentiality and strictest secrecy. 

We can however, deduce it through three events that happened:

First, he is called Emperor Qian Long. "Qian" is one of the eight hexagram of I-Ching. It belongs to the element of metal, the element colour being white. "Long" means a big lump, or in abundance. "Qian Long" can be literary be translated to mean "in abundance of the great metal element". Would he be called "Qian Long" if metal, white in its element colour, was not his lucky element?

Secondly, it was recorded that when Emperor Qian Long was a prince, a monk of the most prophetic kind was guided into the palace. As the monk passed by, a white flower from the tree dropped onto the head of he prince Qian Long. The monk exclaimed, "The white is on the king. He is to be the emperor." (The Chinese character for Emperor, "huang" is made up of two parts. The top is white, the bottom is king.) Has not the power of element white given a sovereign sign to Emperor Qian Long?

Thirdly, jade has many colours - black, blue, green, yellow, red, brown, white. According to Chinese culture, yellow belongs to the royalty and red is auspicious. Emperor Qian Long favours none but white. Almost all the jade he owns were white. Be it the big piece of jade he called it the seed of mountains (山子) or the ornaments he carried along to founder with.

Emperor Qian Long loved the mutton fat white jade 羊脂白玉. We will be talking more about this special category of nephrite 软玉. For those of you who own the Heaven and Earth jadeite ring, some of the earth rings would be carved from nephrite. Like the black ring in this Double Dragon ring.

He did not say, of course that the white jade is lucky for him (historical events did the saying). He just said that the mutton fat white jade is of the most superior value. The term he used was "shang pin" (上品).
"Pin" does not mean the quality of the matter (which would be called zhi 质). It is also not the value in terms of market price (市价). For he alone was the market as he has already monopolised the whole market by not allowing any layman to own and trade jade.

"Pin" simply means taste. Most superior taste. To read it simply, it just means he finds it most favorable according to his own subjective view. 

So is there no objective reason for the liking? He cannot explain. With all wits and intelligence he possessed, I believe he just refused to explain. And it must be to do with bringing him luck.

-- Master Yun Long Zi, 20 November 2013

Thursday, November 28, 2013

1. How do we take good care of our jadeite jewelry?

Hi all members of Lotus on Water,

[Initially, I wanted to do a Q&A. But I expanded too much on just one question. So I am going to separate them into different posts. So here we are.]

Here's a list of questions I received recently on how to take good care of our collections. Q&A time! Add in if you have any other questions, or if you have any fabulous personal experience on these, do share!

1. How do we take good care of our jadeite jewelry?
Wear it consistently. There is the saying 人养玉、玉养人 the person nurtures the jade and the jade nurtures the person. The more you wear it, the more the energy of the jadeite enhances us, we in turn enhance the jadeite as well. While you find yourself richer and look younger with the jadeite - don't laugh, it's true, YOU WILL LOOK YOUNGER WITH LOTUS JADEITE, your jadeite will also be more intense in color, more translucent and luminous, and shine brighter. And the more you wear it, the more powerful it becomes.

My lovely Heaven and Earth jadeite ring. Been wearing it since college days. It has grown brighter every morning.

There was a habit in the market before Lotus on Water - I recently heard rumors that some "reputable" so-called jade stores are still doing this, the staff are to wear the jadeite first, to "nurture" it, so that it will be brighter and more beautiful. And therefore command a higher price. Now, my dear members, you are familiar with Lotus on Water. We are only willing to sell you first-hand jadeite. 

Why? Because you are to wear it consistently. Over time, the jadeite forms a connection with you. It is influencing your aura as it is influenced by you. It picks up traces of your feeling, your energies, your memories. Surely you won't want to relive the experiences of another person; you deserve to create you own fantastic future. 

For those of you who have acquired your beautiful jadeite directly from me, you might notice that I go 2 ways: I will tell you to the best of my knowledge what are the benefits of each precious piece and the quality and the degree of color and the age and the density... - the very technical and sometimes boring (but necessary) aspects, and I will ask you about your intuitive feeling. 

The largest raw jadeite in Singapore, currently housed in Lotus on Water Exquisite Jadeite Gallery.

We are first-hand dealers; we carve our jadeite collections directly from the raw jadeite boulders owned by us. Only then, I can assure you that what you are getting is entirely natural, no-doubts first-hand, therefore effective. I believe there are pieces that are meant for us. When you look at the tray of jadeite pendants for your choosing, despite what I might have explained, there is going to be this particular piece that catches your attention the most. 

You might be attracted by how it looks, or its light. Perhaps it is the carving. This is especially so when you are choosing the jadeite cabochon for your Heaven and Earth jadeite ring. For those of you who own the Heaven and Earth jadeite ring - congratulations, I am very happy for you - you will know that the powerful jadeite cabochons don't differ too much in looks. But there will always be the outstanding one calling out to you.

Imperial jadeite...which is going home with you? (Definitely not me, I can't use green jadeite)

And you must bring this special piece home. You must wear it, for it shares a connection with you. 

The longer you wear it, the more powerful it will be, the more frequent it broadcasts your wishes to the universe and brings you good luck. Sometimes, when I am just thinking of a client's name for the first part of the day, I get her unsolicited call in the afternoon. This is how powerful you can become. This is how fast you can fulfill your grandest dreams.

Therefore, it is most important to wear your jadeite soonest. 

One second later in wearing your jadeite pendant would result in an exponential loss of potential wealth and good luck. 

Have I digressed?

Oh yes. Wear your Lotus jadeite constantly. Take a bath with it! You will be cleaning it at the same time. After a while, you might notice there is an accumulation of dirt and sometimes soap residue at the carved edges. Clean it with a soft brush. And if this is invalid, I can always electron-clean it for you. Sparkling as new after that.

There aren't really any taboos to wearing Lotus jadeite. You can wear it to the loo. You can and should wear it to all sorts of events - red (auspicious) and white (funeral). The blessed jadeite of Lotus on Water is to help you in avoiding negative energies at the very least. Remember, they are here to prosper you, prosper you in elegance.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Certificate of Authenticity - Announcement by Master Yun Long Zi, Part 2

To ensure highest possibility of authenticity, the Certificate of Authenticity contains the following three features:

(1) Paper and Printing

Every Certificate of Authenticity consists of a card certificate that's 12 grams and come with an envelop with a golden lining. Lotus on Water trademarked logo of the Lotus Flower appears on the back of the envelop and on the top right hand side of the certificate.

The company we assigned to print the certificate is Crane & Co.. They are the company who has been responsible for printing the US currency notes for 212 years. The paper we use for the certificate is from them as well. They are 100 percent cotton acid free paper, safe and nice for you to touch on.

Wording are three different fonts on the certificate. They are (1) Bickham Swash (2) Wedding Text and (3) Saint James. They are authentic and exclusive from Crane & Co. as well.

As the printing method is called engraving printing, whereby bronze plates are carved and pressed on the paper, there will be slight dent of impression at the back of the paper. You can feel the gold emboss on the surface of the printing.

But because the certificate card is rather thick, you won't feel impression. The envelop is thinner, and you will be able to feel the impression at the back of the lotus flower print

(2) The Detail Information on the Certificate

Here are two details you should take special note as they are essential to determine the authenticity of the items you buy from us. One is the dimension, the other is the weight. The weight for most of the small but precious items are recorded in carat, up to three decimal places. In other words, it is to very high accuracy. When put against the dimension, it will be quite impossible for any craftsman to create an item of the same dimension with the same weight that's in carat to 3 decimal places.

It will be especially so when imposters try to use a different material to fake our items. Different material will have different density. A different material with the same mass will never weigh the same.

(3) Master Yun's Signature and Seal.

Master Yun Long Zi will sign his Chinese name at the bottom right hand corner with his seal next to it.

You will notice that the stroke of the signature is wavy -- broad at certain angle and narrow at another angle. It possesses more variation than a normal fountain pen and more consistency than a Chinese brush.

That is because of the pen Master Yun uses to sign off his name on your certificate. It is a special fountain pen.

The body of the pen is made of natural bamboo. Not just any bamboo, but the bamboo used to build the Japanese imperial kitchen. It has been smoked dry for more than a hundred years. Thus, it is dry and steady.

Now, since the bamboo has its natural wave and knots, the pen must be held at a certain particular angle for the comfort of writing. It thus create a consistent angle that no artificially-made pen body can achieve.

The nib of the pen is made with 21K gold. It is the softest kind of writing nib in the world. In time, it's shape will adjust according to the writing habit of Master Yun. The tip of the nib is slightly elongated to create wave during writing. But because the soft nib will be readjusted after some time, by the writing habit of Master Yun, the effect of the stroke will be uniquely his.

In other words, even if "Sailor" (the pen company) makes another pen, using an identical bamboo, the stroke will still be slightly different.

A Chinese seal, carved by Master Yun himself, is pressed with red vermillion mineral next to the signature. This mineral is said to be able to cast out ghost and evil vibes.

During night where you need extra yang energy to fight against evil vibes, just open up the envelop. Expose the seal and leave it next to your bed.

-- Master Yun Long Zi, 27 November 2013
** The third part of Master Yun's announcement will be released shortly. Clients who have bought from Lotus on Water before are entitled to this Certificate of Authenticity for your previous purchases. We will also be releasing instructions for this shortly.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Certificate of Authenticity - Announcement by Master Yun Long Zi, Part 1

Lotus on Water Exquisite Jadeite Gallery at Lotus on Water Street. This gallery is for VIPs only. In this gallery stands proudly a piece of sliced opened raw jade that weighs 850 kilogram.

Due to the trustworthiness of the brand Lotus on Water, many impostors are faking their association with us.

They have done so mainly through the following four means:

1) Some say they are Lotus on Water sub-branch. And that Lotus on Water has just opened a branch at a neighborhood (we heard one is at Tampines, and another at Chinatown).
2) Some say they are Lotus on Water sub-brand. And that brand is also owned by Master Yun Long Zi. And that brand is selling items that has the same effect as Lotus on Water, just out of fashion. This is not true. Master Yun Long Zi has only one standard. That standard is represented by Lotus on Water. We do not own any other brands.

3) Some say they belong to the same sect, also a disciple to Master Yun Long Zi's grandfather. This is not true as well. Master Yun Long Zi late grandfather (Tian Yi Ju Shi 天乙居士) has 5 children and 10 grandchildren. But he had only imparted his skills to one grandson, and that is Master Yun Long Zi. 

Master Yun Long Zi is the 6th generation feng shui Master in the family. He started learning from his grandfather, 5th generation Master Tian Yi Ju Shi since young, and was conferred the name "Yun Long Zi" in 2002. Master Yun Long Zi is the only descendant of this sect.

4) Some has even ridiculously said that they are Lotus on Water suppliers. At Lotus on Water Exquisite Jadeite Gallery, stands proudly a piece of sliced opened raw jade that weighs 850 kilogram. It was certified as the biggest raw jadeite by Singapore Book Of Record in 2011. Raw jadeite as such is not found anywhere else in Singapore, but also not existing in any major cities such as Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Guang Zhou. In other words, it is a physical evidence that the jadeite pendent is made from raw material by Lotus on Water.
Lotus on Water collections possess the following features: 
(1) They are all natural, unharmed by chemical treatment. 
(2) They are sold, first hand to our clients. Non of our collections have been used by other clients before. 
(3) They represent the best possible standard in order to provide best feng shui energy. Best possible standard is inclusive but not limited to: non-lazer treatment enhanced, non-chemical enhanced, non-organic material (such as glue) enhanced, non-heat treatment enhanced. As cracks and internal fizzure is unavoidable in natural material, we choose from materials, or parts of the materials that has minimum imperfection.

The Lotus on Water standard represent a standard that, by far, no others in the market has been able to surpass. 

Only the best. The Heaven and Earth jadeite ring series has been with the gallery since 2006. With three generations, countless blessed clients have benefited from the result of pure perseverance on the Lotus on Water standard.

Lotus on Water also uses certain procedures that would enhance (or we call "awaken") and harness the feng shui energy within. The procedures include the choosing of collections and a specific ceremonial ritual before the collections are passed onto the hands of our clients.

To protect clients from being cheated by impostors who claim their association with Lotus on Water, we have, from today, begin to issue the Certificate of Authenticity. The Certificate of Authenticity will be given together with all Lotus on Water collections to our clients, except certain feng shui items such as bronze coins and tea-hulu.

The Certificate of Authenticity has the following features which would make it much harder for impostors to copy...

-- Master Yun Long Zi, 22 November 2013.

** The second part of Master Yun's announcement will be released shortly. Clients who have bought from Lotus on Water before are entitled to this Certificate of Authenticity for your previous purchases. We will also be releasing instructions for this shortly.

Not just any Sandalwood: Old Mountain Sandalwood from Lotus on Water

We have been talking intensely on sandalwood beads recently. Not only because there are new arrivals, it is also due to the fascinating and rich details when we go country by country. Let's go into Old Mountain sandalwood first. 

Thousand Hands Thousand Eyes Goddess of Mercy (千手千眼观世音菩萨) is a manifestation of Guanyin in her endeavour to fulfill all the wishes of mankind, whether it is to prosper in wealth or to get rid of sickness. This sandalwood Thousand Hands and Thousand Eyes Goddess of Mercy is carved from premium Old Mountain sandalwood. Currently housed in our VIP Exquisite Jadeite Gallery at Lotus on Water Street.
I am sure you will know by now that Old Mountain sandalwood (India region) is the best of the lot. In terms of power. The sandalwood Thousand Hands Guanyin is carved from Old Mountain sandalwood (the first image of Buddha was carved from sandalwood too, contemporaneous with the time of Buddha - we will talk about the connection of these powerful and blessed wood with faiths again). 

For those of you who have actually took a whiff of the Old Mountain sandalwood in my gallery, you would first realize that it is fragrant. This is actually NOT a norm for Old Mountain sandalwood. Old Mountain sandalwood leeches on very pungent weeds and other plants for survival, and before they can be harvested, they must be allowed to grow as such for at least 80 years. Still, they are extremely smelly.

It has to be put aside for another 20 years for fermentation to bring out the beautiful sweetness in the sandalwood scent. During this process, the energies accumulated over its growth of more than 80 years are converted, locked-in and ready to contribute. Then, we carve them. Into pendants, into statues, into beads. 

For most of the sandalwood if you happen to bump into any outside, no one has 80 years to spare to wait for the tree to grow, and definitely not 20 years to see the log lay there as it accumulates power. They are usually perfumed. Or, they are simply normal wood and perfumed with chemically-produced sandalwood scent.

And yes you can wear them - as accessories, and if you are adamant against any luck-enhancing, wealth-prospering and health-benefiting effects. That said, <backspace, backspace>, I take back my words, I don't recommend you to wear them. Sometimes, due to how they are perfumed or artificially manufactured or altered, it can be extremely hazardous to the health of the wearer. So just don't.

The wonderful thing about the 20 years of fermentation in Lotus on Water is that we place the raw sandalwood at auspicious corners of our warehouse - and yes, even our warehouse is well fengshui-ed. And while they are converting the energies they have absorbed in the past 80 years, the years of fermentation is made efficient as another chance to further boost the energies of Lotus on Water sandalwood. 

If you have sandalwood from us, you would realize that the scent varies. Sometimes, it is strong. Sometimes, it is weak. We call this breathing. And when it is strong, or you happen to see yours secrete oil like mine, good luck is here.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

FAQ 1. Who is Emperor Qian Long? (re: Chapter 1.2)

Emperor Qian Long is an emperor of Qing Dynasty China. He is the son of Emperor Yong Zheng and Grandson of the famous Emperor Kang Xi.

He was not the most brilliant and courageous emperor in his dynasty (his grandfather Emperor Kang Xi was). However, he is definitely the luckiest.

He was the emperor who lived the longest and reigned the longest, enjoyed greatest amount of wealth and luxuries, tasted much good food and wine, experienced many fun trips, had many romantic relationships, dissolved the greatest conflicts between the Hans and the Manchurians, connected very well with many benefactors...all the attributes and effects of wearing jade. Oh yes! He has a fair and smooth complexion that put most ladies to shame.

Guess. Yes. He is the only emperor who loves and collects jade.

A Dragon carved of Mutton Fat White Jade 羊脂白玉. If the metal element is favorable for you,
you can be wearing the same category of jade as Qian Long worn before.

The Mutton Fat White Jade is his favorite. 

When he was passing away at his ripe old age, he call himself "the ten complete old man". It means he enjoyed to the fullest satisfaction and completion, the enjoyment of all kinds.

-- Master Yun Long Zi, 19 November 2013.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Chapter 1.2 The way Feng Shui is done in the past.

In the past, practitioners of Feng Shui serve only the most powerful and the most wealthy, for instance the emperors and the kings. The past Feng Shui masters gave the advice, and the responsibility lies on the client to execute the remedy. The price of the remedy often became extremely high due to the lack of scale. Ironically some of these clients became trend setter and the trend was set according to their own Feng Shui needs.

Emperor Qian Long.
One of the famous jade mountains favored by Qian Long then.

For instance, if the luck element of Emperor Qian Long was not white, the Mutton Fat white jade would not be so sought after and became expensive. If the lucky colour of Empress Dowager Ci Xi was not green, the Imperial Jade we know today would be any other colour but emerald green.

If Lotus on Water is doing what the past masters did, luck would be exclusive to the privilege few.

A Mutton Fat white jade pendant and the Heaven and Earth jadeite ring
While the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer has always been a phenomenon everywhere and anytime, those who endeavor and willing to pay the price must be given the chance to receive and achieve.

With what Lotus on Water chooses to be today, each of us, according to our faith and the price we are willing to give, may take and receive the power of Feng Shui our ancestor could only dream.

-- Master Yun Long Zi, 31 October 2013.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The All-Win Almanac says NOW

When should you begin to do something about your luck and your feng shui?

Let me check the almanac...<flip flip flip>...Right after you finish reading this.

No, seriously. Like now.

Imagine this. Someone is down with a terminal illness for a month, and finally in the last week of his life decides to seek medical attention. Imagine what the doctor would say.

I speak to new clients daily. Some of them are really in the deepest trench of their lives, the luck and aura in such a bad shape that most likely both of us would end the conversation in a despair of hopelessness. I try not to.

This will happen halfway through our conversation:

Me: So how long have you known Lotus on Water?
Client: About 2 years? [Sometimes, it can be 5 years.]
Me: So...why didn't you join us or get yourself a piece of jadeite then?
Client: I was doing ok then, things were much smoother, I didn't need it! Now, I really need your help.

And then back to the feeling of hopelessness.

The fortunate thing is that, unlike a terminal disease, even if you are a bankrupt today, as long as you are willing to take the first step, the leap of faith, to act upon your life, Lotus on Water still has a way to put you on the path of prosperity.
But more importantly and urgently, is that you start building and enhancing your luck and feng shui now - when you can, when you are feeling ok, feeling smooth, feeling awesome, feeling that you don't need anyone's help, feeling that you are the king of the world.

And whatever you do - the jadeite, the Heaven and Earth ring, the crystal mountains - will be an investment for greater prosperity. Not just for survival, not just to get out of this mess, but to grow and be better than who you are today.

And then, instead of trying hard to be or remain who you were, simply step up to be what you dream you can be.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Chapter 1.1 Who and What is Lotus on Water?

Lotus on Water Street. The first gallery was started in 2006.

Yes. Lotus On Water is a glorious Feng Shui revolution. 

She is more concern with the prescription of Feng Shui than the diagnosis of it. In other words, she presents you the cure and not the inspection, the medicine and not the physician, the solutions on how to let Feng Shui bring your dream to reality than to tell you what you are destined.

In short, the reward and not the decree.

-- Master Yun Long Zi, 27 October 2013.

Mr Jian's Fiji sandalwood

For more than once when I speak to a couple, I hear the girlfriend/wife (or the other half) asks of me: could you please tell him some inspiring stories to encourage him, more?

It's a fantastic idea and request. And it's an important one. 

It is important that we keep ourselves in an open, positive and prosperous mindset when we wear our beautiful Lotus on Water collections. I always say: Heavenly Time (天时) is not something you can control - it comes and goes. Earthly Resources (地利), the jade, your Heaven and Earth jadeite ring, the agarwood and sandalwood beads - you have taken the first step to wear them. Human Will (人和), this is our faith and willpower to exercise what we have, the earthly resources, and make the best out of the heavenly time.

Imagine your prosperous jadeite as a loudhailer: your wishes (aura) are expanded and broadcasted, and in Master Yun's words, broadcasted to the universe.

Resonate with your Lotus on Water collection towards an excellent and excited tomorrow.

And the inspiring accounts? Yes, I have a few favorites, truly inspiring. Recently, there is one that kept coming back to me, and I have been sharing it with many people around me.

2 years ago there was this client who stepped into my MBS gallery. Mr Jian was quiet, and listened to one of my advisor talked. And less than 30 mins, he settled for a string Fiji sandalwood beads, I think it was around 8 to 9 thousands.

The one on the left is Mr Jian's Fiji sandalwood beads. On the right, Old Mountain sandalwood, the best. And both are nearly as dark. Mr Jian really has worn his beads to a great potential of its power. 
I had a chat with him, and it was quite a revelation. He had actually walked by my gallery for at least 3 times. He did not step in, because simply by the looks of it, he knew it was an expensive place. 

So why did he finally do it? From his words, he decided to make a change. Rather than seeing his money slip away, might as well get something valuable that he can hold on to, and the chance to prosper.

After wearing his sandalwood beads, together with Mr Jian's unwavering faith and hardwork, not only did he get an increment, he was in Genting one weekend and won 14k off the table. As much as we don't encourage gambling, we simply can't pull an old man away from his only pastime, rejoice and just be happy for his blessed windfall.

A side note: Mr Jian is a part-time cleaner at a hospital. 

Will your way into prosperity and happiness. Take action, and have great faith.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

THANK YOU! 7th Anniversary Celebrations Huge Success!


Lotus On Water 7th anniversary celebrations was a huge success!

Thank you, everyone, for gracing the event on 15 June. Even though we have quite a big space, Lotus On Water Street was still packed with friends and well-wishers – there was even a queue in Feng Shui gallery for the Five Paths of Wealth Incense. Saturday was so overwhelming that refreshments ran out within half an hour! We hope you have had at least a glass of champagne that day.

I was very happy to see many old friends and loyal supporters at the celebrations and would like to apologise now for not being able to attend to everyone personally that day. However, I was comforted to see everyone progressing and prospering over these years – your Heaven and Earth jadeite rings are getting more and more gorgeous! Something more to rejoice about is that one of our clients bought the precious Qinan and on the very day itself got lucky – he won both the first and second prize in an unexpected lucky draw!

Coming back to Lotus On Water Street, we not only had the ever-popular lion dance, there was also the spectacular big flag performance – a victorious start with the victory flag! An old friend later commented that it was strange that there was no wind initially, but once the flags were raised to heights of three storeys high, a miraculous strong gust of wind sent the flags waving high and proudly in the sky. The Lotus emblem shone bright in the celestial sunlight, as if the lotus was in full bloom. The old friend said: this is prosperity.

On that most prosperous day, Lotus On Water and Wei Yang Athletic Association (Singapore) broke the record for the biggest Di Qing in Singapore Book of Records with an impressive 7 stars formation. Many friends have always been able to gain some good luck and inspirations for indirect wealth from the wonderful lion dance performances. This year, we had 7 lions to perform the Big Dipper formation, using 777 mini huat kueh, 7 boxes of oranges, all to welcome the biggest prosperity from the Heavens down to Lotus On Water Street! Were you able to see the air of prosperity around you, just like my old friend did?

For prosperity and elegance,
Kan Ying Loong
Executive Director