Friday, November 15, 2013

Mr Jian's Fiji sandalwood

For more than once when I speak to a couple, I hear the girlfriend/wife (or the other half) asks of me: could you please tell him some inspiring stories to encourage him, more?

It's a fantastic idea and request. And it's an important one. 

It is important that we keep ourselves in an open, positive and prosperous mindset when we wear our beautiful Lotus on Water collections. I always say: Heavenly Time (天时) is not something you can control - it comes and goes. Earthly Resources (地利), the jade, your Heaven and Earth jadeite ring, the agarwood and sandalwood beads - you have taken the first step to wear them. Human Will (人和), this is our faith and willpower to exercise what we have, the earthly resources, and make the best out of the heavenly time.

Imagine your prosperous jadeite as a loudhailer: your wishes (aura) are expanded and broadcasted, and in Master Yun's words, broadcasted to the universe.

Resonate with your Lotus on Water collection towards an excellent and excited tomorrow.

And the inspiring accounts? Yes, I have a few favorites, truly inspiring. Recently, there is one that kept coming back to me, and I have been sharing it with many people around me.

2 years ago there was this client who stepped into my MBS gallery. Mr Jian was quiet, and listened to one of my advisor talked. And less than 30 mins, he settled for a string Fiji sandalwood beads, I think it was around 8 to 9 thousands.

The one on the left is Mr Jian's Fiji sandalwood beads. On the right, Old Mountain sandalwood, the best. And both are nearly as dark. Mr Jian really has worn his beads to a great potential of its power. 
I had a chat with him, and it was quite a revelation. He had actually walked by my gallery for at least 3 times. He did not step in, because simply by the looks of it, he knew it was an expensive place. 

So why did he finally do it? From his words, he decided to make a change. Rather than seeing his money slip away, might as well get something valuable that he can hold on to, and the chance to prosper.

After wearing his sandalwood beads, together with Mr Jian's unwavering faith and hardwork, not only did he get an increment, he was in Genting one weekend and won 14k off the table. As much as we don't encourage gambling, we simply can't pull an old man away from his only pastime, rejoice and just be happy for his blessed windfall.

A side note: Mr Jian is a part-time cleaner at a hospital. 

Will your way into prosperity and happiness. Take action, and have great faith.

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