Thursday, November 28, 2013

1. How do we take good care of our jadeite jewelry?

Hi all members of Lotus on Water,

[Initially, I wanted to do a Q&A. But I expanded too much on just one question. So I am going to separate them into different posts. So here we are.]

Here's a list of questions I received recently on how to take good care of our collections. Q&A time! Add in if you have any other questions, or if you have any fabulous personal experience on these, do share!

1. How do we take good care of our jadeite jewelry?
Wear it consistently. There is the saying 人养玉、玉养人 the person nurtures the jade and the jade nurtures the person. The more you wear it, the more the energy of the jadeite enhances us, we in turn enhance the jadeite as well. While you find yourself richer and look younger with the jadeite - don't laugh, it's true, YOU WILL LOOK YOUNGER WITH LOTUS JADEITE, your jadeite will also be more intense in color, more translucent and luminous, and shine brighter. And the more you wear it, the more powerful it becomes.

My lovely Heaven and Earth jadeite ring. Been wearing it since college days. It has grown brighter every morning.

There was a habit in the market before Lotus on Water - I recently heard rumors that some "reputable" so-called jade stores are still doing this, the staff are to wear the jadeite first, to "nurture" it, so that it will be brighter and more beautiful. And therefore command a higher price. Now, my dear members, you are familiar with Lotus on Water. We are only willing to sell you first-hand jadeite. 

Why? Because you are to wear it consistently. Over time, the jadeite forms a connection with you. It is influencing your aura as it is influenced by you. It picks up traces of your feeling, your energies, your memories. Surely you won't want to relive the experiences of another person; you deserve to create you own fantastic future. 

For those of you who have acquired your beautiful jadeite directly from me, you might notice that I go 2 ways: I will tell you to the best of my knowledge what are the benefits of each precious piece and the quality and the degree of color and the age and the density... - the very technical and sometimes boring (but necessary) aspects, and I will ask you about your intuitive feeling. 

The largest raw jadeite in Singapore, currently housed in Lotus on Water Exquisite Jadeite Gallery.

We are first-hand dealers; we carve our jadeite collections directly from the raw jadeite boulders owned by us. Only then, I can assure you that what you are getting is entirely natural, no-doubts first-hand, therefore effective. I believe there are pieces that are meant for us. When you look at the tray of jadeite pendants for your choosing, despite what I might have explained, there is going to be this particular piece that catches your attention the most. 

You might be attracted by how it looks, or its light. Perhaps it is the carving. This is especially so when you are choosing the jadeite cabochon for your Heaven and Earth jadeite ring. For those of you who own the Heaven and Earth jadeite ring - congratulations, I am very happy for you - you will know that the powerful jadeite cabochons don't differ too much in looks. But there will always be the outstanding one calling out to you.

Imperial jadeite...which is going home with you? (Definitely not me, I can't use green jadeite)

And you must bring this special piece home. You must wear it, for it shares a connection with you. 

The longer you wear it, the more powerful it will be, the more frequent it broadcasts your wishes to the universe and brings you good luck. Sometimes, when I am just thinking of a client's name for the first part of the day, I get her unsolicited call in the afternoon. This is how powerful you can become. This is how fast you can fulfill your grandest dreams.

Therefore, it is most important to wear your jadeite soonest. 

One second later in wearing your jadeite pendant would result in an exponential loss of potential wealth and good luck. 

Have I digressed?

Oh yes. Wear your Lotus jadeite constantly. Take a bath with it! You will be cleaning it at the same time. After a while, you might notice there is an accumulation of dirt and sometimes soap residue at the carved edges. Clean it with a soft brush. And if this is invalid, I can always electron-clean it for you. Sparkling as new after that.

There aren't really any taboos to wearing Lotus jadeite. You can wear it to the loo. You can and should wear it to all sorts of events - red (auspicious) and white (funeral). The blessed jadeite of Lotus on Water is to help you in avoiding negative energies at the very least. Remember, they are here to prosper you, prosper you in elegance.

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