Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Heaven and Earth Jadeite Ring!

On the 1stApril 2018, Mr Kan Ying Loong, Executive Director of Lotus on Water, was entrusted with an important task by Master Yun! He was asked to fly to Cambodia from Singapore on behalf of Master Yun, to meet the Cambodian royalty and to customise Heaven and Earth jadeite rings for the royal princes and princesses!

How is Lotus on Water’s Heaven and Earth jadeite ring different and unique? Having joined Lotus on water for a year and a half, I do have unique insights into what makes the Heaven and Earth jadeite ring this special. Now, let me explain how choosing the right cabochon and wearing the right Heaven and Earth jadeite ring would transform your life!

To have your personal Heaven and Earth jadeite ring, you must begin by choosing a powerful cabochon. A cabochon’s power depends on its quality () and transparency (). 

The step after choosing a cabochon is the most interesting part of personalising your ring! That is to select a ring design to your liking!

Master Yun has always been creative and he places great importance on constant progress. This is reflected in Master Yun’s fengshui paintings and the Heaven on Earth ring’s designs. This is also why our clients keep progressing and become ever more prosperous!

The first-generation Heaven and Earth jadeite ring:
The Meeting of Heaven and Earth!

The cabochon represents “heaven”: have your personal universe to absorb all the opportunities and wealth and have them turn into energies that make you shine on the path of prosperity!

What else do you need after having the “heaven”? You need the “earth”. But where do you get that? Well, that comes from your jade ring. How can your “heaven” do without the support of the “earth”? Only when they come together, can your energies be transmitted beyond the stars and across the universe, to another realm you could never have imagined!

For the convergence of “heaven, earth and human”, you have to work extremely hard. Have the best treasure on earth, let the heaven bring you great opportunities, point you in the right direction and bring you onto the path of success!

The second-generation Heaven and Earth jadeite ring:
The Dragon Claws of Wealth!

Have the cabochon wrapped around your fingers like the equator around the earth, wrap wealth and opportunities in hands and never let them slip away. Over time, you will be grasping ever more wealth!

The third-generation Heaven and Earth jadeite ring:
The Double Dragon jadeite ring!

Two golden dragons in the shape of W, one for your WIN and one for your WEALTH!

The golden dragons spew fire towards the cabochon, firing up the cabochon and firing up your prosperity!

Heaven and Earth jadeite ring and Sutra Incense Pot

After having your Heaven and Earth jadeite ring, you can recharge them with your very own Sutra Incense Pot. Placing your ring on different areas of the pot will recharge different energies of your ring and let you prosper further!

-- Owen, Assistant to Advisor

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