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Why is the Double Dragon the best selling jadeite ring these years? 22 reasons. | 为什么双龙夺珠是这几年来最多人买的翡翠戒指?22点。

You are wearing the prosperous and powerful Double Dragon jadeite ring. But do you know the 22 prosperous criteria that makes it the best selling Lotus collection since 2012?

1. Takes the shape of heaven and earth -- the wealth of the universe is in your hands
Click to watch video about the Heaven and Earth jadeite ring | 点击观看视频关于天地连理玉上玉翡翠戒指

2. Two pieces of jade combine, the top jadeite cabochon (heaven) and the jade ring (earth) -- the combination of yin and yang, prospering your wealth together

3. When you wear both the "heaven" and "earth," this is the convergence of "heaven, earth and human" -- your power and wealth swell to the size of the heaven and earth

4. The jade ring is removable, this is an "alive" setting -- in Chinese, this means you have followers and descendants

5. The base of the jadeite cabochon is not covered -- Qi (energy) can flow, so will wealth

6. Jadeite cabochon harvested from the heart of raw jadeite boulder -- the power is strongest in the center, and the rest shall obey your heart's desires
We insist using the center of raw jadeite boulder, that's why a small cabochon is more powerful than a big pendant | 我们坚持用玉心,所以小小的翡翠旦面比大很多的翡翠吊坠更强大

7. The cabochon is round -- like a crystal ball that fulfills your wishes

8. The power of dragon -- for wealth and status power

9. Not just one, but Double Dragon -- prospering both yin and yang; wear it on your middle finger, direct and indirect wealth, on your last finger, invite the benefactors and away with malefactors

10. Dragon tail whips back to the dragon head, like a full circle -- your wealth or benefactor is continuous

11. The dragon shapes like "W" -- for the WIN!
龙身形如“W”字母——for the WIN,赢家!

12. The dragon is above the cloud, this is the celestial dragon -- the master of all dragons, so shall be your wealth

13. Double Dragon spews fire -- burning away evil and obstacles, turning them into prosperous opportunities

14. FIRE! -- fire up your prosperity
Master Yun's calligraphy for the Huat Bus | 云龙子大师专程为云龙子旺财馆巴士提的“旺”字

15. The fire warms the cabochon, like the lotus seed, warmed, and shall bloom and prosper

16. Burning away the evil, Double Dragon protects your jadeite cabochon, your lotus seed
Like the 3.6million SGD Double Dragon Buddha, the dragons stand as guardians | 犹同3百60万新币的双龙佛祖,双龙是守护神

17. Clouds beneath the dragon -- progress on your every step, higher and stronger social status
Higher, higher, higher | 节节高升

18. There is water in clouds -- and water is wealth

19. Using 2 kinds of gold -- your gold is heavy and riches are many
Heaven and Earth jadeite ring in the making | 制作中的天地连理遇上与翡翠戒指

20. Solid gold, not plated-gold -- prosper solidly

21. Using 18K gold -- "18" in Chinese reads prosperity for sure
金是 18K 金——“十八” ,实发

22. The final touch of Lotus blessing with specially concocted vermilion -- all 3 treasures of the earth, vermilion, jade and gold, are with you
Make sure your Double Dragon ring is blessed by Master Yun Long Zi with the special vermilion. Master Yun is the father of the Double Dragon ring.

Prosper today | 今天就旺:

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