Sunday, July 17, 2022

Too Crazy to Launch the Lotus on Water Chinese Culture Publication Endowment Fund?

Lotus on Water and Nanyang Technological University launched the Lotus on Water Chinese Culture Publication Endowment Fund on 6 July 2022. The aim is to support the development of the Chinese Department and its many students in the faculty. I was honoured to be able to attend such a wonderful academic event.

Master Yun and Lotus on Water has always been funding the education sector as Master Yun believes that education is very important so that our future generations are equipped to better society. Nanyang Technological University was Master Yun´s alma mater, where he graduated with First Class Honours in Chinese.

Master Yun and Lotus on Water launched this Publication Fund to contribute to the education sector, especially Chinese culture that he hold most dear in his heart!

In fact, to recognise outstanding NTU students and their thesis, Lotus on Water launched the Lotus on Water Gold Medal and Book Prize since 2013. As well as sponsoring 雏凤清声, a compilation of Lotus on Water Gold Medal and Book Prizes thesis.

Some think Lotus on Water is crazy to launch an Endowment Fund during the pandemic. In this uncertain times when people are tightening their pockets and struggling to survive the negative ramifications of the lockdown and economic collapse. However, Lotus on Water launched this Publication Endowment Fund, contributing a sum of SGD 132,000.

Crazy? Maybe a bit. However, I think this "crazy" was able to happen because of careful planning. I have witnessed how intense did Master Yun and company brainstormed and meditated to overcome the obstacles in their way.

Today, Master Yun has won numerous awards from China CCTV, received the Heart Sutra Seals. Lotus on Water has launched the International Art Beyond Museum series and most importantly, many more happy, prosperous and blessed clients.

That is why, to share our achievements, we give back to the society. Lotus on Water had contributed to a number of educational funds. This Lotus on Water Chinese Culture Publication Endowment Fund is just one of it. 

Crazy? Maybe. Crazy with good results? I wholeheartedly agree.

~Yi Jie

Friday, July 15, 2022

Master Yun's Thousand Hands Guan Yin Gown

This is Master Yun's fourth Lotus on Water Guan Yin, the sandalwood Thousand Hands Guan Yin. This Guan Yin is also the Guan Yin that brought Lotus on Water VICTORY, the Guan Yin that wins big with little.

This sandalwood Thousand Hands Guan Yin Buddha is at the main gallery of Lotus on Water. Every client's first visit to Lotus on Water will be this main gallery and definitely will pray to this Guan Yin.

Master Yun is born in the year of the RAT and the Thousand Hands Guan Yin 千手观音 is also his zodiac Guardian 守护神.

With such strong links to the Thousand Hands Guan Yin Buddha, Master Yun must definitely has a piece of gown in Thousand Hands Guan Yin embroidery too!

Very majestic looking Thousand Hands Guan Yin embroidered at the back of the gown.

And the tailors from the two hundred year brand Rui Fu Xiang in Beijing had hand sewn a long gown with Thousand Hands Guanyin.

Front part of the gown is a powerful looking Dragon.

Gold threads embroidery brings out the grandeur of the gown.

So far, Master Yun has only wore this special gown on reblessing events and exhibitions.

But this round, Master Yun will be putting on this special gown on Guan Yin's birthday to bless new Lotus collections. And Guan Yin's birthday is on this Sunday 17 July!

The Thousand hands Guan Yin Buddha had helped Master Yun and Lotus on Water to win the lawsuits. And so, when Master Yun wears the Thousand Hands Guan Yin gown to bless your new paintings and new lotus collections in front of the sandalwood Thousand Hands Guan Yin Buddha, your Lotus collections must be super powerful!

What's more? Master Yun will wear the Thousand Hands Guan Yin gown to bless your new lotus collections with the specially concocted red vermillion (with sandalwood, agarwood and qi nan essence and powder). 

This red vermillion had been concocted in front of the sandalwood Thousand Hands Guan Yin Buddha and also been blessed with the 54 Heart Sutra seals during the Lotus on Water 16th Anniversary. And this is real!

I think new Lotus collections blessed this round will be very very FULL of HUATASTIC ENERGY ! And the owners are so lucky too! Do you agree?

So ...... hurry! Make an appointment with Mr Cola 81378024 now! Choose your new lotus collections and get it blessed this coming Sunday on Guan Yin's Birthday!

May those who receive blessings from the Thousand Hands Guan Yin 千手观音, be blessed throughout day and night, and be a BIG WINNER against all odds.

-- Amanda

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Lotus On Water 16th Anniversary - Agarwood and Sandalwood Gallery Talk Highlights

Agarwood is one of the top four scented woods in Chinese culture – agarwood, sandalwood, ambergris and musk. Among the four, agarwood ranks number one, the top compared to its companions and is considered the king of scented wood by the imperial family, the one scented wood that is fit for a king.

Second in line is sandalwood, often considered the queen of scented wood. Agarwood and sandalwood – the king and the queen – form a part of this yin-yang equation. Together, they form a circle; separate, they have their own purposes in enhancing specific areas of your luck.

Agarwood is not the fruit or seed of agarwood trees; it is the healed and crystalized scab. In the wild forests, when an agarwood tree is injured by lightning or brushed by animals etc. The tree secretes its inner healing resin for combat and healing. The resin counters the virus and eventually crystalizes with the fungus and surrounding energies to form the scab, healing the wound. Without sufficient time to absorb the energies of heaven and earth, it is difficult for agarwood to have adequate Feng Shui powers to prosper a person. 闻一口沉香修三世福 , you must be really lucky to smell real Agarwood!

The Ultimate Yang Power: Agarwood is favored for its yang power, bringing in direct wealth, radiant health and great benefactors. In "Yi Jing", the number “9” is a representation of the eldest male member of the family, the patriarch, the ultimate yang. “108” is the composition of 9 multiply 12, your yang power covers all 12 months. The Lotus 108 beads are divided into 4 segments of 27 beads, for both “108” and “27”, the digits add up to “9” – a hidden manifestation of the yang power.

As pointed out by Master Yun, set in the theme of Lotus on Water’s 16th anniversary, 心吐芬芳华世界. We can activate our wisdom and literati by equipping ourselves with a piece of Lotus Sandalwood. It can help you look out for new opportunities post-Covid period bringing you a better life ahead.

We are left with only 5 pieces of 云龙有道檀香牌 sandalwood pendant in the gallery up for grab, make sure to get yours quick!

--Edwin Lim


从2020封城已经过去两年, 有的公司受疫情影响经营并不理想, 有的在疫情的机会下业绩连创新高, 回首2年前, 现在的你是否各方面都有了长足的发展, 学会了新技能或者正朝着自己向往的方向前进着?


初识云大师的画感觉灿烂绮丽, 对于色彩毫不吝啬, 画中的孔雀, 鹰, 鹤或灵动, 或睥睨, 或奔腾。 然而最吸引我的是跟Laurent Perrier Champagne 主题相契合的欢庆主义, 初来旺财馆的客人也许并不了解欢庆的意义, 云大师的风水画融合了自然与艺术, 又注入了玄学的智慧, 让不懂风水艺术的人也能沉浸其中, 如果你工作疲累, 或者为了生意难以决策的时候, 不妨站在画前冥思片刻, 相信在欢乐和自信的氛围中可以得到灵感, 听到内心的声音, 让你总会做出正确的决定。

The Horizon of Possibilities

A Mountain of Gems

而这种欢庆可以一直持续到晚上, 越黑暗的地方才能衬托出它的明亮, 在黑暗中流光溢彩, 仿佛整个宇宙都为你欢庆。那么为什么要欢庆?


欢庆不仅是庆祝财富, 还要欢庆人生中所有值得欢庆的事物, 身体健康, 家庭和睦, 得遇知音, 知遇之恩, 失而复得, 人生中总有上天的恩赐。而每一份恩赐都源自人们的盼望和决心, 李白有诗云: 长风破浪会有时,直挂云帆济沧海。对于这样的胜利值得不惜代价的欢庆, 这也应该是人生的主旋律。


风水馆在最近两年越来越好, 越来越旺, 如果你来过这里, 总会有客人在欢庆, 庆祝工作生活春风得意, 或者庆祝戴上新的宝物。风水馆为什么会在经济低迷的时候如此成功和受到大家青睐呢?


云大师曾说唐朝在文化艺术, 经济都是顶峰, 物质丰盈, 成安长治久安, 夜不闭户。也是在这一时期, 中国人把生意做到了罗马, 以色列。这是后来著名的丝绸之路。这么长的路一定是艰险的, 但回报也是巨大的。唐朝如何选拔人才呢? 是通过作诗 (Poem composing), 文章和经商做事都讲究布局和创新, 知道最终目标, 知道如何去做。财富汇聚的地方一定少不了人气, 人气聚集的地方总有不凡的才华。这就是为什么旺财馆的宝物都做到至臻, 对每位客户都有详细的指点。这里还有一群志趣相投的乐于分享的客户和追随者, 他们经历过和您一样的挑战, 也见证过很多好消息。


去年7月云龙子旺财馆欢庆着“大唐节”到馆的葡萄树,让人联想起"葡萄美酒夜光杯,欲饮琵琶马上催" 的诗句。

杨贵妃最爱的荔枝做成蛋糕, 客人在大唐节可以到馆享用

在疫情期间尽管困难重重, 廊外有画ART BEYOND MUSEUMS去到了海外, UK, Penang等等, 让更多人接触到了风水画的力量。云大师曾说做人做事不能只看到结果, 而做好过程更为重要, 即使拥有一只金鹅, 你要目光长远, 不能只看到眼前是否有利益。倘若只为了得到金蛋而忽略了培养鹅(Nurture the goose), 或忽略了更好的机会, 那真是本末倒置, 得不偿失。那么什么对现阶段的你最重要呢?



相信对你有所启发, 机会是给有准备的人, 与其去追一匹骏马,不如种好一片草地,等草长的肥美,自然会有一群的骏马,在你身边徜徉奔跑。早日踏上你的旺财之路吧! 长风破浪会有时, 让我们为您庆祝胜利!

-- Mu Lan

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Master Yun Remarks: Launch of Lotus on Water Chinese Culture Publication Endowment Fund at Nanyang Technological University | 云大师发言:云龙子中华文化出版基金,南洋理工大学

Good afternoon,

Ms Lien Siaou-Sze, Vice President, University Advancement, NTU,

Professor Joseph Liow, Dean of College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences,
My most respected professors and esteemed academicians,
My dear friends, my clients, my clients’ children

Three years ago, the world entered into an era of pandemic, and we are still fighting hard against it. It has devastated every single person on this earth medically, socially and financially.
Master Yun and Dr Liow acknowledging the establishment of the Fund

The pandemic hits not only the health of people, but also the health of businesses. In March 2020 alone, 4008 businesses in Singapore collapsed. The next month, April 2020, another 8600 of businesses in Singapore closed down.

And I suppose many business colleagues would think I am crazy, to sponsor an academic and cultural project at this time, a time when most businesses are still striving and struggling to survive the torment of the pandemic.

Master Yun and Ms Lien Siaou-Sze

I am the founder of Lotus on Water, a registered commercial entity selling top quality fengshui related products, art and calligraphies. We have four galleries, side by side each other, along Upper Thomson Road. Three weeks ago, we celebrated our 16th anniversary.

When this country declared a lock down in early 2020, I had never seen such fear and anxiety hitting my people.

Frankly, I had no answer and no solution at that time. We prayed hard, meditated deeply and brainstormed more than five times a week.

Some of the outcomes of our brainstorming, meditation and prayers are as follows:

November 2020, I accepted the invitation of CCTV China to exhibit about 60 pieces of my fengshui paintings and calligraphies at the Great Wall of China. With great honor, I was the first, and so far the only artist who have exhibited art on this 3500 years old greatest seven wonder in the world.
In April 2021, we started the Art Beyond Museums project. We go to different businesses in Singapore. We promoted these businesses while we talked about my art and Laurent-Perrier champagne (who is our sponsor) to Singaporeans and the rest of the world. 

The project proved to be a hit, and has brought clients to these businesses.

So we started our Art Beyond Museums overseas. We have broadcasted 13 episodes of Art beyond Museums England edition, we are now broadcasting Penang edition, following up with Bali Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Paris and Australia.

In March 2021 and March 2022, we imported the sakura trees, and served sake and cakes to all gallery visitors for them to have some poetic moments under the sakura trees.

Then, the Tang festival. We invited visitors to put on costumes of Tang Dynasty emperor and empress, and if they can recite a tang poem, we give them a door gift.

During COVID, we acquired 3,000 pieces of antiques from a seventy-year-old Italian gentleman. A few weeks ago, we invited clients to take family photos on one of the antiques, a Louis-Phillipe sofa we are displaying in our galleries. We had professional photographers on the standby and we gave the family photos to them free.

In October this year, we will collaborate with an internationally famous fashion and textile designer Mr Eric Raisina to have our third art exhibition cum défilé de mode in CHIJMES Hall, Singapore.

Monsieur Eric Raisina was born in Madagascar, citizen of France and trained in Paris. He flew in from Paris yesterday to spend a couple of days with me. Today, Monsieur Raisina is here with us because he believes very much in culture and academic as well.

Two months ago, we invited the international top sommelier, Daisuke Kawai san, to give a wine and art pairing workshop for our clients.
Above are just a few artistic and cultural projects we churned out in these two years. Some are Chinese, but many involve artists and culturati from other races and culture. And we do these warm and cozy events in the era of the most fearful pandemic. 

We embrace not just a sentiment for Chinese culture, but also a Chinese style sentiment for all people “under heaven”.
Prof Qu Jingyi welcoming Master Yun
When you visit Lotus on Water, you see that clients are not there just to perform business transactions, they are there also to discuss art, touching antiques and artifacts, appreciate tea, wine and champagne, discussing high fashion, wearing traditional costumes, taking family photos.
In other words, our business have created a side effect for our clients, you may want to call this side effect, “a sense of bliss.”
What is a sense of bliss? It is a good blend of happiness and purpose. And with this sense of bliss, people desire to live better and longer. And living better and longer is what layman calls prosperity and longevity. Isn’t this something every human being should do to create for themselves and their fellow kind? 
On the hindsight, some people say that Lotus on Water is either too willful or plain lucky. These few out of the box cultural and artistic projects have created for us a lot of clients and revenue. Some of them have brought us fame and reputation at a level we have never accomplished before. In fact, for most months, the income during the Pandemic Era has increased more than one hundred percent as compared to pre-pandemic era. 
But at the moment when we were making those decisions for all these “money burning projects”, many people would have called us crazy. Crazy to “burn money”, in the time we should be tightening the seat belts. 
Most strategies adopted by businesses at this era would be to cut budget, apply for grants or to borrow bridging loans. I refused to do any of these. If I had taken a loan, I may need to seek for permission from the money lenders before I can write a cheque to NTU.

Today, Lotus on Water remains number one in fengshui industry in Singapore and probably the world, in term of client size and revenue. 
Ironically, none of my shareholders and employees has a degree in accounting, finance and business. My business partner Mr Kan Ying Loong graduated from Peking University, top in Chinese faculty. My top sales advisor Mr Cola Tay Wei Siong graduated with an education degree from a university in Taiwan China. I graduated in NTU School of Arts majoring in Chinese studies and English literature in 1996, and with a First Class Honors in Chinese in 1997.
No, it is not a prerequisite to graduate with a humanities subject to apply for a job in our company. But somehow people with humanitites discipline tend to stay with us the longest. 

Ray Dalio, a famous modern financial guru has published a book “The Changing World Order”. He says that all the great empires went through economic cycles. The cycle went up and came down. Most of the time when the cycle came down, it would never recover. The Roman Empire, the Spanish Empire, the Dutch Empire and the British Empire all shared the same fate. With only one exception, the Chinese Civilization went up, came down and recovered again and again many times over thousands of years. 
Henry Kissinger said in his book “On China”, out of twenty centuries, China has been the most prosperous country in the world for eighteen centuries. Only in the last two centuries China has lost in her global competition with the West and now she is coming back again. How can any country enjoy prosperity for such a long period of time?
Strangely, China never had an East India Company; China did not invent the modern banking system, the shareholding companies, a global reserve currency and internationally approved accounting system. And China still does not have a parliament.
China did not even have great economists like Adam Smith, John Maynard Keynes, Frederick Hyak or Milton Friedman. And China had no great scientists like Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. But the Chinese civilization has Confucius, Mencius, and the many many poets and the many many more fine calligraphers. 
Could modern medicine save the world from illness? Probably so. But the pandemic showed us that the countries with the most advance medicine might not enjoy the lowest mortality rate in the pandemic. 
Can the economists bring prosperity to the human world? Maybe. But the current situation shows that the countries that have produced the most outstanding economists are not the countries that have dissolved their own extreme poverty. 
Can arts and humanities, especially the Chinese arts and culture, bring a greater value to the human world? I have very good reasons to think so. 
In fact, the main subject of the national examination during the Tang Dynasty was poetry composing. And Tang Dynasty China was the most prosperous and powerful country in the world history. 
In other words, no one can become a minister or a MP during Tang Dynasty without the ability to compose rhythmic poems and write beautiful calligraphy. 
Can you imagine one day, our Singapore ministers start reciting poems and sonnets to each other in the parliament when they are debating over policy-making? We would think that something wrong has gone up in the minds of these ministers. 
But that’s what the officials did exactly in the Tang Dynasty Imperial Court. And it is this same court that has brought China to become the most prosperous country in the world in every sense. Military, finance and culture. 
And China during Tang Dynasty made friends with the Christians as well as the Muslims at the same time. We had free trade all the way to the Byzantine Roma.
The truth is seldom discovered with naked eyes; the truth is always discovered in our mind. Sometimes, the truth may not be discovered in our mind but in our heart, through our sentiment.

Today we are here to launch a Lotus on Water Chinese Culture Publication Endowment Fund in NTU.
In fact, this is not the first donation we have given to NTU. The last donation was the Lotus on Water Gold Medal Award and Book Prizes, which we started in 2013.
Every year since 2013, we attended the convocation ceremony without fail, except one year during the pandemic. 
And last year, when I attended the convocation, Professor Qu Jingyi sat next to me. He talked to me about the academic journal he has just started, the Nanyang Journal of Chinese Literature and Culture (NJCLC) that includes the academic findings from the America’s Harvard University, China’s Peking University and Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University. 
I thought, what a meaningful project this is. The gaps between people, that politicians, doctors, scientists and economists fail to bridge could probably be successfully healed by the academicians, the artists and the culturati. 
Could Lotus on Water see any financial return by involving in this project? Frankly, I can not yet see in my logical mind.
Frankly, if I have not being an art and humanities student,
If I did not immerse myself in the study of Chinese culture in this university,
If I am not a grandson of my grandfather who was a gentleman that loved composing poetry and writing calligraphy,
If I am not the great grandnephew of my great granduncle who was an imperial scholar from the late Qing Dynasty, sent to Southeast Asia for diplomatic mission, I may not have the sentiment (the heart) to see the profound meaning in a project as such.
I have also brought along some of my clients who have supported me all these years to witness the launch of this endowment trust.

And I would also like to let my clients know that part of the money they have invested in us, I am now reinvesting into something that doesn’t seem so urgent but in actuality very important, which is to help build a better tomorrow for them and their children.


We may not be the wealthiest in this country but we are definitely one who is consistently eager to make sure that what we believe, and what we say, and what we do, are in perfect harmony.

I would like to congratulate Professor Qu Jingyi and all the members of Chinese Department NTU School of Humanities. I have high hopes with what you can achieve. I believe it will shine light to a world that needs recovery, peace, harmony and prosperity. And I appreciate you in taking the initiative to do so.

-- Master Yun Long Zi 云龙子大师
6th July 2022