Saturday, July 9, 2022

Lotus On Water 16th Anniversary - Agarwood and Sandalwood Gallery Talk Highlights

Agarwood is one of the top four scented woods in Chinese culture – agarwood, sandalwood, ambergris and musk. Among the four, agarwood ranks number one, the top compared to its companions and is considered the king of scented wood by the imperial family, the one scented wood that is fit for a king.

Second in line is sandalwood, often considered the queen of scented wood. Agarwood and sandalwood – the king and the queen – form a part of this yin-yang equation. Together, they form a circle; separate, they have their own purposes in enhancing specific areas of your luck.

Agarwood is not the fruit or seed of agarwood trees; it is the healed and crystalized scab. In the wild forests, when an agarwood tree is injured by lightning or brushed by animals etc. The tree secretes its inner healing resin for combat and healing. The resin counters the virus and eventually crystalizes with the fungus and surrounding energies to form the scab, healing the wound. Without sufficient time to absorb the energies of heaven and earth, it is difficult for agarwood to have adequate Feng Shui powers to prosper a person. 闻一口沉香修三世福 , you must be really lucky to smell real Agarwood!

The Ultimate Yang Power: Agarwood is favored for its yang power, bringing in direct wealth, radiant health and great benefactors. In "Yi Jing", the number “9” is a representation of the eldest male member of the family, the patriarch, the ultimate yang. “108” is the composition of 9 multiply 12, your yang power covers all 12 months. The Lotus 108 beads are divided into 4 segments of 27 beads, for both “108” and “27”, the digits add up to “9” – a hidden manifestation of the yang power.

As pointed out by Master Yun, set in the theme of Lotus on Water’s 16th anniversary, 心吐芬芳华世界. We can activate our wisdom and literati by equipping ourselves with a piece of Lotus Sandalwood. It can help you look out for new opportunities post-Covid period bringing you a better life ahead.

We are left with only 5 pieces of 云龙有道檀香牌 sandalwood pendant in the gallery up for grab, make sure to get yours quick!

--Edwin Lim

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