Monday, March 24, 2014

Hey! How should I get my first Lotus jadeite?

春带财 Spring brings wealth, exquisite jadeite of Lotus on Water. A combination of purple and green.

Recently we talked quite a bit about this being the season of spring, how the fire and wood elements are strong in this month, and those who need the fire and wood elements should wear Lotus jadeite of red, purple and green colors. I presume you are following our facebook page, closely.

For blessed clients of the Lotus, you should be clear about what this is all about. You should know what are your favorable elements, and colors, and the colors of jadeite you should be wearing.

For those who are new to Lotus on Water, here's a brief how Lotus on Water go about prospering you, and how you start your path of prosperity with us:

1. First let's talk about what Lotus on Water is not. Lotus on Water is not a pharmacy or supermarket or mini-mart. We do not sell cheap, artificial, fake ornaments. If you are looking for a mere comfort of the heart, 心安, this is not the place for you.

Lotus on Water is the house to the best jadeite treasures. Only the natural, first-hand, and the collections that really make a true impact on your life.

Only the tolerance for the best.

2. Lotus on Water is very specific. You give us your year, date, time and city of birth. We don't sell our top grade remedies simply because you heard some random fengshui tips from some random magazine or random person, or plainly because you are born in the year of the rat or dog or monkey. 

Though we have more than 30,000 clients till date, our advices and remedies are specific to every individual. Specific to your date and time of birth, to your situation, to your needs, to your dreams. Why should you be treated with generalization when it is a matter concerning your prosperous future?

3. So, this is the first step: Give us your year, date, time and city of birth. And tell us which area you want to prosper, wealth, benefactors, career?

4. According to your Bazi 八字, or sometimes I call it your Chinese DNA – we gather it from your year, date, time and city of birth, we discover your favorable elements. Your favorable elements will tell us your favorable colors and numbers. This is specific to you and you alone, and it’s for a lifetime. 

Of course, we do not believe in doing everything for free. The charge of finding out the elements that are favorable and not favorable for you is 2,300SGD. You have to pay this amount first before the answer is revealed to you. When you purchase a piece of Lotus jadeite, this amount can be deducted from your purchase.

Your favorable color will decide the color of the Lotus jadeite you wear. We reveal the favorable element only to those who are buying the Lotus jadeite.

5. According to which area you want to prosper, we find the motif of the Lotus jadeite that possesses that specific area of luck and power for you. Looking for wealth? Wear the Lotus Gods of Wealth jadeite pendants. Lotus jadeite with prosperous bats, the mystical pixiu, fruits of great harvests are good choices too. Lotus jadeite with dragons gives you power, benefactors and status. Phoenix gives you fame and reputation, those around you love you, and more importantly, everlasting luck and fortune.

Let’s say you need the wood element. And you want to be wealthier. Then you should buy and wear the green God of Wealth. Or even better, the green exquisite jadeite, the imperial jadeite.

Yes, a heart and a lingzhi, or Ruyi. I also see the curves like waves, rolling in seas of emerald fortunes, and the bat that brings riches at night for you, follows. Imperial jadeite valued at 686,386SGD.

6. After you buy your particular piece of Lotus jadeite, come back approximately a week later to collect your treasure. In the week, your selection will be cast with gold if required, then blessed by Master Yun with the specially concocted vermilion.

So, what you need to do now is the give us the details here:, or And we will contact you for your first step to prosperity.

And, if your favorable elements are fire and wood, the exact elements of this month, the green, red and purple Lotus jadeite are your choices.

Then come the important question: what do you want to prosper? Career, benefactors, romance, wealth?

-- Kan Ying Loong, Executive Director