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Start Early and Live Without Regrets

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Having one mountain at home, whole family is harmonious.
Having two mountains at home, the wealth can carry on for generations.

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Start Early and Live Without Regrets! 

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Prosperity with Elegance, Lotus on Water.

Don't Live In The State of WANTON 浑沌!

Have you EVER wondered, why is the dumpling called “WANTON”?

I mean, all the times you ordered wanton mee, you never questioned? 

Not only because they are supposed to float on the soup, and so the poetic name 云吞 (swallowing the clouds). It actually came from the term 浑沌 (or 混沌), which sounds exactly the same as WANTON (云吞) in some dialects. In fact, the North still calls WANTON as 馄炖.

浑沌 means chaos. It means before the universe was formed. We called that 浑沌未开. That means it was a state before everything, before existence.

Our WANTONs, are an analogy of 浑沌. That pre-primordial state, before time, before space. So you prep the wanton skin, you mix that meat filling with chives and other spices, and you wrap that into a wanton, that’s like a...thing, before the forming of a universe.

Do you want to live in a state of mess and chaos with no energy flowing around?

There is no Qi 气 in the state of 浑沌, there is no energy flowing, and for sure, there is no wealth luck. I mean, it’s just a mess.

This state of 浑沌 — WANTON, mess, chaos, before time and existence, before yin and yang — is so terrible that ancient Chinese demonized it as one of the 四凶 Four Perils (as contrast to 四灵 Four Divinities, like the 麒麟 Qilin).


"It has eyes but can't see, walks without moving; and has two ears but can't hear. It has the knowledge of a man yet its belly is without the five internal organs and, although having a rectum, it doesn't evacuate food. It punches virtuous men and stays with the non-virtuous. It is called Hun-tun."

And coincidentally, “WANTON” can also mean reckless, malicious, inhumane in English.

In “The Commentary of Zuo  左传”, one of the most ancient and important Chinese historical text, the WANTON was mentioned as well:


“The ancient emperor Hung [Hwang-te] had a descendant devoid of ability [and virtue]. He hid righteousness from himself, and was a villain at heart; he delighted in the practice of the worst vices; he was shameless and vile, obstinate, stupid, and unfriendly, cultivating only the intimacy of such as himself. All the people under heaven called him Chaos [hundun].”

Therefore, the state of mess and chaos from not doing fengshui was first demonized as one of the Four Perilous Beast. It was also personified as a son of an ancient emperor, who has no virtues, but obstinate, self-obsessed, villainous and stupid.

Do you want yourself and your family to be in this state of mess and chaos and be like the ancient emperor's descendant?

Definitely NO!

And ...... How to get out of the state of mess and chaos 浑沌?

《易经》gives us a clue: “是故,易有太极,是生两仪,两仪生四象,四象生八卦” and so, there is the state of Taiji, which gives birth to dualities, and from there, the four manifestation, and from there, the eight divinations.

太极, literally meaning the extreme ends or conditions, a form right after 浑沌. To evolve from there, you need 两仪, the dualities, the yin and yang.

When the yin and yang of your house or office is not sorted out and when your MOUNTAIN and WATER are not in place, then that is  living in a state of 浑沌 WANTON. And you are living in and with this ancient destructive beast, which chases away benefactors and all things good to you.

The yin and yang to your home, that’s the mountain and water. 阴者静,阳者动 the yin is quiet, the yang is active. Your MOUNTAIN is quiet, and your WATER is active. When you have your MOUNTAIN and WATER in place, you have done up the fengshui foundation of your home and office.

You would have moved from the state of 浑沌 mess and chaos, to a flowing yin and yang, which begets the many prosperities we know today.

So ...... look at your house now. Have you done up your MOUNTAIN and WATER? If you haven’t, that means you are staying in a WANTON, and you are the meat filling. You are a 肉馅.

Now, and even more so after 2024, you will need your MOUNTAIN. Chase the beast 浑沌 out of your home! Have both wealth and health, for you and your family.

Having one mountain at home, whole family is harmonious.

Having two mountains at home, the wealth can carry on for generations.

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到你旺了 Your turn to prosper:
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Prosperity with Elegance, Lotus on Water.