Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Recommendations for your Jadeite Cabochons on this Summer!

You must have seen the jadeite cabochons of the Heaven & Earth Jadeite Rings chosen by the Royal Princesses & Princes from the Cambodia Royal family.

Our Lotus on Water Collections are not just for the royalty, now you can also own your Lotus Royal Jadeite Ring, because we want you to prosper like the royalty too!

Here are our recommendations for you! For each elements, we have specifically picked out 3 jadeite cabochons, some of them are great to start with while some of them are outstanding in their quality.

White cabochons[Metal]

Green cabochons[Wood]

Blue/Black/Grey cabochon[Water]

Purple cabochon[Fire]

Brown/Yellow cabochon[Earth]

Speak to your Lotus Advisor today to choose your Heaven & Earth Jadeite Ring: +65 6456 1156

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Owen, Assistant to Advisor  #Prosperity with Elegance

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