Sunday, December 15, 2013

Faq 3. What is Mutton Fat Jade? (re: Chapter 1.2)

Scientifically, only two types of stone is jade -- the nephrite and the jadeite. In comparison, nephrite is softer than jadeite and thus, it is called "soft jade" while jadeite is called "hard jade".

Soft jade is the stone of the gentleman, according to the classics -- warm, moisturized, translucent, and shine with luster. The most valuable colour for soft jade is white. The best white jade comes from Xin Jiang. It needs a cultured mind and scholarly eyes to tell which of the white jade is most superior. 

The best kind of white jade, according to classics, is like a piece of white mutton fat. It is milky white, which is warming to the heart, and it's surface has a layer of watery and waxy gloss like a piece of fat.

Reminding them of the emperor Qian Long, the cultured Chinese gentleman loved to carry a piece of white jade and fonder with it all day. 

Mutton Fat white jade is very rare and difficult to find. Most jade shop cannot afford to own one, also because it is only appreciated by the very discerning few.

You can find Mutton Fat White Jade in Lotus on Water Exquisite Jadeite Gallery.

-- Master Yun Long Zi, 20 November 2013

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