Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Faq 5. What is Imperial Jade?

There are in all 4 imperial green jadeite dragons in Lotus on Water. 2 are worn by Master Yun himself. The third imperial dragon was sold to a blessed client last week. This is the 4th and last piece of imperial dragon.

In order to be called the "Imperial Jade", five criteria must be fulfilled.

First, it must be green.

Then, it must be evenly green.

However, as evenness in colour is actually quite impossible to achieve if it is not artificially coloured, the term "even" can be understood as "full". It must be fully green.
Third, it must be transparent. We call it glass quality.

Forth, it must be strong in color.

Fifth, it must be bright in color.

It is very rare for jade shops and jewelery shops to sell imperial jade. It is not only expensive, it is also rare and most sought after. Thus the price of imperial jade escalate faster than any other kind of jade. Thus it is often more profitable to keep than to sell them away. It is the highest standard jade can achieve.

Imperial jade is the kind of jade that the famous empress dowager would wear.

Master Yun Long Zi, the founder of Lotus on Water, would wear 2 pieces of imperial jade pendent underneath his shirt on casual occasion. It signifies yin and yang.

He would wear 3 pieces of imperial jade on formal occasion. The additional one would be a Heaven and Earth, Double Dragon Fiery Jade on his finger. It attracts energy from heaven, earth and human.

On ceremonious occasion, when he needs to perform his duty of bringing blessing to others, he would wear four pieces of imperial jade. It draws power from four different directions.

As the number of clients increases, and the number of auspicious creation for him to bless is multiplying exponentially, he is considering adding another imperial jade to make up to five for the ceremonious occasion. It is pulling energy from four direction and centralizing them in the center like a whirlpool.

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