Saturday, December 20, 2014

What is this "Five Paths of Wealth Incense" (五路进财香)?

What is this "Five Paths of Wealth Incense" (五路进财香)?

The Five Paths of Wealth Incense is the creation of Lotus on Water. The gold bar of Incense comprises of premium natural sandalwood Incense from 5 different origins: East Timor, Xueli, New Mountain, Tongkar, Old Mountain. 

Different Incense has different fengshui energies. Find out more from our advisors what each can do. With 40 pieces of Incense from each origin, every bar of Five Paths of Wealth Incense has 200 pieces of prosperous Incense. Works good with your personal Lotus jadeite and your Heaven and Earth jadeite ring.

And there's more you need to know about this prosperous Five Paths of Wealth Incense. Let me keep it short:

1. Every single piece of Incense is handmade.

2. The blessed individuals making the Incense must be vegetarians.

3. The Incense are only made on 24 most auspicious dates in the entire year chosen by Master Yun.

4. All made Incense have to absorb nights of moonlight to harness the yin energy.

5. Only available for sale during the Chinese New Year period and June anniversary month.

This season, we have placed 2 golden mountains of Incense under the 2nd and 4th Lotus Guan Yin. They will be blessed during the 22 December 2014 mass blessing celebration. First purchases of this Five Paths of Wealth Incense will be collecting from this blessed lot. ACT FAST to get the most huat.

2 years are available: Year 2012 at 1,268SGD; Year 2013 at 1,138SGD. The more aged the Incense the better the power.

When you collect your Incense, our advisors will plot on your floorplan where to light your Incense for best prosperity for year 2015.

-- Kan

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