Monday, December 22, 2014

Today, Your Prosperity in 2015 Begins


Today is the day. For those of you who are coming for tonight's winter solstice mass blessing celebration, I congratulate you first - for before anyone else in the whole world has the chance to receive the lion and dragon dance huatness, we are the first, and you shall be the first to receive it.

The next time the Lotus be doing this grand event, will be after Chinese New Year. From today onwards, the Lotus will be entirely engaged in prospering our blessed clients for 2015 - the upgrade of personal luck, the placement of annual fengshui collections, these all begin today.

"Winter solstice is grander than new year 冬大过年", because in autumn we harvest, and in winter we enjoy the fruits of our labor. In order for a much more prosperous winter next year, we start sowing the seeds of prosperity from this winter solstice onwards. From today onwards.

And for the first time tonight, the Lotus Pineapple Dragon roars and soars. Only for our privileged clients, your Lotus collections shall be blessed with the Huat qi gathered by the Pineapple Dragon today. And you get to do this every single year. Imagine the huatness accumulated in your Lotus jadeite starting from today.

Today, your prosperity in 2015 begins. See you tonight! 

-- Kan

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