Sunday, January 11, 2015

BEHOLD: The Dragon Returns to the Sea 龙归大海

Many of you have seen this piece of Lotus exquisite jadeite, in person or just the photo, and I am sure we can all agree that this is the purest white jadeite ever. And for those who know me, this is my favorite piece. This has always been my favorite piece. I am sure this is also your dream piece, for many of you. 

This is the "Dragon Returns to the Sea 龙归大海".

As like other Lotus exquisite collections, we can discover many secrets of prosperity. Prosperity is in the details. Every one who holds it in his or her hand would notice something unique, something special. Like the Dragon Returns to the Sea is calling out to you, and presents you with a signal. Sometimes, only you can see that particular feature of prosperity.

Some have noticed that the curved depression in the sea signals a yin-yang, the taiji. Some pointed out that this dragon is facing the front, a rare occurrence, like the dragon on . Some even told me they saw numbers in this exquisite piece!

See any numbers?

But I want to talk about the main lead here, the dragon. 

Question: where is the dragon's tail?

You can see the head of the dragon, but where is the tail?

This is the tail. The dragon's tail is at the back of the pendant. 

This is unlike other Lotus exquisite pendants with dragons - the head and tail of the dragon are on the same side and clearly visible. 

This dragon that is returning to the sea and reign as king, is no common dragon. We have a saying, 神龙见首不见尾 - you can only see the head of the holy dragon, but not its tail.

This, my friends, is the holy dragon. 

And take a closer look at the tail. The tail fans out like a blooming summer. Your prosperity is prominent, from the beginning all the way to the end.

We have to recognize that we cannot force this to happen in any random piece of Lotus jadeite. It has to happen with the coincidental and combined efforts of the heavens, earths and the man. The earths has to present this quality of raw jadeite, the heavens has to arrange for it to be discovered by man, and the man to appreciate and accommodate this gift presented to us by heavens and earths.

In short, the Dragon Returns to the Sea is a masterpiece of not just the craftsman, but the heavens, the earths, and the man. When you put on this Dragon Returns to the Sea, you are having the blessings of this holy trio with you.

I know this Dragon Returns to the Sea will go home with someone special.

-- Kan

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