Monday, January 12, 2015

CONGRATULATIONS to Blessed Clients - the Gathering of the Lotus Imperial Jadeite

Thursday 8 Jan 2015 was significant. Two of Lotus's blessed clients put on their Lotus imperial jadeite pendants. This is an achievement, a milestone, and a new beginning for these two Lotus clients. Congratulations once again!

One of the Lotus imperial jadeite worn on 8 Jan 2015. Remember this? This is one of the four imperial jadeite dragons of the Lotus.

We cheered to our clients progress and victory in the Lotus Exquisite Jadeite Gallery with bubbling champagne. Together with Shiyi and Meilin - both of them also use the wood element, and both of them are also wearing their imperial jadeite, a total of 4 blessed Lotus imperial jadeite were present that night. 

It was really a gathering of the most powerful treasures of the wood element. Prosperity overflowing!

The prosperity is overflowing.

For those of you who can use the wood element (determined by Master Yun Long Zi himself), that means you can wear green Lotus jadeite collections. The highest order of the green jadeite, is the imperial jadeite. Quoting from a past article on what is imperial jadeite:

First, it must be green.

Then, it must be evenly green.

However, as evenness in colour is actually quite impossible to achieve if it is not artificially coloured, the term "even" can be understood as "full". It must be fully green.
Third, it must be transparent. We call it glass quality.

Forth, it must be strong in color.

Fifth, it must be bright in color.

Imperial jadeite is extremely rare. Some others who sell jade have never even lay their hands on a single piece. Know more about imperial jadeite HERE

The highest value Lotus imperial jadeite in the Lotus Exquisite Jadeite Gallery.

With the intensity of the green, the power of the wood element is immense. With the high order of translucency of the the imperial jadeite, its fengshui power is fast and without hindrance. It really takes a great deal of good karma to be able to put on a piece of Lotus imperial jadeite. Know more about the power of the imperial jadeite HERE, while you are at it, know about the power of Lotus exquisite jadeite HERE.

Congratulations to our blessed clients once again - you have put on your Lotus imperial jadeite before the start of the new year, before 4 February 2015. You have chosen to start your year right, I have utter faith in your prosperity for the coming Wood Goat year 乙未年. 

I wish you all the prosperity!

-- Kan

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