Friday, January 2, 2015

A Very Short Introduction about the Annual Wealth Bags. Both of Them.

The Annual Wealth Bags are back! Let me give those who are new to the Wealth Bags a short introduction about them. I want to reveal to you the very intricate processes involved in making them - know this, Master Yun insists on concocting the content of the Wealth Bags himself, but I will leave it to the next article. A quick one here.

There are 2 Annual Wealth Bags, one for your annual direct wealth luck, one for your annual indirect wealth luck. The direct wealth luck is always more important, we call it the "prime energy 正神" in the classics. Without "direct", there wouldn't be "indirect" - get it?

Let's start with the more important one - the Year-round Money Bag for your 2015 direct wealth. Filled with the not-for-sale premium earth and sinking agarwood powder and essence, especially the Qinan powder, together with Master Yun's specially prepared Lotus vermilion, sealed with aged raw silk and ambergris to contain and preserve the power for 12 months.

If you are all for offense - you just want to HUAT for 2015 fengshui, get the Wealth Bags and the Imperial White Inkstone. Of course I am assuming you are already wearing your Double Dragon jadeite ring.

The difference with the Four Seasons Windfall Bag - for your 2015 indirect wealth - is the content. Not with agarwood, but rare sandalwood powder and essence. 

Note this: the powder and essence used in these 2 Wealth Bags come in such precious mass that they are not available as beads or pendant, but only available as powder and essence. And in the form of concentrated powder and essence, they are more than sufficient to activate the wealth energies at corners advised by your Lotus advisors, under the guidance of Master Yun.

Which one to get, where to place, how to place, place them for how long, what happens after 12 months...ask your Lotus advisors. They will tell you. These 2 Annual Wealth Bags are color-coded. Your advisors will translate Master Yun's advice for you, where to place which color Wealth Bag. 

Once again with Lotus on Water, this is not something you can pick and go. Every single Annual Wealth Bag is made upon order - made by Master Yun himself. Consult your Lotus advisors, we want to be as specific to your case as possible. You can check this out with Shiyi and Meilin.

Be super prosperous for 2015! And most importantly, prosper for real. Don't attempt to prosper with cheap imitations - your future is at stake. You know what I mean =)

-- Kan

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