Saturday, November 25, 2023

3 Years in A Row, Master Yun Fengshui Calligraphy Painting Exhibtion in Japan!

Master Yun's fengshui calligraphy paintings was exhibited in Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Master Yun received  three awards from Japan in three consecutive years 2021, 2022 and 2023. Three years in a row, recognized by elites, art connoisseurs and academicians in Japan! How wonderful is this!
In 2021, Master Yun’s 百鹤贺寿 (A Hundred Cranes Celebrating Longevity) was exhibited in Japan, Tokyo. Master Yun received the Honorary Award from Japan.

百鹤贺寿 (A Hundred Cranes Celebrating Longevity)

Honorary Award from Japan in 2021

In 2022, another amazing masterpiece 日月明心 (The Sun and Moon Brightens the Heart) from Master Yun was exhibited in Japan.

Master Yun continued to be awarded for his fengshui calligraphy painting that is getting more and more stunning.

In August 2023, Master yun fengshui calligraphy 凤舞九天 was exhibited. Master Yun won the Special Selection Award 特选奖. It was selected out of tens of thousands to be exhibited, and selected from the thousands exhibited to receive the “Special Selection Award”. 

Master Yun Long Zi’s fengshui calligraphy at Japan’s Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum 

Can you see that Master Yun's fengshui calligraphy paintings is getting more fantastic in each exhibition. Look at the words and the colours of  凤舞九天 fengshui calligraphy painting, and so the special awards goes to him.

Master Yun with 晋鸥老师、吴超老师 

Master Yun received “SPECIAL SELECTION AWARD 特选奖” by Japan’s Sankei International Calligraphy Association. It is an honour to receive the award. 

And famous elities like 晋鸥老师、吴超老师 and many other cultural elites and academics from Japan and China had great admiration for Master Yun fengshui calligraphy. It was even a great honour that we have, from the Japan Chrysanthemum Throne, Her Imperial Highness, The Princess Takamado, who presided over the award giving ceremony.

Master Yun's awarded “Special Selection" Award 特选奖

The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, established in 1926, is Japan's first public art musuem. It is located in Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan and supported by a prefectural government. It features colorful thematic exhibitions, as well as special exhibitions that provide encounters with art masterpieces from both Japan and overseas.

Terohiro takahashi san President of sankei International Calligraphy  Association even read High regards to Master Yun fengshui calligraphy.

Master Jin Ou, President of Japan Chinese Federation of Art Societies, Member of Xiling Seal Art Society commented on Master Yun Long Zi’s fengshui calligraphy.

EVEN The Sino Chinese Business Times reported on master yun fengshui calligraphy and his awards.

Official Letter from Japan

While 2023 has not ended, Master Yun is invited by Japan to hold his art exhibition on 5 December again. It will be supported by Union of Chinese Residing in Japan. It is definitely an even eye-opening fengshui calligraphy!


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