Saturday, November 4, 2023

Master Yun Long Zi's speech at the opening of the first FengShui calligraphy exhibition at the Simatai Great Wall of China

My dear friends from all over the world, especially the leaders from the People's Republic of China, the royalty, your Royal Highnesses from the Kingdom of Cambodia and also the elites from the world of gastronomy, from the world of art and from the world of academy and also from the world of fashion and noble royals from different countries, friends from all over the world, what an amazing day!

In year 2020 December, in the midst of the pandemic, I had my art exhibition at the Great Wall of China. It was, the first painting art exhibition, ever, held at the Great Wall, with her 3500 years of history.

Today, the 19th October 2023, I am having my calligraphy exhibition at the Great Wall, in her most beautiful season of all. It is the first time, as well, that the Great Wall, with her 3500 years of history, to be having a calligraphy exhibition. 

As we all know, the Chinese words (or characters) are pictographic. All words came from pictures and images. In that case, what is the difference between a piece of painting and a piece of calligraphy? 

The difference is in the element of time. Like opera and ballet, you have to have a sequence. One cannot re-sing a tune that has been sung, neither can one re-do a dance step that was done.

Not only is there a sequence in the doing of calligraphy, there is also a sequence, a beginning and ending of direction, an Alpha and an Omega, in reading and appreciating calligraphy. 

And so, probably the time element of being “the first”, is even more important in calligraphy than in painting. 

“The first” implies innovation and creativity. “The first” implies welcoming the second, the third and the subsequent (or else we call it the “only”). “The first” also implies bestowing new values into something old. 

The Great Wall of China used to be a giant machine of military defense. Now, it is a place that connects people from different parts of the world who love art and culture. We have resurrected a new beauty within this longest living ochre dragon. 

There is a common trait of all these 69 feng shui calligraphy pieces I exhibit at the Great Wall today. All the pieces will have the word “dragon”’or “phoenix”. 

Why “dragon” and “phoenix”? 

First, it’s because we are entering into the feng shui Period of 9 and 1, which are the Periods of Phoenix and Dragon. 

But more importantly, Phoenix and Dragon represent the essence of human spirit. Not just any human spirit, and definitely not the mediocre ones. It is the human spirit that pursues excellence, beauty and magnificence; the spirit of courage, strength and greatness; the spirit which is willing to bear the responsibility to create a world of better good; the spirit of love, hope and peace. In short, the spirit of great leadership.

It is only with this human spirit of Phoenix and Dragon, that the nights of threats and destructions will never destroy us. And the dawn of hope, victory and celebration will dispel darkness again and again!

May the force of Heaven, Earth and Human be with you, may the Phoenix and Dragon soar, within you! 

À vorte santé

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