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THE MANY Awards And Recognitions of Master Yun and Lotus On Water Part 2

It has been awhile after our long list of THE MANY Awards And Recognitions of Master Yun and Lotus On Water Part 1-

And we realised that the numerous awards and recognitions in Part 1 are not just all! There are more than that! More awards and recognitions should be included in the list! And our Part 2, we included what we have missed out and also MORE awards and recognitions received by Master Yun! It is definitely an even longer list! 

Continuing from where we last stopped......

Master Yun is featured in the encyclopedia “The Power of Role Models” among the “One hundred Outstanding Chinese in the Modern Age”.

And......Master Yun received another special award from China on its National Day. This special award is given to ten Chinese artists all over the world. Master Yun is the only oversea Chinese Artist to have received this Excellent Chinese Artist Award. What a GREAT HONOR!

Master Yun's speech of gratitude

Followed by this, Master Yun received a new appointment, Vice President of Department, Institute of Career Development, The Chinese Academy of Management Science.

On Master Yun's birthday in 2021, he received the most glorious birthday gift in his whole entire life. The First Sword Under Heaven 天下第一刀!The ceremonial sword used on 1st July 2021 in celebration of the 100th birthday of Chinese Communist Party at Tian an Men Square China. This is another GREAT GREAT HONOR! 

On the glorious day of 1st July 2021, at Beijing Tian An Men Square, the three Military of sea, land and air, each with a “First Sword Under Heaven” to conduct the ceremony. They send one of them to Lotus on Water Singapore once they sang the National Anthem and raised the National Flag.

Respect to Heaven, obeying the precepts of ancestors, loyal to the country, and loving people. 

These are virtues Lotus on Water believe in. Master Yun placed the "First Sword Under Heaven" that represents China Majestic Strength and power at the alter for thirty days so that our fervent followers and believers will adore and be strengthened by the power it represents. May Heaven sends us great blessings. May the Earth opens up its resources. May the human world removes all obstacles.

Master Yun received another two awards which are 2021 Glorious China Contributive Personality Award and 2021 Glorious China Meritorious Service Personality Award. A show of love and recognition from the People Republic of China!

China is old friend of Pakistan and so Pakistan is good friend of Chinese all over the world. The Pakistan Embassy in China invited Master Yun to their 70th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relationships between China and Pakistan Art and Design Exhibition.

At the beginning of 2022, Master Yun was also selected as one of the 100 outstanding Chinese representatives world wide, to give good wishes to Beijing Winter’s Olympic 2022.

Master Yun’s message, representing worldwide clients of Lotus on Water, and Chinese in Singapore, was broadcasted on aplenty social media and China CCTV. To think that the practice and belief in fengshui — a Chinese classic — is recognized as a key aspect of a top international event, and to simply see that Master Yun is the representative of this core. It is another occasion for Lotus clients to rejoice!

Congratulatory wishes for Olympic Winter Games - Beijing 2022

As one of two deputy chairpersons of the International Chinese Spring Gala, after the China’s "Two Sessions" — the "National People's Congress" and the "Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference" had concluded, The Great Hall of the People sent Master Yun a set of souvenir gifts. Master Yun is greatly appreciated!

Master Yun's Art Book on the Great Wall of China Art Exhibition was signed by H.E. Mr Selim Belortaja Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Albania in the People's Republic of China. The Art Book was collected by His Excellency and kept at the Embassy of Albania. This is truly another great honor for Master Yun and Lotus on Water!

Master Yun also appears on the cover of compilation book from China. “A Hundred Years of Respectable Tribute” is a book with a long write up and many photos from the art exhibition at the Great Wall of China.

Now......look at this special stamp album from China. What do you see? Master Yun's profile on the stamp of China! This is specially prepared by China to celebrate China 2019’s 70th anniversary. 

Not just stamps from China, Master Yun's fengshui paintings is also on New Zealand stamps! Do you wish to own these stamps too?

It is really an honor to be recognised by so many organisations! 

And not just that, Mr Teng Wen Chang, Chairman of The International Culture and Art (Singapore) Federation commended on Master Yun's spirit and vision. Quoted from Mr Teng's letter "Master Yun Long Zi’s art is firmly rooted in the traditions of East and West, whilst employing contemporary art techniques. Marrying ink and calligraphy, Master Yun’s contemporary artworks bring joy and prosperity to whoever owns it, whether as an investment or purely to appreciate its artistic beauty! A recipient of the International Art Achievement Award and the Chinese Model Award, Master Yun held a marvellous exhibition at the Great Wall of China that made waves internationally. I am truly impressed!"

Lotus on Water Galleries is conferred as “BASE FOR THE PROMOTION OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE CULTURE”. An extraordinary Award from China! The ONLY ONE in Singapore. “I-Ching is an ancient and magnificent Chinese cultural heritage. Lotus on Water and Master Yun Long Zi wonderfully brought together art and I-Ching, to create rare, extraordinary and endearing artworks, which serve as an internationally known fengshui flagship product.”

Awards and recognitions one after another! Here we have The Mountain and the Star in the World of Art Award.

On the first day of the 13th National People's Congress in Beijing, the official newspaper reported about Master Yun's art exhibition at the Great Wall of China. What an honor!

Many Chinese Political leaders looking at Master Yun's fengshui paintings and calligraphies at the Great Wall of China. A most memorable day for Master Yun and Lotus on Water.

Till date, Master Yun art paintings have been exhibited at Singapore, Bangkok, The Netherlands, Barcelona, The Great Wall of China, Korea, Japan, Penang and even United Kingdoms.

Art Beyond Museum Singapore

Art Beyond Museum UK

Art Beyond Museum Penang

Master Yun has so many awards and recognitions. Which other fengshui master has such great achievements? 

Only Master Yun Long Zi from Lotus on Water!


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